Remember, I don't want these planets to be taken over. We're not war mongers, we're war watchers. We're war evolvers. We're war causers. We're mercenaries and criminals. We're Zaarkhun Consortium- we have a base, we don't yet need another one until we need more power and expansion is vital.

- Falrik Zaarkhun

The Zaarkhun Consortium is a criminal-ran organization in the underground of Ottzello (now Ottzello Sector). Owned by the Zaarkhun clan, they are a truly infamous criminal organization, having committed many dark deeds.



The Zaarkhun Consortium was founded by Tolvik Zaarkhun. Tolvik used to work for the old Technobian Empire, curing the war against the Kralgons. During this war, he became a commander of the navy, and had several plans involving crime which the rest of the Empire turned down. Eventually, his idea of destroying half the Technobian Empire's planets to destroy the Kralgons was turned down, and he was banished to Planet Zeharon, and left for dead.

There, he was discovered by Genrai Nal, who took him in to a hut. Genrai Nal adopted Tolvik for unknown reasons, took him in and gave him money. Tolvik's thirst for power led him to a life of crime on the planet, which in fact was home to a small Ottzel civilisation.

Tolvik & Genrai captured many soldiers working with the planet's police and the Technobian Empire, recruiting them for his own empire. He also united the other colonies of the planet, due to the hugely rich ground that attracted miners, many species had placed colonies.

After taking over each one, Tolvik Zaarkhun had founded the Zaarkhun Consortium.

The push to space[]

Since many space ports were found on this planet, Tolvik captured the ships and got the scientists of his consortium to develop new warships. Zeharon was a base for Zaarkhun, somewhere they could operate from. But now Tolvik wished to get cash.

Now that the planet was in his hands, there was no more extortion, black markets, smuggling, rackateering and had no important figures to intimidate. He was interested in making money from the slavery market, and piracy. Furthermore, the scale of planets, over cities, meant huge sums of money... Tolvik was going to make sure the planet was his

After a few more generations of stealing, bribing, pirating etc., the consortium was left to Zaarkhun. The Consortium's historty seems to be missing 2,000 years, however...

Perils of Ottzello[]

Second Ottzello Galactic War

During the Second Ottzello Galactic War, the Zaarkhun Consortium played a large part, although unknown to the allies, he revealed himself to be behind the Kralgon Invasion Force, by unfreezing the Kralgon Emperor from a 2000 year freezing. Falrik Zaarkhun was then killed in an explosion, and Zaarkhun Consortium's state is unknown.

Third Ottzello Galactic War

In the Third Ottzello Galactic War, Zaarkhun was revealed at the end to have been behind the whole war; he was in fact alive, just using a lot of cybernetic implants. It was also revealed that they were all working for Emperor Zargoth. Zaarkhun was killed by Titanozor.

Post- Perils of Ottzello[]

Afterwards, it was discovered that Zaarkhun was alive in the second year of the Great Cyrannus War. He was finally killed then, but he still has multiple clones, hinting that the Zaarkhun Consorium still lives on. As a result of Place Your Bet, the Consortium is to be left alone by Unified Nation of Ottzello and the United Republic of Cyrannus.


As a result of the Clash of the Crimelords, the Zaarkhun Consortium evolved into the Borealis Consortium Network, merging with many other networks and criminal groups around the galaxy. They secrelty merged with the Wranploer Legion; officially the two had just put aside their differences and were still two different factions.



Zaarkhun are full of shady characters. Most are well built, but some are overweight and hugely rich. It is very variable, but most folks in Zaarkhun besides the leaders are scary people.


The Zaarkhun Consortium is mostly made of renegades of these species:


Zaarkhun Consortium's people tend to be very good at sweet talking & bribery, but besides that, don't tend have any real special abilities. Some members, however have usage of dark energies.


The Zaarkhun Consortium's military is rather small. They are mostly rag-tag soldiers, and soldiers who have been kidnapped and forced to work for Zaarkhun. Zaarkhun wishes for the consortium to no longer be reliant on Mercenaries as it once was, so the mercenaries he once used are now used to improve Zaarkhun's army, by training them & assisting them.

Zaarkhun is currently looking into recruiting soldiers himself, perhaps in the planets he conquers. He is also considering the mercenary business, to further expand his empire's interests.


