It is our task to be a beacon of order to Borealis. The galaxy is a cesspool of disorder and madness, but it is our cesspool, and we will take care of it accordingly. Those willing to take up arms against the threat of permanent dystopia are more than welcome to join us in our task and will be remembered as heroes for doing so, regardless of race or backstory. A galactic utopia might be a mere dream, but we will do our best to get as close to it as possible.

- Grand-Commandant Asraels

The Zoles Imperium is a large, expansive empire native of the Arm of Knowledge of the Borealis Galaxy which serves as the main government of the Zoles, Nilito, Heleanorian and Samilinus races. Having a near complete influence over the galactic sector of Zoleia, named after their homeworld, the Imperium is driven by a constant quest of quenching chaos and disorder in their galaxy after finding themselves and their allies plagued by it for so many centuries, and uses all in its power to bring a new age of prosperity to their still mostly unexplored and hostile home galaxy.

While the Imperium is young, the Zoles and the other member races which compose it have been spacefaring for thousands of years, with the Samilinus having existed since the times of the ancient Kormacvar. Their technology, a mix between the Zoles' original devices, the Cyrannian technology of the Heleanorian and the near-precursor-tech of the Samilinus makes the Imperium one of the most technologically advanced empires of the Borealis Galaxy, rivalled only by a few other natives who possess equivalent advantages. Despite its power, the Imperium is overall altruistic and always in the search for allies for their cause, hoping that mutual aid will help on their goal for an ordered Borealis.


Early History[]

King Telarian, founder of the Zoles Imperium

The Zoles Imperium was founded at Earth year 225 a.C. following a political reform created by King Telarian Zulouar, the last leader of the old Zoles Empire which had existed for 23,000 years before that. Telarian was the first Zoles leader to allow Nilito advisors and ministers to aid him in leading the nation, which would evolve to the Nilito becoming equal to the Zoles in importance and to the Imperium becoming known across their space as an empire which sought equality and order as opposed to piracy and thievery. Through its history, the Imperium would come to clash with pirate factions and mercenary guilds, offering aid to other races who would come to cling on them for protection and give them the now well known reputation of being paragons of good and order with the help of their Heleanorian and Samilinus allies.

The Imperium's first great conflict would be the First Borealis Galactic War, where the Zoles would become involved in the schemes of General Volim and his dreaded Wranploer Legion, an equally powerful faction who dominated the Arm of Wildness' mapped regions. The Legion would launch attacks on the Arm of Knowledge in an attempt to destabilize it and make its empires fight each other looking for a culprit until they were discovered, and the Zoles Imperium would join forces with their allies to found the original Polar Crystal Alliance to combat them. The war would end with heavy casualties for the Imperium but with the Legion defeated and pushed back to their galactic arm, though the feud between the Zoles and the Wranploer would remain and battles between the two factions would still happen from time to time. The Polar Crystal Alliance eventually fell into disuse and was dissolved, while the Heleanorians and the Samilinus joined the Imperium as full citizens after the war crippled their respective empires.

The next centuries would be marked by a great territorial expansion by the Imperium, who began colonizing parts of its neighbouring sectors as well as the Core Region, most specifically the area known as the Outer Core. An eventual attack by the Borealis Grox Empire, known by the Imperium as the Great Purging, led to the complete eradication of their colonies at the Outer Core, while at the same time, the Zoles found themselves threatened by the dreaded Alvino Brood once they colonized the Mirianis Sector, further at their own galactic arm. The Imperium would focus on gathering allies for their cause for the next centuries, keeping the Wranploer and their allies, as well as the Alvino, from gaining influence and causing damage near their borders until the eventual first contact with extragalactic aliens such as the Kicath and the Dracogonarious.

Second Galactic War and the Ice Age[]

The Imperium under attack from the Xi'Arazulha

The creation of the Ottzello Sector and the arrival of the Unified Nation of Ottzello in the galaxy would lead to the Second Borealis Galactic War, the largest conflict in the war's modern history. The war would begin with the Zoles suddenly under attack from the Xi'Arazulha, a race of dark Essentials who sought to feed from the galaxy's inhabitants, and they would only be able to ward them away by joining forces with the Ottzelloans and one of their main galactic allies, the Niaka Special Forces. Afterwards, the Zoles would conflict with the transdimensional entities known as the Vague, as well as the dark cultists of the Devourer's Chosen, the mysterious Grand Troopers of Foreign Origins and the Alvino, all while the Wranploer Legion had evolved into the even more powerful Borealis Consortium Network, who employed the help of factions such as the Seagon Empire and Da Rogue Boyz. However, the Imperium nonetheless obtained the aid of extragalactic allies such as the Draconid Imperium, the Brood of War, the Divinarium and the United Lanat Empire.

