Yvenne Thalyssaera is a half-aelfe (half-elf) native to the Finduila Sector, part of a dwindling race after their homeworld was destroyed by the Legatus Finduilica. Yvenne eventually wound up with dissidents and struggles to fight the Legatus in hopes of finding a life of plenty and peace. Though troubled, often found arrogant, bold and naive she actually cares deeply for those she loves.

Yvenne is loyal to her friend and mentor, captain Komamuka Sajin and together they embarked on various adventures against the Legatus Finduilica, a vassal state of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus in the Endless Space. After the conclusion of the Twilight of Divina-events and the dissolution of the Rambo Loyalist, Yvenne returned to a civilian life, trying to survive and life a normal life during the ongoing Divina Frigus as a tanker captain.


Early Life[]

Yvenne Thalyssaera was born in a family of proud and high standing family on her homeworld in 2801. When the Legatus Finduilica was formed, a vassal under the terrifying Empire most of the half-elves refused to acknowledge them. The Empire made an example of them and destroyed the half-elven homeworld, one of the many reasons the Kingdom of the Netherlands capitulated. Yvenne was off planet at the time and witnissed the destruction live from one of the holo channels. Ever since, Yvenne was on the run and tried to survive as a child.

One day, she was cornered by thugs in a dark alley who molested her, unable to fight back they wanted to take advance of her sorrow state. By sheer luck or chance, captain Komamuka Sajin was in the alley as well. Crawling on four, crying she begged for help and the captain provided it. Ever since, she stands in his debt (over time multiple times) and she gave him her loyalty. Though she believes that the captain finds her an annoyance, she looks up to the stern "Wolf" and joined him in his struggle against the Empire.

Struggles of being a Half-Elf[]

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The mercenary brings Yvenne in an exalted state by pinching the point of her elven ears

In february 2819/21 AQF, Yvenne being 18 years sat in a bar after she lost most of her squad to the turbolasers of an Imperial Walker. She went into a bar and bought a bottle of honing rum, hoping to drink away the sorrow, the flashes of her squad dying and silencing the screams in her head. While getting tipsy, an annoying mercenary approached her though she refused to buy his advances. To her surprise, he was persistence and he suddenly pinched the point of her right ear and massaged it at the same time. Never having felt this sensation before, she lost all common sense and was in elation and let out a moan of pleasure when he did the same to her left ear. The mercenary advanced by placing his hand under her shirt, at her belly before the arrival of capain Komamuka Sajin who with a single strike of his fist send the mercenary flying. Still tipsy and wandering towards her superior officer, he simply placed a finger on her fore head and Yvenne went numb. He "Wielded" her, throwing her over his shoulder he brought the young girl to safety.

Trouble getting out of bed

Komamuka brought her back to Home Base and put her to bed. Due to the wielding and her drunken state she at least puked twice in a bucket before coming to her senses. After taking a shower in her quarter she realised she missed the 09:00 am briefing as it was already 11:45 am. With a heay heart she entered the bridge of the Eeendragt and was scolded in front of everyone by captain Komamuka Sajin. The two got into a heated argument until Komamuka suddenly hit her with his flat hand. The impact send Yvenne to her knees, with blood in her mouth she her half-elven temper grew until schout bij nacht Jan Michiel Tasman corrected them both. Yvenne was send on sanitary duty for a week, a duty that was prolongued with an extra week as Yvenne lost her temper a few days later and broke some mirrors and seemingly attacked some guards.

