Its a good start...Edit

...But it would certainly benefit from a few changes. For example I had a very hard time reading due to the lack of punctuation and the general rapid nature of your writing; Splitting it into smaller paragraphs would help also. I would assess your fiction, but right now its very difficult because of the grammar; So, good start, but I'd organize it a bit better.

Ze Battul Medick! (talk) 03:02, March 7, 2014 (UTC)Operation Marines

Just a message Edit

I just wanted to say, that you have a very good piece of fiction here. I hope to work with you in the future, now that your in the Mirus.

Zillafire101 (talk) 06:13, February 18, 2015 (UTC)Zillafire101 (TalkContributionsE-mail)

Message template test Edit

This is a test, please ignore.

Incoming transmission from the Plazith League Edit

Plazith League
The Representative of the Plazith League is:
(Comms Channel)
We accept your embassy request. It can only be beneficial for either of us. To clarify, we have a capital in Mirus, Cyrannus, LMC, and Plazith Rim. Which capital would you like to set an embassy on?

Plazith League
The Representative of the Plazith League is:
(Comms Channel)

We have read over the Plan for Peace and we agree with it. We endorse your plan.

Incoming transmission from the French Republic Edit

UDB France Michèle Bélanger, Minister of Economy and Industry of the French Republic
France would be happy to open trade relations with the Eldarisian Empire, though the distance between us might prove to be a difficulty. The Bunsen Colonies already occasionally do business with merchants from your nation, though if you wish to further increase the exchanges between us, you could find a way to link up with our trade network. If, once this is done, you wish to further facilitate trade between our two nations, my office is always open to offers.

Incoming transmission from the French Republic Edit

UDB France Clair Comtois, Préfet of the French Bunsen Colonies
We would gladly receive your ambassador and a permanent embassy on Bourdelles-de-Bunsen, though we expect that they follow French law while in French space and on French soil. A building will be set aside in the government district for your purposes and will, from the moment of its opening, be considered sovereign Eldarisian territory. You may coordinate with my chief of staff, who will hopefully be of use to your people as they move in.

Incoming Transmission from the Grand Spodist Church - Eldarisian Channel Edit

Our apologies for the late response, we recently had a terrifying bureaucratic incident in which a hacker found a previously unknown exploit in our mainframe and used it to change the folder names for all of our diplomatic documents to "lol u nubs get rekd". Our apologies again.

While we have no need for your heathen religion, we can grant you as much passage as is necessary to conduct trade with French Bunsen via the Wormhole Network, and we will restrict access beyond that. Whether any planets that are along the corridor that we grant are to conduct trade with your vessels, that is up to the planetary governments; we will not restrict trade but at the same time, planetary governments are free to make their own decision regarding your trade. Perhaps this first step of cooperation will transform into a more robust relationship in the future.

But do not send your heathen missionaries to our worlds. We will cast them out. And if they insist on staying, we will salt them, burn them, tar and feather them, and then shoot them out of a vortex cannon into the nearest blue giant. Do not say that we did not warn you.

Peace be with you.

-Divine Regent Kasmir IV of the Grand Spodist Church

Incoming Transmission from the Milla Empire Edit

King Ioi lander, we agree to your proposal for an embassy. May this lead to more friendlier relations with our Empires.

Hello King Ioi Lander, we would like to open trade relations with you, but what arises as a problem is distance, since you are located in the Bunsen Galaxy and we are Located in the Andromeda Galaxy. Though this may not be a problem to you, it may be to us, as we are not familiar with galaxy to galaxy trade routes.

On another note, we would like to ask what you would like to trade. We Milla are very oriented through industry and can transport to you various products of industry and Military hardware. We can also send able workers to you that are willing to travel across the galaxy to find a job. They are not slaves though, if i hear of any mistreatment of them, be it on your head. Our Mercenary Fleets are available for dispatch if you have any need of them.

I hope your trade relations are fair and upright.

Millitory XII, Overseer

Incoming transmission from the French Republic Edit

UDB France Clair Comtois, Préfet of the French Bunsen Colonies
Captain Lander,

I am sure that I speak for French Bunsen when I thank you for your kind words, but I am afraid that my voice is the only one you are going to hear. What happened to President Maxime was unfortunate, but it was her policies that dragged us into a war that ruined our country and so many others.

