Unlike most criminals, I like focusing on the positive side of things. Father killed? I get his throne. Rebellion against me? Fun tormenting them. Apocalypse? No more responsibilities.

- Zarveltyr

Zarveltyr is a Bisistar crime lord in the Arcane Sector. He is the current ruler of the Enklima force. Very emotonal and showy, he seeks only profit and the persoal gratification of himself nd his allies.


Zarveltyr has lived his entire life in service of the Enklima force. His father was the original Enklima's right hand man, though he overthrew him to rule on his own demoting Enklima's daughter,Enklima 2 to smuggling. Zarveltyr was therefore raised as a crime lord's son. His father died when Zarveltyr was 16. ( they called it mechanical difficulties, which in the Enklima force really meant sabotage). Zarveltyr inherited the crime lord's throne, and the young prodigy set out to make all the money he possibly could.

Chaos TimesEdit

Gift WrappedEdit

Zarveltyr set these events in motion, by convincing a rebellious Canebant to steal the ingredients for some Askelian poison. He knew that Piuvot would eventually get her deactivated nanomachines online, and so set up a trap, using her to lure an askelian captain to a fake launch site, which contained only a holopost mocking them for falling for his trick. He figured that it would make them more cautious when dealing with him if they could see how smart he is.


Zarveltyr is the norm for his race. Cunning, manipulative, and highly dangerous, Zarveltyr combines this with crime lord training in a fearsome combination. He is also a Sociopath, possessing little empathy. He is very materialistic, believing everything should be done for money, and not understanding many things that aren't. Being a crime lord, he was trained from a young age to be paranoid, as someone might try to overthrow him. He is also very showy, doing various things to make himself "cool." (taking on the name Zarveltyr was one of them). He can also be very childish. In spite of all this, he can be very difficult to predict, and sometimes has violent mood swings. He has been described as "never doing anything halfway" and is highly emotional.He is considered by many to be insane.However, he can tone down his some what psychotic tendencies, and can be very diplomatic when he wants to be. He also doesn't like doing things he doesn't understand how it would benefit him. He is very cultured, and has an interest in all forms of art. He cares deeply for his fellow criminals, but his paranoia doesn't allow for close personal relationships. He also enjoys spying on people, which his Bisistar abilities make very easy. He also enjoys the suffering of others, but only those he believes deserve it.



Blue face-Could I-trust them?

Khan'Zralaka-Crude, but cool


Yellow face-Just remember-I'm the dominant one

Interested InEdit

Yellow face-I like these guys

Morglukia-What is with you're humanoid fetish? You look nothing like them!

Terikalinra-Now this is a guy I could get to know. Platonically of course.

Flovos Pretio-With a name like that it's no wonder you turned to crime


Red face-Spoilsports!


  • The Bisistar race is credited to Cyrannian (TalkContributionsE-mail)
  • His catchphrase is "Spoilsport" which he calls people he doesn't like.
  • The original idea was for him to have a distinctive accent, but I retconned it because he sounded silly, and was hard to understand
  • He is somewhat of a counterpart to Tyton. Tyton is serious and composed, Zarveltyr is informal and emotional. Tyton has some trust issues, Zarveltyr has been taught by birth not to trust anyone but himself
  • His original concept was created for a (really bad) scifi story I thought up when I was ten. Which explains why he has such a overdramatic name like Zarveltyr


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I find it hard to be intimidated by a man with the mindset of a whiny six year old.

- Tyton Sialis

While I find him to act like a child, he displays criminal mastery and very good abilities in the Black Markets.

- Terikalinra

Damned Bisistar.

- Okhasminus
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