Yvenne and her dissident squad engaged in a fire fight at Rottum

After the two weeks sanitary duty Yvenne was dispatched to Nassau where she seduced Legatus officer, Timothy Winthazen who led her to his ship, the Gozanti-class LF-389 to get better acquinted. Kissing him on the ramp, Yvenne unholstered his weapon and stunned him. While her fellow dissidents took care of the Imperial Legionnaires they plundered the vessel of its cargo and dowloaded the databases. To her surprise Yvenne found out that the ship was heading to Rottum, a old outpost of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Intrigued Yvenne and her crew stole the ship and met in space with captain Komamuka who, albeit hesistantly supported Yvenne her bold move. With support of Komamuka she took her team to the old Dutch outpost known as Rottum, housing a squadron of Space F16 starfighters. Donning an Imperial disguise as a lieutenant, she managed to convince the troopers at the surface of her intentions and fooled them. Together with her team she assaulted the base and after heavy fire fighting, they managed to steal some starfighters and took them into space. With the arrival of a single Arquintens-class light cruiser in orbit, Yvenne grew desperate but the timely arrival and tactics of Komamuka ensured their escape after the light cruiser was disabled. The vice-admiral at first was annoyed by her disobedience though was pleased with the extra starfighters.

Ambushed on Nassau by Timothy

To celebrate Yvenne returned to Nassau where she was given a honey rum by Komamuka. During the drink she was disturbed by the kid Hisharo Kyōrisibo who claimed the need to speak to Komamuka. Hesistant at first she decided to trust him and took the kid to the landing platform where their LC-cruiser was blown up upon arrival by lieutenant Timothy Winthazen of the Legatus. With aid of the kid the two narrowly escaped and payed the smuggler Zaa Ashara to get them off planet. The young Cargura agreed and brought them to rendezvouz upn orders of rear-admiral Tasman who warned them for an impending attack at Home Base. At the point she met with the hooded girl, member of the Lusitania Squadron.

Tasman loses his patience with Yvenne

Hoping the girl brougth reinforcement she was dissapointed that the hooded girl didn't bring any and Yvenne fell to her knees, fearing the dissidents were doomed. The girl however claimed another solution and Yvenne, with aid of Zaa and Hisharo rushed back to Home Base where they joined the battle that turned in favor of the enemy Legatus forces. Escaping the battle, Yvenne returned to the bridge of the Eendragt and hugged Komamuka, who she was relieved survived the battle. Yvenne convinced the rear-admiral to travel to the "Rift" where upon arrival an assault frigate sacraficed itself by ramming the guarding Autokrator-class star destroyer. To her shock, on the other side of the Rift the Imperator-class star destroyer Relentless ambushed them. At that poin the desperate and furious rear-admiral grabbed Yvenne's vest and shook her. Luckily, the timely arrival of three Lusitania Consular-class frigates and the Munifecent-class Loyalist One prevented disaster and allowed them to rendezvouz with the rest of the Loyalist fleet. There Lord Ramannis Le Rambo and commander Altus Mirea invited them to join the Loyalist ranks, something all present gladly accepted.

Tales of the Resistance[]

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Yvenne and Lissarhk at the bridge of Concur Refueling Depot

Yvenne was soon send under disguise of an Imperial officer to go undercover to prepare her target for a Loyalist intervention at Concur Refueling Depot. Serving under command Gnackt she ensured that Idris Vanguinar and her Lusitania forces were able to infiltrate the station. She met with Idris onboard the station in a bar, preventing the Sinleri girl from kiling the bartender though at the same time informed her that all was ready. Later on she met with the Tra'ssahk commander at the bridge after he ordered a complet lockdown after explosions were felt at the station. While Gnackt left Yvenne in charge she took out the bridge crew with a stun pistol, entered the codes to release the docking clamps of the modified Dreadnought-Class command destroyers targeted for theft and use for the Loyalist Ensemble. Afterwards she stunned herself by dropping a stun grenade.

