Incoming Transmission from the Troodontid EmpireEdit

Greetings New Republic, we are happy to see that you succeed in reestablishing the URC and thus the conference was a success. We did make some treaties with the CyraEmp as well and so became one of your astral neighbors. In our opinion we are not too different from each other regarding our aims and would be glad if we could work closely in future.

Troodontid Empire
We are highly pleased by your offer and gladly accept it. This are hard times for everyone, but together we hopefully endure them. Kalos Mercu!

Incoming Transmission from the Indoctrinate CollectiveEdit

It would be foolish of us to not accept. We welcome you back to the galactic community, Republic.

Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel Edit

MiniGrimb Incoming Transmission - DCP Channel
Glad to see you in good health. Politics aside, we are indebted to protect the interests of all Capricornian races. We are also impressed at the order both the New Republic and Empire have established. I both warn and assure you that although we will protect you from existential threats, we will not engage with any inter-species conflict or advantageous gain between the two societies should one occur. Maybe the alliance continue. --Emperor Wormulus II

Incoming Transmission from the TIAF - New Republic Channel Edit

TIAF Flag TIAF Intergalactic Channel - Commander Lorrelas
I must say that I am quite pleased to see the Republic making a triumphant return. Maybe someday Cyrannus will be united again under democracy. But now, onto official business.

The Federation, acknowledging our loyalty and ties to the Republic of days past, extends its hand in friendship to the New Cyrannian Republic, in hopes that we may continue the cooperation and friendship that prospered in those times. It is our deepest hope that the New Republic will seek to continue the alliance we held with the Old Republic.

Incoming Transmission- The Bastnliues Republic Edit

We gladly accept your offer of Alliance and we hope that our nations Prosper, Kalos Mercu!

Rambo Nation Reply Edit

Hey Cyrannian! Yeah that woudl be nice. Shall I wait with the reply so we can discuss it on the irc? Kya 03 - Dinoman82 - Long live the Rambo! 09:46, July 27, 2013 (UTC)

Sure! We could talk about it when we are both online! --20px - Cyrannian - Something Wicked This Way Comes... 14:37, July 27, 2013 (UTC)

Incoming transmission from the New Tertamian AllianceEdit

Cemelê eleuia, esteemed president of Republica Cyrannica! While my people are new to Gigaquadrantic politics, I have heard much about your predecessors, and, I must say, it is a great pity for me as a fervent believer in democracy that vox populi is law no longer in Cyrannus. But rest assured, I shall do everything in my power to make that change.

I find it self-evident that our nations are in need of each other, and an alliance is necessary. The Alliance has a strong economical position in Andromeda, and shall you be in need, we shall use our wealth to aid your people. You, in turn, are an old civilisation which was once prominent across the greater Gigaquadrant, and with you at our side, the Alliance will finally be able to come to light. Few nations in this universe stand for democracy, but I swear - by the One God or by the Goddess - as long as me and you live, we shall stand side by side and defend our people's freedom against all who would dare to take it away - in Cyrannus, in Andromeda, in the Gigaquadrant. Tertamia alaisana.

Transmission From The Draconid Imperium Edit

DrakGenericMini01 Lady Alessa Ultanos of the Draconid Imperium
Salutations, gracious people of the New Cyrannian Republic. On behalf of my father the Paragon and the Imperium's Grand Senate, I wish to convey that we commend your efforts in establishing this new democratic goverment. We hope that peace and understanding can be fostered in in these uncertain times and that our two civilizations, somehow tied by circumstances beyond our full explaination, can foster a mutual fellowship with one-another.
The Grand Senate has for years been trying to establish close diplomatic channels with the people of the Cyrannia cluster. We as a culture admire bravery, truth and honour, qualities I believe your good republic supports proudly. But please, forgive us if our attemps to establish channels with the Cyrannian Empire have altered your judgement, for the Imperium above all else desires a universe of peace and stability. As I requested in the conference, I wish to extend an offer of patnership, an alliance, between our two majestic civilizations.

May our two great powers prosper together into even the darkest of days.

Incoming Transmission from the Waptoria Alliance of SpeciesEdit

Representing the Waptoria Alliance of Species is: {{{char}}}
Greetings, New Cyrannian Republic. We are glad the URC has risen once more. Probably you weren't aware of us, but I hope that doesn't complicate things. We have recently expanded from the Mirus Galaxy into the Quadrants, and it seems you are one of our new neighbors. Since we want to establish ourselves in the community of the Cyrandia Cluster, I believe an alliance and a trade rout is a first step. May we both prosper, and if we could be of any help, be not afraid to ask.