The Zaarkhun Consortium is extremely rich. It gains a lot of it's money from the following:

  • Piracy & Extortion- They capture planets & planetary resources and sell them for huge sums of cash
  • Blackmailing- They blackmail leaders of other planets to gain a share in the economy, and keep behind their troops to make sure the planet obeys
  • Kidnapping- They kidnap leaders of wealthy planets, and make sure the planet does as Zaarkhun says
  • Piracy- The Zaarkhun Pirates search famous trade routes and steal cargo ships, to ensure their economy is perfect
  • Smuggling- Smuggling Spice is very common, along with illegal drugs


Corrupt, ruthless and infamous. Zaarkhun 'society' is full of dealing, gambling, drugs and hunting. They tend to have many shady sporting events in their past time.


Zaarkhun either live in huge palaces, run down bars or random hideouts. it is very variable, but Zaarkhun habitats are scary places.


Zaarkhun is a real perfectionist- he aims for the best money can buy on the black market, and if that doesn't work, he steals it. Zaarkhun, who learned off Loron methods, gets other technology other empires use and makes it his own, combining it with others pieces of technology. Zaarkhun does hire and kidnap scientists to train his own scientists & research technology for him, to further improve it, and is willing to accept any expense.

It is unsurprising, then, that Zaarkhun's technology is the second greatest in Ottzello, the first being the Kralgons. He makes a lot of extortionist money using it, and has a very powerful military from it.

Currently, Zaarkhun is looking into developing hugely powerful military weapons, to use as fear weapons. He feels that the threat of a destructive weapon will be a great way to corrupt the galaxy.

Zaarkhun also have their own System,


Zaarkhun onl buys the most expensive things on the market. He buys what he wants to do the job, and if it doesn't exist, he ensures it does exist. Zaarkhun vehicles tend to have cloakin devices and state of the art weaponry, as well as crude paint and other add ons, such as jewellery.


Zaarkhun mostly uses cloaking devices, but besides this has few.


Zaarkhun uses black market and stolen technology, which is in fact very powerful. Their weaponry is on the level of a Tier 2 civilization, due to their strong black market trading.


The irony of that sentence is the fact that we're all already dead...

- Falrik Zaarkhun to General Volim

The Zaarkhun Consortium's leaders are a shady group of nasty crimelord folk. They've all died too; Falrik Zaarkhun was killed and cloned, Genrai Nal's old life was taken away when he became Shu'wokerama's servant, and Sollow was killed by Falrik before Sollow joined.

Falrik Zaarkhun[]

Main article: Falrik Zaarkhun

Falrik Zaarkhun is an infamous crimelord, feared & despised throughout Ottzello. He has a very dark history, one of which is very mysterious....

Zaarkhun is always determinned to get his own way. He will start by sweet talking others into getting what he wants, if that fails, he resorts to bribing. If that fails, he loses his patience and eliminates them. He is a cold hearted, selfish, sweet talking tyrant who cares little for others and despises galactic politics. He is a Heeyorian.

Genrai Nal[]

Main article: Genrai Nal

Genrai Nal's species is unknown, although he is full of dark gyronic. He has a thrill for battle and prefers to kill his foes first, and ask questions later. A mysterious being, immune to aging, he has seen many millenia of combat, and has been described by some as an "old timer", particularly by Loron, for using his two blades to slice enemies to pieces. He does not use Dark Gyronic, while he is partially made of it, he doesn't have any power recieved from it.


Main article: Sollow

The Sollow seems to be Zaarkhun's right hand man. He is a quiet, dark character, and very intelligent and inquisitive. He is seen as the brainpower for the Consortium. Little is known about him, and no one has an explanation for his lack of a soul of any kind.

Zaarkhun's Vision[]

I want the consortium not to be a bunch of criminals. I want us to be a self supportive nation in its own. I don't want to be hiring mercenaries, I want to be offering our own mercenary services. I'm not trading with anyone- I'm putting extortion on stuff I sell. We're going to be going up against huge nations, so we'll need threats of our own. Weapons of our own. We're Zaarkhun Consortium, and we'll soon be a hugely influential criminal organization that makes the Black Sun look like a swoop gang. Soon, the galaxy will be mine.

- Zaarkhun