The Imperium would fall into disarray once a rebellion started by Lord Harana caused a substantial portion of the Heleanorian population to leave the Imperium to join the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, as well as the disappearance of the at the time king Rebaris after he was kidnapped by the leaders of the Consortium Network, which was only resolved by the intervention of another extragalactic ally, the Apalos. Joining forces with their allies once again, the Imperium re-founded the Polar Crystal Alliance and, one-by-one, defeated Da Rogue Boyz, the Seagon, the Alvino, the Grand Troopers, the Devourer's Chosen and finally the most powerful enemy faction of the galaxy, the Borealis Grox Empire. Afterwards, the Imperium succeeded in crippling and defeating the Borealis Consortium Network, causing the Wranploer to fall into disarray themselves and divide themselves in multiple remnants. After Vyro'Ralzora, the original mastermind behind the war, was defeated, the Imperium would be commended as heroes of Borealis, leading to the beginning of the Ice Age.

For the next decade, the Imperium would slowly begin a new age of prosperity, developing strong bonds with extragalactics such as the New Cyrannian Republic and eventually the Mou'Cyran Accords while losing contact with others such as the Draconis after they abandoned the galaxy. Leadership over the Imperium would pass to Queen Aldaren after Rebaris was assassinated by pirate warlord Torrent, and the Imperium's current focus is to improve relations with both extragalactics and non-councillor members of the Polar Crystal Alliance such as the Rovegar Matriarchy and the Empire of the Murgur.




The Zoles Imperium is a hereditary monarchy led by a King or Queen, usually the oldest child of the previous King and Queen born from the Zulouar Family, the very same family line from King Telarian. Because only the Zulouar can be kings and queens, the Imperium's supreme rule is always in the hands of the Zoles, though it is mandatory for the king or queen to have a trio of Prime Ministers representing the other races of the Imperium, and all decisions must have the consensus of both the monarch and their ministers.

While the monarch is chosen by his family, the Prime Ministers are chosen by their respective races through species-restricted elections, meaning only the Nilito people have a say on who their Prime Minister will be and so on. Planetary sectors are controlled by individuals known as High Governors, while individual planets are controlled by elected Governors, and both are picked by the Imperium by their governing and leadership skills. The current supreme leaders of the Zoles Imperium are:

Prime Ministers


The society of the Zoles Imperium is built around a philosophy of always attempting to reach an ordered utopia, even if one is actually impossible. Imperial cities tend to be vast and regal, full of riches and culture for those who wish to partake with it, and the government encourages citizens to be welcoming to outsiders, especially aliens who may take pleasure from the Imperium's actions and decide to aid them in their great objective of achieving an ordered Borealis. This leads many races to see the Imperium's members as knightly and sometimes posh and arrogant, which is not too far from reality especially in the richer districts of Imperial colonies.

Despite the Zoles being the namesake race of the Imperium, all of its member races have equal rights and discrimination against any of them is considered a grave crime. Regarding criminals, the Imperium will put them through trials to decide whether they are innocent or guilty, and if proven the latter, they are sent to work on outer colonies in order to pay for their crimes. This policy extends to alien pirates and the Imperium is more likely to surrender and arrest aliens rather than kill them on sight, preferring to make use of potential workers rather than completely exterminate them like the Niaka Special Forces does.


The Zoles Imperium is one of the most technologically advanced natives empires of Borealis' modern history, rivalled only by the Seagon but surpassed by the likes of the Rovegar, the Kondrakar and the Borealis Grox. Their technology is made up from a combination of devices created by the Zoles and the Nilito, mixed with the Old Cyrannian-style technology of the Heleanorians and the Kormacvar-inspired devices of the Samilinus, allowing them to be several times more advanced than most of the galaxy's younger inhabitants. Imperium tech tends to maintain a clean and sleek appearance in order to make it easy to use for all members of the nation, and indeed, compatibility with multiple races is one of the main concerns in mind when developing new devices.

