"The Zagorias Union welcomes you, unless you are from The Mercuris Federation. Are you! Who are you! Enemies will be destroyed!"
  • Shortly after the Naomedes Campaign, this empire will be absorbed into the Naomedes Galactic Union.

The Zagorias Union (after Zagorias, the founder) is a large empire that controls most of the Naomedes Galaxy. It is currently at war with The Mercuris Federation. The Mercuris Federation knows little of the Zagorias Union, and they only know about a few of the species in it.


This empire is made up of various species that have pledged their allegiance to Shadow Azakai and his empire.

Dubledie EmpireEdit

The Dubledie are a Tier 5 empire that is located on the outside area of the Naomedes Galaxy. They are the first empire encountered by The Mercuris Federation. And the two empires fought on a planet called Tolip. This was the first contact between the Zagorias Union and the Mercuris Federation. The Dubledie's attack, and the Mercuris Federation's response signaled the beginning of a very long conflict between the two empires.

  • Tier: 4
  • Archetype(s): Warrior
  • Species: Dubledie
  • Threat Level: Medium

Rizaron TribeEdit

Uplifted by the Beanderon at Shadow Azakai's will, they proved to have skilled soldiers, the Elite Nathos Warriors. They fought the Mercuris Federation on a small planet where one of their villages was.

  • Tier: 5
  • Archetype(s): Unknown
  • Species: Rizaron
  • Threat Level: Low

Reptilian UnionEdit

A rebellion in a part of the Phradox galaxy led to many reptilian empires being segregated, so these three empires moved to M32 and joined the Zagorias Union. This empire is made up of three species: the Reptillicus, Kardalce, and Tipanor Empires.

  • Tier: Medium 4
  • Archetype(s): Scientist Warriors
  • Species: Reptillicus, Tipanor, Kardalce
  • Threat Level: Medium

Grox RebellionEdit

Once called, The Grox Empire of the Naomedes Galaxy, they abandoned The Grox and formed their own empire. They quickly found another species whose lives were destroyed by The Grox, the Magma Moles. The two species forged an alliance.

  • Tier: Borderline 3 (3.9-3.7)
  • Archetype(s): Anti-Groxologist Scavengers
  • Species: Grox (without implants), Magma Moles
  • Threat Level: High

Beanderon EmpireEdit

Once a friendly species, Shadow Azakai severed all of their alliances and trade routes. They are one of the most powerful empires in this alliamce, and have powerful ships.

  • Tier: High 4
  • Archetype(s): Warrior (used to be Trader)
  • Species: Beanderon Evo, Benaderon
  • Threat Level: Medium

Daphalian EmpireEdit

The supposed leaders of the Zagorias Union, they are a surprisingly diplomatic species, only Shadow Azakai is aggressive.

  • Tier: Borderline 3
  • Archetype(s): Diplomat (slightly Warrior)
  • Species: Daphalians of Daphala
  • Threat Level: High


...op them! They will never reach the core! Not by al...

- The only known fragment of their philosophy



  • T'numo Sevara
  • Sernaps
  • Slave Drivers
  • Ancient Sneudrablin Koorbredla
  • Drakollian Empire


  • No empires fit this category


  • No empires fit this category


  • UngarSpSociety of Steve
  • Black Hole Clan
  • Naomedes Galactic Industries of Evil Science
  • Confederation of the Naomedes
  • The Oormans
  • The Spartans of the Naomedes
  • All asscoiates of the Mercuris Federation


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