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Our government was forged in a blazing fury. The legacy of our enemies was destroyed as they crumbled like ash blowing into the wind. This union's foundation is an endless pile of corpses, held together by blood and brimstone. Only a government able to endure the endless weathering of suffering, pain and anguish can be truly considered powerful. Those who shy away from the harsh truths of reality are cowards and fools.
Kerikoyamchigor, Supreme Leader of the Yorchi Union

The Yorchi Union is an interstellar stratocracy comprised of the Yorchi species. The capital of the Union is Moriahra, a world with a thick atmosphere, high temperature and lakes of sulfuric acid. Primarily an industrial and militaristic power, the Yorchi Union is beginning a rapid expansion across the stars. The current ruler of the Yorchi Union is Kerikoyamchigor, a dictator notable for his reputation for brutally preventing opposition to his rule and for interest in uncovering resources on other planets. The Yorchi Union is located within the Milky Way Galaxy.

History Edit

Ancient HistoryEdit

Early on, the Yorchi species was primarily nomadic. However, primitive settlements began to form near rivers, lakes, and oceans of sulphuric acid. Gradually, these became towns, and dedicated hunters would often come into conflict with nomads. Early Yorchi civilisations were quite primitive, with large amounts of the population dedicated to farmland and hunting. Over time, several hunter groups became the earliest dedicated warriors in Yorchi history.

Age of ExpansionEdit

Century of StrifeEdit

The Great PowersEdit



A Yorchi soldier wielding a YR-35 light machine gun holds against a group of enemies as artillery fire rains down from above.

The Yorchi Union was founded after a 300 year period of constant strife. Yorchi warfare was and remains brutal, with close combat being a main priority. As such, battles were won in days rather than weeks, however constant fighting prevented any side from gaining a considerable advantage. As new technology was developed, weapons of mass destruction became available. However no nation was willing to use them in fear of mutually assured destruction. Eventually however, one dictatorship used an experimental nuclear weapon which created a massive electro-magnetic pulse. This action heavily disrupted communications and prevented retaliatory strikes, allowing the troops of the aforementioned dictatorship to deploy more nuclear weapons, devastating the area. This tactic destroyed large scale resistance to their expansion. Eventually Moriahra was united under one banner, and its ruling nation became known as the Yorchi Union.

Space AgeEdit

As resource demands became more and more intense, the Yorchi Union sought to gather more resources from other planets. This drive led to the mass deployment of "Starchasers", surveyor probes that could scan planets, moons and asteroids for resources. Later Starchasers were given faster-than-light technology and began exploring the galaxy. Colony ships followed in their wake. Currently, the Yorchi Union has discovered life on other worlds, however these organisms are primarily microbes. The Yorchi have thus far encountered a single extraterrestrial civilisation, the Eriaroon Eugenic Republic, whom they are currently at war with.

Astrography Edit

The Yorchi Union controls 132 colonies within the Milky Way Galaxy. Yorchi prefer to inhabit volcanic worlds covered in sulfuric acid, and have difficulty inhabiting worlds containing large quantities of water. The most developed and important world by far is Moriahra, home planet of the Yorchi species. This serves as their effective capital, providing most of the Union's technological, industrial, and military capabilities.

The majority of the worlds the Yorchi Union claims effectively serve as small mining bases, as the Yorchi have an expansionistic policy that involves taking any world they find useful so that even if only a small base is present at first, it may eventually flourish into a major asset. One exception to this is Ohrandaka, a volcanic world which serves as an industrial hub and military centre for the Yorchi Union's frontier worlds.

Government Edit

The Yorchi Union is a stratocracy, with absolute authority given to the Supreme Leader. In reality, however, the Supreme Leader assigns most tasks to Regional Governors, who then assign duties to Local Governors or District Administrative Councils. The lattermost method of governance is comprised of a council of military officers who have been given rule over a small area. Although prone to issues with individuals failing to perform their duties, and corruption being a not uncommon occurrence, this governmental system allows rapid action against threats which require immediate attention. Propaganda is common in cities, but few resources are expended on such efforts in outlying industrial and rural zones.

Public perception of the government is generally mixed. Some consider the order and solidarity provided to be essential, some rightfully accuse the Yorchi Union of being a tyrannical state, and some have been convinced by propaganda that they inhabit an almost utopian society. However, public protests are heavily restricted, and most considerable efforts to push for additional rights and freedoms are considered insurrections and ended forecfully by the military.

