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Now here's a fiction that is a huge joy to read, and I'm really glad to have been involved. It helped revive my fiction at one point, but the fiction itself... it's incredible. I mean it manages to be Essence based, but also to be unique.


The navbox, let's be fair, isn't hugely special. The page links are great and convinient, but the navbox isn't anything special with navbox|child etc. It's good to navigate through OluapPlayer's fiction, but isn't special (besides an image that didn't mess up the box). Naviagtion: 9/10


Now here's a treat; a custom made layout with purely headers and sections that is great. It's great to read the page, and the section headers are excellent. It's also nice to see tha all characters follow this same layout. Another example is on the Shu'olthae page; the gallery there is excellent, well placed and well linked. It shows how extra effort pays off. the Entropic Energy also has a great layout. One little problem; perhaps Gallery, Quotes and Trivia could be listed under a ==Notes== section? Besides that, 'History' would be better than a 'Creation' header, but that's nothing hugely important. Layout: 8.5/10


Let's face it; images are absolutely incredible. Spore creations are awesome, images are excellent, it's just generally excellent in terms of Spore. The creation design for the Kirkas and the Shu is great, and really shows off OP's spore skills and ability to make something evil. Rivalled only by the Xhodocto. Spore: 10/10


And bold claims I can accept, because this fiction's great, as are the Black Fog Wars associated with it.


Every section is great in detail, something I must really applause. It's a shame there isn't enough. This can be My main issue is with the information is History; it's under performed. Besides creation, there's not enough detail on pages individual history. But hey, look at what does exist. I really like how you don't need to read much to understand the whole Corruptus, how good it us and get most/all details. It could do with a couple more sub pages than just energy, related characters and spawn (perhaps military?) but what it has is great. Information: 8/10


An empire based off essence. The empire of Shu'ulathoi, their role is to aid their master in his scheme to turn reality into literally a living hell. It's a great concept, and the fact that it's an empire based off essence, rather than technology, yet not a rip off of the Xhodocto. There are some elements, but not many. The concept is excellent and unique, the characters are great, and the Dark Loron just works too well. Concept: 10/10


  • Navigation: 9/10
  • Layout: 8.5/10
  • Spore: 10/10
  • Information: 8/10
  • Concept: 10/10
  • Verdict: 9.5/10 A joy to read, and a great fiction

Do one for me :)--TaldarPic Technobliterator TC 22:25, April 8, 2011 (UTC)

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