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Spore 2010-01-05 18-14-49

First contact.

This is Captain Kilnok, Supreme Commander of the DCP fleet serving for Emperor Wormulus II. I come come in peace, may this be our step towards an alliance.

Incoming message Edit

The DCP also looks forward to a long and strong alliance, together, we are a step closer to maintaining peace in the galaxy. The DCP has heard of your Rambo Nation, through the SSA, we have heard great things, such as winning glorious battles, powerful technology and so on. - Captain Kilnok

Incoming transmission Edit

Hail, Extraterrestrials,

This is Human president Adrian Avantis, we would like to establish a trade route with your nation. We exist as an economic nation, hoping to see a long and fruitful alliance be established between our worlds. We are castaways from another planet, hoping to once again find Sol in all its glory.

Nothing would please us more than to join your Noble Alliance, perhaps we can lend some spice freighters to your fleets, and knowledge of economy to your minds. We cannot however, join you in battle, since our ships are strictly for defensive purposes.

In exchange for aiding you in trade, we seek advice as to the location of our mother planet, Earth. We wish to return to her, and recolonize the once barren world. Even more so, we wish to find our lost bretheren, those who have left Earth, to seed us elsewhere.

Again, we greet you with open arms and warm hearts, come visit us some time. We have many fine eateries and embassies with full life support for anyone we may come across. As for culture, we have no religion, so feel free to do as you wish within the law.

Hail, Adrian Avartis

Incomning Transmission Edit

Hail Noble Alliance,

We, the Human race, graciously thank you for accepting us into your Noble Alliance. As for what you say of not having any Economic nations in your alliance, what stance do you take to the galaxy?

As for trade, please send us your list of desired goods and bid. We will make our best effort to send you a response within the day, and after a confirmation from your empire; your shipment withing 1-2 buisness sectons.

Here is the address for our Home System, Tydatea:

Angle: 254.70 Degrees, Distance 5,781.45 Parsecs

Exact placement of the transmission beam is not nessecary, as we have reciver satellites all around the system to pick it up. We look forward to great trade and adventures with your alliance, and hope to recieve a reply soon.

-President Adrian Avartis

We're ready to fight Edit

Hail Rambo Nation,

This is Admiral Mark Bonnewood, we are at the gates of Kamik' Shi's dominion. We await your command to launch into the fray. We can see her now, about the size of our moon, Luna. If this thing blows there's going to be nothing left. We are ready to fire on her position.

Our scientists have developed a new, God-killing round called the Spirit Obliderator. It's a 1.5 kilometer warhead that can only be fired in space. Although we can do this on our own should the situation call for it, we would suffer immense casualties from the beast's retaliation.

We are also reporting cases of radiation poisoning from the crew, and we dare not venture further into the field to test for increasing levels. This may be why reason alone couldn't take it down, as those who venture close would be sizzled off the planet.

There is a definite threat to Earth, emperor, and we need assitance in loading our people onto escape vessels. Any supplies we can provide, you are welcome to take or borrow as needed. We will need significant distance from the galaxy if we are to survive such a blast.

Please respond, this is a final call for help from your allies, and we can only hold our ground for so long. Any further delay will be fatal not only to our fleet, but to our people. Sir, we beseech you to bring your fleet in for an attack.

Final War Commuminque,

Admiral Mark Bonnewood

Incoming Transmission Edit

Greetings Rambo Nation. This is the Capricornian Minister for Galactic Affairs. The Capricorn Sector Alliance wishes to propose an alliance between our great nations. We would be a powerful and wise ally. We hope to have a strong partnership in the troubles ahead. -Minister To-It-Lo of the Capricorn Sector Alliance

Incoming Transmission Edit

Thank you for accepting our alliance. We wish to stand with our allies the Rambo Nation in the Galactic War. We will commit our ships to your cause to your cause.You can see them here.-Minister To-It-Lo of the Capricorn Sector Alliance

Urgent Transmission Edit

Hail Rambo Nation! I'am the President of the Capricorn Sector Alliance, Lily Wilsa and I have urgent need of your help. The evil Trucinex Imperium has attacked our colonies using nuclear bombs. We now know that all of Major Twelve Colonies including our homeworld of Capricorn have been attacked and that over 30 billion lifes have been lost. Fortunately the majority of the senators and ministers have survived and we are now stationed on our sub homeworld of Cancerti. We would greatly apriatate your help in retaking our colonies and driving back this menace. - President Lily Wilsa of the Capricorn Sector Alliance

Incoming Transmission Edit

Hail Rambo Nation, Please do not apologise as the attack was completely unprovoked and was a complete surprise. Thank you ever so much for dispatching Captain Rambas II and we are planning to use are combined fleet to retake the colony of Virgoian. Long life our alliance! - President Lily Wilsa of the Capricorn Sector Alliance

Incoming Transmission Edit

Hail Rambo Nation! I'm Admiral Cretaceous of the CSA.

The president wishes to inform you that the fleet of ships you have sent are now combined with Capricornian and DCP ships to form the Fleet of Retribution. It was used to invade a colony world of the Trucinex Imperium and many Allied prisoners were saved. If it was'nt for your ships we would have suffered heavy losses! With the deepest respect.

-Admiral Cretaceous of the Capricorn Sector Alliance

Incoming Transmission Edit

Greetings friends of Rambo Nation.

We are aware of an evil race known as the Xhodocto that you are at war with. Recently we were contacted by the Xhodocto. Here is the message: (I see you are relatively new to the universe. Dare interfere with us, you will have nothing to hope for. However, we will let you be if you do to us. You would be very unintelligent not to heed this message). We are unsure what to do in our weak state. Please contact us for your opinion.

Admiral Cretaceous of the Capricorn Sector Alliance.

Incoming Transmission Edit

Hail, Rambo Nation.

Thank you for your advise regarding the Xhodocto threat. The Senate has decided that a good defence is the best offence in regard to a possible invasion by Xhodocto Forces. They also approved the movement of the 5th Fleet through Sector Alliance space, we are now wanting for approval from the Rambo Senate. In the meantime we shall increase our defence in the outer colonies.

-Office of President Wilsa of the Capricorn Sector Alliance.

Incoming Transmission from the CSA Edit

Greeting friends of Rambo Nation,

I am newly elected President Inviere of the Capricorn Sector Alliance, I wish to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy Colonial Day! We hope that our relations will grow more powerful as we strive to purge evil from the galaxy!

This Message has been sent to the following nations and empires:

  • Seven Star Alliance
  • Rambo Nation
  • Delpha Coalition of Planets
  • The House of the Krassio

President Inviere of the Capricorn Sector Alliance

Incoming Transmission from the Capricorn Sector Alliance Edit

Greetings friends of Rambo Nation!

Sorry to transmit again so but I have appointed but I have appointed Ambassador Tadgh to be the offical Capricornian representive to Rambo Nation, I'am sure he will be helpful!

President Inviere of the Capricorn Sector Alliance

Incoming Transmission from the Capricorn Sector Alliance Edit

Greetings Rambo Nation!

I'm sure that Ambassador Tadgh will love staying on one of your worlds. You can pick which one! He is very interested in Rambo Culture and would I'm sure he would be honoured to live among you.

President Inviere of the Capricorn Sector Alliance -Capricorn Sector Alliance.

Incoming Transmission from the Capricorn Sector Alliance Edit

We heard what had happened to the Noble Alliance and we are outraged. We are sending the Sector Alliance 9th fleet (Our largest) to help defend you.

-President Inviere of the CSA

Incoming Transmission from the Core FederationEdit

Ministry of the Interior, Centrus
To the Leaders of the great Rambo Nation; On behalf of the Core Federation, we require your signature as one of the five SSA signatures needed to validate our peace treaty with the Xhodocto, the Treaty of Kendron. The Xhodocto have been terrorizing our galaxy and we require your signed approval to end the conflict. So far, the Core Federation, the Capricorn Sector Alliance, and the Delpha Coalition of Planets have all signed.
Please reply with haste, High Viceroy Vy'rii of the Federation of the Core Worlds.

Incoming Transmission from the Core FederationEdit

To the Great Rambo Nation;
We thank your grand Empire for helping us signing the Treaty of Kendron, during difficult times. The Queen of the Federation, Her Majesty Alestra the Tenth would like to make a royal State Visit to the Rambo Nation to increase ties with your Empire, and proposes an alliance. She would like to talk with Queen Ramesha,apparently. We would like to form an alliance and begin trade with your rich worlds at once, and colonize 100 planets within your galaxy. You are welcome, so send a representative and colonists to our galaxy-they shall be met with open arms and priceless gifts. Do you accept?
High Viceroy Vy'rii of the Federation of the Core Worlds.

Reply from the Core FederationEdit

To the Great Rambo Nation;
Good! We are glad that you have accepted. The Queen is on her way. By the way, that's a large history!No wonder your Empkire has grown so.Trade should be normalized within days. We shall accept and escort your Captain-he shall be homed at planetKendron. Give our best regards to the Empress,
High Viceroy Vy'rii of the Core Federation

Royal Greeting from the Core FederationEdit

Greetings, Rambo Nation.
I have safely landed at the spaceport of Capitol Planet. We have so far visited the Senate Building and other important intitutions of Tirisithilliana. What a calm city! The likes of which I had never imagined, so different from the bustling, crowded cities of the Federation. I had the pleasure of meeting some citizens, which have all proved to be very respectful, even eager. It appears I was awaited here! I have to commend you on your hospitality, and we have brought gifts (I hope you like golden chocolate truffles, they cost quite a few planets). We are awaiting the arrival of my saluted peer, Empress Ramesha.