Despite the primarily military nature of governance in the Yorchi Union, various de facto ideologies do exist. One of the main divides is between "Brutalists" and "Pragmatists". Brutalists consider fear tactics, intimidation, threat of torture and general oppression to be the best way of retaining control. In contrast, Pragmatists believe that such measures are often unnecessary, and seek to focus more on expanding technologically and into space, while lessening restrictions in some areas. The personal ideology of a Regional Governor, or indeed a Local Governor, has a great impact on how authoritarian the area they govern is.

Important GovernorsEdit

Image Name Governs Policies Opinion Traits
EchokmindukarFace Regional Governor Echokmindukar Ohrandaka
  • Heavy use of unpaid menial labor
  • Reliance on military to ensure order
  • Focus on industry, especially mining and arms
  • Few executions
  • Mixed opinion in military
  • Positive opinion in government
  • Negative opinion in population
  • Pragmatist
  • Focuses on efficiency and productivity
  • Ambitious
  • Excellent at making excuses
  • Struggles to trust others
KerikoyamchigorFace Supreme Leader Kerikoyamchigor Yorchi Union
  • Military and industrial focus
  • Space mining and colonization
  • Increased industrialization and urbanization
  • Expansionist and mildly xenophobic
  • Positive opinion in military
  • Positive opinion in government
  • Mixed opinion in population
  • Ultimate authority of the Yorchi Union
  • Respected and feared at large
  • Brutalist
  • Operates mainly on Moriahra
  • Seeks to expand Yorchi influence across the sector

Society and Culture Edit

Yorchi society varies greatly based on location. Generally, areas are considered to be urban, industrial or rural. This classification alone can generally give an accurate depiction of the beliefs and values of a location. Industrial areas are filled with factories, typically with abysmal standards of living for the poor and high standards of living for the rich. Industrial areas are often filthy but they are economically valuable. Rural areas are filled with farms and forests, the most natural locations in Yorchi territory. These areas often have familial roles, e.g people from the same farming all perform farm work. These areas contain the least trust in the Yorchi government but also the lowest population. Urban areas are major residential and business hubs. They have average standards of living for most people and are full of government propaganda. Urban zones have a large military presence and are typically governed by District Administrative Councils rather than individuals.

Yorchi tend not to assign any special meaning to objects, meaning traditions are often changed to be more practical. However, many Yorchi do have keepsakes from important events in their lives. Yorchi clothing is typically minimal, often limited to just their exposed areas (necks and area just above tail). Curiously, Yorchi highly value food based on flavor rather than nutrition or price, and the culinary industry is a major one in urban areas. Yorchi tend to have four large meals each day due to rapid metabolisms. Mineral-rich dishes such as rocks, soils or certain plants are favored for breakfast, and soft, tender meals valued more at dinner.

The Yorchi have few religions, none of which have any major impact on the average Yorchi life. They view the world logically and rationally. Documentaries are as such popular in the Yorchi Union, with game shows a close second due to their entertainment value. Yorchi music is popular, but music videos are seen as unnecessary. Yorchi media is heavily restricted by the Department of Public Media, a government organization.

In terms of lifestyle, all Yorchi serve two mandatory years in the military. Those who cannot serve as soldiers effectively are used as intelligence personnel, and those who can do neither are sent to perform unpaid menial labor rather than participating in military training. Yorchi in urban areas typically use government currency know as the maldark, but those in industrial areas and rural areas often rely heavily on barter. In industrial areas, people are paid, and then buy things to barter rather than paying directly. In rural areas, Yorchi will generally avoid using currency at all, bartering with their own produce and services.

Military Edit

The Yorchi Union's military, officially known as the Yorchi Combined Armed Forces (YCAF), is a powerful and influential body in the Yorchi Union. As well as the YCAF, various paramilitary groups also exist. Service in the military for 2 years is mandatory, but only a small number of individuals choose to join the YCAF afterwards.


The Yorchi Combined Armed Forces consists of several branches. The first of these is the Union Army, which consists of infantry, special forces, armoured vehicles, and logistical support for these elements. The Union Navy consist of aquatic forces such as naval cruisers and submarines, and is largely regarded as an obsolete force where the lazy ad the incompetent are sent. The Union Air Force is comprised of atmospheric fighters, bombers, and other aircraft. The Union Interstellar Expeditionary Force is the Yorchi Union's dedicated offensive space force, whilst the remaining vessels, as well as colonial troops and vehicles, are placed in the Union Regional Garrisons. Each region has a Regional Garrison to defend it, although some worlds are given far more support than others and Army forces often serve on planets of notable importance.