The Imperium has great advancements in the areas of medicine and biological enhancements, with enhanced civilians not being an uncommon sight with improvements which may grant them better health or extended lifespans, and the field of nanotechnology received a great boost following the arrival of the Unified Nation of Ottzello in the galaxy. Military-wise, the Imperium is armed with great navies possessing powerful dreadnoughts which are among the most formidable spaceships in the galaxy, while infantry has superior armor and weaponry, usually designed to appear knight-like in appearance due to their culture, putting great emphasis on sword-like vibroweapons. The Imperium has little knowledge of Essence and no known users of any of them in their population, and as such, it is not taken in consideration in any of their technological branches except for researchers dedicated to it.


The Zoles Imperium has officially an open nature toward religion, allowing any individual to worship whatever deities they please as long as they are not harmful to the well-being of others. Worship of the Xhodocto or any malevolent supernatural such as Shu'rimrodir is strictly forbidden in the Imperium due to past conflicts against malevolent cults such as the Devourer's Chosen, and the worship of the Kormacvar, while not forbidden, is not encouraged due to recent discoveries proving they were nothing but extremely advanced aliens rather than deities.

The Heleanorian and Samilinus population of the Imperium is primarily atheist, but a considerable portion of the Zoles and Nilito population follows a belief system based around the worship of their ancestors, believing their spirits linger on when they die and are therefore always watching their descendants. Other religions in the Imperium's borders include the worship of Vyro'Nazdea and Spode, but they are considered minorities.


Queen Aldaren.png

You look interesting, alien. Let me touch your face. Yes, I'm being serious.

  • Name - Aldaren Mihar Zulouar
  • Race - Zoles
  • Status - Active

Queen Aldaren is the wife of King Rebaris and the current ruler of the Zoles Imperium. An absent minded but proud and posh Zoles, Aldaren is much more energetic than her late husband was and is often found to be "weird" compared to him. However, despite this seemingly strange exterior, Aldaren is a very intelligent leader who has no patience for failure or nonsense. Aldaren is known to have a big grudge against the Wranploer and is an oppositor to them joining the Polar Crystal Alliance, seeing them as a threat. Only time will tell if she will change her mind or be proven right.

Eliches Inardis.png

I still don't trust those Seagon...

  • Name - Eliches Inardis
  • Race - Nilito
  • Status - Active

Eliches Inardis is the Prime Minister of the Nilito, and the leader of the species in the Zoles Imperium. He is a determined retired commandant who serves as one of Queen aldaren's highest advisors, as well as aids her in rulling the entire Imperium. Eliches obtained the rank of Prime Minister for his extensive military service, being a Grand-Commandat much like Asraels before he joined the government. He holds many grudges against the Seagon, who he fought several times in the past, and while ma

Lumian Friulum.png

This is really interesting.

  • Name - Lumian Friulum
  • Race - Heleanorian
  • Status - Active

Lumian Friulum is the Prime Minister of the Heleanorians, and the leader of the species in the Zoles Imperium. She is a polite, cheerful woman who serves as one of Queen Aldaren's highest advisors, as well as aids her in rulling the entire Imperium. Lumian obtained the rank of Prime Minister for her notable efforts in maintaining peace between the Imperium and several aliens, most importantly the Eaglartin.

Gaven Erishee.png

There's always room for technological evolution.

  • Name - Gaven Erishee
  • Race - Samilinus
  • Status - Active

Gaven Erishee is the Prime Minister of the Samilinus, and the leader of the species in the Zoles Imperium. A very intelligent man greatly committed for the discovering of new technology, he serves as one of Queen Aldaren's highest advisors, as well as aids her in rulling the entire Imperium. Gaven obtained the rank of Prime Minister for his efforts in creating more efficient technology for the Imperium as a whole, after a team of scientists under his command found a Kormacvar artifact filled with useful data on their technology. Gaven as a very respected and venerated figure among the Imperium's scientists.


Vekaron was only one of four. He might have been promoted, but remember, the Imperium isn't any less defended now.

Asraels is one of the currently active Grand-Commandants of the Zoles Imperium, having control over all of the empire's space navy. A man of many battles, Asraels is considerably older and more experienced than Vekaron, but due to the latter's fame, he feels like Vekaron overshadows him. Despite this, Asraels is no less important than Vekaron was. During the Second Borealis War, Asraels was directly responsible for the Elzie Empire and the Herame Republic joining the Polar Crystal Alliance. To this day, the Imperium still sees him with very high regard.