Incoming Message from the Defensive System's Bloc Edit

DSBNew Transmission - Defensive System's Bloc Diplomatic Channel
News travels far and wide of the formation of the New Cyrannian Republic. We are glad to hear that the light of democracy once again shines in the darkness that currently grips the Cyrandia Cluster. In order to ensure that that light continues to shine, we would kindly like to offer an alliance between our two peoples.

Incoming Transmission from the Unified Federation Edit

Greetings, we are the Unified Federation, and we seek your good graces. We too are a government that favors democracy, and all it's glory, and would like to start our relationship well, with trade, and possibly, an alliance. While we are a younger empire, we respect and admire your kind, and hope the feeling will be mutual.. We will await your Response and thank you for considering us.

Incoming Transmission from CAAONEdit

Greetings, republic. Times are hard in the arcane sector. Crime an tyranny run rampant, threatening to destroy those who uphold freedom and order. So, I formally request an alliance. we await your response. Coriax Sialis

Incoming Transmission from the Aekite UnionEdit

Wow, this is truly unbelievable! I'd never thought I'd live to see an alien lifeform!

Excuse me, where are my manners? I am Aenoch Colos, Head Councilor of the Aekite Union. It is an extreme pleasure to make your acquaintance. As you may be able to tell, this is our first contact with intelligent life other than ourselves. I apologize if I break any galactic protocol. This may seem an odd request, but our scientists would benefit immeasurably if they had the chance to study you or your technology.

I would love to continue communications with you. I'm assuming if you exist, other species do too. I can feel that my nation has much to learn. You even managed to communicate in our language! Fascinating....

I hope this transmission reaches you quickly.

- Aenoch Colos, Head of Union

To the honorable Consul Verner,

I apologize for not replying earlier. I can tell you honestly that we would be delighted to receive Captain Hakovon into our territory. This opportunity has never come to our species before, and I do not intend to be the one to pass it by.

I have something else to add. Being new to this community, we need your advice on nations that we should avoid and nations we should embrace. I have already applied to the Seven Starr Alliance, and intend to begin building relations with as many empires as possible. Any advice you have would be welcomed and respected.

I truly cannot thank you enough.

- Aenoch Colos, Head of Union

To the honorable Consul Verner,

I can think of no better idea than an alliance. You have warmly welcomed us into this intergalactic community, and we pledge to aid you whenever we are able. As of now, any citizen of the New Cyrannian Republic is openly allowed into our territory and will be treated with hospitality and kindness. I thank you and your people for all they have done.

- Aenoch Colos, Head of Union

Transmission from the Geztrial-Ω Edit

Is... Anyone... Out there..?

Reply from Geztrial-Ω Empire Edit


This is Semaj of the Geztrial-Ω Empire, we are happy to know that there is other life!

We have recently recovered from a disaster and need to trade for crops that can withstand heavy amounts of radiation (long story) so we can get a fresh start!

Sorry for being frantic, I'm just so excited!

-- Semaj,

    The Sleeper


Thank you for your otherworldly kindness.

- Semaj,

  The Sleeper

Transmission from the Geztrial-Ω Empire Edit

What is the current date on your homeworld?

I would like to log you in our systems but we do not have a universal concept of time, so dating the documents is quite a hassle.

-- Trok,

   The Technician

Incoming Transmission from the Polar Crystal Alliance Edit

Greetings, Proconsul Apollo. We have in fact heard of your republic from a mutual ally and as far as we can see, you seem much more trustworthy than the Imperials. The council has decided to accept your alliance request, in hopes that the people of Borealis and Cyrannus may finally stop seeing each other with distrust.

Incoming transmission from the Drodo EmpireEdit

Drodo Empire FlagRepresenting the Drodo Empire and its Colonies, the Right Honourable Oirit Hussark, Archduke, lord of the Turiq SectorDrodo Colonial Flag
On behalf of the Drodo Empire, we graciously accept your offers! May this agreement of trade and mutual assistence benefit both of our civilizations.


Right Honourable Oirit Hussark, Archduke, lord of the Turiq Sector, and 109th head of the Hussark Dynasty and bloodline.

