Hey Dino! I really like this page. It really complements and explains the Dawnstar Project well. One small thing, though. I remember we discussed that the borders of the Neutrality Zone would not be the national borders of the colonies. In negotiating with the Rambo, France would want significant buffer room (space with nothing in it) so that there is less of a chance that misunderstandings and clashes occur. This is what Drodo and I were thinking as the borders of the Neutrality Zone as agreed between the Rambo and the French, which leaves plenty of buffer room, and plenty of space on either side for more creations and planets to be added later. Hopefully we can avoid caging us in too much.

As we've discussed, if the Rambo were to begin placing fortifications directly along the French and Drodo borders without a significant buffer zone, that would directly lead to war. That's why it'd probably be better to include that buffer space.

P.S.: Also, quick clarification: The Dawnstar project is meant to fortify just a single wormhole deep inside Galactican space and that's it. The Gorge is an initiative on a much, much larger scale, it seems.

AB Shield Charles Murray
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