As for your offer, I will begin by stating very clearly that we are not under occupation. We are happy to finally be at peace and hope that it will stay that way. Out of respect for your country, I will not show this communication to my government, which would probably embarrass you and your King. The Cutheran religion has a special place in Bunsen life and we have welcomed it with open arms. However, drastic measures will be called for if your missionaries or agents are caught furthering this cause, one which I absolutely do not support.

Clair Comtois,
Préfet of French Bunsen

Incoming Transmission from The ArcaniumEdit

Flag of the Arcanium The Arcanium Ordolia Xenos Incontinium - Departmento Communitorum
The Inquisition Apologises for such late responses we are unfortunate to announce establishment of Embassys on any Arcanial Plantary position is not allowed under current Ordolia Colonial Incontinium sanctions on contact with xenos beings, vessels, or culture. The Departmento of Interxeno Affairs is in progress in creating a reliable substitute to open talks with alien beings but for now, communication and trading is to be done understrict Departmento watch and inquisitorial observation. Transmission End.

Incoming Transmission from the Waptoria Alliance of Species Edit

Representing the Waptoria Alliance of Species is: Oji'b
Well, of course, and we have nothing against that. But are you socialists? You are not. Oh, guess what...we are! And they are too! What a coincidence! I am certain the Popular Republic will take the words of a allied non-socialist nation over those of an allied socialist nation. Even if our type of socialism is green socialism, we are socialists none the less. We are concensus socialists.

Chaos can be destructive. We do not deny that. Yes, there are some of us who took it to the extreme you like said. But it does not have to be that way. Chaos mean be doing whatever you want. Chaos can also mean adapting to the flow of the universe. Harmony requires chaos, just as it requires order to keep the destructive aspect of chaos in check. But realize that order can be destructive too. It is called slavery, indoctrianation mind-control. Making other behave as you wish. Now we must agree that isn't chaos, isn't it? You know what this kind of destructive order requires? Chaos. Creative chaos. Freedom. Liberation. The kind of chaos we embrace.

And what kind of order do you embrace? The positive order that keeps destruction in check? You only delude yourselves that you do. In reality, you represent tyrannic order. You want to archieve order at all cost, not caring if your actions might be called morally good or evil. Oh, how different we are...And how narrow-minded you are.

"From the words of the king." Can't you think for yourself or what?

Representing the Waptoria Alliance of Species is: Andokav'r
If that is so, well then, certainly: Good day to you too. May you one day find the harmony you seem to seek so much.

Representing the Waptoria Alliance of Species is: Andokav'r
Continuing to fight a war we have lost? Please, tell that to the Mendel, not us. We're not trying to insult you, we're just getting the facts straight.

The only one here, it seems, who wants a continued war, is you, dear Ioi. By all means, we do not. We have been the defenders all the time. We have defended our home galaxy, we have defended our allies, we have defended to continued existance of the species under our banner. You have been the invaders. To have tried to wipe out everything we hold dear. It is simply common knowledge that our mutual allies would not want that.

If you want lasting peace, I suggest we both attempt to draw the APR into the Covenant, then, since it is a mutual ally of ours. In fact, we have already long ceded our Byzan colonies to the Algolorn the moment the Shism started, so we have common ground there. Perhaps, with the Comrade Vostok's moderation, we can meet on neutral ground in the Byzan Sector?

So please, compose yourself.

@KnightAlien: They're really not trying to insult the Eldarisians. Though they are honest in what they say.

Representing the Waptoria Alliance of Species is: Pounam'elo
Greetings, High King of Eldarisia.

As you are doubtlessy aware, the situation in Mirus is changing, and it seems to become a dark time for us. Despite our best efforts, the Persan Descendants have left the Covenant of Mirus. The Mendel are quickly becoming more and more bellicose, voicing a clear disappointment that we did not follow them in resisting the Covenant. In this age of darkness, old certainties do not last, it seems. Call it desperation, we find ourselves more reliant on the Covenant than ever.

No state can survive without allies. With our old allies finding us wanting, it will not get easier in the forseeable future. Nevertheless, there are some bright spots, and it has always been our nature to cling on to them. As unforgiving as nature might be, there is always beauty to be found there. One of these bright spots, suprisingly on not, lies with you. Desite our expectations, we have discovered you possess a great love for nature, the core value our society is build around. Nature is the key to prosperity, and cherishing it is what our friendships and alliances are build upon.

So this might surprise you, but by consensus, we humbly ask you to allow us to establish an embassy in your captital. We still have as much to learn from you as you have from us, and, hopefully, this will be a turning point for both our peoples.