Goodwill Offer from the Draconid Imeprium Edit

DrakGenericMini01 Ambassador Rhiltovo of the Draconid Imperium
Salutations esteemed members of the Republic Senate. I wish to inform that after some debate, the Grand Senate of the Draconid Imperium has agreed to offer a goodwill gesture in these potentially-strenuous times. From what I have been told the Grand Senate wishes to offer a few gifts in the hopes that relations between our two powers can remain forever strong. From throughout the various provinces, the Imperium has agreed to offer:
  • A single cluster of 160 Corona-pattern solar habitats, providing accommodation and amenities for an estimated 128 billion sapiens around a single star of your choosing.
  • A personal liner for the Republic president or personal vessel for the Republic proconsul, either one tailored around the individual's tastes
  • The genetic blueprints for a single fruit culture that I am told is excellent for making social drinks and fruit juice
  • The genetic blueprints for a cereal crop that can sustain multiple Cyrannian and Quadrantia species
You do not have to accept all of these goodwill offers but it would be disheartening to members of the Grand Senate if none of these suited your desires. The Imperium bears no ill-will towards your civilisation or others that desire a universal peace, as your proconsul put it. And the Grand Senate wishes to show its faith in this admirable goal regardless of the present ties it may hold.

Incoming Transmission from the Obeveklig UnionEdit

Obeveklig Flag Grand Milii of the Obeveklig Union
While we may currently decline your offers to join the Mou'Cyran, we are more than happy to start a peaceful relation with your mighty empire! On behalf of the entire Union, the Offentlig Röst wishes that we may both be successful in all we fight for!

Incoming Transmission from the Kliaak High CommissionEdit

KliaakflagKliaak High Commission
Greetings New Cyrannian Republic.

We have taken notice of the New Cyrannian Republic quite recently, and merchants and civilians alike have good opinions about you're regime, and have requested the goverment to pursue good relations with one of the more influential domains. If you would wish some sort of aid to come from this agreement, the Kliaaks would be more than happy to open up trade routes with the Republic. The Kliaak trade centers offer many products from all corners of the Mid-Rim, and the Kliaak Defence Conglomerate offers the latest in Kliaak military and naval hardware if force is a more present concern.

It is quite understandable if an agreement is not wanted, as a higher power such as the Republic might wish to remain apart from newercomers such as ourselves. Nevertheless, the Kliaaks will always be in search of another agreement for the ecenomic improvment of both parties. We thank you for the time taken for the reading of this message, and hope that the Republic will accept this offer for trade and commerce.

Veizzelik vis and Kalos Mercu

Incoming Transmission from the Unified Nation of Ottzello Edit

Hello, New Cyrannian Republic! The Unified Nation of Ottzello has decided it would be high time to form an alliance with your people. Our own allies - the Zoles, the Delpha Coalition and the Indoctrinate Collective - who we consider close, are affiliated strongly with your empire, and as such, we would be more than willing to join your cause. We would like to form a firm alliance. If you would accept it, and forgive us for once aligning with the Empire, then we would happily lend your our aid when you need it.

Indeed, our leaders too have fond memories of yourself, Apollo, and of Cyrannus. These memories, and our shared alliances, are reasons why Ottzello has chosen to pledge our support to your new Republic. Though the situation has not stabilized in Cyrannus as well as it has in Borealis, it is still much better than it has been in the past. And now that you have Ottzello on your side, you may be assured that no one will get to you without getting through us, for we value our alliances highly. Between you and me: should you ever become truly at odds with the Empire - and we sincerely hope you do not for the sake of the universe - we will gladly lend you all of our fleets to help you.

Incoming Transmission from the Glistennaen National RepublicEdit

FlagOfNationalRepublic Pouv'ahx Cean'
Greetings, I am Pouv'ahx Cean', National Kmouv' of the Glistennaen National Republics, and Leader of the Nationalist Party of the Glistennaen National Republics. We are indeed part of the Polar Crystal Alliance, an alliance we are proud to be part of. We indeed would love to establish a mutually beneficial trade agreement, and establish a trade route for our civilians and governments to use, as this would benefit our economies and hopefully bring them to a higher level of prosperity than ever before. We also wish to establish a mutually beneficial alliance, as our records indicate you are a state we can agree with, and we also wish to join the Mou'Cyran accords. We have no respect for imperialist regimes. While we cannot... exactly disagree with authoritarianism, as we have had to use it in the past to control rebellious populations (we have since reverted back to a normal democratic system), although disrespecting the rights of sentient creatures is something we most certainly can not agree with. I also hope our civilizations enjoy a healthy trade agreement and ever-growing alliance.