The Resurging Starfire takes heavy fire during the Battle of Pauvenris

After the theft of the destroyers Yvenne was interviewed by Imperial Intelligence about the theft. Cleared of any charges she later returned to the Loyalist forces to assault Isle Blue. While plans were in preparations the New Republic Civil War reached its conclusive stage when Lord Jar'Dris Ravencrow dispatched Yvenne and her team onboard the Hammerhead-class Resurging Starfire to join Resistance forces to extract Loai Cretacea from Pauvenris. During the ensuing Battle of Pauvenris the Resurging Starfire took heavy fire and was forced to retreat to the back lines of the allied fleet to prevent destruction as its engines were crippled and required emergency repairs. Yvenne instead took her U-Wing and an extraction team down to the surface and joined with the Raptor at the Pauvenris Estate to extract Laoi. Providing covering fire Yvenne herself threw down the ropes that allowed the rescue party to escape advancing guards. She later returned to the Purpura Nebula once more as the Loyalists prepared to assault Isle Blue and support an attack on the Rambo Capital during the Umbra du Elen'nathien-events. During the assault against High King Rambert Ramveral Yvenne remained onboard the Resurging Starfire and fought against Rambo starfighters until the arrival of a Galactic Empire of Cyrannus fleet. The death of the High King resulted in an Imperial occupation and the dissolution of Rambo Nation. Yvenne covered the Raptor during the retreat when the Imperial overran the New Republic/Resistance forces.

Dawn & Twilight of Divina[]

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"Raven Team" does a shocking discovyer

After returning to the Space in Between, Yvenne and her troopers were assigned to serve under Lord Jar'Dris Ravencrow in the siege of Isle Blue. After Tiger-class starfighters and U-Wings managed to break the blockade in orbit, Yvenne met with the elven Lord and recieved instructions to advance by the eastern route through the swamps. Her squads advance was slow and to make matters worse, after a few hours they already met with Imperial resistance and were soon pinned down on a lone hill in the middle of the swamp. For the next day, Yvenne and her squad held out but were unable to go forth or back due and they lost their walker. As the rain continued to rain down, Yvenne and her human troopers faced a certain risk at hypothermia. Yvenne and her squad, dubbed Raven Team was liberated from their pinned down position by General Jar'Dris who arrived with reinforcements. The general assigned his granddaughter, Anessa Ravencrow to her team and together with private Yosh Vanderhoek they scouted a nearby valley. Once there, to their horror they discovered "Relocation Valley" and the remains of the Bluedions.

Velocitar and Yvenne watched an Imperial convoy hitting a mine, April 2820

Sickened by the sight, the trio were ambushed by Imperials up the hill with the timely arrival of captain Komamuka Sajin prvented their demise. Later on, Yvenne and her team participated in the battle to take the main Imperial facility. Sadly, shortly after she and her Loyalist friends were forced to withdraw with the arrival of Admiral Apticyus who drove the Loyalist forces to the Quadrants.

By March 2820 while on Plerax Base, the Creckel warrior Creckagni Shatterhorn introduced Yvenne to the other new members of Raven Team: corporal Oakster, private medic Phoebe Barask and the druid Amdír Windrunner. In April 2820, Yvenne participated in the successful battle of Umbrax when Raven Team was disptached by General Ravencrow as reinforcments. The Loyalist forces under command of the Watcher cousins was overrun by a rampaging Spinoluap. At odds at first with lieutenant Watcher, she handed him over the new orders from the general and Yvenne deployed guerillia tactics that eventually ensured the liberation of Umbrax with aid of the native Velocitar and the seventh legion under command of Judge Magister Ramhis.

July 2820, the formation of the Dinotopian Republic

By June 2820, Yvenne and Raven Team participated in the siege and liberation of Impaerusqiantia. Days after the victory at Impaerusqiantia Yvenne oversaw the clean-up of Imperial remnants on the planet while Loyalist Command and the Western Sector leadership discussed politics. To her surprise, on a particular day various high profil former Rambo Nation regional politicians met within the ShadowForge and she was invited as well.