May you farm the gifts of nature.

Representing the Waptoria Alliance of Species is: Pounam'elo
Your request is accepted. But, forgive me my ignorance, what is this practice you speak of and which has offended you enough to wage war on us? We practice many things, but I find your reports on certain aspects of Raptoranean culture grossly warped, exaggerated, scrubbed over, or outright false, and I would like to set the record straight.

Representing the Waptoria Alliance of Species is: Andokav'r
Even though we found no such evidence after our...incident, this reeks of Citadelean infiltration. Very well, arrange a meeting. I and Pounam'elo shall be present, for the Waptoria Alliance of Species wishes to meet with your High King and anyone else present.

Incoming Transmission from the Mendel Pact Edit

Greetings, Eldarisians. You say you went to war with our allies over good intentions, but let us not forget, that the best intentions have lead to great bloodshed across the stars. We are not just allies with the Waptoria, we are brothers, created from the same genetic labs by the same creators. Such connections are not easily forgotten. We can understand your goals, but the execution of it was...overzealous. We are willing to work peacefully in the future, but we will never forget the bloodshed unleashed on our brothers and sisters in such a dishonorable fashion. Treed carefully in your dealings with any member of the Pact, as we do not forget our fraternal connections easily.

Ultimately, Matrukoris is not under our control as a whole, as it resides within control of all members of the Alliance, Volver, Vanara, our creators, the Multus, and the Waptoria. Whether you can set up an embassy is up to them, not just us alone. However, the Capital world of Ugandalore could set up an embassy.

The Councilors have agreed to let you establish your embassy here, with the hopes of better relations in the near future. You may establish it in the designated quarter of Koridelbe within the next 24 hours.

Fine. If you are willing to speak, the Ambassador Barkka Juvonan shall be there. A compliment of Guards will be there for his protection. If you are willing to reach some agreement, then perhaps you can be trusted.

Diplomatic response from the Farengeto Trade CoalitionEdit

FTC Symbol Federation Council of the Farengeto Trade Coalition (Diplomatic Frequency)
The Farengeto Trade Coalition galdly accepts an exchange of embassies between our nations. However the Council wishes to notify the Eldarisians that they are expected to follow the terms of the Sudal Accords, and as such the presence of foreign missionaries are prohibited within the Farengeto Federation.

Incoming transmission from the Umbris Empire Edit

Greetings to you, Eldarisian Empire. After some discussion, we have decided to permit you an Embassy. However, you are only allowed to send diplomats. In addition, if you have any formal religion, you must wait until a time that we deem it acceptable to send missionaries over as well unless they fall under the religion of Spode, which is already permitted. Breaking this pact will result in the arrest of any partaking in convertion of our populations. If you agree to this, the Umbris Empire looks forward to future negotiations between us, and you will be cleared to enter Siliothis.

Incoming transmission from the Diplomatic Corp of the Sovereign Caribbean Federation Edit

The head of the Party was favourable to establish diplomacy with the Cultists. A space of land on Santiago de Cristobal will be accorded for you to estalish a Diplomatic Mission.

A long-awaited response from the Kingdom of Agethime Edit

Representative of the Kingdom of Agethime
First of all, I apologize for not responding for a long time - a glitch occurred and your transmission was not properly recieved until now.

As for your proposal, the Mother Sector Council agrees in the installation of an embassy as it'll help improve our relations, so long as it is located within the Mother Council only. Should we grow to trust you later, then feel free to request the construction of embassies in the Highway and Delta sectors.


Response Transmission From the Vanara Empire Edit

Empress Zuki of the Vanara
We agree that hearing both sides of the story, however your actions against the Waptoria have made us suspicious, we have been subjected to treatment as monsters and demons for many reasons some religious, some not, far to many times to not be wary. As far as a future of chaos and disorder, your talking to the wrong Empire, we do not believe in Chaos and Order, to us there is the Will to Live and Death Drive. If you wish to prevent chaos and disorder than perhaps the path of war with the Waptoria was the wrong path. True peace cannot be won through violence and death, only through understanding and acceptance, I am quiet sure the Waps would be horrified if somehow their actions were dooming the universe. They believe in freedom and equality not anarchy and destruction.