Incoming transmission from the Algolurn Popular Republic Edit

Algolurn Popular Republic
Algolurn Popular Republic
Loron Crisis
Department of Foreign Relations

To the excellent President Nexarón Valkistair,

The recent attacks on republican worlds in Cyrannus didn't go unnoticed amonsgt the high officials of the Popular Republic. The suffering of your people cannot be ignored and after discussion in the Supreme Council, we decided that additional algolurn military resources would be deployed in our Cyrannian colonies. These forces, lead by Strategos Anasta will stand ready to join the Republic Navy, if willing to.

Stay strong comrades,
Krasna Vostok
Chairman of the Supreme Council

Incoming missive from the French Empire Edit

Official missive
French Empire

Seal of the Emperor of the French
Seal of the Emperor of the French

To the Right and Honorable Nexarón Valkistair, President of the New Cyrannian Republic and all of her territories

It is my pleasure to write to congratulate you on your inauguration in a free and fair election the likes of which give us hope for the future of the Cyrannian Galaxy. The people of your Republic have spoken, and spoken well, electing a leader fortunate enough to possess what most lack: foresight appropriate to the moment, and the mandate of his mother country. Thus, Mr. President, I salute you as an equal, the legitimate head of state of a sovereign and proud country animated by the same virtues of liberty and democracy as my own.

Indeed, I cannot forget my collaboration with Apaltar's government on the creation of the United Gigaquadrantic Alliance which remains, to this day, an important multilateral forum for intergalactic peace and security. It is my hope, in the coming years, that we can broaden our cooperation to new fronts, binding the Free Gigaquadrant – the international order your predecessor and I worked so hard to build – in bonds of friendship and mutual trust necessary to withstand the challenges ahead.

My best wishes are with you, Mr. President.

With the utmost respect,
His Excellency, Alexandre I, by the Will of the People and the Grace of the Nation, Emperor of the French, President of the French Republic, Emperor-Consort of the Hal'Sk People, Protector of the Milky Way, Highlord of Andromeda, Grand Marshal of the Empire, and Grand Master of the Legion of Honor

1 Place de l'Odyssée,
République française

Incoming transmission from the Mendel Pact Edit

Greetings, President Nexarón Valkistair, leader of our brothers and sisters of Cyrannus. We have caught wind of the great calamity visited upon you and your people by the Loron hordes, and we wish to make it known that military and civilian aide is on the way to Cyrannus. Our colonial forces are being prepped and readied for battle, and we will be sending them shortly to assist in the fighting against the Loron. This attack will not stand unopposed, and we shall see to it that vengeance is had for your people.

Representing the Reclaimers of the Mendel people, Kirta Clett
Great allies of the New Republic, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but my father has been killed, and a mad man now sits upon the High King's throne of the Mendel Pact. With him in absolute control, we face a massive threat to our way of life. I am leading a rebellion against him, for his path has no future, either for us, or our neighbors and friends. If you so wish, aid is welcome. This mad man must be stopped at all costs.

I can see now why my father and his fellow High Kings thought so highly of your people, for your courage is boundless. I would truly be honored to have you assist us in this dark hour, for no other power has ever treated us with such respect quite like you. I swear to you, this will not be forgotten by my kind.

Incoming Transmission from the United Persan Descendants Edit

Message from the Ipsissimus of the United Persan Descendants
Greetings allies of the Republic I have sent this message to inform you of our intent to whole heartily against the Loron threat. We will of course commit or own Admiral Miru of the Persan Cyrannian fleet to assist as well as Lieutenant General Asarvax and Commissar Kuruki Hyn with their forces. As the Persan war cry goes, "those motherfuckers will repent."

Incoming transmission from the Talven EmpireEdit

President Nexarón Valkistair and Proconsul Apollo,

As High Councilor the Talven Empire and head of diplomatic affairs, I would like to extend an offer of friendship.

Your noble goals in the creation of the Mou'Cyran Accords encourage me to put aside my distrust of outsiders here. However, the Talven Empire is not yet prepared for the enemies that immediate alliance would earn us, and I would prefer not to rely on others for protection. In addition to this, I would need more time to persuade my peers to accept a defensive pact with your nation.

