Zev is the leader of the Delpaxia as well as their lead diplomat.


Earlier lifeEdit

Zev was born on the Serpentaxy home world in the civil era of the Serpentaxy.When the Serpentaxy Civil War erupted,Zev created a religion that was said to have had proof of its beliefs.

Serpentaxy Delpaxia warEdit

Zev was ready to spread his religion across the entire Quadrant Galaxy.But first he intended on getting rid of the Serpentaxy by taking over all there colony's.Zev and at least 16 elite troops invaded a Serpentaxy colony.It didn't take long for them to defeat the guards and destroy the buildings with the help of some Delpaxia ships.

After invading the planet Zev quickly left.The war had only begun.Zev later planned on claiming another colony.But he would soon find out more then he bargained for.Zev found out about a ancient artifact called the Halovis.

Hunt For The HalovisEdit

Zev read about the Halovis and discovered that it was sealed in another Universe.Zev began stealing quantum technology from other empires so he could open a gate to the Halovis.Eventually after a long period of time the plan was finished.Zev ordered his soldiers to find the Halovis and bring it to him.

The War continuesEdit

After the Halovis was given to him,Zev began to plan a full scale invasion on the Serpentax home world.However,the coordinates were lost.The only thing he could hope for was that his minions would find them,or to search for them himself.While on a Delpaxia colony,the Serpentaxy attacked and destroyed it.Zev managed to escape though.

CRE Zev-0cf9a5e9 sml

Zev in his commanding uniform.


Zev is very interesting in terms of personality.He is known to have slight mood swings when under stress or when hurt.Zev is usually calm,but can get angry when the time comes for it.He would injure or kill one of his own minions if it would get him victory or advantage over a situation.


Zev has red scales,clawed hands and feet,and a slender serpent like mid section.He has a commander hat,a toxic blade,as well as light orange armor.

Abilities and traitsEdit

Zev's most powerful trait is his intellect, which surpasses many of his servants intelligence.Zev has knowledge of most ofr the universe which helps his followers find systems much more more easily.With his intelligence Zev is able to coordinate his plans perfectly.

Along with possessing high intelligence, Zev is a very capable fighter.His skills are enough to fight creatures much larger then himself.


  • "The Serpentaxy must fall!"
  • "Thee Delpaxia shall prevail."
  • "I will destroy the Serpentaxy even if it takes me an entire generation"

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