Pleased by what I see,

Queen Alestra of Centrus, Queen of the Federation of the Core Worlds

Incoming Transmission from the Capricorn Sector Alliance Edit

CRE Senator Apollo of Caprica-0a0cf8f1 ful

Newly Elected President Apollo

Greetings dear friends of Rambo Nation and the Federation! The citizens of the CSA have voted me, Senator Apollo of Caprica as President of the Capricorn Sector Alliance, as leader I will promise to increase the defence of Sector Alliance Colonies in the aftermath of the Trucinex War and the ongoing Second Galactic War, I also plan to increase the number of CSA colonies to a large amount and find new empires for membership in the Galactic Republic. I will also increase relations with all our allies and promise to help them in there time of need.

-Office of the President of the Capricorn Sector Alliance This message has been sent from the Sector Alliance Senate on Caprica.

Royal Transmission from the Core FederationEdit

Leaders of the Rambo Nation; I thank you for your hospitality and finest treatment. I have had an extremely interesting time visiting the Rambo's worlds-especially Capitol Planet and the city of Tirithsilliana . I have enjoyed talks with Empress Ramashe, as well-a very wise creature for her insignificant age. I find that we share the burden of rule hard and unforgiving, yet it is shocking that such a young being is such a good ruler-I have made a friendship with her and hope to mantain it so evermore. It is only a pity that the odious Imperial Alliance interrupted my Visit-even now, I am being evacuated to Xanthrus because of an assasination attempt on behalf of the Church of Spodeon my government-that Vy'rii is tough, nevertheless, and I am sure he shall survive.
With my best Wishes,
Fiction:The Core Federation/Queen Alestra the Tenth

Map Creation InquiryEdit

Dinoman, will you participate in the Intergalactic Map Creation? There's more info at the Seven Starr Alliance's page. --MushrumKing 04:01, May 7, 2010 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission from the Capricorn Sector Alliance Edit

Thank you very much, Empress.

I too wish to strengthen the alliance with the great Rambo Nation. You would be welcome with open arms to visit Caprica at your leisure and you can stay in the Presidential Palace in Caprica City if you wish. On a more serious note, several of our ships have missing and we think a new Mortalitas Weapon to be responsible, so I would advice caution.

-Office of the President of the CSA

-This transmission was sent from the Sector Alliance Senate in Caprica City

Incoming transmission from the Girdo Empire Edit

Greetings! We are the Empire of the Girdo Galaxy, and we have recently found out about your civilisation through information stored in the databases of the Seven Starr Alliance. We had to triple-check the sources, as we did not believe that life could have evolved in these small galaxies. Had we known otherwise, we would have sent ships here earlier instead of travelling directly to the Cyrannus Galaxy.

To introduce myself better, I am Commodore Eta of the Imperial starship Diplomat. I and Commodore Theta of the Explorer are currently located at the edges of the Quadrant 82 Galaxy. We hope to have further contact with your civilisation at your convenience. ~ Commodore Eta of the Girdo Empire

Greetings, Empress. Thank you for your offer; we will now pilot the Diplomat to your Capitol where we will enter orbit. From there, I will be your main contact with the Girdo Empire. Meanwhile, the Explorer will find an appropriate location somewhere nearby where it will stay and command our exploration missions around these galaxies. ~ Commodore Eta of the Girdo Empire

Thank you. For now, however, I will remain in orbit. Our scientists will make use of your Database, and we will also beam scientists down onto the planet's surface in order to study your planet's native lifeforms. That is all we plan to do for now. ~ Commodore Eta of the Girdo Empire

Incoming Transmission form the Doriaca Kingdom Edit

Greetings Rambo Nation,

The resent attacks on your space troubles us deeply and fills the heart of King and his royal council with sorrow. We would like to become allies with the Rambo Nation. The Doriaca Kingdom, with your permission would like to send a fleet to assist you also.

Honor and peace Doriaca Kingdom royal council


Very well, we are sending a fleet over to asset you as I speak. The Cognatus will pay for there destructive ways!

Honor and peace

Doriaca Kingdom royal council

Incoming Transmission from the United Republic of Cyrannus Edit

Hail Empress Ramashe! I have appointed a new ambassador to Rambo Nation, her name is Ambassador Naberrie and she is very interested in both Rambo history and culture and she looks forward to meeting you! -President Apollo

Hail Empress!

I look forward to representing the URC to our friends of the Rambo. I would also like to stay in Luthrionicae if that is ok with you, Ambassador Tadgh will also remain on the Rambo Capital with his family.

-Ambassador Naberrie of the URC

Incoming transmission form the United Lanat Empire Edit

Inferior race known as Rambo,

Behold it is I, Master Admiral Tul speaking on behalf of the United Lanat Empire! I come to bring news to your weak nation, the old Tralor Empire is no more! You think you have won the war, that you are safe from the wrath of are wrong! Our day shall come and when it dose, you shall see your whole nation crumble around you as the army of the United Lanat Empire march victoriously across your lands! And once we reach your homeworld we shall burn the temples of your gods until there is nothing but ash! And as for your leaders...they will know true pain.

Master Admiral Tul out!


If you are implying that Lino was a fool, then that is one thing I agree with you on! But keep in mind, forgetful Rambo that it was you who thought it wise to travel outside of where you belong. And if you value the lives of your ambassadors, keep them within your space or they will die.

Master Admiral Tul out!

Incoming.... Edit

Spore 2010-06-06 02-04-43

Fight the Future

Cherish the past, enjoy the present because the future is coming....-Unknown

Incoming Transmission - DCP channel Edit

Spore 2010-06-09 19-22-32

-Kcch- To all of the Rambo Nation, we come with a gift. It is a new starship for you, a hybrid of Rambo and DCP technology. We know you have several major enemies, and that you are still recovering from the Second Galactic War. So to help in battles against the Cognatus and Xhodocto, we have created a new starship, it is 980 meters long and is equipt with advanced technologies, a slipstream drive, which is much faster than warp, and a few new weapon systems. We have updated some of the Rambo features as well, phasers are now 10x more powerful, and shields and cloaks can last 3x as long as normal. The ship also has several layers of shielding. This is more of a battleship, but is also very capable for scientific exploration. We believe you are now advanced enough not to destroy yourselves with this technology, its not that we thought you were not intelligent enough to use our technology before, but we have given our technology to less advanced empires before, and watched them destroy themselves within hours of us giving it to them. Use the ship wisely, we hope it will improve your winning ratio in future battles to come. -Kcch- --Admiral Horlin 19:04, June 9, 2010 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel Edit

-Kcch- We are glad you like the ship we built for you. We are recovering very quickly, as the DCP usually does. We have at least for now have dissolved money, since our economy is in ruins. We have driven the seperatists to a far away star cluster, and we are rebuilding our lost colonies. -Kcch- --Admiral Horlin 19:17, June 10, 2010 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission from the U.E.S.C. Edit

Greetings Rambo nation we are from the U.E.S.C. and wish to offer our friendship to you nation. In other words we offer an economic and military alliance to you. End Transmission ---High Ambassador Samaze U.e.s.c. flag


Thank you for accepting our alliance, together we shall bring peace and prosperity. As to your offer of visiting the Rambo Capitol, we must decline. The last High Ambassador was assassinated two days ago one his way to Tiragarde and as a result U.E.S.C. officials aren't traveling for now. When we catch the Assassin President Electraza and I would be honored to visit your great nation and its capitol. End Transmission ---High Ambassador Samaze U.e.s.c. flag

Incoming transmission from the Intergalactic House of Order Edit

IHO Flag2
Greetings Rambo Nation,

We at the Intergalactic House of Order are wondering if you would like to be or allies, you could also join the house we have a spot for you please contacts us~ President Naden

Incoming Transmission From The Intergalactic House of Order Edit

Greetings Rambo Nation,

Thank you for accepting our alliance offer. As a gift we give you 200 G (3 million sporebucks). ~ President Naden

Incoming Transmission From The Intergalactic House of Order Edit

IHO Seal
Greetings Rambo Nation,

I would like to meet you in person, so if you would grant me permission to land in your capitol I would greatly appreciate. ~ President Naden

Incoming Transmission From The Intergalactic House of Order Edit

IHO Seal

Just recently the IHO has had a change in government. We are now only one empire, we are not excepting any others to be a member. We also have changed from democracy to the 20 Chairmen. ~ High Chairman Naden

Incomming Transmission from the U.E.S.C. Edit

Greetings Rambo Nation, we have caught the assassin that killed High Ambassador Richal. End Transmission --High Ambassador SamazeU.e.s.c. flag

Incoming Transmission from Pepis EmpireEdit

"Greetings, G8 Rambo nation. President Ms Pepis and Adviser Creatureboy11 are absent so I, Colonel Tanis, ask you if we could be allies. We can support gadget work."

Incoming Transmission from the URC Edit

Greetings noble friends of Rambo Nation, this is President Apollo and I would like to invite Empress Ramashe to Caprica City for a State Visit! If you accept Colonial One will escort you from the Rambo Capital to Caprica! We can discus the Intergalactic War and the War of the Ages also.

-URC FlagOffice of the President of the United Republic of Cyrannus

Brilliant news noble friends of Rambo Nation, President Apollo will look forward to meeting both Ramashe and the Founder, the President has many questions for him! Empress Ramashe is also welcome to visit Virgon, one of the Twelve Colonies that actually has a Queen and a monarchy, I am sure she would also love to visit Virgons famous lake country, known for its lovely scenery!

