Zevracence is the most notorious and wanted bounty hunter and criminal within Rambo Nation. Ever since his childhood he was involved in criminal activities, like stealing and robbing. Yet when he became a teenager he took bounties and soon rose out to become the most feared and wanted of them all.

Yet with the forming of the Cyrandia Alliance Zevracence finds his job more difficulty to execute, though with the forming of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus he sees new chances.


Early history[]


Not much is known about Zevracence, only that he was born around 30 BQF at the planet known as Parjurba in the Amiearia Sector. Born into a poor family in his childhood he became involved in criminal activities like stealing and robbing.

Never going to school he learned to write and read at the streets, which he used to his advance in his teenage years for his acceptance of bounties. Before reaching the age of 20 he was already a well known (or wanted) criminal within Rambo Nation. He even keeps his own wanted poster, hanging it above his bed as a reminder to always stay a step ahead of the Rambo authorities.


Ever since 10 BQF he became an independant bounty hunter and kept his title as one of the most wanted and known bounty hunter within Rambo Nation. Rambo Nation has put a price on his head of 500.000 Ramboidae Coins, though none dares to challenge Zevracence.

Shortly after the bounty was placed on his head, Rambo Nation became involved in the Second Galactic War and the Intergalactic War. Seeing his chance he only took small jobs and nothing major to prevent further attention to him. This way he was able to gather a fortune and a good repuation. Firther more he began dislinking the bounty hunters whom serve the Syndicate, seeing them as foolish and dumb.

Zevracence in the Ramaakota Saloon

After the wars rumors reached the Rambo authorities that Zevracence might have retired and dissapeared from sight.

At 03 AQf he was seen at Ramaakota in the saloon of Veldiaviëa V'irkli Du'lko, the crime misstres of Ramaakota. After spending a night there and talking with the slug like female he later showed up at the moon of Anummiae and took a deal from Morglûkia the Great, the biggest Crime Lord of Rambo Nation. He was to kill the CAS representative that was going to propose peace to Rambo Nation. He took the job and would recieve 5 million Ramboidae Coins for it. Joining forces with the Syndicate bounty hunters Uamio Teff and Ukho Yart they managed to infriltrate Väeressëa and badly injuring CAS Senator Mioa Buroa, ending the peace proposal with the Confederacy.

Taking jobs from Morglûkia

He made his escape and went into hiding for a short period of time. He was later hired by the unknown Cognati Captain to board the Rambo Prime Space Station to find information about a sensor array. He complied but later on betrayed the Cognati Captain for the bounty Rambo Nation had put on his head. As Captain Ramcard|Ramcard captured him he assured Zevracence that charges against him were now gone.

Tumult at Rambo City!

During the fifth month of the Quadrantia Disorder he was contacted by Morglûkia for a mission to travel over the breached Ramsoria Run. But he had to refuse, as he was trapped at the planet he was on due to the rule no civilian ships were allowed to travel over the Ramsoria Run anymore. Two months later, in the seventh month Zevracence recieved a strange order, together with a bad of money for the job. Zevracence simply complied and travelled to the Capital of Rambo Nation. There he tracked down his target to Rambo City, where he was talking with Zevracence his favorite senator, Chuinaylia. He told the two the best regards of the Confederacy and shot the ambassador down. He then escaped and was pleased to hear the ambassador still survived, as that was his order after all, attack the Girdo ambassador but leave him alive.

Zevracence, Ktrn and Barda in the saloon of Ramaakota

After that he went into hiding again at Ramaakota, as Rambo Nation troopers almost managed to capture him. During his departure from the capital he was also injured due to a bullet in his shoulder. When the Great Cyrannus War came to an end and the United Republic of Cyrannus was reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus Zevracence contacted Morglûkia again, who told him he should wait for further instructions. Pleased Zevracence enjoyed his long time vacation, often going to the saloon at Ramaakota and enjoying the sun.

Later on, sometime during the early days of 01 NE Zevracence and Ktrn met with another bounty hunter, by the name of Barda Clett. It seemed Barda and Zevracence came into contact once, though Zevracence didn't want to comment on the matter and simply called him a good fellah. In addition Bara commented on the fact that if they stole eachother their bounties, they would probably try to kill eachother. The three met in a saloon at Ramaakota, and Zevracence showed a generous side of himself. He paid all the drinks and even hired a Yunilinage danceress.