In theory, the organization system of the Yorchi Union is designed to promote unity as excellent military commanders are promoted to the highest ranks and the less capable serve less important positions. In reality, however, most high-ranking personnel do their best to keep their subordinates competing against each other so that they themselves are not threatened with replacement. To be a Yorchi commander is to keep up a constant balancing act of keeping subordinates competent enough to do their duties, but not as excellent as to overcome their superior. This infighting is a major weakness of the Yorchi Combined Armed Forces.

General DoctrineEdit

The Yorchi Union currently follows the Kerikoyamchigor Doctrine. This doctrine places a large emphasis on rapid strikes and ending conflict as swiftly as possible. The Yorchi Union does not have a powerful enough economy to sustain a war of attrition effectively. Therefore, offensive space tactics are focused on assaulting enemy worlds and launching swift invasions, using orbital bombardment on worlds that are not worth taking. Offensive ground tactics are more situational, depending largely on the commanding officer but generally focusing on eliminating enemy military forces with rapid attacks, whilst capturing and securing worthwhile infrastructure. There is a focus on urban warfare, with open warfare relying on heavy vehicles and aircraft due to the limitations of Yorchi small arms. Tactical withdrawal is recommended should the initial attack fail, rather than attempting to persist in a long tug-of-war struggle which drains resources and lives at a high rate.

On the defensive, Yorchi forces theoretically follow a similar principle. Some colonies are considered expendable, and it is considered worth retreating from such a location rather than wasting resources defending a place of insignificance. In reality however, this truly comes down to how much a Regional Governor values the location and how losing the territory will affect their position and reputation. In space, important worlds have orbital weapons platforms stationed above to aid the defence. A few major worlds such as Moriahra and Ohrandaka have surface-based anti-ship emplacements in addition to this. Ground forces are instructed to hold valued ground as long as possible while leaving areas of little worth to conserve resources and soldiers. This sacrifices territorial control for increased defences of essential infrastructure.

Surface ForcesEdit


A Firefortress heavy tank spearheads an attack, supported by a Brimstone military airship and a Bombard mobile artillery cannon.

The Yorchi have a wide variety of land-based weapons. Yorchi small arms lack rifling, making them highly inaccurate. This a result of many malleable materials being made incredibly ineffective as weapons by Moriahra's conditions, often beginning to melt in atmospheric conditions. As such, Yorchi weapons make up for this by containing large amounts of ammunition and firing rapidly. Overheating is very common, as rather than cooling their weapons, Yorchi typically remove overheated components and attach new ones in their place. Sub-machine guns, light machine guns and shotguns are the most prominent Yorchi weapons, with grenades being common as well. Flamethrowers are often brought into battle, not only for destroying groups of enemies but also for burning down the walls of corpses often used as cover in Yorchi warfare. Bombs are often incendiary or contain chemical weapons to clear out massive clusters. Artillery such as mortars and cannons are common, although rather inaccurate. Missiles are viewed as high value precision weapons, and are as such very powerful but very expensive. Yorchi soldiers commonly carry clubs and hammers as melee weapons, as the blunt trauma such implements inflict shatters Yorchi exoskeletons.

In terms of vehicles, the Yorchi Union employs a wide range of armoured transports, heavy tanks, and aircraft. Many Yorchi constructions are developed mainly for propaganda and patriotism, showcasing the might of the Yorchi Union whilst remaining rather impractical in actual combat. The most effective Yochi vehicles are generally their swift lighter vehicles, light aircraft, and self-propelled artillery. Most Yorchi ground vehicles are not adapted to conditions on other planets, leaving most colonial forces relying on light vehicle and infantry.

Image Name Description
Yorchi KCh-51 SMG KCh-51 SMG

The KCh-51 SMG is a sub-machine gun utilised by the Yorchi Union, generally for close quarters combat and what to a Yorchi is considered near medium range. Like most Yorchi weapons, the KCh-51 fires metallic pellets rather than bullets, and lacks rifling. The weapon relies on a high ammunition capacity and a rapid fire rate to make up for the lack of range. The KCh-51 has became an effectively standard issue weapon for Yorchi ground troops. The SMG is designed to be comprised of a small number of parts, each of which can be easily replaced if damaged.

