Unknown Transmission Edit

Greetings! I overheard you wanting some "pretenders" to fall, so why not hire one of our Mercenaries to do it? We're doing this now at a 20% discount, only 80000 of your Sporebucks per 1 month of service! You'll love our mercenaries, Ridi'Kun, Ka'zun, and Tnego, all ready to do your bidding! One of them even faced off against the Corruptus, that's how awesome they are! Buy now and get a free piece of Hypermatter technology! I await your response!

- ???

HallowayFlag Irskaad - Talk to me - Halloway, United, Free, and Awesome. - Date and Time: 11:04, November 10, 2011 (UTC)

Delpaxia Message Edit

We will give you 200 box's of supplies and a large destructive weapon,and if you want a group of 10 dozen soldiers.Do you accept our offer?

Zev of the Delpaxia empire
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