Incoming transmission from the Tokzhalan Empire Edit

Greetings, Kralgon! We have heard about your plans for the Ottzello Galaxy. We agree with them. The Ottzello Galaxy is in a chaotic, broken state, and it needs a strong government to fix it. Judging by what we can tell about your military power, we believe that your empire deserves to be the one to do this by your conquest of the civilisations that currently live in Ottzello.

Basically, we propose a military alliance with your race (we are not from Ottzello, in case you're wondering, but from a small cluster of galaxies just outside of this "Gigaquadrant"). We can provide several million (possibly several billion, if that is necessary) drone ships armed with powerful weaponry and shields and with abilities as great as any piloted starfighter, so that you don't need to risk so many of your own men's lives in some of your campaigns against the more powerful empires of Ottzello (which campaigns they are used in, of course, will be at my own discretion). In addition, we can also provide larger Warships, and we may even be able to convince extragalactic civilisations such as the Dalek Empire and Imperial Alliance to help you. With us, and these other empires, there will also be a large variety of ground soldiers available for your use. Of course, you could probably conquer this entire galaxy on your own in a few weeks (except for the Loron, that is, simply because there's so many of them). But a little bit of help would be nice, don't you think?

In return for this alliance... I believe I've already mentioned that we have our own reasons for helping you. There are others that we have not revealed, but trust me in that none of them will result in us causing any harm to you. Despite what our enemies might say. ~ Emperor Tokzhalat of the true Empire

You may take as many worlds for your own as you like - it's your galaxy, after all. However, the Daleks would like to take a few species away to their own worlds as slaves or servants of some kind. If there are any civilisations that you do not mind them doing this to, tell us, and the Daleks along with my own ships will begin attacking there. The colonies on those worlds will be completely destroyed, though, so you would have to build new cities from scratch if you wish to colonise there.

On the matter of the Imperial Alliance: I cannot guarantee their direct support at this time, as they are busy with their own issues in Cyrannus and its satellite galaxies. They have, however, developed a starbusting particle beam weapon, capable of making any star go nova. The nova apparently expands at FTL speeds and is somehow prevented from harming other nearby star systems, as far as I can tell, but the few records that escape the doomed systems are vague about it. There's always the possibility that none of the target planets were equipped with hyperluminal sensors. The no-harming-other-systems thing is confimed by the Imperial Alliance's Emperor himself, though. Anyway, the important thing about this is that the Alliance have given us the schematics for this weapon, so we should eventually be able to reproduce it. We do have other superweapons, such as Planet Busters and Star Busters, that can be used if superweapons are necessary, but the latter ones will render all nearby systems uninhabitable over the course of a few decades.

So: which systems should we attack? You may send us to attack a few highly-fortified worlds if you wish; I promise our fleets are large and strong enough that we will not fail. ~ Emperor Tokzhalat

I'll write about the attacks soon, when you've chosen where the Dalek-Tokzhalan forces will invade. GirdoPic Ghelae - (talk) 16:58, August 20, 2010 (UTC)

Consider it done. We just need to gather all of our fleets, and the invasion will begin within an hour. ~ Emperor Tokzhalat

Incoming Transmission from the Imperial Alliance Edit

Hail Kralgon

The Tokzhalan are also our allies and we are honored by your words and compliments. We are accepting you offer of an alliance and we will aid you in the Otzello war on your and Tokzhalat behalf. We join forces to learn the universe a lesson and we will arrive with Imperial ships and a lot of Clone Troopers for battle. The remaining forces will surrender to the will of the Imperial Alliance!

Galactic Emperor out.

Hey, they will surely join the battle with a task force. It is going to be led by the Lizardian Commander if you approve. He is cunning and dangerous and I was hoping you could write there story since I am occupied with a Future Story, the Imperial Girdo War, the Intergalactic War and school. Let me know what you think of it. Dinoman82 18:47, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission from the ConfederacyEdit

Yes, Kralgon. You have proven yourself worthy to be an ally of our great Confederacy, we will also share with you our wealth and technology to aid you in your current war. We shall also send a taskforce to aid you against your enemies.-Confederate Leader.

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