Yorchi KCh-51b SMG KCh-51b SMG

A variant of the KCh-51, the KCh-51b SMG is equipped with a drum maagzine to store a larger volume of ammunition. This also increases the weight of the weapon, which means Yorchi must use their graspers to effectively control the recoil. The weapon is also more expensive than its basis. As a result, more elite forces are usually given the KCh-51b, as the disadvantages of the armament are far less detrimental in experienced hands and the consideerably increased ammunition capacity is an immense benefit against enemy forces.

Yorchi YR-35 LMG YR-35 LMG

Designed for use mainly in defensive positions but also capable of being fired on the move by experienced operators, the YR-35 LMG features a massive top-mounted drum magazine and is designed for sustained fire and suppression of enemy advances. The YR-35 is the standard issue light machine gun of the Yorchi Union, due to a high fire rate, incredible reliability and low cost. A bipod is provided to allow for improved accuracy and reduced recoil when the weapon is set down on a solid surface.

Yorchi Mak-11 Shotgun MaK-11 Shotgun

The MaK-11 Shotgun is the most commonly employed example of a shotgun in the Yorchi Union. It can carry a variety of canisters, including conventional pellets, breaching (designed to break down reinforced doors), piercing (intended to penetrate armour with small shards) and incendiary. Due to light weight, low cost and high versatility, the MaK-11 is seen as an effective and efficient close-quarters combat weapon.

Yorchi O-5 Rifle O-5 Rifle

The O-5 Rifle is a rare example of a Yorchi weapon equipped with a primitive equivalent of rifling. The weapon relies upon specially designed tungsten bullets to withstand the intense heat of Moriahra and most other Yorchi colonies, and penetrate armour. Due to its expense, the O-5 is rarely deployed and is found only in the hands of sharpshooters with excellent aim. The main role of the rfiel is as a precision sniper rifle, to pick off targets from long range. Anti-vehicle rounds can also be equipped to damage or disable light vehicles. The O-5 also features a bipod, stock, and a powerful scope.

Yorchi Concussion Club Concussion Club

A melee weapon, the concussion club is an old piece of equipment inspired by the ancient ages of the Yorchi species. It is effectively a club, designed for bashing. The blunt trauma of the weapon is intended to fracture or shatter Yorchi exoskeletons. The concussion club also features a spike, designed to impale vulnerable positions or pierce through bone. Traditional use of the weapon targeted the skull. In the era of the Yorchi Union, concussion clubs are generally made from Tunika wood, with metallic spikes and stability fixtures. Many troops carry these weapons, generally wielding them with graspers.

Image Name Description
YorchiInferno Inferno Light Tank

The Inferno Light Tank is a fast and cheap vehicle developed by the Yorchi Union to serve the role of a lightweight combat vehicle designed mainly to break though infantry positions. The vehicle is armed with a light cannon for handling light armoured targets, a light machine gun for destroying infantry and a rear mounted tri-gun for defending against attacks from behind. The disposable nature of the vehicles makes them useful for simple patrol duties or use during employment of swarm tactics.

YorchiLK-7 LK-7 Battle Tank

Likely the workhorse armoured vehicle of the Yorchi Union, the LK-7 Battle Tank serves as a main battle tank. It is resilient, fast, has considerable firepower and is not overly massive or expensive. The main weakness of the vehicle is its lack of specialisation, with other craft excelling in areas the LK-7 is merely decent at. Like the majority of Yorchi vehicles, the LK-7 features a rear tri-gun to kill enemies trying to get behind it. The primary weapon is a dual heavy cannon, made for anti-tank warfare. Additionally, the LK-7 possesses a pair of forward-facing light machine guns to help clear out infantry forces. Overall it is a very versatile vehicle, capable of performing a wide variety of tasks effectively. It is, however, vulnerable to artillery and aerial attack, and not cheap to maintain.

YorchiFirefortress Firefortress Heavy Tank

The Yorchi Firefortress Heavy Tank is one of the most massive Yorchi military ground vehicles ever designed. With thick armour plating designed to deflect cannon shots, a massive main gun and a multitude of other weapons, it is truly a terrifying force in the fray. Perhaps the most infamous element of the tank's arsenal is its pair of dual flamethrower arrays, capable of creating searing infernos in front of the war machine and frying infantry and even vehicles with ease. The tank also has machine gun points for returning fire to hostile infantry, and a pair of rear tri-cannons to defend against flanking. Despite its strengths however, the tank has two major weaknesses. It is fairly slow, its massive treads only able to carry its huge bulk so quickly. It is also very expensive to produce and even more expensive to keep operational.