For now, therefore, I can only offer the trade of mineral resources, along with some of our technology - specifically our supercomputers, which are capable of (among other things) performing the calculations for entire fleets to make hyperspatial jumps almost instantly. I believe that you could put these to good use. We would also appreciate an exchange of ambassadors and embassies to further diplomatic relations.

Yours sincerely,
Balbus Marinus

Proconsul Athan Apostila,

I am grateful for your generous offer, and would like to request that you send us examples of your defensive technology, though we would gladly receive any schematics that you offer. The Talven Empire has been drawn into several conflicts since making contact with the intergalactic community, and I feel that it is only a matter of time before we become part of wars of a larger scale. For this reason, we would also be interested in magnetic monopoles for the development of our armor, if you are able and willing to provide them. The DoT has also expressed interest in the technology behind tractor beam projectors, though I understand if what I am asking for is already too much.

I would indeed like to visit Mou'Cyran, to discuss the future of our relations. We welcome diplomatic visits to our own nation, though recent events have forced me to close the Iubar system to foreign visitors. Votum is open to all citizens of the New Republic, and our merchant guilds encourage traders to stay at our central systems and discuss business deals.

Yours sincerely,
Balbus Marinus

Proconsul Athan Apostila,

I shall depart immediately. Likewise, I look forward to speaking with you and President Nexarón Valkistair directly.

Yours sincerely,
Balbus Marinus

Proconsul Athan Apostila,

Celebrations following the Talvo-Republica Pact has spread through the Talven Empire like wildfire. Billions attended the departure of our shipyards, which should have arrived in your territories by now.

I would like to offer a further development of our partnership. Though our formal introduction to the intergalactic community has lead to many technological advancements, we lack a substantial industry. If you were to assist us in developing unclaimed systems surrounding our current borders, I would be happy to devote our additional industry to the New Cyrannian Republic for as long as you wish. Allowing your people to freely enter our territory would normally be impossible, but in light of the Talvo-Republica Pact, I have the full approval of the Imperial Council. Once this is underway, an alliance may become possible.

Yours sincerely,
Balbus Marinus

=Incoming Transmission from the Vogrik Directorate!Edit

VogrikDirectorateFlag Director Shlan'ak Phur'an of the Vogrik Directorate
Greetings! After multiple interactions with the people around us, we have become aware of your existence. The superpower of Cyrannus, am I correct? And fighting the Galactic Empire, right?

The reason I have contacted you has two reasons behind it. One, we have all heard that you are the beacon of hope and democracy within the Gigaquadrant, and if that is true, we wish to start relations with you - a trade route would be best at this time. The second is that I feel compelled to begin to talk with you as the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus has a rather alarming foothold within Mirus, and judging from we have heard and witnessed, I am personally beginning to fear for our safety.

Although, I am sure you understand - I am certainly not comfortable with a request for an alliance as of right now - we will certainly provide humanitarian aid should you request it, as you seem like you will need it in the future.

Thank you for your time.


A Transmission from the Kimarese Autocratic Federation Edit

Transmission I Edit

Salutations! This is a transmission from a diplomat of the K.A.F. If some alien recieves this, please send us back, because we'd like to get to know your people better, and trade, yes, TRADE! Goodbye.

Transmission II Edit

It seems you are not simply some aliens. We have successfully tracked down the place where our message was retrieved. We've also learned that you are experiencing a galactic conflict against the "Galactic Empire of Cyrannus". Although our resources are limited, we would be happy to offer you financial or military aid. Just let us know when or if you want it.

Proposal from Nivenian Empire Edit

Nivenian Empire Board of Technology
Hello! Our government congratulates you on your recent victory at the battle of Orbispira. After reading your newspapers, we would like to send a scientific delegation to Orbispira to look at the planet's recycling systems and possibly exchange ecumenopolis-related information (We have a lot of experience in this field, with Nivenia Prime and all) as an act of good faith. Also, our scientists think that a 100-fold population capacity increase is possible with the use of our patented MCC EcuRadiator Mk.6, rated at 2.5 MW/m^2! (Now on sale for only 4999.999 Credits/hectare) In any case, if you were to accept, we would like to coordinate with one of your ships to pick our scientists up from A11 and go to Orbispira. We are open from Ianuaria 48-57 and most of Martex 21 NE. How about you?
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