Empress Zuki of the Vanara
You speak to the wrong people of order and chaos, we think such views are primitive. To us the universe is not defined by our views, order and chaos our only labels we give to forces beyond our complete understanding. The only thing we can truly know is ourselves and that is why we only choose to define ourselves not the universe we perceive. Neither complete stability or complete freedom can hope to benefit us, only balance of all aspects only than can we control our destiny and make our own future. Just for the record we do not share the Waptoria's views on all things(in truth many of our views are very different), they seek to become one with nature, we seek to evolve beyond it. However they may believe what they believe, and they let us believe what we believe. In the end that is what matters, we respect and accept each other as we are and that is why we will truly side with them.

Empress Zuki of the Vanara
Fear? What I feel for you is not fear. When I faced the Dominatus that was fear and do not for a second think that you compare even remotely to them. Those abominations as you call them were the first to offer us friendship and a place to belong and you attacked and committed genocide them. Do the screams of the people your orders unnecessarily slaughtered echo in your mind, do you think of the children crying next to their parent's desecrated bodies as your the monsters you unleashed on those planets slowly ate away at them as well. At least they got to die together, but tell me do the voices of those you ordered killed haunt you? They do for me. But I doubt you would feel that way, you only seek your empty, futility of order. Such a primitive view dividing the universe into order and chaos, I find it amusing. Further more you have insulted the Mou'Cyran Accords, another group who gave us a place to belong and we could finally be happy. An organization that merely wishes to stay neutral and promote peace, not involved in your foolish conflict with the DCP. But no you cannot accept that. I am willing to leave you alone if you leave us, the Waptoria, and all our other allies alone as well. But do not for a second think we are weak. We have not survived and conquered in the face of repeated genocide attempt on our kind after another through anything less than strength, cunning, determination, and will to survive no matter what.

Incoming transmission from the French Colonial Empire Edit

Seal of the French Colonial Empire 2
Prince of Ballatay
Foreign Minister of the French Colonial Empire
Ballatay hologram


Ioi Lander of Eldarisia,

His Excellency was touched by the kind words of your King and wishes me to convey his thanks and his hope that our peoples may once again be close. Furthermore, we are gratified that King Sylo continues to fight the Great Xonexian Schism despite our loss during the Battle for the Milky Way. We continue to be humbled by the willingness of our allies to fight for our sake, and for that of those who remain under the yoke of DCP oppression.

I would also like to express my personal enthusiasm for the rekindling of relations between our countries. I was with your King during the Eldarisian Crisis, and I am pleased that he is ready to dismiss ours as a minor disagreement for the sake of relations between our two countries.

As for your warning, it is well taken. Our hope is that the French nation will not remain divided for long. If we win this war, reintegration with the mother country will be high on our list of priorities. The pain caused by separated families, truncated organizations, and patriotic longing for the homeland that was once ours will ensure that our governments will do everything in their power to hasten reunification, of that I can assure you.


Official missive
French Colonial Empire

Seal of the Emperor of the French
Seal of the Emperor of the French

To the most potent and honorable King Sylo the First, High King of Eldarisia,
Defender of the Cutheran Faith, and sword brother to the French people

I would like to thank you for your enduring and continuing support of the French state as an ally and a friend. Truly, when there was nobody left to stand at our side, you willingly placed everything on the line for our sake. Now that peace has been achieved in Mirus and the colonies have been reclaimed, we can begin to look far into the future and imagine a post-war world. As you know, this is the ambition of the Covenant of Mirus. As you would argue, that does not mean that the threats to our states have disappeared. You have reminded me time and time again that Mirus remains a hostile galaxy to Xonexi interference, and the Covenant constitutes a tentative peace at best. I agree with you. Meanwhile, our forces will soon return to Andromeda where the war against the DCP continues in earnest, the implications of which to intergalactic stability and security have not diminished.

In order to prevail in these trying times, our alliances need to cohere better than that of our enemies. We have clearly communicated our intent within common institutions, coordinated our actions on the ground, and differed to the other when appropriate. For my part, I have news to report which has certainly reached your ears through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We will be welcoming Waptorian delegates next week to Arès Villa to discuss the campaign against the Imperium of War, to establish bilateral ties, and to seek inroads regarding the Covenant of Mirus.