-URC FlagOffice of the President of the United Republic of Cyrannus

Meeting on Caprica

Meeting on Caprica

Greetings again, friends of the Rambo! Empress Ramashe had a great time on both Virgon and Caprica and perhaps she can visit again in more peaceful times! I am troubled by these reports from Keorband, if the Imperials ally with the Cognatus nothing will stop them. Myself and Ramashe talked about some sort of united government between the URC and the species of Quadrantia, but that might happen later in the near future! We are of peace, always!

-URC FlagOffice of the President of the United Republic of Cyrannus

Incoming transmission from the Sylit Republic Edit

"Greetings, always glorious Rambo Nation! We, to solidify our relations even more, would like to give to you some of our most prized possession- Syplasma! We think we have come as close to perfection as we can with this substance, though we do beg that you do not reveal the formula, if you learn it, with anyone else. The amount we give to you is enough to cover 14 planets. Please accept this gift with happiness! Farewell."

--Grand Admiral Dondrik

-FalcoPunch Elements are the essence of life! 05:41, July 8, 2010 (UTC)

Incomming Transmission Uknown Source Edit

Kcch-I'm captain Kestia, please help us-kcch-our ship is damaged and we are refugees from universe 57204 the-kcch-have attacked us. Please allow us into you space. We need help.

Kestia out, please respond. Certhian Flag


Incomming Transmission from the U.E.S.C. Edit

Greetings Empress Ramashe, I am sorry I have not contacted you, but the Ocari are attacking our former allies the Certhians and the Certhians wont allow us to get involved, it's a huge mess. Yes the assasin was very wanted, he was a member of a pirate organisation that feeds of the unstable. thank you for your concern. President Electraza and I would be happy to organize a meeting, there is much to dicuss about a threat to you and your empire.

End Transmission --High Ambassador Samaze U.e.s.c. flag

Incoming transmission from the Sylit Republic Edit

"Greetings, marvelous Rambo Nation! We, the Sylit Republic, would like to inform you that we have decided to make a new age in SR's history, the Post-Ramvelkys War Age. We have just realized that the War did more damage than we had thought, and we are now even happier that it is over, as many of our colonies would have ran out of minerals, supplies, and so on, killing all citizens during Trilx sieges. We would like to thank you again for your help (by sending the Quardantia fleet), and would like to give you 100,000,000 Sporebucks in appreciation. It is the least we could do. We also want to ask you if you will be joining the UTU, which we, the Sylit Republic, are the co-founders of. It is a branch of the UAN, and it is one of the reasons we had recovered from the Ramvelkys War. Farewell, Rambo Nation!"

--Grand Admiral Dondrik

-FalcoPunch Elements are the essence of life! 15:58, July 14, 2010 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission from the United Republic of Cyrannus Edit

I am nervous Ramashe, The Cognatus continue to invade Cyrannus, and our victorious are few. I fear that they may invade the Cyrannus Capital System, but that is another matter. The reason why I come is that I am beginning to mistrust the Core Federation, I went threw there logs in the DCP War and their own history, and I don't think the citizens of Quadrantia (Cyrannus and the other quadrants) are safe with the Commonwealth of Cyrandia. I fear for our citizens lifes and those of the Sylits and the DCP. They betrayed us in the Civil War, they allied with the Jarquvix who threatened to destroy your worlds and they now have a position of power in the major galaxies of the universe, I know the relations between them are good from both my empire and yours but still I require you and the Founders opinion. This could be a good time to establish the Cyrandia Alliance if you choose and I hope your opinion of me has not been damaged by my concerns. -URC FlagOffice of the President of the United Republic of Cyrannus

Hail Empress Ramashe, against my better judgement, a URC commander let the Cognatus escape Virgon with an artifact from its surface. However If the Cognatus did not get the artifact I suppose it would have been glassed. I hear that a simular crises happened on one of your worlds, the two events are probably related but it remains to be seen how.

I am glad that our relationship has not changed, but I definatly agree that we should watch them in case they do anything hostile, I will tell you what happened during the DCP Civil War, the CoreFed betrayed Emperor Wormulus to the other evil warlords including Tricarrion who turned out to be a Xhodocto agent, however they did this to end the violence but it proves that they can be manipulative, than the established without the DCPs permission, the Commonwealth of Delpha right under there nose. Despite the Xhodoctos grand defeat, the Universe is once again on the brink of collapse. The Sylits are threating to wage war on the Jarquivix, the Tralor and the Imperial Alliance and of course the Cognatus.

In order to stay powerful in the universe, I propose that we form the Cyrandia Alliance! I don't know about you, but my people have little to celebrate about lately and this will cause galaxy wise celebrations! I await your reply the great and noble Rambo!

Incoming transmission from the Sylit Republic Edit

"Greetings, phenomenal Rambo Nation! We would like to congratulate you for your new alliance with the Republic of Cyrannus! We hope your bonds are never cut. You two make great allies! Farewell."

"Greetings, wise Rambo Nation! (Lol, I'm running out of compliments) We would hate to have to ask you for supplies, so we won't. We put our trust in the Universal Trading Union, as we do not strongly believe in it's corruption. But let us not argue over that. We will soon be having a vote in the Veatrex Senate, to see if we should... well... seclude ourselves in the Ramvelkys Shield, to recover. We are very sorry that we will not be able to aid you in the remaining period of the Intergalactic War, but we hope the ships we sent you a few weeks ago will still help. Again, we are sorry. Farewell."

--Grand Admiral Dondrik of the Sylit Republic

- FalcoPunch--Elements are the essence of life! 15:31, July 28, 2010 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel Edit

The Pepis say you are allowed to protect them, they could not contact you at the time. --Captain of the DCP 16:58, July 28, 2010 (UTC)

Incoming transmission from the Sylit Republic Edit

"Greetings, noble Rambo Nation! We would like to inform you that, because of our great loss from the Cognatus, we will be secluding ourselves from the Galactic Community, to rebuild our nation. We shall be diplomatically inactive for this period, as the Ramvelkys Shield will interfere with all transmissions, making them not understandable. We shall continue all trade routes, but no help will be given in wars, like the Intergalactic War. We are very sorry about this, but we hope you understand. We apologize. Farewell."

--Grand Admiral Dondrik

- FalcoPunch--Elements are the essence of life! 23:57, July 29, 2010 (UTC)

Galactic Relations Edit

Could you add the Gablinus-Avis to the Galactic Relations Chart? Sporesauce Talk page6,191 Edits 12:56, July 30, 2010 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission from the Light Sector Alliance Edit

"Greetings. Taberon Scabro, our age old enemy, has returned more powerful than ever. He has attacked the State of Song and Silence and utterly destroyed one of their most important planets and now he is attacking our great capital. We need all the help we can get. Please reply soon." --Empress Kallavahus--Sporeguy33 16:14, August 14, 2010 (UTC)

"Taberon Scabro is a very powerful and ruthless ancient being, wishing to take revenge on the whole universe. We need real help if we are going to defeat him. The DCP is also involved in this but he is mostly focused on us. The locations on this war at the moment are the Delpha Sector and the Light Sector, our sector. This map shows the location of the Alliance:
The Galaxy

We await your reply."-Empress Kallavahus--Sporeguy33 20:47, August 16, 2010 (UTC)

Incoming transmission from the Girdo Empire Edit

Thank you, Empress Ramashe. Although we are currently building many new colonies in the Imperial Sector where we are allowed to remain, and several new starships are under construction which will be home to many more citizens, our calculations show that we will still have an extra 84,000 people without homes who are currently living in huts outside of Imperial City. Tokzhalat will allow us to move our citizens to Quadrant 82 - despite all that he has done, he was telling the truth when he says that he doesn't want to kill civilians unnecessarily. I don't know what he thinks about the Battle of Sol or the war in Ottzello; maybe his idea of necessity is different to our own. Anyway, we will require some of your own ships to assist in the evacuation, since we don't have enough of our own, so bring plenty of large transport ships - but make sure that they're unarmed, or else Tokzhalat's "defence stations" will probably try to shoot them down. ~ Admiral of the Girdo Empire

Again, thank you. Tokzhalat explained that he wanted us to survive because he believes that we would be able to influence civilisations such as your own in some way, probably by trying to convince you to adopt Imperial colonisation procedures. The procedures, in case you're wondering, essentially involve:

  • Colonising and terraforming a minimum number of systems - although all planets in a system may be colonised and terraformed.
  • Allowing other planets in other systems to evolve new life, and then defending and protecting that life.

Ironically, I don't think that the Tokzhalan Empire itself follows those laws, but given that Tokzhalat seems to have a different definition of "necessity" to our own it may follow that he also has his own idea of "minimum".

And on that note, since we follow those procedures, we have no wish for any systems of our own in Quadrant 82. Thank you for the offer, though. ~ Admiral of the Girdo Empire

Well, the colonisation procedures actually date back to the Girdo Galactic War, although Tokzhalat was one of the ones who came up with them while he was a Commodore in my space force. When we think about it, the question is why should you try to colonise the entire galaxy? You can have complete control of a galaxy, and be able to survive any natural distasters such as supernovae or wandering molecular clouds, just by colonising a few hundred systems spread out across a few thousand parsecs. Although, maybe if we had more colonies, Tokzhalat's forces would not have so quickly overwhelmed us. That's the only thing we didn't consider, as we expected our defences to be sufficient to repel most invasions.

