Review by Technobliterator 22:25, April 7, 2011 (UTC)[]

The Delpha Coalition of Planets is a fction I've known pretty much since I joined. I've watched this fiction grow bigger and better, and sometimes even helped. Let's put it simple; it's pretty awesome. Been around since at least 2008, if this is its peak or if I will be reviewing it as even better later I can't say. But well, here's the review;


Navigation is excellent. The navbox template that the DCP utilizes is brilliant, the only issue being it doesn't list all fleet pages. It lists not only the DCP, but Wormulon's main fictions as a whole. It is simple and easy to navigate around the pages in this way. I don't know many issues to point out here, besides that a couple of links are redirects. It's also great how it links to glossaries, history and many more. Naviagtion: 9.5/10


Wormulon has certainly gone much more creative than most fiction writers with his layout. A perfectionist in page design, and it really shows. He's used some boxes created with wikitext to show his coding abilities as well as make pages neater, as well as contain pics. Which is another thing; the galleries are layed out brilliantly. Which again leads to the pictures; they're excellent, but that's another section.

The pages make great use of wikisections and bullet points to list information, it must be noted. In fact wikitext in general is used an innovative way, it must be noted. And this is just on the first page; it stays throughout the entire DCP fiction. For example, with the Fleet pages, each ship has detailed information in the right places, and each gallery is layed out in a way that it's great to read. You'd have to read the pages properly to understand. Issues? Only one; he uses multiple {{See}} templates to list multiple pages, when he could just use the one. And that isn't one that really needs to be considered. Layout: 10/10


Spore and image wise; it's clear how Wormulon has improved. With the (cough)sub-average effort with the original Grimbolsaurian, it's clear how he has now become above average, just from the first page. It's the Fleets that truly showcase this; each ship is excellent, and it's clear which editor is Wormulon's greatest. The military also shows this. But the greatest are is the images; they're so realistic and professional, it's almost impossible. A good showcase for the images and creations would be the picture on the main page depicting major member races. Spore: 10/10


Sure it's a powerful fiction, but it's had a long time to expand, and there is an extreme amount of detail to explain this.


Now here's the real part of the fiction. Everything is hugely detailed, and not too many pages have to be cycled through to read it all. Thanks to the layout and navigation, it's easy to find the wel presented information. Everything has superb detail, particularly in the technology page. Other great showcases of this are the power extraction & resources page, the fleet pages and the Grimbolsaurian page.

As for everything else, the history of the DCP is very in-depth with explanation, and means I don't have to read every single war page to get what I want to know, nor do I have to search for the war page. Another great aspect is the relationships & political relations is excellent. Each of the characters has a greatly explained page as well.

So ultimately, one very few match. The main page has a lot of detail, and one can just read that alone and get a lot of information. But if they do, they're missing a lot. One little note is that, while the Technology page is hugely explanatory, it can be difficult for those not so into science to enjoy. A page for the members of the DCP would benefit the fiction as well. Information: 10/10


The concept of the DCP is very original. It's good to see there haven't been any rip offs as well. Well my understand of the concept is this;

A race known as the Grimbolsaurians, once reaching the space stage, formed a whole nation with their allies in the Delpha sector, known as the DCP. With several members adding different aspects, but all being essentially the same, it means that, although they are only about 100 years old, the members are around 10,000 years old. It also doesn't use the overused 'DCP get more members to make the more powerful'. Now how they became an extremely powerful Tier 1 civilization is even more interesting, as is their future. Overall, great there. Concept: 9/10


The DCP is an awesome fiction in every respect. Ahead of most new fictions, with great work on the Spore game itself, and on wiki templates.

  • Naviagtion: 9.5/10
  • Layout: 10/10
  • Spore: 10/10
  • Information: 10/10
  • Concept: 9/10
  • Final verdict: 10/10 An excellent fiction, there's literally nothing like this, and I doubt there will be.

