Incoming Transmission from the United Republic of Cyrannus Edit

Greetings, wise beings of the Divinarium. I am President Apollo, leader of the United Republic of the Cyrannus Galaxy. We come in peace and we request that you accept a proposal for an alliance between our two great nations. I look forward to your reply.

-Apollo of the United Republic of Cyrannus

Incoming Transmission from the Draconis Empire Edit

"I bring salutations from the empire of the Draconis. I am Uriel Ultanos XVI, the current head of state. I seek to extend a a metaphorical Kalibos branch - a symbol of peace in our society - and hope that we can forge a lasting partnership between our two cultures. We are a proud people who take just as much pride and respect in the fine arts as we do in our martial prowess. I look forward to your reply and the chance to meet with your leaders." --Paragon Uriel XVI of the Draconis Empire

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"I truly enjoyed meeting with your representetive, perhaps one day I could take the time to visit one of your worlds for we share much in common."--Paragon Uriel XVI of the Draconis Empire

--Monet47 20:54, October 17, 2011 (UTC)

Transmission: Encryption level Primus Edit



I advise you, for the sake of whatever dieties you honour, to keep the Wental situation to us. If even the lowest seaman catches whiff of what is going on the entire operation will be compromised! The Inquisitition has been doing this for over 200,000 imperial years and, for the most part, the empire has not descended into religious turmoil. We will handle this do not worry, just keep your forces out of the Wental Sector

- Inquisitor Volthus of the Inquisition



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Incoming Transmission Edit



I am Senator Guolivian, a representative in the Imperial Senate of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. As one of the emerging powers in the Gigaquadrant, the Emperor has seen it fit to offer his hand in truce with your people.

We hope that such a peaceful co-existence can benefit your people as well as those Andromedans who have chosen to join the Empire.

-Senator Guolivian of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus

Incoming Transmission from the Aekite UnionEdit

To the honorable leaders of the Divinarium:

As a new member of the Seven Starr Alliance, we are making contact with all other member nations. We are learning much about your empire and would like to maintain good relations with your glorious state.

Please reply when you are able,

- Aenoch Colos of the Aekite Union

Incoming transmission from the Eldarisian Empire Edit

Hello Conclave, I am Ioi Lander of the Eldarisian Empire and my king has a message for you. We would like to establish a Embassy on your capital to start relations with you. Have colonies finally in Andromeda, we have chosen you to be the first to contact about relations. And we hope you accept and being a Empire of Religion, we promise not to try and influence your people to believe in our God for we respect you and your religion. From the words of the King.

Incoming Transmission - Algolurn Popular Republic Edit

Algolurn Popular Republic Krasna Vostok of the Algolurn Popular Republic
The Gigaquadrant face a new terrible danger! Our dear comrades of the New Republic have been savagely aggressed by the degenerated Lorons. The Popular Republic cannot turn a blind eye to our allies' suffering. The Iron Navy already deployed several additional military assets in it's Cyrannian colonies. The Council of the Mou'Cyran Accords granted to the Popular Republic the permission send hereby transmissions, imploring the Mou'Cyran allies to rally any available military assets they can to the algolurns coordinates, under the official sigil of the Pax Infinitus Armada.

Incoming Transmission form the Talven EmpireEdit

You Holiness,

The Talven Empire is interested in developing relations with the Divinarium, for both trade and religious enlightenment. For this reason, I would like to invite you to visit the Votum system, to discuss the beginnings of a potential partnership between our peoples.

Yours sincerely,
Balbus Marinus