And yes, our citizens will have no problem with living amongst the Rambo citizens and obeying all of your laws for a while. It's only intended to be a temporary measure, as we should be able to build new homes and bring all of the refugees back to Girdo within a few months. ~ Admiral of the Girdo Empire

Incoming Transmission from Trivoid EmpireEdit

Rambo Nation, we the Supreme council of elders have found that for our short existence in space we must band together to survive. We shall send our diplomats to your home-world in hopes that you will accept the precursors technology. The artifacts are sacred to us and we trust your race with them. If the diplomats do not return within 1 solar cycle our race will have to destroy your planets. If they tell us not to do it we won't burn your planets. We vere also looking at your races history and it says you are shamans as well. we look forward to meeting you shamans. 'Trivoid Supreme Council' 99cmoney 22:37, September 7, 2010 (UTC) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rambo Nation we appreciate your hospitality. The Sacred Artifacts we gave your race were dormant doomsday devices. Our Race has had to much crime and we knew that anyone will try to get their hands on a bomb. We knew your race would carry these devices without thoughts of activating them. After all they are in a safe location...right? 'Trivoid Supreme Council' _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rambo Nation the Trivoid Home-world, Anthyreus was taken by the parasite, a few hundred of us have lived to tell the tale. We used our slip-space device to leave the planet. I can only send one message to save fuel. All other colonies have been wiped out by the parasite too. Also the virus couldn't have originated on it's own so some Empire must have created this virus to extinct us. Also were not quite sure where we are in the galaxy but don't look for us... although if you find us don't hesitate to pick us up. Wait hold on there is a red planet a green one next to it and lots of gas giants, oh and two other rocky planets. Wait we're in the gravity of the red planet. Okay now we're gaining speed! Everyone hit the deck!**********************************************99cmoney 22:37, September 7, 2010 (UTC)Trivoid V-fighter99cmoney 22:37, September 7, 2010 (UTC)

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rambo Nation we the Trivoids have still survived. We are in need of help though. Our ship crash-landed into the dust of the planet. We are roughly a mile into the planet, and the red stuff fell onto us as well. The Energy levels are still high along with oxygen so we can roughly survive a week down here. There is nothing we can do but wait it out. The pressure is so strong though. We have even tried to use our return ticket but we need to move a meter to get to it. Hopefully you can just save us.99cmoney 22:02, September 8, 2010 (UTC)

Hail Rambo Nation. We usually get all of your transmissions and you probably get all of ours even so, it has been at least 15 hours since we have been buried alive so please, tell us if you are working on our escape. Respond in the next 12 hours or mars shall be destroyed along with us! 99cmoney 13:39, September 9, 2010 (UTC)

Hail Rambo Nation. We have thought about who would have done this to us and we can only think it could be the Karlodorm empire. They thirst for control and we remember leaving papers on our colonies talking about where you are. We think it would be wise to add many turrets to your colonies and prepare for a fight. Our race also wants meet one of them, alive so don't kill a ship. They also have static cling so that could turn the tide of the battle. Trivoid empire out. 99cmoney 22:24, September 9, 2010 (UTC)

We the Trivoids are leaving forever never to see you again! Feel free to thank the other races after I leave99cmoney 15:21, September 11, 2010 (UTC)

Hello Rambo Nation! We have found a nice galaxy with no sentient life! We shall stay here for years to come, colonizing the planets we want with no threats forever. If you want to come for a visit enter your galaxies galactic core. We look forward to you visiting our galaxy. Our culture will develop here and nowhere else, so we won't make settlements in your galaxies. But really anyone is welcome except for the Karlodorm. 99cmoney 00:49, September 13, 2010 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel Edit

Hello again, peoples of the Rambo Nation! How is Empress Ramashe and Admiral Cretaceous? Actually, I have some serious information regarding the Cult of the Deathmarch. We know one of the members involved, during the Cult's attack on Onuris, we managed to disable some of their ships at the battle of Siphonore-IV. They are the Vorgormon, we don't know where their homeplanet and major worlds are located, but some of their colonies have been discovered in the Milky Way. They are Tier 3 civilization, and are powerful enough to crack planets open. We don't think they were originally intergalactic, but the Cult may have supplied them with such technology. They are a vile, lazy and greedy species who are only interested in cash and selfishly improving their lives at the expense of others. Otherwise, we don't know much else about them. --Admiral Horlin 20:12, September 11, 2010 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission from the TIAF Edit

Greetings, Rambo Nation! We are the TIAF, an empire striving for the unity of the universe. We have heard of your great power through our allies, and we would absolutely love to be allies. Please send your answer swiftly. TybusenCaptainTybusen "So this is how liberty dies...with thunderous applause"

Incoming Transmission from the Sporemaster Alliance Edit

Hello Rambo Nation, i am the Evermind, and i speak for the Sporemaster Alliance. The Alliance heard about you from one of our allies, the DCP, and you sound like a worthy and powerful people. We of the Alliance would like to ask you if we can become friends, and ally. What say you? Sporemaster1 13:23, September 14, 2010 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission from Tri-galaxyEdit

Rambo we have waited many days for your response to our offer but you refuse! Our technology is growing and by the dawn of the next galactic day we shall deploy our million ship march to your outer colonies! Sincerely, the prophet of Tri-god.

Inferior Rambo Nation we attack you for our beliefs are that Tri-god has chosen us to be the crusaders of the great journey! We have more enhanced armor and better V-fighters. Our new super weapon can instantly enslave the race inhabbiting the planet. Turn over your race now and we won't eject you all into the sun. Do not take this personally if not for you we won't be feared throughout the universe. Sincerely Prophet of Tri-god.99cmoney 03:42, September 19, 2010 (UTC)

Dear Rambo Nation, If you have not heard yet we have started our attack on some of your outer colonies. The DCP are very angered by us and demand we stop. We have captured a few Rambo so far and many have been killed. As for the DCP we shall start attacking them as well if they attack us. We will not stop the attacks until most of your colonies are burned or ours. Sincerely, High Prophet of Tri-god. 99cmoney 22:42, September 20, 2010 (UTC)

Dear Rambo Nation, Today is universal peace day, hopefully the Task force knows about this and won't attack today. Also the imperial alliance won't care about what we do to your colonies because they hate you as well... don't they? Sincerely High prophet of Tri-god 99cmoney 20:00, September 21, 2010 (UTC)

Dear Rambo, Sure, lets agree to become enemies until further notice, we do wonder what happened to those refugees. So yeah, I guess the DCP will stop the attacks also? ( Sure you can write about this.). -99cmoney 20:17, September 21, 2010 (UTC)

Dear Rambo, You cannot stop our million ship march! We shall continue our genocidal crusade throughout your colonies we have even captured a captain! We don't exactly know who he is though, he won't tell us his name, but he has broken wings, maybe you can figure out who he is. Anyway he is in an underground prison on an ice cold world where no life can be on the surface. He isn't going anywhere, there is actually no way out that a Rambo would know of. We will never give him back so I hope nobody liked him! Anyway, Believe in Tri-God! High Prophet of Tri-God (P.S. Tell me if using this captain was O.K. or if I should pick another one or none at all. It said he bordered the outer colonies so yeah.) -99cmoney 23:37, September 21, 2010 (UTC)

Dear Inferior Rambo Nation, Do not question how we make our ships in a day, for only us original and pure Trivoid were going to become extinct, not our fish Trivoid or anything like that. And how will you find your captain, you don't even know what arm in our galaxy he is on. And his ship is being repaired as we had fried their navigation and everything! His crew members are all frozen and the captain is in chains with his beak taped shut, he kept on screaming about his crew. Also the planet he is on does not have Trivoids on but rather robots, so we can blow up the planet whenever we see fit. Sincerely, The High Prophet.

The conflict will probably go on until the Trivoid's colonies are attacked or the million ships are destroyed.

Dear Rambo Nation, Do not think your task force can free your captain, you can't break the planets miles of ice. And if any Rambo were to come to our base, we would know in advance and planet bust the planet. And the Hutters do not scare us, we can take them. And those who were saved are shamans and were thrown in the prison as well, it is cute how they thought you would save them. And Aegimi, it's farmers are very useful as slaves. Also, how many ships are there defending your colonies, we have a few demands if we find that your military is... um uh, weaker than ours. Sincerely, Prophet of Trigod.

Sure you can put the planet on Spore wiki, Also I was making a template about them, it will be ready on Saturday afternoon. Also the Trivoids are now a very poor Empire due to the big army and cloning that they made, so really they are in need of money and other things. Sincerely, 99cmoney 20:17, September 23, 2010 (UTC)

Dear Rambo, We have decided to stop our fighting and attacks, declaring war on you was a mistake, we got into two other wars by doing so. Your captain was freed by another races stupid ways, or so they say. But the frozen crew is still ours and will remain that way until a few years. We just want the colony you took from us. Hopefully the other Empires will stop fighting too. Sincerely, Trivoid citizens. 99cmoney 02:38, September 25, 2010 (UTC)

Dear Rambo, Until recently we have ended the war between you civil people, but now we inform you that you cannot contact the Apes, they are our experiments, do not get in the way, or else Ramniels will, DISAPPEAR! Also we demand §50,000,000,000 from you! Sincerely, Prophet of Tri-god.

P.S. made a new empire yesterday called the Ape Empire... Check it out. Sincerely 99cmoney 13:24, September 26, 2010 (UTC)

Dear Rambo Nation, We tell you to stay out of this conflict and you ignore us! I saw the USS Majestic and you will pay, I hope Ramniels liked his cell, he will be there shortly. We declare war on you... AGAIN! We now see that leaving you alone was a mistake. We shall enslave your race! Sincerely, Prophet of Tri-god.

P.S. Trivoids really hate Rambo. 99cmoney 19:58, September 26, 2010 (UTC)

Dear Rambo Nation, Do not think your petty attempts will stop this war! Our 999,999 ship march will invade your home-world! And all of the Primates are being put to death, by firing squad! You only have the Chieftain, we have everyone else, this is our battle. This is either your people or ours will become extinct, Trivoids against Rambo, nobody else may aid you. Sincerely, Ultimate Prophet of Tri-god. 99cmoney 20:37, September 26, 2010 (UTC)

Incoming Secure Transmission - from: Universal Intelligence Agency - to: Rambo Intelligence Edit

Introduction: This message is being sent to all nations whose intelligence networks are part of the Agency.