YorchiBombard Bombard Mobile Artillery

The Bombard Mobile ARtillery is a fast and agile vehicle used by the Yorchi Union. It is equipped with a rear-mounted defencsive tri-cannon. However, its main weapon is a heavy artillery cannon, designed for long-range bombardment. the purpose of the vehicle is to serve as artillery, staying behind the front lines and raining death upon the enemy from a safe distance. It is as such not equipped with thick armour, and is vulnerable if attacked while unescorted.

YorchiAshfall Ashfall Anti-Air Platform

Designed to eliminate aerial threats, the Ashfall Anti-Air Platform is a vulnerable vehicle on its own. Lacking even a basic rear defence gun, it relies upon infantry and vehicular escorts to protect it. Considered a support vehicle, the Ashfall has a single duty- eliminating all enemy aircraft. For this purpose, it is equipped with a pair of anti-air flak cannons, designed to create clouds of shrapnel to puncture wings, fuselages and airbags. Additionally, it possesses an anti-air mortar, which can fire a variety of rounds and can, if needed, be used as artillery againts ground forces as well.

Image Name Description
YorchiCinders Cinders Oceanic Cruiser

The Cinders class Oceanic Cruiser is one of the few remaining types of Yorchi aquatic vehicle. It is designed to float in bodies of sulphuric acid. The armour of the ship is not overly heavy, as it is not expected that it will engage in direct combat where such plating is effective. Instead, it is largely designed for naval bombardment and eliminating piracy. The ship has a rear dual defensive turret. It is also armed with four large missile pods to decimate targets from long range. The bow of the vessel is dominated by its massive PK-4 Obliterator guns turret, which can tear through most ships in a single shot.

Image Name Description
YorchiCrimson Crimson Military Airship

The Crimson Military Airship is commonly used by the Yorchi Union for aerial bombardment, air patrol, and anti-air warfare. Considered the little brother of the colossal Brimstone Military Airship, the Crimson class is equipped with a single anti-air flak cannon mounted on top of the vessel. It is also armed with two aerial bombard cannons, which can fie flak, incendiary, chemical or penetrating tungsten rounds at hostile targets. These airships have a small bombing capacity, but cannot carry troops. They are also often used as escorts for their more massive counterparts.

YorchiBrimstone Brimstone Military Airship

Yorchi airships have long been used for a variety of purposes. The Brimstone Military Airship is the largest armed airship in service. It has reinforced armour around its airbags to reduce damage from incoming projectiles. Its armament is powerful and diverse. On top of the craft are two anti-air flak launchers. The airship has a total of four dual PKl-2 Devastator turrets, two mounted towards the bow and two towards the stern. These are designed for bombardment and can devastate enemy positions. Eight anti-tank cannon positions are also present. Finally, the Brimstone is capable of dropping bombs and can carry several platoons of troops.

Space ForcesEdit

In space, Yorchi mainly rely on kinetic weapons using large rounds and missiles. Energy weapons are under development but are seen as very expensive for their purposes. Yorchi ships are heavily armored and shielded, valued because of their expense. The Yorchi Union does not make use of manned strikecraft as they are considered to be ineffective against larger targets, and the Yorchi believes that flak guns are sufficient as a fighter deterrent. However, they will often use expendable drones for this purpose. There is much debate over whether strikecraft groups are effective or whether the resources spent on them could be better used making more missiles.

Notable CommandersEdit

Image Name Commands Location Experiences Traits
AryakmanchinorFace Admiral Aryakmanchinor First Yorchi Expeditionary Fleet Ohrandaka
  • Arrogant and smug
  • Enraged when defeated
  • Brutalist
  • Known for shock tactics and use of decoys
  • Rarely gives subordinates blame or credit
ChergnanmenkFace General Chergnanmenk Ohrandaka Garrison Ohrandaka
  • Loyal and competent
  • Recognises the importance of logistics
  • Known for skills in defensive warfare and effective use of heavy vehicles and artillery
  • Pragmatist
MarakchamkandarFace Commander Marakchamkandar Moriahra Garrison Moriahra
  • Personally leads attacks
  • Capable both in space and ground warfare
  • Brutalist
  • Sadistic, enjoys the suffering of others, but cannot feel pain
  • Known for intimidation, counter-insurgency and control
TarakdachFace Admiral Tarakdach Second Yorchi Expeditionary Fleet Hrandurka
  • None
  • Pragmatist
  • Known for sudden strike tactics
  • Uses orbital bombardment
  • Offensive focus
  • Allows subordinates notable autonomy


