Yudran is an Yudimaran Male who fled his homeworld during the Great Cyrannus War. Seeking refuge in Rambo Nation, he soon found himself serving onboard the USS Enterprise-A.

By 15 AQF, Yudran left service within Rambo Command and became a member of the Creeper Cabel, a cell of the Cyrandia Resistance.


Ramboidae ServiceEdit

Yudran was born at Yudumarth in 26 BQF in a family of poor worker under the dictatorial rule of Geldrim. When in 04 AQF the Great Cyrannus War broke out, Yudumarth joined the Confederacy. After the first battle of Yudumarth and a bombardment by the Suiliagothrond, Yudran and his parents fled and sought refugee at Rambo Nation. Some his family members framed them for being traitors, and the nephew of Yudran got himself killed at the hands of Ramcard who fired a vortex-torpedo at a Confederate frigate he was commanding. Yudran himself was allowed to join Rambo Command and showed skills for the science departments. After graduating from the Academy in 02 NE/05 AQF he was assigned to serve under captain Rambo onboard the USS Enterprise-A.


Congregation forces board the Enterprise

As a science crewman Yudran wears a blue uniform. At first, Yudran was a bit unsure onboard when he was assigned to the ship but soon gained the respect of many among the science department. The head of the science department, Jolene Adams grew fond of Yudran his abilities and scientific knowledge. Sadly, after the bombing of a passenger liner at the Rambo Capital and the following attack at Rambo Command made Yudran a target of mockery and soon had a difficult time onboard as he was a Yudimaran.

When a Congregation ship appeared when the Enterprise was exploring the NX-Region in the fifth month of 03 NE/06 AQF Yudran and Tania became trapped by boarding Kruhda and Sentinels, though crewman Windsor tried to protect them. During the fight Windsor got injured and facing death, the Congregation forces suddenly withdrew and the Enterprise managed to escape the dreaded cruiser. Soon after the ship was pulled into a wormhole leading to another time frame.

Chief amongst RebelsEdit


Faithfully at Syria's side

By 15 AQF, Yudran met Syria, daughter of the late Geldrim Achyriona and fell quickly in love with her. Spending his shore leave together, he decided he wanted to join her in an effort to liberate their people. Yudran remembered some coordinates during his time onboard the Enterprise and together they travelled to the Serox Nebula where they encountered an abandoned experimental Lizardian design. Syria used the vessel, naming it Yurrus Home to form her Creeper Cabel. A ruthless rebellion cell bound to attack Imperial and Rambo targets to liberate their home world.

Yudran would become the main military advisor for the Creeper Cabel. He was present at Syria her side during the Preserving the Peace storyline where they searched for the Nosiso Exiles and during the Battle of Amber. He remained sceptical of both Lord Ramannis Le Rambo, Knight Janice Ross and Autarch Gokyvax though was happy to learn the Nosiso wished to join their ranks and support the Cyrandia Resistance at large. By September 2820, Yudran was surprised by Syria's decision to join the Legatus instead of continuing fighting but joined her none the less.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Yudran is a kind and humble person, with a love for science and exploring. Sadly he is also a bit unsure, stutters when nervous and is often joked upon as he is easy to fool. Onboard he endures the trust of captain Rambo and grew friendly with lieutenant Jolene Adams and with Zahra Ross, at who he has a chrush. Sadly, he has to admit his only true friend onboard is Tania Lefler, the troubled night shift commander.

During his time amongst the Creeper Cabel he wore white armor with blue decorations to reflect his position as chief and second in command of the Cabel.


[[File:Crewman_Yudran_01.png|thumb|150px|Yudran original appearance


Green faceI consider them friends


Blue faceThey seem kind


Orange faceOh no!

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