Proposal: Suggest the ressurection of the "Seven Starr Alliance" to your leaders.

Reason: Threats such as Cult of the Deathmarch, Grox Empire, and other civilisations (total list includes fifteen significant empies) are on the rise. Intelligence reports suggest that they post a significant threat to international security. Possibility of alliance between multiple empires is almost certain; co-operation between multiple groups (e.g. Imperial Alliance and Vartekian Empire; Kralgon Invasion Force and Tokzhalan Empire; etc) has been observed and is known even outside of the Agency.

Conclusion: Increased multinational co-operation is recommended by 83% of intelligence analysts. An organisation bearing some vague similarities to the old "Seven Starr Alliance" or "Universal Alliance of Nations" would achieve this aim - if done correctly. Use of the name and connotations carried by the name "Seven Starr Alliance" will inspire public support and increase military morale, as the original "Seven Starr Alliance" was generally popular until it became unregulated and collapsed. However, due to the aforementioned collapse, this new "Seven Starr Alliance" must be kept sufficiently different from the original to achieve the necessary aims.

Immediate course of action: Consider the proposal. Let us know of your response.

Reply to: Girdo Imperial Intelligence.

The information on the other threats should be made available at the discretion of your own agents. Most of them you are probably aware of, such as the Neo Trucinex Imperium and United Lanat Empire. Only the Cult of the Deathmarch, Grox, Imperial Alliance, Tokzhalan Empire and Xhodocto are ones that are classed as "major threat", though.

The disassembling of Onuris is simply due to the lack of Xhodocto. Should the need arise again, so will Onuris. The new SSA should work if we try to make it work, and thinking that it might not work will only make it less likely to succeed. So don't think about it like that.

Anyway, thank you for your support.

~ Girdo Imperial Intelligence

Incoming Transmission from the Fordan Empire Edit

Greetings, Rambo.

We have been monitoring your communications channels for a few weeks, and we have been quite honestly startled by what we have heard. This 'Prophet of the Tri-god,' as he styles himself, is clearly a threat to galactic peace. As such, we would like to offer our swords to help blunt this foe. As to your captured captain, it would be a simple matter for us to phase-in to his cell and free him.

Believe me when I say that my kindred are completely behind you in this fight, and we will not stop until this 'Prophet' is made to pay for his mistakes.

-Hel'Bre'K, 49th Blademaster of the Fordan Empire

And now a short word from Spriggs077 himself If this was actually organised then let me know and I wont interfere, but if he's actually trying to attack you let me know. Spriggs077 Just Sayin' my Bit, Say Yours! 06:27, September 22, 2010 (UTC)

Greetings again, Rambo Nation.

Many species are surprised by our ability to tap into communications, but this ability simply comes from the fact that we have been observing the galaxy from the Void for nearly two millenia. As such, we actually saw your current comms technology being designed, and so know every way to hack into it.

With that detail aside, there is no real need to send a large fleet to do a task that a handful of my warriors can do, although if you wish to 'glass' the planet as a mark of your supremacy then feel free. As far as we can tell, this 'Prophet' will not stop at your nation, and if he and his movement aren't cut down now, they may spread.

I look forward to fighting alongside you, Se'Ka'Ra Ma'To'Res Si'La'Ko For'Dan'Ta (Walk the path of honour, my friend)

-Hel'Bre'K, 49th Blademaster of the Fordan Empire

And another little bit from Spriggs Just in case you didn't know, offering one's sword doesn't literally mean giving someone else your sword, it means that you are offering to fight with them. So when Hel' said his warriors were offering their swords, it meant they were asking to be allowed to join the battle. Spriggs077 Just Sayin' my Bit, Say Yours! 21:47, September 24, 2010 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission from the Ape EmpireEdit

Dear Aliens, We Apes are wondering if there are any other Empires or factions out there, we are an interplanetary race trying to find sentient life outside our solar system, if you locate us, we would love it if you come to our planet please give us a heads up. Sincerely, Chieftain Uga. 99cmoney 14:28, September 25, 2010 (UTC)

Dear Rambo, A few Empires had told us you live in a quadrant 82 galaxy? Anyway's What do you know about the Trivoids? Are they rich, they told us they would pay us handsomely if we took over all you colonies, I mean they said to um... um, what did they say? O.K. are you richer than the trivoids, we want money! Would you like to buy our products? Sincerely, Chieftain Uga. 99cmoney 14:02, September 26, 2010 (UTC)

Dear Rambo, We are at war with Trivoid! They attacked us for not attacking you! Right now I am in a fist fight with the prophet, It's been going on for hours on top of my palace! Do you mind sending a rescue please? Were about to die out here! Oh crap, The prophet punches Chieftain Uga off the palace Wait, heres a flag! Uga quickly grabs onto it. Ok yeah, so please help. Sincerely Chieftain Uga.

Check out my latest contributions, the one saying Trivoid-Ape war. 99cmoney 19:36, September 26, 2010 (UTC)

Hello Rambo Nation, My kind has been almost completely wiped out by this conflict, they will not stop until we are dead, I shall end the war, by going into the home-planet of the Trivoid and killing the prophet. The next generation, or species in this matter will take over the other one. I need Elite troops or leaders for this Special operations task, hopefully captains or kings or emperors or something along those lines. The heavens await me and I'm not going without the prophet. Sincerely Chieftain Uga.

(P.S. The end of the Trivoid Zealots brings peace to a part of the universe, that is by killing the prophet, if empress Ramashe came and the Fordanta leader too, it would be epic, and the shamans that were thrown in prison would be set free. Tell me if Ramashe can come, it would make the ending great. 99cmoney 21:06, September 27, 2010 (UTC)

Dear Rambo, I will not let your task-force kill the prophet, it is my job to avenge my people and captain Joata to claim the position as leader. We will go on alone, if we die than you can end it, but that is unlikely. We are currently in an airlock heading towards the colonies of the Trivoid. We will first need a ship, but we can take one by ourselves, this matter no longer concerns you. Sincerely, Chieftain Uga. 99cmoney 21:06, September 27, 2010 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission from the Fordan Empire Edit

Hail, friends.

It is good that we could end this conflict without harming too many innocents. That deluded Prophet is now inprisoned, and his mad cult has had its head severed. I have heard that you have listed us as allies, and we are honored. Perhaps some time we may meet in person, and on a topic other than war. I'm sure there must be someone in your nation that can match me in a debate, and it would certainly be interesting to find out.

By the way, does your nation specialise in any particular form of poetry? I've been collecting poems from many races for a while now, and I've since dedicated a section of my library to them.

-Blademaster (and poetry lover) Hel'Bre'K of the Fordan Empire

Incoming Transmissions from Ravish III Edit

Yo, Rambo!

Wow, that rhymed didn't it? A bit unintended, but still cool. I guess you guys don't know who I am, my name's Ravish III. I'm a Vyendan, and I was looking 'round when I stumbled onto one of your colonies. I was bored so I terraformed it to T3 and put a few nice plants and creatures on it. Hope you like it! :)

So, the real point of the message is, we want to be friends. That is, the Vyendan Republic wants to open up some trade routes with you, then we see where it goes. You never know, our skills might just come in handy.

Hang on... you have no idea what our skills are, do you? Hmpf... well, we can fix that. Us Vyendans are naturally skilled terraformers, and we have a lot of fun doing it. Not meaning to brag, but I can get a planet up to T3 in about... say... under a minute. I'm not kidding.

All that good stuff cuts both ways too. I can wreck a planet faster than high explosives. The last empire that messed with us found their planet burning up and the atmosphere too thick to breathe. In other words, I sent it to Groxland.

Not to put a damper on things, though. We're actually pretty fun people to have around. Now thatI think of it, I'm holding a party in a few days time. It's going to be one of those massive whole-planet parties that chases the night for a few days. Think about it: three days of solid partying, moving from city to city to keep up with the night.It's going to be a blast, so I hope you can come!

-Starstrider Ravish III

Incoming Transmission- Thoth Vid-net Sector 345768- Personal Message Edit

Good afternoon, Rambo. Several months ago, I almost ordered an attack deep within your space, and cut off several outlying Rambo worlds from supplies. I wish to apologize for this misdemeanor in conduct. For this, I am giving you §4 million for the damages caused. As High Praetor, my job is not to attack others but to defend those who cannot do it themselves. I am also renouncing me and my empires anti-spode agenda. Please contact me if you wish to open any other form of relationships. High Praetor Jex of the Jarquvix Federation

P.S., I wish this message to be more informalized, but I think it useless to do so because translating Jarquvix to Rambo is extremely difficult and will turn up sounding formal anyway.

Incoming Transmission from the Xylon Empire Edit

Greetings, we, the Xylon Empire, are here to help your predictions made by your prophets come true. As in, we shall help you rise higher than you ever have before, and all we ask for in return is your alliance.

Warlord Foua of the Xylon Empire

SSA Edit

Hail the Rambo Nation! We are overjoyed about our alliance. But we ask a favor from you. We you try to persuade the SSA to accepting our request for an alliance? Thank you in advance!

Warlord Foua

Incoming Transmission from the Galactic Federation Edit

Greetings, Rambo Nation. This is the Galactic Federation. We are relatively new to the Intergalactic community so we ask for an alliance.


Chairman Treco Gissom of the Galactic Federation

We thank for accepting and we would like some trading between our nations.


