Incoming Transmission from the Miperiors Empire Edit

Miperiors Empire Gmfk the Great, leader of the Miperiors Empire
Greetings Aeoneonatrix! It's always a pleasure to find an empire fighting for the forces of good in our galaxy. I've contacted you to see if we might be able to start a trade route and possibly form an alliance. While you greatly outnumber us in terms of star systems, I believe we might be of some use to you as a supplier of technology. We hope that together we may help the cause of good in this galaxy!

Miperiors Empire Gmfk the Great, leader of the Miperiors Empire
It's an honor to see you again, Aeoneonatrix! I've contacted you again to discuss a small matter. Seeing as how you are involved in wars for the sake of good in the galaxy, we'd like to specifically design some more technology we think will be especially beneficial to you on the battlefield. However, our species is split on what specific kind of technology you'd like. Would you like us to build technology that can damage the ecosystems of enemies' planets and make them far more vulnerable or tech that can change enemies' minds and turn them to the good side? The choice is yours. Keep in mind that it will take us a while to make them, and there is no guarantee that we will be able to make it in a specific timeframe.

Gmfk the Great, leader of the Miperiors Empire
So psychological turn-people-good weaponry? Great, we'll get right on it.
Miperiors Empire Gmfk the Great, leader of the Miperiors Empire
Hello, it's us again. Oh, and our translation decives might be Moop because most of our electricity is being used to build the new device. MipMip Moop to bug you again, but we do need some materials in order to complete the construction of the tech you requested. It's simple, we just need... well, your brain cells.

See, our plan is to implement in enemy creatures the "Aeoneonatrix Super-Conscience" in order to turn them to the Mipe side. If this works, we'll be able to make enemies change allegiance on the battlefield. However, we will need some brain cells of you or anyone of your species, Lingur. Thanks to cloning technology we only need one cell, and we're sure you can get it for us.

Also some kind of test animal would be great, especially an agressive one, and it would be much appreciated if we could get some defense backup from our good allies for our engineers' safety, to keep this powerful weapon out of the hands of evildoers, and to allow quick and easy inter-species communication. We hope to finish the prototype for Mip Mip Mipay Mipey soon.

Oh, and would you mind if we called you "The Aeo" instead? For the sake of simplicity, of course.

Representing the Aeoneonatrix Empire is {{{char}}} (The Aeoneonatrix Channel)
A cell is on its way. And yes, Aeo is fine.

Aeoneonatrix (talk) 01:47, December 1, 2012 (UTC)

Gmfk the Great, leader of the Miperiors Empire
Incom-in-in tr-tr-miss...

Why won't th-th-sss... BANG! Ah, there we go, that's much better. Anyways, I've got great news. The brand spanking new aptly named "Creature Controller" is now done. Well... more or less. The somewhat unstable prototype version of it is done, and we were sure to get it to you as fast as possible.

It looks, works, and shoots just like your average pistol. If you look on the side of it, there's a knob. Setting 1 is the default setting. Take aim and fire at an aggressive creature (it doesn't work on neutral ones) and the closer you shoot to the head, the better. If the creature is successfully hit, it changes allegiance to your team for a good 30 minutes. Keep in mind that the weapon takes about 1 minute to recharge after each shot. I would suggest you to aim well. Do NOT shoot an already "hypnotized" creature again. Its brain will likely explode cataclysmically.

Setting 2 works as the opposite of setting 1. Shooting a "hypnotized" creature with it will turn it to normal. It can then be shot again with setting 1 without suffering any ill effects.

Setting 4 (we did this just because we could) makes a creature drop everything and start uncontrollably dancing. As opposed to setting 1, 4's effects last for a whole 24 hours. To reverse its effects, shoot it with setting 2.

And as per the accursed setting 3... well, whatever you do, don't use it. Originally it was meant to inject Miperium into the enemy's brain, making it much more explosive. But as it turns out, Miperium mixed with Aeo brain cells causes a highly dangerous substance-so dangerous, in fact, that removing setting 3 from the weapon would put star systems at risk. So, in other words, don't turn the dial to 3.

Anyways, we hope this helps your go-go-go-goalsss to spread [static] the galaxy, so as soon as we can get some of these power glitches fixed that I caused by shooting the transmission antenna, you'll be able to buy the Creature Controller on the I.M.C. terminals we've so graciously installed on your planets. So, see oyu ltare-e-e

Gmfk the Great, leader of the Miperiors Empire
We regret to inform you that, due to an incident with the Drodo Empire, the Creature Controller is no longer being sold on I.M.C. markets. We sincerely apologize.

Incoming Transmission from the USFEdit


Incoming Transmission from the Kingdom of Agethime Edit

Representative of the Kingdom of Agethime
Greetings, Aeoneonatrix Empire. We have done a research on your Empire through our SETI Scanner device, and you appear to be fighters of the Good side. We appear to share some sort of similar behaviors, as we, the Tadpole Empire, also believe Good shall triumph the Universe. Say, what do you think about we being your allies? We shall share our technology with you and aid you whenever possible, as long as we are able to.
Representing the Aeoneonatrix Empire is Cabar Starsmoke, Head Diplomat of the Aeoneonatrix Empire (The Aeoneonatrix Channel)
We find such an arrangement to be acceptable, thank you for offering. We are now allies.

