Zule Grunzar is a female Ortella in service of Rambo Command. A former class-cadet of Tania Samantha Lefler and Lassa Evaana Penaeli, the three were known as beuties and troubles makers and party lovers, often involving heavy drinking of popular teen alcoholic consumptions. She joined the scientific department with a natural keen nose for anomalies and energy readings.

After serving on vessels for a while, she eventually joined the Operative Department due to her skills and was send to infiltrate the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus as a spy, using the cover as ASP-3 Fighter Pilot.


USS Polarity leaves a drydock

Zule Grunzar was born in the Cyrannus Galaxy in 14 BQF, she and her family later migrated to the Quadrant Galaxies and settled themselves at the Quadrantia trade port known as Javan. Zule enjoyed her high school, where she gained her love and interest for space flight and adventures, eventually drafting into the Rambo Academy to serve within Rambo Command and its navy. During the Academy years, she became friends with Tania and Evaana, know to the rest of their class and the beauties and party loving animals. She was sad to learn that Evaana was able to leave class earlier on due her outstanding results and experience. During its final exame training cruise, the Bonaventura-Class they served on became heavily damaged while chasing an energy reading, leaving Zule prone to incoherent screaming fits among others of the cadet-crew.

Bob and nurse Ross take care of Zule

After the Academy, Zule was assigned to the Kelvin-Class, USS Polarity in 06 AQF. She served faithfully onboard the Kelvin-class as its junior science officer and part of the staff of the vessel. Two years in service, at the 5th of January, the Polarity took heavy damage, chasing an energy reading. She was saved by the crew of the USS Enterprise-A. While she was under medical examination captain James Rambo disturbed doctor Bob Chioaik and ordered the young girl to tell him what they were chasing. Shocked, Zule bursted out in tears and began stammering her story to the captain, telling him that onboard the USS Copernicus training exercise they encountered the same reading and most of the crew and cadets were killed, safe a few among them Zule. Shortly after, she was transferred to the USS Royal Oak where she was placed at the bridge science station under command of the Libertus captain, Garan Andarch.

Rambo Operative[]

Inquistor Chodecra and his accomplishments onboard the bridge of the Relentless

Zule eventually left the Royal Oak and joined the Operative Department where she was soon send to infiltrate the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. She adopted the role as a ASP-3 Fighter Pilot, holding the rank of Imperial Lieutenant.

She was send to serve onboard the Imperial star destroyer Relentles, under command of the dreaded Inquisitor Chi Chodecra. Unknown to her, she served onboard that vessel with Aldárae Order under cover knight, Zahra Ross. By 20 AQF, she was present and actively hunted down the Cyrandia Resistance cells in the Quadrant Galaxies.

Personality and Traits[]

Zule in an original Rambo Science Uniform

Zule is an abrasive, gentle and brave ensign, often demeaning of others and quickly frustrated when things don’t turn out the way she wants. Her attitude problems led her to be assigned to a patrol vessel instead of long-range exploration vessels as her instructors found her unfit to be out in space for too long, as patrol ships often docked with planets or had shore leaves at planets every few weeks.

Not hesitant to voice her opinion, she can actually be quite kind and gentle when knowing her better, she shows a keen nose of natural ability in recognizing and identifying energy readings and loves reading books and sports.

After the disastrous training cadet-mission, Zule was left prone to incoherent screaming fits at nights, something she keeps a secret from most of her around, resulting in a bit distant and difficult attitude towards others who wish to know her better. These traits allowed her to be drafted into service of the Operative Department.

As a ASP-3 Fighter Pilot, she wears a black jumpsuit with white pockets and zip-front, black shoulder armor with the Imperial Crest and two flexible gas transfer tubes on her chest.



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