Chairman Treco Gissom of the Galactic Federation 18:10, October 20, 2010 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission from the Republic Edit

It is truly a day of celebration! Republic intelligence informs me that the Galactic Emperor has been killed and instability has gripped the Imperial Alliance! After years of war, perhaps now is the time for peace at last! Long live Rambo Nation!

-President Apollo of the United Republic of Cyrannus

Incoming Transmission from the Confederacy Edit

Greetings, my friends! I know there is talk in your nation about the Confederacy's intentions, however we mean no harm to Rambo Nation and the Republic for that matter.

I propose that we remain neutral in our relations, we have done the same with the URC. To prove our good intentions, I will help our friends destroy and bring to justice the warlords of the Imperial Remnant. Please respond with kindness.

-Supreme Leader Casidulsa.

Hmm... We agree. In an act of friendship, I would like to award you with one of my nations Providence Class Dreadnought as a symbol of friendship.

-Supreme Leader Calidusa

Incoming Transmission from the Human Republic... Edit

Dear Rambo Nation,

This is President Adrian Avantis, and I regret to inform you that we cannot combat the Imperial Alliance. We are pacifists by nature, and the assault on Kamik' Shi weighs heavily on our souls. If we could do anything, we would, but to destroy refugees' only safe haven would be callous. Thus the Human Republic, until further notice, declares its total, and complete neutrality. We will accept refugees from all sides, and hope they can find peace within our walls. And to cement this neutrality, the Red Cross has been reestablished; providing humanitarian aid to that which war has destroyed.

Wounds heal, but scars remind.

-President Adrian Avantis of the Human Republic

Incoming Transmision from the Human Republic Edit

Dear Rambo Nation,

Ah, yes, we understand perfectly now. Thank you for clearing up that mess. All trade lines are re-opened. However, is the Noble Alliance still in existence? If not, what has become of its members? All this and more plagues our people's minds, and we request clarification on these points:

  • Is the Noble Alliance still here (Yes/No)
  • If you answered 'No' to the above, what has become of its members?
  • If you answered 'Yes' to the first question, may we rejoin? (Yes/No)
  • If you answered 'No' to the above, why not, and is there any way to return to grace?
  • Is there/will there be a replacement for it? (Yes/No)
  • If 'Yes' to the above, may we join? (Yes/No)

Thank You, and Happy Trading!

Sapius Prime 21:07, November 23, 2010 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission from MecronEdit

Hello Nation of Rambo,

We are no peaceful empire, as the DCP may have told you. When we see a huge empire to loot from we do not hesitate to demolish the existence of your society. If you are smart, hand over 1,000 rambo citizens for our... uh, tests. Do this and we will happily leave you alone, for now. If you fail your worlds shall reek off our death and misery!'

-Warlord of the Mecron


If you are to give us the coordinates to the places of the criminals, we shall leave you to, whatever you were doing before. When we start our onslaught on the quadrant galaxies, you won't be involved, we will kill everything around you. Thank you for this gift, we shall use it to our advantage.

-Warlord of Mecron


Thank you for the coordinates to the criminals hideout, we will leave you alone now. And we Mecron don't care what galaxy we destroy first, just that a galaxy is destroyed, for example, we have obliterated the Meta galaxy in weeks and they had about a trillion soldiers, so I think we can take you down in a year. But, we said we wouldn't so you may do whatever. We hope to see you again.

-warlord of Mecron

Incoming Transmission from the Taldar Edit

Greetings Rambo Nation, the purpose of this transmission is to inform you that we have seen your future timeline... and you will have a great task ahead! We would like to aid you technologically, so as to prepare you for this. If it is your will, we can enhance your technology by offering Dark Gyronic reactors, which can result in superior weaponry, as dark Gyronic can be hugely destructive when contained in these devices. Furthermore, we shall send you these drones; they are small robots capable of handling building technology, for building & gathering resources. Do you accept our offer, or shall we send something else?

yeah lol I use fiction talk pages now :P send reply on the Taldar's talk page :)--TaldarPic Technobliterator TC 20:50, December 23, 2010 (UTC)

Indeed, we have seen the timeline, but if we'd sent you aid earlier you wouldn't be able to learn from these and grow stronger, and we fear that if we give too much aid to mortals they become too reliant on it, and thus make too many mistakes we have to clear up after. Indeed, our drones will integrate the Dark Gyronic into larger ships; it is difficult to contain it in smaller ones, and our drones will also help speed up production elsewhere! We can't see a time in which we personally will need your aid, as we are above the need for mortal assistance. We are grateful for the offer! Errr... Peace out dude! Did that fail? Oh I need to learn communication with 3 dimensional beings better...
lol I had just made the drone after you'd asked! :P Vehicle:Vyronicia Drone And yeah I hope so too :)--TaldarPic Technobliterator TC 20:41, December 24, 2010 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission from the New Kralgon Empire Edit

Greetings Rambo Nation. We have heard of you through mutual allies, the DCP, and we would be interesting in forming a peaceful alliance. Your former enemies, the Imperal Alliance, were once our allies, but those fools we weak and got destroyed. So, are you better than them?--TaldarPic Technobliterator TC 21:35, January 4, 2011 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission from the Entarite EmpireEdit

Greetings, Rambo Nation; we beleive an alliance would be in our best interest. We are not a very large empire, and we beleive this alliance may be profitable to us. We will perhaps aid you militarily and technologically. Do you accept?

Queen Regina I of the Entarite Empire

Kmolson 04:30, January 30, 2011 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission From the GIEEdit

Greetings, great Rambo Nation! I am Carillion, Chief Ambassador of the Gjigantrox Interstellar Empire. We have heard a great deal about you from the DCP and URC, and it has all been praise. We feel that an empire on such good terms with two of our most valued allies would make an excellent ally and friend in its own right, and thus we exted to you an offer of an alliance between our empires. We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

GjigantroxMax(i) 16:27, January 30, 2011 (UTC)

Excellent! We are most grateful for your acceptance. If you wish to learn more about us, I have attached a file regarding our empire, which I hope you shall find informative. I shall arrive in a week's time to meet with your Senate and Empress, if that is an acceptable plan. I would come much earlier, but I am currently in the field, as we have again joined the URC and DCP in battle, this time against the Confederacy of Allied Systems, which your empire is also battling. I look forward to meeting you and establishing an excellent relationship between our empires!

- Chief Ambassador Carillion of the GIE

GjigantroxMax(i) 13:18, February 2, 2011 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission from the VerinobiEdit

Hello, mighty Rambo Nation, I am Remlap, leader of the Verinobi. My people are planning a rebellion against the Nobi Nations, and have contacted the URC about an alliance. They declined, but then another empire, who shall remain anonymous, contacted us because they had overheard some of the messages. They noted that the URC would likely not go against your wishes, and recommended that we ask you for aid. We cannot go to war with the Nobi unless we have allies among the URC, otherwise we will be crushed. We hope that you can aid us in getting an alliance with the URC, and we have heard much of your strength. We the Verinobi wish to ally your great and peaceful empire, not to bring you into a civil war, but so that we can better arm ourselves and lose less people when our war breaks out. We cannot afford to lose to many of our species, or we may vanish entirely, as the Nobi want us to do. We do not ask you to led us your vast fleets or resources, only to help us with a diplomatic intuition. I personally hope that we can create a long lasting alliance between my people and yours, but at the least you could respond with haste, as our plans move forward and time waits for none. Thank you for reading this message, may we meet again...

- Remlap

Mastermachine Be a friend, save a life. 02:22, February 14, 2011 (UTC)

We do not wish to topple their government, we simply wish to be free of it. We thank you greatly for your aid, and are overjoyed that you accepted our offer of alliance! We also thank you for your offer of medical and food based aid, as well as the offer of military aid, if we understand you correctly. I would like to note that we do not want to be any trouble, and we ask that you do not send military aid, we want our war to be over as quickly as possible with a few casualties as possible, even if that means bering the brunt of the war. You are truly a great people for all you have offered us, and we hope to someday repay you for the help!

- Verinobi

Incoming Transmission from the Kamino Empire Edit

We thank you for responding to us. We share your opinion of the Grox, but we believe that they are an evil race that can and will be eliminated. The only race that we believe is a greater threat than them is the Akrai'Shikira.

Transmission sent by the Kamino Empire.

Incoming Transmission from the United Summit Empire Edit

Greetings Rambo Nation, the Prime Minister of the United Summit Empirewould like to propose an alliance, we may not be the most powerful empire, nor the bravest, but the Rambo Nation is considered an inspiration for us. therefore we propose an alliance and hope you accept --Alex19998282 10:39, March 24, 2011 (UTC)

Thank You for accepting our alliance, we hope that this helps both civilizations --Summit Empire

Incoming transmission from the Dracogonarious Edit

MiniJerkonGreetings, Rambo Nation. We have detected a Marinoxidiz attack on your colonies recently. Are you alright? We are trying to get these monsters for quite a while now. Maybe our races could join forces to fight this threat?

- Captain Jerkon of the Dracogonarious

Mrnxdz OluapPlayer - Fear me, cowards! 19:36, March 29, 2011 (UTC)

We suspect this victory may cause them to attack you again in the future. We will send some ships to your territory to aid you in case they do it. Also, they appear to be aided by a strange race of "mystical" creatures. We advise you to don't fight these, because we couldn't figure a way to destroy them yet. If you want to know more about the Marinoxidiz, we are also sending some data for you.
- Captain Jerkon of the Dracogonarious
Mrnxdz OluapPlayer - Fear me, cowards! 19:56, March 29, 2011 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission Edit

Greetings great allies of the Great Rambo Nation. We feel that the G8 has become inactive recently in spite of the wars and horrors the First Gigaquadrant finds itself in. We believe we should hold the first G8 Summit on the Rambo Capital in order to discuss these latest events. Do you agree?

