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The Zua-Zaoi have lived in a state of chaos for long enough. Today I shall reunite my race under one banner once more!

- Vouinas


Zeia was a Zua-Zaoi Warlord. Not the most powerful by any means but still had a respectable territory of ten systems. Zeia was relaxing in his chambers whenever he received a transmission. Zeia growled. He hated being disturbed during his pleasure time.

??? - "Hello fellow Zua-Zaoi."
Zeia - "Huh? What and who is this?"
??? - "Who am I? I, my friend, am the one and only Vouinas. Rightful ruler of the Zua-Zaoi race!"
Zeia - "Vouinas? What kind of nonsense is that! Vouinas has been dead for many years after we lost the Narix War. Stop joking and get off here."
Vouinas - "Me dead? No, not quite but I understand your skepticism. Allow me to show you your king in the flesh."
Zeia - "Wait what? I didn't approve a meeting! Sto-"

Before Zeia could finish there was a blinding light and then standing before him was a towering and strong figure.

Several of Zeia's bodyguards shot at the figure but it did nothing. Zeia was left with his mouth agape before realizing that it was indeed Vouinas.

Zeia - "Guards stand down! Stand down!"
Vouinas - "Do you believe me now?"
Zeia - "Ye-yes my lord. I thought...I-"
Vouinas - "Dead? No, I was imprisoned until recently. But no time for that now. We must restore our race to its former glory." Zeia - "But sir...how? Our race is fractured into many factions and I doubt many will still honor your rule such as I do."
Vouinas - "Then we will make them. Come, we have much planning to do for the days ahead."

The First Warlord[]

On another planet, many light-years away, the Zua-Zaoi warlord Zogork oversaw his soldiers preparing themselves for their next battle. An expansionist and a conqueror, Zogork saw himself as the most glorious of all warlords. Those who opposed him were scum that needed to be removed from the face of existence. Controlling a considerable territory of thirty colonies, he was determinated to create a legacy.

However, these plans would not go any further. Zogork was contacted by Zeia, the two being in bad terms for a long time.

Zogork - "What do you want, Zeia? I have no time for chitty chat with the likes of you."
Zeia - "I will only say it once, Zogork. Surrender, or be destroyed!"
Zogork - "Are you trying to pick a fight with me, Zeia? I have more territory, more military...more everything than you do."
Zeia - "It mattes not, for I have the great Vouinas in my side."

Zogork let out a mocking laugher.

Zogork - "Oh really? Vouinas? Have you gone crazy now?"
Zeia - "Do you not believe me? Then see it for yourself."

Vouinas then appeared on Zogork's screen. The hulking Zua-Zaoi demon's eyes penetrated Zogork, who appeared almost terrified. However, he shook his head, and his expression turned into a frown.

Zogork - "I don't know what that...thing...is! But if you want to make me believe that is THE Vouinas, then you are completely crazy."
Zeia - "My lord, I don't think diplomacy will work with this one."
Vouinas - "Then let me solve this problem, my way."

At this moment, Vouinas disappeared from the screen, and teleported right behind Zogork. He grabbed the warlord by his neck and lifted him to his level. Zogork screamed and tried to plead for his life, but Vouinas launched him outside and blasted him with his entropic powers, making him explode in a gory shower over his soldiers. As the soldiers watched, they feared for themselves as Vouinas roared at them, emitting an aura of power that corrupted the ground around him. However, this fear soon became awe, and the soldiers bowed to Vouinas, seeing him as a far more powerful leader than they ever had.

The Second Warlord[]

With Zogork's death, Vouinas' presence became more well-known across the neighbour territory, and many smaller Zua-Zaoi factions willingly let themselves be absorbed into Vouinas' growing empire. However, another considreably large band of Zua-Zaoi, led by a warlord named Mrogarvir, would not let themselves be absorbed like this.

As Vouinas and Zeia discussed their next move, they saw their planet under attack. Going outside, they saw enemy ships bombarding their city and attacking their own fleets. Vouinas himself teleported to inside the enemy's flagship, only to find Mrogarvir and his most elite soldiers.

Mrogarvir - "Vouinas. Te man himself, stands before me."
Vouinas - "How dare you attack MY world, weakling?!"
Mrogarvir - "I am Warlord Mrogarvir, and if one is to rule all Zua-Zaoi, this person is me!"
Vouinas - "And who gives you such authority?"
Mrogarvir - "My lineage does. Men, kill him!"

The soldiers all charged at Vouinas with their blasters and energy blades, but as they striked Vouinas, he merely counter attacked, ripping them apart with monstrous strenght.

Mrogarvir - "What have you become, Vouinas?"
Vouinas - "I serve a higher power than you can imagine, fool."
Mrogarvir - "My ancestors were right to trap you in that rock! You have become a demon!"'

Vouinas, upon hearing these words, let out a roar and punched the floor. The entire spaceship was ripped in half by the strenght of the attack, and it let out several explosions as it crumbled into the ground. With the flagship destroyed, the rest of the enemy fleet quickly surrended. Vouinas teleported next to Zeia once more, panting.

Zeia - "Are you okay, master?"
Vouinas - "Yes...I am just a little annoyed..."

The Third Warlord[]

Vouinas' rule only expanded as time passed. Not only of awe, but also from fear, more and more factions joined his empire. The so called "Demon Warlord" was seen as a god by some, and as something to be afraid of by others. However, Vouinas always made very clear to his servants that he was still a Zua-Zaoi, and thrived for their ideals.

Vouinas would then move his eyes to another faction, controlled by Warlord Varilog. As Vouinas' imag epapeared in Varilog's screens, the warlord's eyes widened and he let out a shout.