The last point is, as you might imagine, the most important. The success of the Covenant of Mirus hinges not only on Waptorian participation in the agreement, but on Waptorian leadership in rallying the others to support it. Observing the other major players, it is clear that the Covenant of Mirus cannot succeed when it is solely a Xonexi project. The Mirusian states must feel secure and trust the framework they are working with, and that is why I would like to empower the Waptoria––who are most friendly to Xonexi interests––to take a greater role in formulating the discourse and process of the Covenant. A Covenant led solely by the French, or any of the other three Mirusian powers, would end in disaster as escalating mistrust, brinkmanship, and influence-warring would lead to its inevitable dissolution. But the Waptorian leadership, on the other hand, have shown themselves more than capable of far-sight and galactic thinking, as you'll remember from the peace negotiations. Additionally, they enjoy favorable (and tepid) relations equally with both Mirusians and non-Mirusians, and look upon us and our cause with favor despite everything that has happened. It is for these reasons that I believe that they are an ideal intermediary to balance both our interests and those of Mirusian states in a fair and responsive manner.

I have also heard that you have asked to meet with representatives from the Mendel Pact privately. At first glance, there is little out of the ordinary with this action, after all Eldarisia is a legitimately sovereign and autonomous state which has every right to its own foreign policy and dealings with other nations. Furthermore, as you have placed trust in me in Mirus, I trust you in return. However, as we are coordinating our policies towards the Covenant of Mirus, I cannot help but be concerned at alternate negotiations which I would not have heard about except through some institutional accident. I am confident that you will put the concerns of myself and my staff to rest with your reply.

Yours truly,
His excellency Alexandre the First, by the will of the people and the grace of the nation, Emperor of the French

1 Arès Villa,
Vallée Blithewood
Communauté des états français d'Andromède

Official missive
French Colonial Empire

Seal of the Emperor of the French
Seal of the Emperor of the French

To King Sylo the First, High King of Eldarisia, Defender of
the Cutheran Faith, and sword brother to the French people

Your timely reply is very much appreciated, doubly so given how busy your royal highness must be.

The rise of a movement in Eldarisia opposed to our Sword Brotherhood is concerning indeed, but we would have been blind not to see it coming. The Eldarisians are a proud people with traditions and creeds belonging solely to them, held as close to their hearts as the ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity are to the French nation. I have pledged this to you before as Emperor and citizen of France, and I will pledge it again. Eldarisia has every right – as a sovereign state and an independent, law abiding people – to carry out its cultural and religious commandments in peace within its own borders and in the common space between borders, free from penalty or judgement from the international system, and to spread its influence across borders through non-violent, non-invasive means. My hope is that communicating this clearly would reassure Eldarisians that their birthright as a people and a nation is not being trampled on. If it were, I would commit my own starships, troops, and resources without hesitation to defend it.

The great caveat of this compact between civilized nations, as you know, is that Eldarisia may not infringe upon the rights of other states act with dignity in accordance with their own traditions and creeds. If, in the system we are attempting to build, Eldarisia's rights as a sovereign nation are protected, it is because every other state recognizes and upholds those rights and expect the same treatment in return. To your people, your excellency, this caveat poses added difficulty. You lead a powerfully extroverted people which has demonstrated great martial prowess and pride in its soldiers and generals. Truly, you are fortunate to lead at a time of great change for your people! You have expanded your reach and influence beyond the Marko Sector into other galaxies and made your presence known. You have forged a new empire from fire and sword, of which your people deserve to be proud.

However, restraint is the first turning in the road to becoming a truly great power. If the rise of France has taught us anything, it is that the politics of diplomacy and legitimacy have the ability to convey power to a degree that military force alone never could. France gathered together coalitions during the Dominatus War, Orion War, and Great Xonexian Schism, and now has reclaimed a dominant position within the Xonexi Allies not solely because it possesses great military force, but because it is trusted to use its martial power towards ends which are agreeable – even desirable – to all. Nations align themselves with France not because of coercion, but due to the strengths of its ideas, the attractiveness of its vision, and the validity of its methods. If martial power wins France a seat at the table, diplomacy allows it to keep it and multiply its influence through multilateral action.

You have already begun to realize this, I trust, through our dealings with the Covenant. Your attempts to recover relations with the Waptoria and Mendel Pact show an understanding that it may be easier – and less costly – to persuade others to follow us, rather than spend lives, treasury, and political capital subjugating them by force. This, for obvious reasons, is not a popular proposition among Eldarisian hardliners. Yet, it is not antithetical to what Eldarisia stands for. Your people have demonstrated a talent for rhetoric and persuasion, bringing the faith to peoples who had never before experienced religion. The work of missionaries and prophets is no less important to the Eldarisian mission than that of holy warriors and conquerors, and this does not have to change. Under your leadership, these venerable institutions may see new purposes: missionaries as the conveyors of Eldarisian soft power, and holy warriors as resolute and indispensable defenders of the faith, of Eldarisia's allies, and the international order.