Garlboz shot in the back by Zevracence

Barda seemed to enjoy himself a lot, as did Zevracence who after a few hours was quite drunk. After the evening the two left and promised to meet eachother soon again.

With weeks without a large job, Zevracence grew angry with this Empire. Luckily in the 2nd month of 02 NE he was contacted by Rambas who paid him over one million to assasinate Grand Mandator Garlboz. As such Zevracence travelled once again to the moon of the Rambo Capital where he found Garlboz wandering near the shore line. Taking aim he first killed his two guards, and then shot Garlboz in the chest.

Dark One and Morglûkia meet

Zevracence checked the pulse of the Mandator who seemed to be still alive, just as planned by Rambas and his Resistance. He then left with a civilian transport and recieved another additional one million coins.

In the third month of 02 NE Zevracence recieved an official invitation from Morglûkia, though not an order it would be unwise not to go. As such Zevracence travelled to Anummiae and was present when Morglûkia his newest crime ally, the dangerous Dark One made an official alliance and joined the party. Pleased Zevracence took an interest in Trodaka, a female attactive servant of the Dark One. Near the end of the party, after a near fight encounter with a Saurdoshan Zevracence returned to the nearby hotel, drunk and pleased after a night full of fun.

Theft of the Bounty[]

Fighting Hutter security officers

After staying in hiding for quite some while, Zevracence grew bored and eventually gained knowledge of a protype new type of Hutter ship. In the fourth month of 03 NE/06 AQF he called for Uruviel who decided to aid him in stealing the vessel as it's pilot. Together the duo traveled to Tigma III, where the main dry dock and shipyards are located near the Rambo-Hutter border. After arriving at the spacedock they stole a fighter and landed on the restricted dry dock. After shooting some Hutter guards, Uruviel hacked the vessel and the two powered up it's systems and the theft was complete.

Blasting their way past a D-5 cruiser

While escaping the drydocks, Zevracence ordered Uruviel to disable one of the intercepting D-5 cruisers before cloacking and escaping the Hutter territories. After passing the Rambo-Hutter border he asked Uruviel to set course to the Quadrant 82-89 wormhole and named the stolen vessel, the Bounty. Two days later he instructed Uruviel to pilote the vessel towards the Green Fog Nebula instead of to the wormhole. Their destination formerly belonged to the Rambulans. Upon arriving they encountered a lone Regellis Star Empire dreadnought class. Zevracence ordered to place the ship into firing position and lower cloack and fire torpedoes. Surprised Uruviel complied and the Regellis Dreadnought was seriously damaged in the process. Raising it's shields, the dreadnought moved into firing position as well- but Uruviel had already taken the Bounty to another location under Zevracence his instruction. He explained he had recieved over 15 million Ramboidae coins just for the theft, while the double could be gained for damaging or destroying some vessel. Zevracence was happy, the life of a bounty hunter was good, very good!

Attacking civilian vessels

He later took the Bounty to the eastern R-7 station, a space station where a lot of civilian vessels docked to trade with others. The Rambo station was protected by a few ships at all time, but Zevracence recieved intelligence that only one battlecruiser would be present in a twenty minute window. Arriving he ordered Uruviel to drop the cloack (to still keep it a secret it could fire while under cloack) and opened fire at a Rambo freighter, a Ca'Leon passenger liner- an Imperial freighter managed to escape. When the USS Victory, a Constellation-class detached from the dock and laid in an intercept course the Bounty cloacked again and headed to the Q-82-Q-89 wormhole.

A new job given by Veldiaviëa!

After arriving in Quadrant 82, Uruviel took the Bounty to Ramaakota. Pleased to be home, he was surprised to be stuck in a high orbital sand storm upon entering orbit- though the pilot skills of Uruviel managed to prevent damage to the Bounty. Upon exiting the Bounty, the duo was greeted by Veldiaviëa- the sister of his main employer Morglûkia. She took the duo to her local saloon, where she instructed the two to accept a new mission by her brother, or he would ensure his wrath upon them. Probably resulting in their deaths. Though Zevracence boosted his own pride by telling her that he was never caught and in his own eyes the best bounty hunter in the entire Cluster- he knew he had to accept it in order to gain favor again with Morglûkia, or he would send bounty hunters and mercenaries to kill him. As such the duo accepted the mission, and upon reading the data pad began making preperations to leave Ramaakota again. But before leaving, all three enjoyed a dancing Yunilage under the pleasure of some free Huttergut beer.