Ok that's the review. Could you do one for my fictions? :)--TaldarPic.png Technobliterator TC 22:25, April 7, 2011 (UTC)

Awesome stuff, thank you! :) I shall write a review this weekend, this could be quite interesting. I'm pleased that my fiction is well presented, something that I work hard at. Wormul.pngWormulon Talk to me 17:15, April 8, 2011 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission from the Unified Nation of Ottzello[]

Greetings Delpha Coalition of Planets, I am Diplomat Valzo of the Galot, a representative of the Unified Nation of Ottzello Leaders, our government. We would like to propose an alliance; your help through our suffering means we just had to form an alliance. Only one of our government opposed, saying "DA DCP IS DUM I ENT WORKIN WIV DEM", goes by the name of Zr'Ahgloth. Apparently you don't have the best of histories. Anyway, do you accept the alliance? Also, our Ioketa, Kralgon and Gaal would like to help your Taldarologists, and we have heard of the James Koan business and would be interested in supporting!

Incoming transmission from the ULE[]

Greetings DCP, I would like to negotiate a peace treaty between your empire and mine. Our fighting is useless and brings little honor to both of us. We could accomplish so much if we worked together seeing how we have common goals and share...common idiots.

I await your reply

-Emperor Aoblix.

Incoming Transmission from the Unified Nation of Ottzello[]

Greetings, DCP as a token of our friendship we'd like to present you with Zen Limited's products! In Ottzello they're a household item, used for films & filming, art & design, network surfing, music & music making, gaming & game making, you name it! Since we know how you'd scan and replicate our devices, we'll present you witha ZenPhone, ZenPad and ZenComp to see if you like it. In return we'd like you to present your designs of how they work without using Gyronic energies or The System (and having them in your nation will bring is free adertising without theft using our IDs >:D). So, what do you think?
Representing Unified Nation of Ottzello is: Valzo (UNO's message channel)
I see. Glad that we could be of service then!

Incoming transmission from the Girdo Empire[]

Possibly, yes. All of this is just speculation, of course.

However, there are some things in our galaxy that would support the galaxy-builder hypothesis. First of all, its complex spiral structure, which seems to be stable despite the gravitational pull of the Milky Way. The Cephalodians have suggested that there could be some purpose behind the exact structure of the galaxy and the stars within, but have not provided any possibilities as to what this purpose could be. Secondly, of course, there is also the unknown mechanism by which the entire galaxy is removed from the rest of reality during Xhodocto incursions.

Slightly more worrying, as we mentioned on the Seven Starr Alliance discussion board, is evidence involving another powerful race, this time a form of star-life, which is responsible for converting most of the main sequence stars in the galaxy to brown dwarfs. The reason for this is unknown; maybe they want to disrupt the galactic structure and the (presumably) Xyanxian plans, maybe they feed on hydrogen, or maybe they want to prevent the stars from going supernova at the expense of giving them a slow but peaceful death instead. ~ Commodore Hlraka of the Girdo Empire

We have many suitable degenerate stars in the Eghorsperwdoin Sector; our ships will guide you there when you arrive in Girdo. On the brown dwarf scenario, we will continue to investigate the matter. ~ Commodore Hlraka

Incoming Transmission from the Empire of Mochadia[]

Greetings, fortunate one. We hope to establish peace between our two prosperous nations.

Incoming transmission from the Girdo Empire[]

Greetings, DCP.

First of all, good news: we determined that the starlife were a threat, defeated them in a quick battle - those "Hyperluminal Defence Stations" were good for something, it seems - and they now live peacefully in a few systems in Eghorsperwdoin. At least, that is the state of the ones in our galaxy. If, as you feared, there are colonies of these creatures elsewhere, then we cannot guarantee that they have followed the same route, although we are not sure why that should be the case.