Varilog - "V-v-v-ouinas! Erm...what can I do f-f-f-or you?"
Vouinas - "You have quite a lot of territory...how about I-"

Immediately, Varilog started to panic, almost startling Vouinas.

Varilog - "Please ahve mercy of me, Vouinas! I don't want to fight you and end like Mrogarvir or Zogork! Please, spare my life!"
Vouinas - "Woah, calm down, little man! I did not even finish talking. I was about to give you a chance to surrender your territory peacefully."
Varilog - "Oh...oh! If that's so, consider my lands yours! Just...spare my life..."

Vouinas turned off communications and turned to Zeia.

Zeia - "I told you he was a complete coward, master."
Vouinas - "This was fairly amusing."

The Fourth Warlord[]

3 months had passed since Vouinas had first appeared in Mirus, and his Zua-Zaoi empire was already the third largest, being surpassed by only two more factions. The second largest was a technologicaly advanced factions ruled by Warlord Kovakar, well known for being a tyrant. As Vouinas' empire expanded, battles between the two factions ensued.

Vouinas was eventually called in communications by Kovakar himself.

Vouinas - "What do you wish from me, Kovakar?"
Kovakar - "I challenge you to a duel, Vouinas. Meet me at these coordinates and we shall fight, mano-a-mano, to know who is the real master of the Zua-Zaoi here. The winner claims the other's empire."
Zeia - "That is a most bold challenge."
Vouinas - "That spares me the resources of destroying your spaceships. Challenge accepted."

The day after, Vouinas and Kovakar both met in a barren, volcanic planet, which much reminded Vouinas of his prison. Vouinas was surprised to see Kovakar was a heavily technologically enhanced Zua-Zaoi, with various cybernetic traits and equipments.

Kovakar - "So, "Demon Warlord", are you ready to face technological defeat?"
Vouinas - "Hah. If you expect me to be afraid of you in that tin can suit, then you're wasting time."

Vouinas and Kovakar charged at each other and clashed. Vouinas was startled to see that indeed, Kovakar's augmentations allowed him rival Vouinas' strenght, and his lasers hurt almost like his entropic energy. The two battled for almost an hour until Kovakar finally fell. Vouinas, tired and bruised, put his foot over his enemy's stomach.

Vouinas - "You fought well...but I am victorious!
Kovakar - "Huh...huh...I don't think so!"

Mechanical wires suddenly extended from the floor, grabbed Vouinas by his arms and legs, and trapped him against a rock, leaving him completely immobilized.

Kovakar - "Surprise!"
Vouinas - "Agh! You cheating scum!"
Kovakar - "Enjoy your new prison, Vouinas. I'll take good care of your empire."

Vouinas, in extreme fury, roared as Kovakar walked away laughing. His eyes shined in red and the earth trembled around him. Kovakar turned around, startled, as Vouinas broke the rocks down, literally burning in demonic fire. Kovakar screamed int terror as Vouinas grabbed a boulder and crushed him with it.

Vouinas returned to his empire, badly hurt and tired. But it was almost over. Only one faction left...


Many days later, Vouinas and Zeia travelled to what was supposed to be the capital of the final Zua-Zaoi faction. So little was known of this faction that Zeia had no idea of who was their leader. And as they arrived at their territory, it felt strange: there was no resistance. Vouinas and Zeia landed on the capital with a sizeable force and were surprised: the planet was devoid of life.

As the forces searched across the capital city, they found nothing but skeletons. The land was barren and the plaent had a dark gloomy feel on it. Vouinas and his men advanced deeper...and nothing. There was only old, dead lands and skeletons. At the main palace, sitting in a throne, was the skeleton of the warlord. Everyone was dead.

Vouinas meets the mysterious being

Vouinas - "I've enver seen anything like this..."
Zeia - "Master...master let's leave this place. I have a bad feeling about this."

Before Vouinas could say anything, half of the palace was destroyed as a massive, deep blue, slender being emerged from the floor, launching Vouinas and Zeia outside into a cliff. Vouinas watched in almost fear as the gigantic being stared at him with its penetrating golden eyes.

Vouinas - "What the hell is that!?"

The being let out a long, loud growl as it stared at the Zua-Zaoi.

??? - "...Hell force...I have no quarrel with the likes of you..."
Vouinas - "What?"
??? - "I will devour all life...But you have no life for to devour..."
Vouinas - "Wait a damn second, pal! Who are you?!"
??? - "I am."

The gigantic being opened its wings and flew into the sky, quickly disappearing from sight. Vouinas looked up, then turned at Zeia, who was just as confused. However, the skies turned from deep blue to red as a black fog appeared before Vouinas. it was his master, Shu'wokerama. Vouinas quickly bowed, while Zeia was left confused.

Shu'wokerama - "We see you have finished your quest."
Vouinas - "Indeed, master. Since everyone in this faction turned out to be dead, my reunification has already suceeded."
Shu'wokerama - "That is most acceptable. You have done well."
Vouinas - "Master, one thing. Do you know what that blue thing was?"
Shu'wokerama - "...We do not know for sure."
Vouinas - "Well, nevermind then."
Shu'wokerama - "Now, go. Enjoy your victory. You are, after all, the supreme ruler of your race now."

Shu'wokerama faded away the same way he had appeared, in a black fog. Zeia stood with his jaw open, not sure what to think about all that.

Zeia - "...Well...what now, master?"
Vouinas - "Now? Now we celebrate, my friend. For we have done it. The Zua-Zaoi are united under me once more, and will stay this wal, for all eternity!"