Incoming TransmissionEdit

Greetings leaders of the Aekite Union. I am Consul Vemer of the New Cyrannian Republic. Our long-range probes have detected your civilisation several light years away from our territory. The Republic seeks good and beneficial relations with all of its neighbours and we would be honoured if you would join us down a path that will lead to a close friendship and partnership that would benefit both our civilisations.

Kalos Mercu!

-Consul Vemer of the New Cyrannian Republic

Hello, High Councilor! We are truly honoured to be the first alien civilisation that your people have encountered and we have the utmost pleasure of welcoming you to the Gigaquadrantic community. You have truly taken your first steps into a massive world.

We welcome your request to study our culture, biology and technology. In fact, if you would allow us, we can send Captain Hakovon of the CRS Intrepid to your territory. When there, the crew of the Intrepid can share with you some of our technological advances while at the same time experience your own culture and history.

May you and your people prosper, First Councilor!

-Consul Vemer of the New Cyrannian Republic

Greetings again, new friends!

We are honoured that you would value our friendship enough to ask of us such a question. From what I can see, you have already been contacted by the Galactic Empire, who permitted you into the Starr Alliance. I recommend caution. That is all I will say on this unsecure channel. As for civilisations, we recommend you contact Rambo Nation or the Delpha Coalition of Planets, who I am sure will gladly extend the hand of friendship.

Speaking of which, we believe it is time to formally request that we formalise our relations with an alliance. We await you reply.

-Counsul Vemer of the New Republic

Transmission from the Draconid Imperium Edit

DrakGenericMini01 Her royal Grace, Lady Alessa Ultanos of the Draconid Imperium
Salutations, Aenoch. I offer you generous thanks for your request for good relations between your people and the citizens of the Draconid Imperium. While such possible relations cannot be confirmed until was complete our appraisal of your society, I speak truthfully when I claim I will do what I can to ensure that good relations are founded. If interested, perhaps we could establish an embassy within your territory in order to strengthen the bonds you desire.
Also, if you are interested, my House is organising an intergalactic gala in our territory withi nthe next two months, if you wish I can include a diplomat of yours as a guest.

Her royal Grace, Lady Alessa Ultanos of the Draconid Imperium
Wonderful! We shall begin its construction as soon as we can and I will dispatch a diplomatic vessel to collect the diplomat at a date closer to the gala. Given the technological and cultural gaps, we shall do our best to mitigate any form of potential culture shock the diplomat may receive.

Incoming Transmission from the Indoctrinate Collective Edit

Greetings, leaders of the Aekite Union. We are content with your wish for good relations and we wleocme you to the Seven Starr alliance and the Gigaquadrant as a whole. Have a pleasant day.

Incoming Transmission from the United Federation of Species Edit

United Federation of Species Ministry of Foregin Relations

We are glad to see another nation had joint to the SSA in our search of peace and evolution. We expect that the relationship of our two nations can grew stronger.

We wish you the best luck in the journey of life.

Incoming Transmission from the Empire Edit

Good evening. I am Potentate Aeresius of the Cyrannian Galactic Empire. We welcome the chance to maintain... good relations with our interstellar neighbours, especially those from our glorious home galaxy. We welcome you to the galactic community and by extension, the gigaquadrantic community and we welcome formal relations. Kalos mercu.

Incoming Transmission from the Regellis Star Empire Edit


Incoming Transmission from the French Republic Edit

UDB France Arnaud Cavet, of the French Cyrannian Colonies

This is Arnaud Cavet, préfet of the French Cyrannian Colonies. You might have noticed a good number of our citizens coming and going within your markets, and we thought it was high time we introduced ourselves formally. We are colonists from a nation called France in the Milky Way. We mean no harm.

Our colonies are in need of supplies which you seem to possess in abundance. Would you be willing to enact some form of trade agreement to facilitate the exchange of goods that is already underway?

Arnaud Cavet,
Préfet of the French Cyrannian Colonies
French Republic

UDB France Arnaud Cavet, of the French Cyrannian Colonies
Aenoch Colos,

We are glad to hear that you find our offer appealing. I will arrange for a diplomat to be sent over to decide with you on the details. Perhaps we could open an embassy inside the Union? In exchange, we can receive one of your ambassadors here on Cybelle?

Arnaud Cavet,
Préfet of the French Cyrannian Colonies
French Republic
UDB France Arnaud Cavet, of the French Cyrannian Colonies
Aenoch Colos,

We agree. She shall be well received. We have dispatched our own ambassador.

Arnaud Cavet,
Préfet of the French Cyrannian Colonies
French Republic

Incoming Transmission from the TIAF - Aekite Channel Edit

TIAF Flag TIAF Intergalactic Channel - Ambassador Sambavine
Greetings, Aekite Union! We have received your transmission and we are happy to accept your offer of friendship. Our allies the New Cyrannian Republic have told us that your people show great promise to be a great and noble power, and we are more than pleased to make friends with those nations of the Gigaquadrant dedicated to liberty and justice. If there is any way the Federation may serve you, by all means do not hesitate to ask.

Tybusenia wishes you the best of luck in the future. Goz visavigeroz buchari'bonn.

Incoming transmission from CAAON Edit

Greetings, Aenoch Colos. I am Coriax Sialis, head diplomat of CAAON. We seen your nation, and many parallels exist between us and you. We are both honorable people, who seem to share the same values. because of this, we request an alliance, so that we may spread the ideals of democracy and freedom throughout the arcan sector, and indeed all of Cyrranus. We await your response.

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