There's also another issue that we feel obliged to talk to you about. I'm sure you're aware of all of the trouble in the Kraw Galaxy recently. We're not talking so much about the "Asgord Genocide" itself (we're starting to wonder if, in fact, the FRA Asgord have in fact degenerated to sub-sapience; communications with them generally show a lack of ability to understand others' opinions/emotions or other signs of cognitive development that arise in most other sapient and even semi-sapient species at a very early age), but instead things such as how the Kraw have been generally acting up on the Universal Discussion Board and other channels.

A representative of the Tahar Empire (actually, I think it was their Emperor...) recently contacted us with an idea. The idea is to have the Tahars send "advertisements" - propaganda, as far as I can tell - to be broadcast across the Kraw Empire's communication systems so that the Kraw calm down. This will cause the rest of the galaxy to follow suit, allowing outside intervention to step in and halt the galaxy's counterproductive and self-destructive path, also hopefully preventing the appearance of any more "Friendly Republics". Your civilisation (specifically, the Grimbolsaurians, but using multiple races might help to quell claims of specieism) was one that the Tahars suggested should participate in this project. So, is there anybody that you could send for this, or would you prefer to leave the Kraw alone for now? ~ Admiral of the Girdo Empire

If that theory is correct, then it may be bad news for any galaxy with an infestion of those creatures.

You may have to talk to the Tahars about what you plan to do. I don't think they're looking for anything complex; I think the Kraw are mostly weak-minded enough to succumb to propaganda applied by talking alone. Actually, that's something else that needs to be fixed...

Yes, just talk to the Tahars and see what they want. You'll need to learn about Kraw psychology, so get any information about that from them too. ~ Admiral of the Girdo Empire

Dragonian messenger ship[]

Greetings DCP we are from the Dragonian Empire we were sent to deliver a trade proposal and discuss the possibility of an alliance

Incoming transmission from the Girdo Empire[]

<Well, duh. :D>

We agree; the fact that Girdo is a perfect barred-spiral galaxy despite having only three million stars and being under the influence of the Milky Way's gravity would suggest that it is not perfectly natural. Feel free to attempt to make contact with the galaxy, although we doubt that there will be any trace of sentience left after the destruction of five sixths of its stars. There may still be something that can be learnt from it. ~ Admiral of the Girdo Empire

Transmission from the EoH[]

Mega-State of Orged

How can we be sure these are your territories? Last time we checked, this territory was perfectly uncolonized, and we could see no aliens for light years. And how you speak our language is beyond us. Are you pranksters?

- President of Orged, Gzarraho from the Drakonian Race

HallowayFlag.png Irskaad - Talk to me - Halloway, United, Free, and Awesome. - Date and Time: 19:53, November 26, 2011 (UTC)

Incoming transmission from the Indoctrinate Collective[]

.png Representing the Indoctrinate Collective is: (Communications)
Greetings, Delpha Coalition! It's so good to see you again! We were really worried as you went missing for a year now. The galaxy is a lot emptier due to the Scourge, so you may note a lot of species have been lost. Anyway, it's great to see you have returned. Just a question, our alliance hasn't be compromised, right?

Incoming Transmission from the Unified Nation of Ottzello[]

We just saw the Delpha Coalition of Planets' communications active again today and noticed activity in the Delpha Sector, and we were overjoyed at your return! Well, welcome back Coalition, we're so glad to see you again. After all you've done for the Unified Nation, too. UNO has grown a lot, we are now a group mind consciousness, and we've set up in the Borealis Galaxy. It reminds us a lot of Ottzello, in that it's still a very grim place. We're finding it hard to even trust our allies.

Anyway, we're sure you're going through many procedures to reclaim and reactivate your original position, but we'd like your help some time. For a start, the Xi'Arazhula - Dark Verezaph - are attacking the galaxy. We need help on this ASAP, although we're sure you're busy for now anyway. It's not a scale we've had to deal with since the Xhodocto, and we fear for the people of Borealis, for besides us, they have not even seen War of Ages, and know nothing of how to fight.