Waiting within the halls with Lord Asparex and Ser Sarossk of the Saurien Sector Corporation, she was surprised with the arrival of Ramuno of Eris and Chancellor Jioan in his hoverchair. Together they instructed Yvenne to relay the message to Lord Ramannis Le Rambo that the western sectors had no intention of helping him in rebuilding Rambo Nation but instead formed their own state, the Dinotopian Republic. After relaying the message she was dispatched by the Dinotopians to investigate Yarchadia where to her horror she witnissed the dead planet and the Imperial insigna carved into the surface of the planet.

By September, Yvenne was the only member of Raven Team dispatched to Ramar Shadda with a contingent of Carnthuendi. Yvenne disliked the freezing cold and the slow struggle at the ice planet. After five days, it seemed the battle came to a stalemate as neither the Loyalists nor the Imperial forces managed to get the upperhand.

Yvenne enjoys the hot springs of Ramar Shadda, September 2820

At the 6th of September Yvenne hatched a plan and managed to destroy a vital Sentinel-dropship using a grenade launcher. Destroying the supplies and ground reinforcements. At the same time in orbit the ICS Eternal Empire was disabled with aid of Dinotopian Republic reniforcements on the allied side, forcing the Imperials to withdraw.

After the victory Yvenne visited a hot spring near the main castle of Ramar Shadda, wearing only bathing cloth she soon fel asleep in the hot warm water. To her chagrin, she was disturbed by General Jar'Dris and Lord Lendinnas who congratulated Yvenne on her performance. To her amusement, Lord Lendinnas invited Yvenne for diner later on. Yvenne accepted and enjoyed some off time, the following days there would be enought time to return to the war.

At the 14th of September, Yvenne led Raven Team on their mission to siege the Arquitens-class light cruiser ICS Provocateur in a desperate mission to liberate Pauvenris. Upon arrival at Pauvenris, the Bismarck under command of Commodore Malegras opened fire as part of their ruse chase. The ruse failed as Pauvenris turned out to be heavilier defended than anticipated, and with Malegras planning to withdraw and Yvenne came up with a desperate plan. She manouvred the Provocateur between the ICS Poseidon and ICS Athena and planed to self destruct the vessel. However, her friend Yosh saw through her plan and stunned her, with his collegues taking her off the ship Yosh piloted the ship and self destructed the vessel. With various spacial mines the following implosion destroyed both Autokrators, opening the way for a surface invasion of the prison.

Civlrozed aid Yvenne during the siege of Pauvenris, September 2820

Upon landing on the surface, Yvenne led a reckless assault at the prison, resulting in the injury of Phoebe, though with aid of Sinleri guards they managed to reach the prison. Within the prison, Yvenne was hit by a whip, handled by a Serindia guard. With aid of Civlrozed and his brute might the guards with defeated, and Yvenne witnessed the liberation of Princess Ramanei Joy Feather. After the battle Yvenne remained on Pauvenris for a short period of time and was not present during the liberation of the Rambo Capital.

Instead Yvenne was dispatched in secret to the Cyrannus Galaxy where she joined in the liberation effort of Orbispira. After the celebration she returned to the Quadrant Galaxies.

Divina Frigus[]

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With the death of the Emperor Tyrómairon and the liberation of the Ramboidae Territories, the Rambo Loyalist disbanded much to the surprise of Yvenne as the Divina Frigus erupted. Though some hold-outs continued their struggle, Yvenne grew disillusioned and lost sight of the cause with the rise of the Sacratus and the Legatus. With the loss of support from the Serindia Houses, Yvenne took her credits she was due and left for the Space in Between in hopes of starting a civilian life away from conflict and war, as she felt abandoned by her former comrades. After spending some time on Carnthedain and later Lareg, where she managed to gamble a small fortune, Yvenne saved enough credits that she could acquire her own ship, a Val Graf-class tanker. She named the vessel the Val-Gil and acquired some droids as well to serve onboard. Much to her dismay, she often found herself being employed by more shady figures of the underworld or the Legatus themselves to refuel ships and vessels. None the less, life was rather good, though her drinking increased, her love for gambling as well and she grew desinteressted in the problems of others.