We are of peace, always.

-- Senate of the Cyrannus Republic

Incoming Transmission from the Unified Nation of Ottzello Edit

Greetings Rambo Nation, we have heard of you through the Seven Starr Alliance, and we would be interested in an alliance between our nations. We have been through similar successes and failures yet still come out strong, so we can really empathise with your nation, and we'd work well together. Do you accept?--TaldarPic Technobliterator TC 16:48, April 27, 2011 (UTC)

incoming transmission from radar vessel Edit

this is the NAS valor of the nova alliance. our lord zeta the great wishes to openb trade and make an alliance with those of the rambo nation. we also wish to, as a gift provide a fleet of planetary dreadnoughts to your cause. ~~captain zongor of the nova alliance~~

Incoming transmission from the Girdo Empire Edit

Greetings, Rambo Nation. We received a direct feed of what happened to our ambassador, up until the point that he fell unconscious. It must have been a powerful weapon to knock him down and disable his medical nanobots with one hit. Do you know what it was that the bounty hunter used? Also, as it seems that this was a deliberate and knowing attack by the Confederacy on one of our citizens, so we will fulfil our duties as members of the Seven Starr Alliance and send forces to the Cyrandia Sector to help fight Confederate forces. We are sending our entire Droner force - 8,304,768 ships - to be put under the command of the Cyrandia Alliance. We're cautious - what were the Confederacy's motivations in this? - but we're not worried about attacks on our own colonies; Saturn is no longer important to us and any attack on Girdo would be suicidal. ~ Admiral of the Girdo Empire

Dragonian messenger ship Edit

Greetings Rambo nation we are from the Dragonian Empire we wish to propose a trade agreement and the possibility of an alliance

Incoming transmission from Kuryos Savion, diplomat of the Keiternyan Star Empire Edit

Greetings mighty Nation of Rambo,

I speak for Emperor Kyantay VII of the Keiternyan Star Empire. It is an hounour for both me and my people to finally come in contact with you, Rambo Nation, of who we have heard so much. We have just recently joined the Galactic community and we request your friendship. We would be happy to share our wealth with you. Therefore, we propose a trade route between our Empires, in the hope that it will bring much wealth to both of us. We respect you and we hope that your answer shall be positive on this matter. we hope that after this first step and sign of friendship, the road to an alliance becomes clearer. In the name of both my people, my emperor, and me, I hope you will accept this offer. thank you already, Rambo Nation.

Kuryos Savion out. Captain Jinkyax 19:52, July 4, 2011 (UTC)

Greetings Nation of Rambo!

We (that is, the Emperor and me) were very pleased to hear that your Empire was positive about this trade route. It is great to know that we have a friend in you! Also, we are positive on your idea of a diner one day. Emperor Kyantay VII is already planning it in in his agenda, so please message us when there is an appropriate time on which we can have a diner. Also, I would like to ask you if I, Kuryos Savion, can have a permanent residence on one of your planets, so that I can act as representative of the Keiternyan Star Empire; an embassy would be a good thing. We are willing to offer you an embassy in Keiternya City, our capital. The matter of our hopefully coming alliance can then be discussed during the diner. Thank you very much for these offers, Rambo Nation!

Kuryos Savion out. --Captain Jinkyax 20:11, July 4, 2011 (UTC)

Greetings Rambo Nation!

It is good to hear from you again, and even better to hear that our proposals are accepted. I will come as quickly as possible to move into my new residence in your capital, I thank you for this. Your embassy can be placed wherever you want on Keiternya, our home planet, we advise to place it in the city of Kyrtosia (there is a map of Keiternya on our page). And, for the record, here are pictures of Kuryos Savion and Emperor Kyantay VII (who is going to have dinner):

I hope our dinner will be enjoyable! And one thing I should let you know: Savion might have to leave sometimes on diplomatic missions, he is our best diplomat.

Kuryos Savion out.

--Captain Jinkyax 18:46, July 5, 2011 (UTC)

hey dinoman82, it would be great if you could do the dinner, my computer is acting a little weird with screenshots (that is, he doesn't save them). Thanks for the offer!

Greetings Rambo Nation, dear allies,

We graciously accept your offer of an alliance! We thank you very much and we hope our alliance may endure forever! Together we stand strong.

Greetings from Kuryos Savion.

--Captain Jinkyax 18:20, July 11, 2011 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission from the Cognatus Remnant Edit

The artifact on your world taught us many things, like the gods our people have worshiped for so long do not desire nor need our worship, which means that our campaign to wipe out your civilization was unnecessary, and I apologize for all the deaths that your civilization has experienced. I agree to your positions, and I assure you that your people have not been physically harmed. Perhaps in exchange for information regarding these artifacts we could form a union in the near future.

-Voro'Acetee of the Cognatus Remnant

Hm... I agree. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I have already contacted the leader of the your ally, and he will also be joining us, if you agree. I hope that we can come to an arrangement.

-Voro'Acetee of the Cognatus Remnant

Incoming Transmission from the Human Republic Edit


Can anyone hear me? We've been overrun by the Cult of the Deathmarch! It all started when some miners destroyed what appeared to be an ancient underground temple whilst digging for tin. As soon as the walls of the temple were breached, a high pitched ringing filled the mine, and radio equipment around the world picked up transmissions in a language that we had never seen before. We thought nothing of for decades, until the Cult of the Deathmarch warped directly in front of Earth. Thermonuclear fire rained from the sky, and half a trillion people were instantly vaporized. A few, including Adrian Avantis, managed to escape and headed for the Teriadtlan Empire (they were far enough away to seem like the ships were heading into empty space). The last of us have gathered on the remote island of Omoka in the South Pacific. They haven't found us yet, but that might not last. This is Colonel Greene requesting immediate extraction.

Sapius Prime 00:27, August 6, 2011 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission from The United Summit Empire Edit

Greetings Rambo Nation, it has been a while since we last contacted you, we wish to form a trade route with your Nation.

Prime Minister Kronos

Incoming Transmission. Edit

Hello? Is anyone out there? This is the Fook En Colony of Eelven! We are under attack by some sort of Epic Demons! Please, if anyone is hearing this, SEND HELP!

Incoming Transmission from the Shellious Imperium Edit

Greetings. We are the Shellious Imperium, We would like to set up negotiations for an alliance. We are both constitutional monarchies with senates of many member races. You have well developed technology and we would be delighted to share out secrets of material synthasis and energy weapons with you if you consider us freinds of the Rambo Nation.

20px Twink -- I can get confusing real fast. 01:16, November 5, 2011 (UTC)

Transmission from the Arkit Council Empire to Rambo Nation Edit

Greetings Rambo Nation! In our short time since having joined the intergalactic community, I have decided that we should offer you an alliance and trade route. It would be honour for everyone in our Empire if you were to accept the offer and share your technology. I eagerly await your reply.

- Emperor: King Drake Syliss III of the Arkit Council of Empire.

Greetings to those who represent Rambo Nation. It has been a while since I have last contacted your mighty people, but I have a message to convey to you. Despite our small size, we cannot ignore the threat that the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus poses and I felt it would be best if we came to you to query about them. I am unsure about the threat, if any, the Empire poses on the Milky Way. We are also in question about their intentions. I wish to see if you cannot help shed some light on the subject and if our Empire can do anything to help, if it should ever become necessary. I hope you can reply as soon as you can.

- Emperor: King Drake Syliss III of the Arkit Council Empire

I really thought my fiction could do with getting involved with some of the "larger scale" fiction, so this is my attempt. Although, I'm not exactly too sure what my Empire could actually do. Let's hope I can get some ideas. by Button966 at 00:37, February 25, 2012 (UTC)

Incoming transmission from the Draconid Imperium Edit

I bring greetings from the glorious Draconid Imperium of Andromeda. I am Paragon Uriel Ultanos the sixteenth, an emperor in your tongue, and I feel gladdened we share feelings for the honoured Serpentaxy. Under their permission we have set up an outpost and a wormhole conection to Andromeda near their space and were informed you are one of the greater galactic powers in the region. I would be honoured if our nations opened a trade agreement, while we understand that not every nation relies on material trade i'm sure you'd enjoy our cultural items.

- Paragon Uriel XVI of the Draconid Imperium

I would be honoured to accept your invitation, your highness. I have been told that current events within the Quadrants make it somewhat dangerous at this present time. However I am no stranger to conflict so rest assured I will arrange for a visit since things have quietened down here in Andromeda. Regardless of the situation I look foreward to meeting you and your heads of state.

- Paragon Uriel XVI of the Draconid Imperium

--Urielminipic01Monet47 - "Immortality is an elusive thing" 10:43, December 31, 2011 (UTC)

I look forward to the day. However with recent events it could be some time before I make my journey since the senate currently requires my reassurance in these dark times. War and devastation have made the people fear for the future. Hopefully once everything settles I can pay a visit your home, your highness. I will inform you of when I have an opening.

- Paragon Uriel XVI of the Draconid Imperium

--Urielminipic01Monet47 - "Immortality is an elusive thing" 19:08, January 2, 2012 (UTC)

My commanders inform me that the crisis in Andromeda is settling and my senators inform me that I may be able to visit the quadrants in the near future. However it has come to my advisors' attention that the situation regarding the GEC is changing. If you feel that it is too dangerous for me to visit you then I can understand. If you decide it is worth the risk then I shall see to it to take precautions to keep the visit low-profile.