Incoming Transmission from the United Free Peoples Coalition Edit

United Free Peoples Flag Torward Ole, Ambassador of the United Free Peoples Coalition to the Katar Sector
President Nowuro Dreamdusk,

The United Free Peoples Coalition would like to congratulate you on your victory in the elections, and hopes that you will continue to uphold the written agreements that exist between the Aeoneonatrix, ourselves, and the rest of the alliance. We look forward to continued friendship between our nations.

Torward Ole
Coalitionary Ambassador to the Katar Sector

This missive constitutes the United Free Peoples Coalition's recognition of Nowuro Dreamdusk as President of the Aeoneonatrix Empire.

Incoming Transmission from the Farengeto RepublicEdit

On behalf of the Farengeto Republic I would like to personally congratulate President Nowuro Duskdream on his election victory, and declare the Farengeto Republic's recognizance of the new Aeoneonatrix administration.

I hope that positive relations can continue between our civilizations and that any previous agreements may remain in place.

Unaria Harenia
President of the Farengeto Republic

Incoming Transmission from the Imperial ConfederacyEdit

ICIS Flag Representing Imperial Confederacy of Raydoni Systems is: Emperor Var'randen II (Comms channel)
The Imperial Confederacy would like congratulate President Nowuro Duskdream on his victory in the election, and our nation has full recognition of the new head of state in the Aeoneonatrix Empire. I would like to inform him, however, that the senate and people of the Imperial Confederacy has begun discussing a severing of our alliance, due to your latest regime being "biased and unfair to non-Patron worshipers". Regardless, I hope good relations can continue between our people.
Var'randen II
Emperor of the Imperial Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Incoming Transmission from the Draconid ImperiumEdit

DrakGenericMini01 Senator Gorbidek Volovii of the Draconid Imperium
On behalf of the Draaconid Imperium I, senator Gorbidek Volovii come to you with request to open a trade route between our two empires. I represent a number of Andromeda and Milky Way commercial consortiums that wish to expand into new markets. Now I understand that the Empire is on an ever-present mission to save the universe from evil. It's admirable but from a nation like yours it is difficult to pull off without the right financial grounding. A trade route between our powers could be a godsend for your nation's goals and economy, we could even provide you with the means to soundly beat back your ever-persistant foes; for a price of course. Shall we do business?

Representing the Aeoneonatrix Empire is Cabar Starsmoke, Head Diplomat of the Aeoneonatrix Empire (The Aeoneonatrix Channel)
We are more than willing to enter into a trade agreement with the Imperium. We agree that such a thing could be massively beneficial to our economy and welcome it. We do wonder however exactly what it is we have that you'd be willing to trade us for, as it seems that a post-scarcity economy has no real use for anything but soldiers, and I do not suspect that the head of our military is likely to agree to such a thing, nor would the decision be popular broadly.

Incoming Transmission from the Waptoria Alliance of Species Edit

Representing the Waptoria Alliance of Species is: W'tze

Welcome back! Oh, words cannot translate how relieved our groupmind is to hear the word of your return! We thought you to be gone, destroyed by the Drakodominatus or absorbed into the Faragento...or even worse.

We exuse ourselves for extending our next offers only now, for they were years in the making. Fist off, we would like to establish closer relations. This has ever been our intent since the Great Deciever conflict. Of course, your alliance to the Hegemony complicated matters during the war, and our forced leave out of the Katar Sector prevented us from pursuing such ends altogether. Now that the Drakodominatus Tyranny had been dealt with and your empire has re-emerged, we can once again hope for a brighter future between our peoples. As a sign of our goodwill, we have legalised the rite of dedication within the Waptoria, whereas before only the rites of lesser contract were allowed. Remain aware though that pressuring our bio-wards into dedicating themselves in any way is still illegal. Such an act is to remain strictly voluntary. As with for all other faiths within the Waptoria, religious advertising will likewise remain forbidden. In pursuing equality, we cannot grant empires we desire closer relations with special privileges. We hope you understand.

Outside of closer personal ties, we furthermore are pleased to offer you membership to the Enlightenment Collaborative, a multi-galactic organisation dedicated to the spread of learning and the protection of our shared interests. As we said, we hoped to offer you membership way earlier, but our leave out of Katar and the subsequent formation of the Katar Sector Alliance made it seem rather unlikely you world desire to work so closely with another. Now you too have left Katar, and with it we presume, the failing KSA. While KSA membership would in no way have excluded membership to the Enlightenment Collaborative, the overarching sentiment in Katar at the time of the Dominatus Wars was such that we only trusted the Combine of Nakeimato with such a dual membership. They were the only ones to continue any meaningful relations with us after our leave of abscence from Katar, something which we wish to change with the proposed partnership between our states.

Long have we been able to work together. It was us, after all, that recruited the neutral stagglers to the war effor during the Great Deciever conflict. And now, we hope to recruit you to a greater cause. A cause - and an organisation- in wich we hope you will quickly ascend into a leading role. That is why the message of your return is absolutely overjoying.

Come, join us in our common fight against evil! Good will always triumph!

Incoming Transmission from the Imperium of War Edit

Representing the Imperium of War is: Warmaster Fexonatius, The Bloody Hand, High Priest
Just one thing. Now you are back, I feel like sacrificing you all.

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