It is unknown where Zataura was born, as she was orphaned at birth. Her mother sent her away on a pod to another world. The reason for this is also unknown. She was taken in by a nice family on another planet. They called her by the name that was carved into her pod.

Zataura had a very enjoyable and peaceful childhood. Her foster parents were very wealthy and were able to provide her with anything she wanted.


Once Zataura became an adult, she began having strange visions. The visions included strange runes and symbols carved into stone walls. Sometimes she would see these symbols on what seemed like body armor. Zataura talked to her town priest about the symbols. He had her carve the symbols on a stone tablet. Once carved, the symbols glowed a bright cyan color, revealing a strange message. The priest suddly looked at Zataura with fear. He clamed that she was the Seed of the False God, Child of the Abyss. She had no idea what he was talking about. The priest then ordered her to leave the temple and never return.

Word of the priest's discovery spread around the planet, including other empires. Some people were afraid of Zataura, avoiding her at all costs or cowering when ever she walked past them. She did not understand what the priest meant by "Child of the Abyss", but she planned to find out.

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Zataura wears standard armor that is capable of protecting her from gunfire and blades. It is lightweight, allowing her to move with more flexibility than heavy armored foes.


Zataura is highly skilled in the field of essence. Being a Nyarqaeshian descendant, Zataura has the ability to use Void Essence with unmatched prowess. This allows her to gain the edge on many opponents. Her abilities with this essence include severing, blasting, and even teleporting her foes. On an extreme display of power, Zataura can even open a small rift in space time to obliterate opponents.

Due to her Nyarqaeshian physique and biology, Zataura gains an extreme power boost when exposed to Shattorium, a rare element that exists throughout the universe. This also happens when she is in the Abyssal Domain. This power boost gives her the ability to create black holes at will or even rip even larger rifts in space time. She could even potentially create an entire ply new dimension.


Zataura is shown to have a powerful mind due to her Nyarqaeshian lineage. Her intelligence is almost on par with that of some if the greatest minds within the Gigaquadrant. Brygon has also instructed her in the Volver martial arts, which is similar to Judo on earth.







Quotes From HerEdit

I do believe in fate. And I will do anything to discover mine.

I won't tolerate liars.

Quotes From OthersEdit

Go forth my child...avenge me. Bend this galaxy to you, and the rest of the Gigaquadrant!

- Xizothano Ada

You don't seem that bad honestly...I suppose we can be alles...

- King Brygon

So you're Ada's offspring...I'm not sure if that's a good thing. Well, I'm pretty sure that is definitely not a good thing. Especially if the Dark One takes her in, or if she marries Gridlock, or something like that. Well, Brygon'll just have to take her in, I guess, and let us hope nothing wrong happens.

- W'tze

Cousin...The Dark One calls for you. You shall abide!

- Gridlock

Stay with Brygon if you know what's good for you... and everyone else.

- Ava
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