We live in the cold. We are barely understood by anyone. We get bullied by aliens through fire. We are nomads in the Galaxy, we are Yotun.

- People’s Governor Yefual

The Yotunians, part of the Yotunian Ideom, are a species of nitrogen-phosphorous composed beings native to the Kraw Galaxy.

Yotunians have a very weird and mysterious culture, due to their composition, but the thing that sets them apart from other aliens is their weird language, composed of voice, clicks, and gestures. Yotunians are so used to their language that they fail to comprehend most other empires’s languages. Even with translators, Yotunians are still hard to understand.

Yotunians become adults at 12 years old, they weigh an average of 60 Kg and measure an average of 1.89m. Their lifespan is 75 Years.

History Edit

Evolution Edit

Yotunian cells started developing in Planet K’liparka 3.76 Billion years ago, swimming in liquid ammonia. As creatures, Yotunians developed a symbiosis with corals that lay in their bodies, which provide Yotunians with energy, while the corals feed off the ammonia in the yotunians’s blood. Eventually, they made ice shelters, built poles to gather yotunians, and developed their complex language. Yotunians were already united during that era.

Civilisation era Edit

The Yotunian Civilization age was more of a technology discovery era, as they weren't split up into factions, however, they were in only 3 cities. More came afterwards. During this time, they experimented with early technology, however, the heat produced from them caused some Yotunians to die – the technology had to be replaced.

This point in their history was comparable to the Industrial revolution of the 18th century on Earth which used water to power mechanical devices. It wasn't long until Yotunians were using geothermal energy for ammonia-based steam power as well, within the same Yotunian century. Not long after, oxidisation was combined plentiful amounts of hydrogen to produce combustion engines and nuclear power. The Yotunians actually developed technololgy quicker than Humanity in their perspective of time.

Post-K'liparka era Edit

After 100 years, in -1099 KRE, Yotunians found cold light technology and soon after, optical computers, which are a business thing in yotunian society, and they could finally illuminate their dark cold worlds. However, they were threatened by the constant warming of K’liparka. People were dying of heat by the thousands, which then became tens of thousands.

K'liparka was facing a crisis. Their world was, for an unexplained reason, entering geothermal dormancy, and this could mean that their civilisation may not be sustainable in the long-term future of the cosmos. The Yotunians must spread across the universe, to other worlds similar to K'liparka, on a mission for survival.

They built their spaceships out of the same cold technology they had before, and the Yotunians moved all of their people away from K’liparka in -1001 KRE, however, some flew apart from the main fleet, thus the Yotunian Ideom was now splintered.

In -812 KRE, an empire known as the Kolzakian Daak Rulership found the yotunians, and tried to contact them, however, neither could catch each other’s langauge. So the Daak-Daakians went to their planets and started terrorizing the Yotunians, melting their ice buildings and generating overall terror.

15 Years later, the Yotunians secluded themselves underground, their last act was propelling K’liparka back to its original orbit, cooling the planet. Now that the Daak-Daakians could not bully them anymore, they remained in peace for 1200 years, until they re-emerged, in 403 KRE…

Culture Edit

Yotunian culture is considered the most alien in the Kraw Galaxy for many reasons.

Composition and its implications Edit

Yotunians are Hermaphrodite beings, meaning they have no genders. This means Yotunians can mate with any other Yotunian.

Yotunians live in extremely cold environments, in temperatures around -75 to -85 Celsius. If they are put in hotter temperatures they roast and then burn. This also makes Yotunians slow minded, so they perceive the rest of the Universe as being too fast. (Just as Humans perceive bugs to be too fast)

Yotunians speak a language called “D’omzhm’ani”, a language that uses voice, clicks and physical gestures. This language is the hardest in the Kraw Galaxy for many reasons.

Yotunians drink Liquid ammonia, which is toxic for every other living thing. Yotunians don’t need to eat, as they are in symbiosis with algas in Corals, which provide them with energy, in exchange for ammonia in the Yotunians’s blood.

Yotunians spend their energies very quickly due to their composition, so they fall asleep quite often. It is common for shop owners to fall asleep while waiting for customers, so Yotunians often wake them up. Yotunians also often smell terribly bad due to their composition.

Yotunian ilumination is done by cold light. All their broadcasting and computer equipment is analog. Yotunians still have Slower than light propulsion, however, some empires are planning to help them get FTL propulsion technology. Yotunian transports use Alkaline to corrode the ice in the roads, so the vehicles will slide. Yotunian architecture is often made of ice.

General Culture Edit

Yotunians are lead by 16 people rather than just one. These 16 people have equal powers over all Yotunians. Should one of the leaders die, a new one is chosen by the other leaders. If all are killed, anarchy will happen.

There are no Yotunian Schools, instead, Youtnians are taught all they need by their parents. This leads to hereditary jobs. Yotunians join the army if they want to. In the army, called the “defense zone”, Yotunians are not trained, but expected to know how to defend the Ideom. Yotunians are not arrested upon doing crimes, they are just forbidden from leaving their home. There are no death penalties, as that is considered “wrong” in Yotunian society.

Yotunians often shout “Haag!” before starting to talk. This is so that the recipient can listen and see the Yotunian to comprehend him. This is the only word that does not require a gesture to comprehend. Megaphones and Analog screens are used at the same time for announcements. Yotunians never play sports. Instead, they play intellectual games, such as Kpylpo, which involves 121 squares and triangle pieces, and they must try to get their triangles to cover the other player’s triangles, eliminating them. The game ends when a player has less than 3 triangles.