Once again, welcome back!
Representing Unified Nation of Ottzello is: Yogtam (UNO's message channel)
Greetings, Delpha Coalition. I am Yogtam, I don't think I've met you before. But anyway, we will give you data on the Xi'Arazhula:

From rumours, the Xi'Arazhula are the dark Vi'Navitum, who seem to have been devastated by the Ayrai'Shikua, and have become evil; while the Vi'Navitum were nearly evil to begin with, it still took them the shock they had to become full evil. So now the remaining Vi'Navitum are a mere splinter. These Xi'Arazhula are capable of controlling death, and they have killed our soldiers at a worryingly quick rate, which has caused many issues for us. They are, like the Vi'Navitum, extra dimensional beings.

Further data on them is unknown, but we will provide footage. We are also glad our relationship has not been compromised, although we will assure you that the First Gigaquadrant isn't quite as bad as it may look; were you still around following the Annihilation, it would have been much better, but we cannot change time of course. From what you've told us, the Coalition seems to have spent quite a hard time in your... shall we call it confinement? Well, we trust that you are all recovered from these traumas, and that you were all doing well. How have the Galot and Norosaurians in your nation been (considering that these races are mutual members between our nations).

File attached: Xi'Arazhula attack on worlds

Incoming Transmission from the Draconid Imperium[]

We are thankful for this information commander. The vessel you are referring to is not recent, in fact we had given up searching for it millennia ago and we are aware of these 'Grox' since archaeological findings on many imperial worlds mention them. If you believe the Grox are behind the Axon's dissapearence then we will allow you to inspect it as long as you accept a few of our scientists to help and we get a report of your findings.

- Larnus Vontarion of the Draconid Imperium

Incoming Transmission from the TIAF - DCP Channel[]

Greetings, our old allies of Delpha. I'm sure you've noticed the recent controversies in the SSA. We are contacting you to assure we are not driving a wedge in our relations. We would like to explain a few things about our conflict with the Cyrannian Empire, in private where the Cyrannians won't attack us for it.

You see, long ago, when we first allied the two Cyrandia nations, the old Republic and the Rambo, we made a pledge to remain faithful to them as allies. We are people of our word, and to see Cyrandia shattered by the Empire angered many of us. We are aware the Rambo cut ties with the Alliance, but that was directly caused by the Empire's presence. I said it before and I will say it again, we are loyal to our allies, and when the Empire decided to antagonize the Rambo and the remnants of the old Republic, they antagonized us.

I hope I do not offend anyone by saying this, but I am sure you don't think the same way as us. Your loyalties are perhaps different. We understand that ties between you and the Empire have become rather strong recently, and I hope that you understand that we intend on staying loyal to the legacy of the Republic. Just do not let any of our disagreements divide our relations any further. Long life to all of you, and send your response swiftly. -Captain Lorrelas of the TIAF

I wonder if the DCP notices how the TIAF have been DCP fanboys for a long time? :P Tybusen.pngCaptainTybusen "So this is how liberty dies...with thunderous applause"

Incoming transmission from the Drodo Empire[]

[Brief static] Greetings! We are the Drodo Empire, a young, but hardy empire wishing a exchange of knowledge, trade routes, or a possible alliance between our two great peoples. We are awaiting a reply.

Operation Marines 01:03, May 10, 2012 (UTC)Operation Marines

Another transmission from the Drodo Empire[]

Upon further investigation, it appears that your government is totaletarian, we are very suspecious of such regemes, as they have given our people greaf in the past. But, we are still open to a alliance.

Operation Marines 01:13, May 10, 2012 (UTC)Operation Marines

Incoming Transmission from the Drakodominatus Tyranny[]


Incoming Transmission from the United Nations of Evera[]

United Nations of Evera Flag.png United Nations of Evera
Hello, this is Prime Minister Frezerk, leader of the United Nations of Evera, speaking. After consulting the senate, and the Senate Organizer, we have decided that it would be best to start diplomatic relations with you. Please respond when most convenient for you.