Zevracence about to save Adelheidis

Upon resupplying the Bounty, Zevracence ordered Uruviel to travel to the coordinates given to intercept the New Republic star destroyer CRS Ramparica. Their new objective was to free Adelheidis from the detention area as a Cyrannus criminal lord known as Flovos has use for her.

Uruviel managed to dock the Bounty while under cloack in the lower hanger bay. Zevracence took the maintance vents to the detention deck where he engaged two Libertus guards. Though he managed to shoot one of them, the other hit Zevracence in the shoulder, forcing him to one knee while cursing his pain and carelessness. Somehow Adelheidis herself managed to break free as well and killed the other Libertus guard before Zevracence could be taken out. Patching to his wounds, Zevracence took Adelheidis to the Bounty where they took their escape. As a parting gift, Zevracence fired some torpedoes into the hangar bay, setting the lower decks into flames.

Zevracence then took Adelheidis to one of the moons of the Rambo Capital where she was to meet Morglûkia. Upon arrival he witnessed Adelheidis being handed over to Flovos Pretio of the Cyrannian Syndicate who also gave him his credits. Afterwards, Zevracence returned to Ramaakota. During the 10th month of 07 AQF, Zevracence aligned himself with the re-formed Syndicate and became one of its bounty hunters for hire, though he also kept his allegiance to Morglûkia and kep himself open for other employees as well. Keeping out of the public for a while, Zevracence began to train a lot, to get physical stronger and gained a few tattoos on his chest and face. As the Board of Elders employed others on important missions instead of himself, he grew annoyed and displeased with the Syndicate.

Personality and Traits[]


Zevracence is a cunning and smart bountyhunter, traits he has proven for holding the title of most notorious bountyhunter for many years. He dares to take the most dangerous jobs where others would not, though asks a price for it.

Not owning a ship, Zevracence uses basic Rambo Nation transports as he reasons a ship can be tracked. Zevracence is cruel, not hesistating to remove those who are in his path, though also has a kinder part as he likes gardening. A trait he keeps secret and only to himself. Zevracence uses a blaster, knifes and grenades in battle. Though also likes to use mobile holo devices, which can hide his appearance.

In 08 AQF Zevracence changed his appearance, equipped now with metal boots, shirtless to reveal his tatoos on his muscular chest after lots of work-outs Zevracence is ready to regain his criminal status once more, though this time he aims for a more important employee then the Syndicate.

Ships Owned[]


The Bounty is a stolen experimental Hutter Bird of Prey. The experimental Hutter Bird of Prey was at the time of her theft the most advanced ship within the Hutter navy.

Small, fast and agile it is able to fire torpedoes while under cloack- though still has to decloack to fire her phasers or disrupters. Equipped with rotating shields, the ship can take quite a punch and due to her wing position and engine powers, the ship can make fast turns and can easily jump into warp.

Upon Zevracence stealing the ship, he customised it inside to his liking, and his pilot became his fellow bounty hunter Uruviel.

The ship has a length of around 110 meters.



Green face.png “'Workable!'

  • Chuinaylia - Though in fact an enemy, she is way to cute to be angry at her.
  • Morglûkia - A perv, and I pledged my services to him.

Yellow face.png “'Interessting, can they be trust or are they future obstacles?'

  • Adelheids - A cute target I was employed to save, a pleasure!
  • Barda Clett - A bounty hunter from another galaxy, a good fellah!
  • Flovos Pretio - A Cyrannus criminal lord who I took a mission for at behalf of Morglûkia.
  • Ktrn - Ah, my fellow rabbit bounty hunter.
  • Rambas II - A Serindia who pays well for easy jobs!
  • Uruviel - Another fellow bounty hunter, yet her innocence I do not trust.

Red face.pngHe he!

  • Garlboz - A target who was meant to survive, odd!
  • Mar-Juún - Pff, scaly capricornian

Quotes from Others[]

My most promising and deadly bounty hunter!

- Morglûkia

A creep!

- Chuinaylia

Who do you think you are? I have the power to blow you in tiny, fiery pieces, you know.

- Mar-Júun
- Kideaza

A bounty Hunter who could be my equal,(eye twitch),Or better?!No proplem.

- barda Clett

I can't wait to wrok with this one! We'll ahve so much fun killing, he and I.

- Sotrahk of the bounty Hunters' Guild


Png Files

Require both the Dark Injection and the CamBenColor Mods


  • Zevracence is the most notorious and dangerous bounty hunter of the Quadrant Galaxies.


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