Truly, to know all of this, you are a wise and just sovereign, and a friend to France. If there is anything my staff or myself can do to help you allay the fears of the Eldarisian people, we would be gratified to do so.

Yours truly,
His excellency Alexandre the First, by the will of the people and the grace of the nation, Emperor of the French

1 Arès Villa,
Vallée Blithewood
Communauté des états français d'Andromède

Incoming transmission from the Plazith LeagueEdit

Plazith League
The Representative of the Plazith League is:
(Comms Channel)
Greetings Eldarisia. It has come to our attention that you have entered a war with the zealots known as the Cult of the Consumer of Souls. As a gift of friendship, as well as a gift for your war, we offer you the Golden Inquisition, an organization used for religious freedom as well as destroying harmful religions. This will also grant you more advanced technology to advance yourself with. You will require another High Inquisitor however, as I am being put from High Inquisitor to Fleetlord.

Plazith League
The Representative of the Plazith League is:
(Comms Channel)
Greetings. As this message was already here, I decided to tell you about one possible flaw of your peace plan that I have noticed after going through the Universes history. I wonder what you plan to do with all the DCP allies, the members of the Civilisation, and also the possible threat of galactic war against the Xonexi Allies. We are not revoking our decision, but rather reminding you of the possible threats. Especially from Mirus.

Incoming Transmission From The Harc AllianceEdit

Representing The Harc Alliance is President Gio
Greetings Eldarisian Empire I Apologize For that Message We now understand and that your citizens are happy. We mean no aggression towards you though we have our opinions about Mirusisans. We wish to not have any aggressive nature towards your empire.

My Apologies President Gio

Representing The Harc Alliance is President Gio
Hello again you are more then welcome to establish an embassy

on our capital which is located in Cyrannus. But seeing you are Tier 3 we expect you have intergalactic travel. We will allow preaching (if you want to) to a extent due to some citizens might not like preaching. We hope to establish good relations with you we always like meeting new empires

Good Day President Gio

Incoming Transmission from the Popular RepublicEdit

Algolurn Popular Republic Krasna Vostok of the Algolurn Popular Republic
It is with pleasure that the Popular Republic will assist you in these challenging hours. Coordinates will soon be sent to you for deliveries.

Representing the Waptoria Alliance of Species is: {{{char}}}
Thou are late to the party, honored allies.

Incomming Transmission - New Tadpole Empire Edit

Ambassador Kip
Representative of the New Tadpole Empire

Yes, we have heard about you from the Kingdom and the Mariposa Society. Your empire does seem to have plenty of similarities to ours, but we can't just let someone we never contacted before just install an embassy in our territory, let alone in our capital.
Emperor Linnut instead suggests to estabilish a trade route, and maintain contact. It does seem a promising relationship after all. Would that do?


Incoming Transmission - Nomatari Sovereignty Edit

Direct International Communication Message [Signed]

Salutations, Ion Lander. Be my guest.

I would like to thank you for addressing the message and offer from the High King. I as the Emperor of my reign, I allow you to operate your interests inside our own territory on the basis it doesn't interfere with or harm ours.

But I'd let you to know that we have already a way to spiritual happiness and comfort, it is embedded in our culture. I'm saying, don't expect much from us


- Zaalke'quk Uríromzek'hed - Her imperial majesty Zaalqoríum, the Empress of the Sovereignty

Incoming transmission from the Talven EmpireEdit

High King Sylo Ethland,

As High Councilor the Talven Empire and head of diplomatic affairs, I would like to extend an offer of friendship. We are interested in developing our trade network, and hope for positive relations with others in the intergalactic community.

If you were to accept this offer, we would be willing to trade mineral resources in return for Soul rock. I would also be happy to open our borders to missionaries of The Religion of Cuth. We would appreciate an exchange of embassies to further diplomatic relations.

Yours sincerely,

Balbus Marinus

Captain Ioi,

We understand and respect your caution, and we are glad to receive your impressive robotics. Our embassy is on its way, and I request that you send yours to the Votum system - the diplomatic capital of our Empire.

Yours sincerely,

Balbus Marinus

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