Incoming Transmission from the United Nations of Evera[]

United Nations of Evera Flag.png United Nations of Evera
Hello, this is Prime Minister Frezerk speaking again. Thank you for replying to our message. We would like to arrange a meeting at our nation's Government Center, so we can learn more about eachother, and provide a foundation for future diplomatic talks. Once again, please reply when most convenient for you.

Incoming Transmission from the New Republic[]

Representing the New Cyrannian Republic is: Proconsul Apollo
Greetings Emperor Wormulus II of the great Delpha Coalition of Planets!
Since we are friends from many conflicts from all the back to the Trucinex War, introductions are not necessary. While I am well aware that your civilisation prefers the politics of the Cyrannian Empire, I would hope that you also respect the Republic due to our involvement in your Civil War and of course, the incident of the Omegatropic. As such, I would like to personally extend my hand in friendship once again. I hope that a new alliance, even greater than the last can grow between our two civilisations!
Kalos Mercu!

Incmonig Tansmission - Bunsen Galaxy[]

ThieanFlagMini2.png High-magistrate Develani of the Theian Technocracy
Greetings. I am Develani Thranga, high magistrate and voice for the people of Thei. I apprach you in communication because while our two civilizations share different philosophies regarding how the universe should survive, we both share a core belief that understanding the nature of reality is at the heart of evolution. To understand ourselves it is best to understand those that have perception different from our own.

We are not like the Grimbolsaurians, we do not pride ourselves in violence or order. Our pride comes from the drive to know, the drive to learn. We do not desire war or to be swept away, but rather we ask for peace and solitude in order to study the secrets of reality. So long as our two civilizations fare well, we would like to open a mutual scientific channel for the sharing of ideas and understanding in order to broadan the scopes of both ends. It is a modest request, yes, and one that requires some thought. But in the end there is no greater prize in the path of evolution than understaning save for one, but without that are we evolving, or merely existing?

Incoming Transmission from the Aekite Union[]

To the honorable leaders of the Delpha Coalition of Planets:

It is a tremendous honor to communicate with you. Even as a new member to the community of the First Gigaquadrant, we have already heard dozens of tales of you heroism and strength. We know that you are truly a force to be reckoned with.

It is with this in mind that I attempt to open diplomatic relations with your great empire. We have been directed to you by our neighbors, the New Cyrannian Republic. We hope to engage in trade and consider a later alliance.

I await your response, and hope, for our sake, that it bears good news.

- Aenoch Colos, Head of Union

Incoming transmission from the Ultimate Sovereignty of Ottzello[]

Greetings, Delpha Coalition of Planets. The Ultimate Sovereignty of Ottzello is the new name by which we Ottzelloans refer to ourselves as. It signifies us as a much more...powerful state. And we realize that an alliance between us is what both of our nations want. I would very much like to play a part in this act, the Prelude, foretelling of events soon to come...may Time have mercy on both our nations. Take this as an offer for alliance, do you accept?
Representing the Ultimate Sovereignity of Ottzello is: Xaltsa (Communications)
Excellent. I cannot wait to see how these events will unfold.

Incoming Transmission from the Unified Nation of Ottzello[]

We sympathise with your cause in this Great Xonexi Schism. We wish to aid you in your quest for pest control and crush all who stand in your way. As the oldest and among the closest allies of Ottzello, we feel it only fitting to aid your cause. UNO will stand by you and provide military support, should you need it. We would offer financial support, though we feel you are above the need for such.
Representing Unified Nation of Ottzello is: Kralgon Emperor (UNO's message channel)
Gladly. You have our support on both fronts, and wherever it is needed. Our resources, unlike yours, are not quite unlimited, but we can handle a few pests. For our alliance, and for order and security.