- Paragon Uriel XVI of the Draconid Imperium

--Urielminipic01Monet47 - "Immortality is an elusive thing" 19:35, February 18, 2012 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission from the Capricorn Remnant Alliance Edit

Greetings Rambo Nation. I am President Rie-Arto of the CRA. My empire and I take great pleasure in knowing that there is an empire more powerful than ours standing up against the corrupt Empire. Perhaps sometime we can meet and discuss important things.

- President Rie-Arto of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance

--KkrotidsBio21- Comms Channel 13:49, December 31, 2011 (UTC)

You have a weapon? Excellent. Also, I have news. Very few of out colonies are actually in Cyrannus. When the former URC colonized the Phradox Galaxy, all of the colonies joined us. The empire doesn't even know that we're located there. I would tell you more, but I don't know if anyone might intercept this. Until we speak again.

- President Rie-Arto

--KkrotidsBio21- Comms Channel 15:40, December 31, 2011 (UTC)

Incoming transmissionfrom the Spikey Empire Edit

Hello there,I am king Pixel Spike. My group are fresh off the skillet and are a pretty young empire, but we were hopeing trade could bring something good for us both. Intil we speak again,King Pixel Spike of the Spikey.

Incoming Transmission from the Human Empire Edit

Hail from President Adrian Avantis,

Hail Rambo Nation,

I would like to make an announcement.


Hey, I'd just like to tell you that I can't do this role-playing any more. Nothing against you, or any of SporeWiki, I just can't do it. Around the middle of the summer of eighth grade I realized that this fantasy world of mine (not just SporeWiki) was really eating away at me and my real life. Therefore, I've put on the old suit (so to speak) one last time to deliver this message to you: While I may or may not continue the Human Republic fiction, I will no longer engage in in-character communications for the Human Republic unless it is of the utmost importance to the completion of a fiction (I do have a heart, you know).


My Regards, Adrian Avantis, Human Republic Sapius Prime 01:49, April 30, 2012 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission from the Drodo Empire Edit

[Static] Hello? [more static] Hello? This is the Drodo Empire, who are you? What are your intentions? Please respond. I repeat, ple-[flooded out by static] [mumbling heard in the background] Sorry, Technical diffculties. Please respond. Drodo Empire out.

Operation Marines 15:29, May 10, 2012 (UTC)Operation Marines "Trolling is a viable business!"

Incomiming transmission Edit

this is the tech-council of the nova alliance. we require monetary and military assistance to destroy the rebel forec, the bio-nation. please answer our request soon

fight for your country, but only if it is fighting for the greater good of humanity 17:35, July 8, 2012 (UTC)

Incoming transmission from the Drodo LoyalistsEdit

Template:Msg/Meta Template:Msg/Meta

Incoming Transmission from the Cognatus Edit

You have detained one of our own.

We demand you return him to us.

Failure to comply will result in a war you shall not win.

Comply with our demands and we will leave you unharmed.

--Cognatus Empire



Incoming Transmission from the New Republic Edit

(Hey Dino, perhaps this could be turned into a Dark Times section in which Apollo appeals to the Rambo Senate)

Greetings to the Rambo Senate. It seems like a lifetime ago that Foreign Minister To-It-Lo of the Capricorn Sector Alliance sent a similar transmission to this one. In the intervening time, we have fought alongside each other in conflicts including the Trucinex War, the Second Galactic War, the Intergalactic War and the Great Cyrannus War. We have lived together, died together and brought up families together. We brought order and peace to the Cyrandia Cluster in ways that haven't been seen since the days of the Thirteenth Tribe and the Atlantica.

When the URC fell and the Empire rose in its place, you were betrayed by your closest allies and ultimately conquered. I am aware that many of your people still look upon us with suspicion. I imagine many fear a repeat of events that transpired after the Great Cyrannus War, but I assure you, our Republic is different. We are made up of citizens of both our galaxies, just as citizens of our galaxy are citizens of yours. We only want to restore the sense of comradery, peace and friendship with the great Nation of the Rambo for the good of all citizens.

We cannot right the wrongs of the past, but we can hope that both our great nations can once again find themselves in the embrace of peace and fraternity. Thank you for listening.

Incoming Transmission - Draconid Imperium Edit

DrakGenericMini01 His Esteemed Majesty, Paragon Uriel Ultanos XVI of the Draconid Imperium
Greetings citizens of Rambo Nation. After much deliberation and overview of the Quadrant Galaxies, we feel the time is right for us to to begin further colonisation if you so permit it. These new colonies will provide a further anchor for trade to Andromeda and will act as hubs for local commerce.

Unlike the systems currently in place, these new colonies will be developed with peace and trade more in mind. Quadrants residents would be welcome to visit these colonies and observe Imperial architecture, customs and various other aspects. Another policy the Grand Senate wishes for your ratification on is the further presence of ITN patrols for the puposes of peacekeeping and securing trade routes. The terms of this principal are that ITN vessels patrol both international and allied space (should the other party agree to the latter). However given the Imperium's current standing with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, we shall keep out of Imperial-designated space unless the Empress requests otherwise.

His Esteemed Majesty, Paragon Uriel Ultanos XVI of the Draconid Imperium
Thank you your majesty. The Grand Senate shall be informed and preparation for colonisation should begin within the year. The areas not permitted by our patrols have been relayed to ITN command and we are perfectly happy to support beleaguered Rambo vessels in liberating the quadrant galaxies from pirates and smugglers. For now I bid you good day and a hope we can indeed meet again soon.

Incoming Transmission from the Aekite UnionEdit

To the honorable leaders of the Rambo Nation:

In our short time in the intergalactic community, when we hear the term "Rambo Nation", it has always been followed by extreme praise and admiration. When we learned of your unique relationship with the New Cyrandian Republic, we were inspired to immediately send this transmission. The New Cyrandian Republic welcomed us into the First Gigaquadrant with open arms and quickly spoke in fondness of your people's strength and kindness. We send this transmission in the hope that we can begin diplomatic relations and trade, and discuss the possibility of a future alliance. We extend our hand in friendship.

- Aenoch Colos, Head of Union

Incoming Transmission from the Xylon EmpireEdit

Hail, friends! Long ago, we had forged an alliance. Then the unforeseen occurred. Now, as we attempt to gather our strength and push on through the darkness, we seek friends: old and new.
It is unknown to us when this message will be delivered to you. We have lost many colonies, and our only colonies reside in the Mirus Galaxy. We do hope our communication abilities improve soon.

It is our hope that we may reforge our alliance, so we may reap the benefits.

-Warlord Serlo, Head Official of the War Council of the Xylon Empire

Incoming transmission from the Geztrial-Ω empire Edit


We have found you on our sensors and would like to communicate.

We need food and will be willing to pay heavily.

-- Trok,

     The Technician

Greetings! Rambo Nation would be willing to trade with you! We have all sorts of foods and consumption we can trade, as well as medical supplies if required. Rambo Nation out

Incomming Transmission - Kingdom of Agethime Edit

Representative of the Kingdom of Agethime

It has come to our attention that you're also a member from the Mou'Cyran Accords. Seeing as how we're in a common coalition, we would like to further improve our relations. Would you agree with us setting up embassies on your civilization, and vice-versa? We could also collaborate with resource mining.

I await your response.

Transmission 20 AQF - OngoingEdit

Incoming Message from the United Persan Descendants Edit

Message from the Ipsissimus of the United Persan Descendants
Greetings prestigious Rambo Nation we are the United Persan Descendants. Recently your nation has perked our interest after your offer of assistance to the Mendel Pact one of our closest friends. It is gratifying to know that the Mendel still have friends in the universe outside Mirus. The recent debacles with the Xonexi have put a strain on all our reputations. In any case we wish to offer are own hand in frienship if you are willing. This universe is a vast and dangerous place we need friends wherever we can get them.

Message from the Ipsissimus of the United Persan Descendants
Most excellent! We are very pleased to have of offer returned with equal vigor your Grace!

In some grimmer new we would like to alert you to a major threat in Mirus and potentially beyond. A race of assimilants known as the Scelus Purification. They are hardly a threat to be taken lightly as they stormed an estimated two thirds or so of Mirus in about a month. We beat them, but it was a near thing. Please alert if you ever encounter them we want to keep this contagion contained, if you do encounter them weapons that yield high amounts of ionizing radiation are your best bet as well as silver and mercury as both elements are lethally toxic to them.

On brighter subjects we are willing to open up tourism to our more friendly planets few and far between as they are. Adonai Melek is beyond pleasant and has many sights to see. Other then that an exchange of embassies and trade are things we are willing to give. We offer the basics of raw materials such as Andasium, which we have in abundance as we have no need of it, but also nano medicine and progressive weapons (an advanced form of vibro weaponry) if you are interested. In exchange we are interested in Rambo media and water.

Speed of gods be with you!

Message from the Ipsissimus of the United Persan Descendants
Fantastic! I'm certain they'll be started shortly.
If you wish we would like to establish an embassy and vice versa. Also if you ever have need off us then feel free to call on us, we will be there.
Speed of gods be with you!

Incoming Message from the Mendel Reclaimers Edit

Representing the Reclaimers of the Mendel people, Kirta Clett
Greetings, Rambo. The Mendel Pact has been overtaken by a reactionary leader of extreme violence and general stupidity and all, so we have, The Reclaimers, have had to intercept your message. This leader, The hand of Retribution, is a mad man, and has taken the worst aspects of our people and twisted them to unreal levels. This will only end in either the destruction of all our foes, or in our way of life. Any help you give will be much appreciated against this menace.

I must also say, as an aside, that to see you and the New Republic act so hastly to defend us, would've warmed my father's heart. He believed no major power outside our galaxy, the new Republic as exception, wanted anything to do with us after the Xonexi debacle. As a personal note to you, I thank you with all my heart.

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