Zinny is female blue skinned Qalavar that escaped her homeworld and tried her luck at the planet of joy and pleasure, Lareg. Sadly due to the Legatus and her being a Qalavar all hopes of a better life were shattered as her privileges to free study at Lareg were revoked. To manage her study she employed herself as a sex worker at the Vexo Club Red Light Brothel to have a steady income.


Zinny was born in 2830 at her homeworld, Alvas. When she reached the age of 16 in 2846, Zinny used her parents savings to leave for Lareg for study. Sadly, once there she found that due to being a Qalavar studying wasn't free and very expensive. To prevent living in the gutter or being homeless, Zinny decided to employ herself at the Vexo Club to work as a sex worker to have a steady income to pay her study. She works at the Red Light Brothel in the evenings after school and study.

Personality and Traits[]

Zinny is a kind and gentle soul, smart as she studies medicine at Lareg though finds it hard to witness and accept the difference between citizen and civilian social status. Seeing no other chance at fair work at Lareg for being a Qalavar, Zinny decided to engulf herself fully in the pleasures and joy Lareg had to give and became a sex worker- with a steady income for her study and enjoying the pleasures of physical contact with her clients.

Zinny donns a yellow dress with black trims and a black headband. She wears yellow armbands on her lower arm, yellow boots and between her breasts she wears a black club.


Png files

The Png files require the DarkInjection mod and the CamBenColor Pack.

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