Incoming Transmission from The Society[edit source]

Greetings Mercuris Federation. We have decided to contact you after your warm welcome to us. We would like to know: What is your opinion of the Grox? It says that you have allied with them. Is this true? That is all.

Transmission sent by The Society

Excellent! I am pleased that you have accepted our alliance proposal! There is much that we can learn from one another. We know much about technologies and physics than the Grox do, and would be happy to share our knowledge with you. Perhaps you could tell me a bit more about the Xhodocto? I have heard of their horrific deeds. They are very strong, but we have not yet gained access to in-depth information about them. We are still doing research.

Again, I hope that our two empires will prosper!

Transmission sent by Ungar Spechlugk, leader of The Society.

Incoming Transmission from Ungar Spechlugk of The Society[edit source]

They truly are a threat to all that lives, then! All that we knew about them was that their god, Kamik'Shi is the personification of all darkness and evil.

Personally, I find the theory of the Game of Existence extremely intriquing. Its amusing to think that our whole lives are merely tools of two omnipotent beings battling for supremacy.

We, The Society, have been exempt from the far. If there is any hope for life in this world to survive, then it will be through alliances and not through war.

As mortals, we must accept that there are many thing far beyond our control. (Feel free to quote me on that.)

Transmission sent by Ungar Spechlugk, leader of The Society

Incoming Transmission from Ungar Spechlugk of The Society[edit source]

You make an extremely logical point, emperor. We realize that wars abound in the universe. They are often the most inexpensive and fastest solution to problems. I did not mean that alliances are better than wars in general. In many ways, war is the answer. The Society would never have conquered our galaxy without war. I meant that only united can we defeat the horror of the Xhodocto. Alone, we stand no chance.

Transmission sent by Ungar Sepchlugk of The Society.

Incoming Transmission from Ungar Spechlugk[edit source]

The Kamino Empire were once present in our galay, but after negotiating with us they left for parts unknown-willingly. Apparently they discovered some alternate energy source they wanted to study, so they left. We have not done much research into where they have gone. Obscurus has never been a galaxy filled with life. In the Second Age there were primarily two galactic powers: the now-extinct Klott-ur empire, and ourselves. Most sentient species were either ony tribal or minorly civilized. Atmospheric manipulation is an extremely subtle art. We do not dabble in it much, as we live mostly in space-stations, but we do have many records and technologies that we still use. There is primarily only one way to thick an atmosphere: add more of the gases that are present there. However, in some cases the gas could be poisionous to some lifeforms if used in excess. I will check our records and send more information on this topic.

Transmission sen by Ungar Spechlugk, leader of The Society.

Incoming Transmission from Ungar Spechlugk[edit source]

We have heard of the Staff of Life. You are right in saying that Steve himself developed it. It is not his most ingenious creation, but it is powerful still. He gives any empire who enters their core 42 of the staffs. We know much about Steve. He lives in between the braneworlds of the universe, and interrupts every attempt of a ship to enter the core by redirecting them to him. Even we do not know why he does this. So far, no one really knows where the galactic core of their galaxy truly leads.

Transmission sent by Ungar Spechlugk of The Society.

Incoming Transmission from the Kamino Empire[edit source]

Halt, intruders! You are in our space. Please explain who you are and why you are here.(If you do not intend to harm us, then we will not harm you. That is our philosophy.)

Transmission sent by General Quager of the Kamino Empire.

Incoming Transmission from Ungar Spechlugk[edit source]

On no accounts should you threaten them. They are quite quick to anger and are naturally suspicious.

Hmmm...allow me to think for a moment...

Here's what I suggest: Tell them that you come in peace and that you mean no harm. They can be very diplomatic, but they do not forgive easily and are quite defensive.

Transmission sent by Ungar Spechlugk of The Society.

Incoming transmission from the Kamino Empire[edit source]

Greetings, Mercuris Federation. We're sorry if we seemed hostile. We are a naturally suspicious species. We welcome you to our space. If you have time you could come by for some tea and chocolate cake.

Transmission sent by Emperor Olicrom of the Kamino Empire.

Incoming Transmission from Ungar Spechlugk[edit source]

So how did your contact with the Kamino go? They are a strange race.

I was reading your records and saw that you are attempting to take over Andromeda M33. If you would like me to send ships to help you with this I would be happy to do so. We have many useful technologyies that we have developed into weapons.

Transmission sent by Ungar Spechlugk of The Society of Steve.

Re:Uber Turrets[edit source]

Yes, we have plenty of spare turrets. I will have them sent to M32.

Transmission Sent by Ungar Spechlugk.

Incoming Transmission: Frequency 02-Alpha, S.P.Q.R.N[edit source]

Greetings, Mercuris Federation. I bring word from my father, Emperor Tribenus the Great of Namor. After careful consideration and extensive work by our intelligence services, we have decided that we would like an alliance between our nations.

--Sincerely, Araduìl Julun, Prince of Namor and High Governor of the Hedefer Galaxy.

Incoming Transmission from Ungar Spechlugk of The Society[edit source]

Greetings again, Emperor. I too find the goals of the Galactic Federation to be intersting. However, unity is a large goal. It would be virtually impossible to unify the entire universe; would the Xhodocto ever allow themeselves to be unified. Although universal unification is a noble goal, it is very difficult. :Also, I have not officially allied with the Galactic Federation. But who knows? I have yet to make my decision. :Your thoughts?

Transmission sent by Ungar Spechlugk.

Incoming Transmission from Ungar Spechlugk of The Society[edit source]

I too, accept that there are powers greater than the Society in this world. I will not become involved in the affairs of the Xhodocto. War with them would be futile and I doubt that the Society would do much damage before being destroyed. The Galactic Federation has thrown itself into folly by declaring war on the Xhodocto. This I am sure of.