Diplomat Passion.pngOur goals are one. Our lives are one.


Green face.pngWe shall stand by your side at all times. We shall endure our hardships together.

  • Niaka Special Forces - Despite their diminutive sizes, their courage and determination is none less than gigantic.
  • Union Republic of Ottzello - A lot of the galaxy's problems stems from them, but they have nonetheless helped us solve them.
  • Indoctrinate Collective - With impressive technology and goals not unlike ours, we are happy to be allies.
  • Kormacvar Legacy - Borealis' greatest evil has become one of its greatest positives.
  • Kicathian Republic - A rough exterior hides a powerful and commendable people. A quite rough exterior at that.
  • Empire of the Murgur - A new future for the Murgur race, pirates and thugs no longer.
  • New Cyrannian Republic - Our past experiences with Cyrannians were less than pleasant, you prove to be of far better nature.


Blue face.pngThe Imperium welcomes you, friend.

  • Seagon Cryptocracy - We should love to know more about you... or anything at all, for that matter.
  • Rovegar Matriarchy - Elusive, mysterious, and rather captivating.
  • The Vague - Gone they may be, but their feats will never be forgotten.
  • The Divinarium - Also elusive and mysterious, but not as welcoming.
  • Apalos - Their aid was fundamental in the coming of our age, though they still mystify us greatly.


Yellow face.pngWe have no ill intentions toward you, as long as you have no ill intentions toward us.

  • Cognatus Empire - We have had enough problems with fanatical zealots already.


Orange face.pngWe do not merely stand and watch as we are provoked.

  • Galactic Empire of Cyrannus - A third of the Imperium fell to your actions. This will never be forgiven.
  • The Junction - An entire sector was destroyed by your parasitism. We are not afraid of you.


Red face.pngYou are an obstacle to our goal for a prosperous future. Your destruction is required!

  • Oltauris Consortium - Did you learn nothing from the Consortium Network's fall?
  • Dominion of the Xhodocto - Demons will not infest our home as long as we remain standing.
  • Da Rogue Boyz - Manchildren should not be allowed to pilot spaceships.
  • Zarkhator - You are no gods. If you were, we would cast you down like we have done to real ones in the past.


A valuable civilization in the modern age of Borealis, the Zoles Imperium shows I can trust the modern races with the protection and prosperity of our home.

- Arkarixus

I can always look up to the Zoles Imperium for inspiration. But in all of that might, they're doing one thing wrong. They're trying to correct the pirates rather than destroy them. They should've learned by now that destroying is so much more efficient.

- Xerkea

Of all the civilisations we have encountered in the Borealis Galaxy, the Zoles Imperium reminds me the most of the Republic. As such, we are natural allies and though they have suffered at the hands of our galaxy in the past, our shared history has brought us together in peace. As mutual members of the Mou'Cyran Accords, it is my hope that cooperation and friendship with continue and prosper for many centuries to come.

- President Apaltar of the New Cyrannian Republic

Intolerable fools. They have stifled the freedom and sovereignty of the Heleanorian people for far too long.

- Grand Mandator Harana


- Fre'kloar

Though hardship and devestation, the Zoles Imperium has prevailed time and again as a survivor civilisation. They are Borealis' shining star in a dark stormy sea, and their extinguishment must at all costs be prevented. May they shine on for millennia to come as Borealis' peacekeepers and a shining example of civility to all.

- Alessa Ultanos

A magnificent example that even the most sullen of landscapes has its gems. It is a true diamond in the rough.

- Tarsus Senvinus

Cooperation alongside their military was a rather refreshing experience during the Zamhareer Campaign. Perhaps Her Holiness could allow educating their officers with our superior strategy and tactics? Their knightly ideals could go well with Divinarian psychic training.

- Venoriel

Well, what could I say about the Zoles? They don't let the Wranploer get rich and take over. That's a plus. They also don't let me get rich and take over. That's a minus.

- Lemmo

We Kicath would remember them as a youthful kind within Borealis, and thus, politically I would assume we applaud their advancements to safeguard Borealis. Though Borealis is far from safe, still. One thing they, and the rest of Borealis' good must not do is crumble at a crucial time.

- Kithworto

How unfortunate you must get in the way of plans for this galaxy. Unfortunate for you, that is.

- Zargoth

May our friendship last many aeons.

- Tuolog

I disagree with the inefficiency of their methods, but our goals align.

- Kralgon Emperor


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