Yotunians count in 11s, being called 11-base counting, so 10 is actually 11, 0A is 10, A0 is 110, AA is 120, and 100 is 121 in Yotunian 11-base counting. Religion doesn’t exist in Yotunian society because they never needed it.

Empire Size Edit

The Yotunians currently have 1787 Colonies in the whole Kraw Galaxy, being scattered around many regions and cold Hydrogen planets. This makes some of their Empire mostly out of contact with the K'liparka sector, meaning they get information much later than the K'liparka sector.

Military Edit

The Yotunians have never really needed to "war", as resources on their world is pretty uniform. Conflict of philosophy is rare because before the age of technology, philosophies between different cultures were rarely shared. The concept of a Military force came during the Daak-Daakian invasions on Yotunian worlds. It was invented as a way that Yotunians could defend themselves from the invaders, as Yotunians never needed to war over anything in the past before the invasion.

Yotunians join the army if they want to, though they are not trained, but expected to know how to defend the Yotunian Ideom. They are also expected to know how to build weapons and Pilot spaceships. To-be soldiers often study alone or are taught by military parents.

Technology Edit

Yotunian "Slaved Comet"

Charting the Ring Nebula.

Yotunians evolved on a world with different chemistry to most carbon and silicon-based sapients. Their technology also differs in composition, application and energy usage due to the harsh environment, however, they still have a wide range of alien technology.

Most of K'liparka is covered by solid water ice, Yotunians do not possess a great deal of energy they can use quickly, because of this, even carving out icy cities takes them lots of time and effort to bore through, let alone using tools to "mine" rocky ores. Luckily for them, K'liparka is geothermally active and has large oceans of liquid ammonia. The nitrogen-phosporous based life on their world naturally produces hydrogen, which under the ammonia seas allowed them to create bubble-flywheels for rotary power, which used water to power mechanical devices. It wasn't long until Yotunians were using geothermal energy for ammonia-based steam power as well, within the same Yotunian century. Not long after, oxidisation was combined with the plentiful amounts of hydrogen to produce combustion engines and nuclear power. The Yotunians actually developed technology quicker than Humanity in their perspective of time.

But gaining resources is also a problem for the Yotunians to even build devices with. They had to use electrolysis and magnetic loadstones to attract particles of metal ions in the water to gain metals. The metals were then smelted near volcanoes, and so Yotunins have to wait for a volcano to become active enough.

General technology Edit

Yotunian technology on its everday usage is still quite different to Earth technology however, as the machinery must not generate too much heat, and due to the slow biological nature of the Yotunians, they do not require speedy transporation as races like Humanity, as concept of speed is different. Electrical current is not widescale, illumination for example is not powered in the same way as it is on Earth, but utilises chemical reactions called "Cold light", that efficiently produces energy 100% into the visible light spectrum rather than heat. Transporation mostly temperatures generted by chemical reactions to melt the water ice, allowing the vehicle to "slide" along ice roads (the ice soon freezes again). In the past Yotunian decades (still longer than human time but shorter relative to the Yotunian race), optical computing, media, communications and robotics entered the limelight, which emerged from cold light. Their hydrogen-bubble mechanical devices are now automated by optical computing, and the Yotunians can build their ice cities much more quickly and elaboratly close to the shoreline.

  • Cold light Technology
  • Transport
    • Alkaline sliding technology.
  • Power sources
    • Geothermal energy.
    • Hydrogen-oxygen reactions.
    • Cold fusion.
    • Nuclear fusion (Spacecraft propulsion).
  • Mechanical devices
    • Ammonia-based steam turbines and hydrogen "bubble" fly-wheels.
    • Combustion heat engines - Oxidation is possible in the ammonia-dominated atmosphere, and produces hydrogen which can be used as a fuel source.
  • Architecture
    • Complex "ice cities".
  • Slower than Light Technology (Enzmenn ships).
  • Agriculture
    • Symbiotic algal farms.
    • Bioluminescent bacteria.

Spacetravel and colonisation Edit

Their home solar system had an abundance of comets containing Deuterium (heavy water) and ammonia ices. Engineering on an unprecidented scale using automated robots dug out the comets and dragged them into orbit of their planet. Due to the lack of economic interference, the Yotunians were able to build cities on the surface or subsurface, using the ammonia ices for their environmental controls and the heavy water ice for nuclear pulse propulsion. Providing nuclear explosions, forced against an inertial plate, "nuclear-pulse" propulsion, they create a gravitational slingshot effect around the local planet and leave for destinations in the stars at relativistic speeds. The Yotunians who go on the trip could, in principle, reach very close to the speed of light could go much further into universe in one lifetime that an FTL ship permitts, for this comet is actually a small self-sustained world, but due to this time dilation, depending on how fast and far the travellers voyage, the gulf of time between their perspective and their friends back on their planet also increases.

Relations with other Empires Edit


A Common Yotunian Planet.



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Please... Leave us...

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Go away, Go Away!!!

  • Kolzakian Daak Rulership – Bullied them

Quotes Edit

What does your empire think of the Yotunians?


- Zr'Ahgloth

Interesting species. Perhaps they can let us study them later.

- Captain Jerkon

...Moving on...

- Xhodocto

Odd race. They better hope that they don't get in our way!


Like us, they are different. Like us, they have been bullied. Like us, they cannot live with biological life. We seek to meet them, and maybe find a friend in this universe. Our two forms of life are compatible enough for such a thing to work.

- Dylan

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