Transmisson sent by Ungar Spechlugk

Incoming Transmission(s) from the Wental Alliance[edit source]

An Alliance eh? Right after you tell us not to get involved in intergalactic anything? Well, no harm in making friends! It's agreed, an Alliance between the Wental Alliance and the Mercuris Federation. Now let's just sign some paperwork. Ok, sign here... and here... here too... and here... don't forget this one...

- Harliquin Senator

Bookworm2.gifMastermachine Be a friend, save a life. 13:55, April 3, 2011 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission from the Entarite Empire[edit source]

We acknowledge your existence as well. Perhaps we will learn to trust each other more in time.

-Queen Regina I

Incoming transmission from Ungar Spechlugk of the Society to the Zagorias Union[edit source]

...How fascinating. What a truly antagonistic race you are. I find your threats interesting. While I accept that no persuasion is possible, I must say that I remain convinced of Emperor Mercuris XXI's integrity. He has proved an excellent ally for the Society. Perhaps he is destroying you, I will look into the matter. Wars can only lead to more death and war. I say this not to try to make you a pacifist, but to make you aware of the facts. Facts would suggest to me that you must have done something that the Mercuris Federation took offense to. So, ponder that for a moment. Only beasts attack without warning, and no beast possesses the intelligence required to build spacecraft.

As for your threats, they are insignificant to me. Even if you could penetrate my galaxy's defenses, I am sure that you would not reach me. But I will not be so arrogant as to reveal my position. Be aware: The might of two empires is against you should you attempt to launch an attack on the Society. At this moment I am quite hidden, the best technology making it difficult to locate even my galaxy. No, I do not think you will reach me. Even if you found my home, the combined might of the Federation and my Society would crush you. Think twice before threatening us.

I will look into the fact that Federation is fighting you. I do not know all, nor do I claim to, but I know a lot. And the reason will not escape me for long, trust me.

May your people and you ever prosper, even in the face of evil.

Transmission sent by Ungar Spechlugk, leader of the Society, at 01:41, May 28, 2011 (UTC)

Incoming transmission from Ungar Spechlugk of The Society to General Kamaska & Admiral Kroptis[edit source]

It is an honor to meet you, Admiral Kroptis and General Kamaska. I've heard of your honorable service to the Emperor. I would like you to know that I hold you in highest esteem. When they contacted me, I was surprised to see the absolute brutality and arrogance of Shadow Azakai. I will not claim that I am exempt from arrogance, but Azakai's idea that he can makes threats to anyone is absurd. No, I do not fear attack from him at the moment. And I have some advice for the Federation in return: My information would suggest that the Zagorias Union is doing all they can to prevent you from reaching their galactic core. And, as in all wars, you would naturally want to defy them and do all you can to get to the core. If it is your wish to attempt this, then I can offer you much help. Forgive me if this sounds arrogant, but the Society outstrips virtually all empires in the science of space-time and dimensions. If you wish to reach the core of M-32, it can be arranged. Please respond.

Transmission sent by Ungar Spechlugk of The Society at 00:21, May 29, 2011 (UTC)

Incomming transmission from The Destroyers Empire[edit source]

We, The Destroyers Empire wish to ally the Mercuris Federation. We hope that you accept as our alliance will be prosperous.

--Halmaniac21 19:50, June 29, 2011 (UTC)Halomaniac64-Transmission Directory-Destroyers

Incomming transmission from Hidden Order[edit source]

We Would like you to attack some one for us why we are.. busy Harrypottergeek 22:35, July 15, 2011 (UTC)

Incoming transmission from Hidden Order[edit source]

The Lippen and the Shaman's next to them feel free to destory them all...

Incoming Transmission from Hidden Order[edit source]

We need some help to get our Space Staitions to the Nebula Ring Above us Do you have any suggestion on who to get there (We woukd really like a power sourse ) Transmission end by President's of Zeal Zetok & Siaul

Incoming Transmission from the Gjigantrox Interstellar Empire[edit source]

Greetings, Mercuris Federation! I am Chief Ambassador Carillion of the Gjigantrox Interstellar Empire. I am glad that you have decided to contact us, and it was very kind of you to say that we are powerful. Your empire is powerful as well, and after reading about the numerous species that comprise it, I must say that I find it quite interesting. And of course there are no bad relations between us! Perhaps a delegation from our empire could visit yours sometime, so that we may learn more about you?

Hey Bio! Look, I'm really sorry for the late reply. And thanks for what you said about my fiction! Although I think yours is much better than mine, you have a lot more detail and images. 20pxMax (Don't Follow The Lights...) 02:18, August 7, 2011 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission from the Indoctrinate Collective[edit source]

.png Representing the Indoctrinate Collective is: (Communications)
I am sorry but we are not interested in your alliance request. We may, however, keep good relations.

Incoming transmission from Rambo Nation[edit source]

Hail Mercuris Federation, yes the Republic is gone and reformed into the Cyrannus Empire. Furthermore we have never heard of a Remnant or CRA and dismiss these claims as tricks. The betrayal of our closest ally made a great impact at our society, and as such are a bit mistrustful to other now a days. Further more, we have no idea where Apollo might be nor where he hides, if he shows up I would guess our Empress would have some questions for him. As to survive, the Empire cannot breach the wormhole due to our weapon protecting the wormhole. If the Empire would strike, it would cost them dearly.

Rambo Nation out.

Incoming Transmission from the Unified Federation of Glory[edit source]

Hail Mercuris Federation, I am Ughandalore the Great, One of the Leader of Democratic Federation of Glory. We humbly ask if we could to colonize section of the Phradox galaxy, and begin tradeing with you, if possible.

We thank you for your consideration, and look forward to working with you in the future.

peace Every lasting, The Federation of GLory

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