Personality and Traits[]

Yvenne and Komamuka, a duo that is often at odds though work well together and get things done

Yvenne Thalyssaera, as a half-elf is known to be temperamental and quick to anger, a trait common to her species. Her exterior display is one of being arrogant, often acussed of being a brat, naive and careless. It includes disobedience, resentful, refusal to accept her own mistakes and quick to judge others. Beneath these displays lies actually a tormented and troubled girl. Insecure about herself, traumatized by the destruction of her homeworld while she was still a child and always on the run.

She actually cares deeply for those she loves though she rarely shows these traits, fearing it damages her reputation. Though when scolded by those she loves, she is close to breaking and has great difficulties to keep her emotions in check. During her time with the dissidents she gained liking for honing rum, reading books and drawing.

As a Half-Elf, she is vulnrable for sexual exploits, one of the growing markets in the sector for Half-Elven girls. By pinched the points of the elven ears, and massaging it at the same time with a special technique send Yvenne in an exalted state of pleasure, losing all common sense and open for suggestion, a vulnerability her superior officer, Komamuka tries to shield her from at all costs.

After the disbanding of the Loyalists, Yvenne lost sight of the cause and grew more distant from others, favoring the pleasure of life and her self-interests more important. Her drinking increased as well as she served only with droids onboard her tanker. However, she kept herself in shape by sporting in the ship its sporting facilities and grew more muscles than before.


Yvenne her different appearances.
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Wardrobe Appearances
CRE Yvenne Thalyssaera (2850)-2003ccd3 ful.png Yvenne her basic appearance as captain of the Val Graf-class tanker Val-Gil. Yvenne wears a loose desert colored trouser with a tight white tank-top that reveals part of her belly and tattoo. In addition a large and heavy leather belt finishes the outfit while her weapon is carried on her left hip. On her right hip she wears a small skirt to wipe off her dirty hands after oiling or maintaince onboard her ship. In adddition, two bandage sleaves are wrapped on both her arms, to protect her skin while operating machinery onboard the Val-Gil.
Yvenne ThalyssaeraLarge.png Yvenne her basic appearance during her time with the dissidents and rebels of the Loyalists. Her outfit sports black trouser with a grey tight shirt as top. Over it, she wears a greenish vest and a brown jacket with brown mid high shoes.

On her righ hip she carries a blaster and proved herself to be a decent markswoman. On her left hip she carries a small knife.

Yvenne Thalyssaera.png
Yvenne ThalyssaeraTattoo.png
Yvenne in basic white underwear, with her tattoo clearly visible. The meaning of her tattoo on her left under side of her belly is unknown though can loosely be representing "sunset", the reason or true meaning it unknown to her as well as how she got it.

Her underwear features a lower white string and an upper short sleeping gown made of soft silk. While wearing her sleeping gown her hair hangs loose instead of being tied.

Yvenne Thalyssaera (underwear).png
Yvenne ThalyssaeraImperialLarge.png Yvenne in her Imperial disguise she gained after stealing the Gozanti-class LF-389 while on Nassau. Her disguise sports the basic Legatus uniform of the Empire. With black boots, black skirt, dark trousers and upper uniform and a dark hat.

Yvenne took the rank insigna of lieutenant as not to draw to much attention while at the same time having access to certain vital information. She uses this outfit to infiltrate Imperial or Legatus installations.

Yvenne Thalyssaera (1).png
Yvenne Thalyssaera (swimgown).png Yvenne in her swimming gown and bathing cloth. This attire features a lower white string and a green cloth with golden edges covering the chest area using a knot. The two running ends hang loosely across the flank.

In this outfit Yvenne her tattoo on her left under side of the belly is clearly visible. She also wears her hair in a ponytail.

Yvenne Thalyssaera (swim gown).png


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