The Yorchi Union is a primitive star state compared to a considerable portion of the known universe. Most power in the Yorchi Union is provided by chemical or nuclear means. As a result, significant amounts of pollution enter the sky, although it makes little difference to the already thick atmosphere and already searing heat conditions. Nuclear fission is a prominent power source, providing by far the most energy out of any method used to generate electricity in the Yorchi Union. Remote areas will often use reinforced wind turbines, with geothermal power rarely seen outside of industrial zones but providing a large amount of power there. Yorchi have no shortage of batteries, being able to use the very oceans of their world as battery acid.

The Yorchi have developed computers and robotics technology, but their artificial intelligences are far from being anywhere near sentient. Automated machines do a large amount of menial tasks, however they are incapable of many operations, leaving living, sulfur-breathing Yorchi to do a large amount of work themselves. The Yorchi use a large amount of ternary computers, which are complex but highly efficient in solving many operations binary computers struggle with.

Yorchi use a variation of warp travel to travel at speeds beyond that of light. Entering warp causes an unusual visual anomaly where Yorchi ships appear to blur and swirl, seemingly collapsing in on themselves. Yorchi shielding is more complex, with the Yorchi having developed environmental shields capable of being used by personnel. However, military shields are only employed on starships due to their size and expense.

Important MembersEdit



Division is the basis of democracy. Unity is the basis of dictatorship. It is my strength that unites my people. Through force of will I will persevere until my duty is complete. To victory I will lead my empire. Victory over chaos, victory over terror, victory over all opposition. Those in my path will be swept away with the force of a hurricane.

Kerikoyamchigor is the Supreme Leader of the Yorchi Union and therefore has executive authority over the entirety of the star state. Ruthless, he is notable for his swift and brutal destruction of any insurrections against is rule, his focus on expanding into space to establish a vast interstellar empire, and his focus on industrial and military might. Kerikoyamchigor usurped power from his short-lived predecessor, who despite tactical brilliance had little understanding of logistics and was despised by common citizens and military commanders alike for his inefficient tactics and belief that nuclear weapons would protect him. Kerikoyamchigor himself led a massive coup to "restore order" to the Yorchi Union. He is a stubborn and untrusting ruler, but one who has great conviction and pride, and a feared and respected Supreme Leader.


My region is recognized for its efficiency, security, and productivity. I intend to keep it that way. Obey my orders, or you'll end up doing so in chains instead, if you're lucky enough to avoid being shot out of spite for your treason.

Regional Governor of the Yorchi colony on Ohrandaka, and the surrounding few systems, Echokmindukar is a pragmatic yet arrogant Yorchi. He has a notable orange coloration, a sign that he originates from the Northern Dustplains of Moriahra. Originally a logistician, he showed promise in governance and rose through the ranks to reach the position of Regional Governor. Seeking to avoid the immense pressure and competition of such on his homeworld, he journeyed to the penal colony on Ohrndaka. Under Echokmindukar's command, the colony become prosperous and continues to be a major Yorchi industrial and military base. He accomplished this mainly through using execution only rarely, instead punishing anyone he could with "labor conscription" thus forcing them to work effectively as slaves. Echokmindukar is a practical and commanding individual, however he struggles to trust or respect others and is known to make lots of empty threats. Despite this, he remains one of the most competent and acclaimed Regional Governors of the Yorchi Union, largely due to his ability to justify errors when he makes them and correct them swiftly. To the population under his control, however, he is largely despised.



You must understand, the device is not intended for precision, and in fact is likely to destroy not just the target but the surrounding city and countryside as well, with deadly levels of radiation also emitted. Some would call this an unfortunate issue. I prefer to think of it as an essential benefit of the weapon.

Lamachyingorin is the head of the Yorchi Union's Exotic Weapon Development Branch, a part of the military dedicated to designing and testing experimental equipment ranging from small arms to superweapons. An accomplished engineer, Lamachyingorin is notable for developing highly efficient nuclear weapons and for attempting to use shield technology to stabilize astatine and radon isotopes for use in weapons of mass destruction. Excitable but methodical, Lamachyingorin is often see as insane by those who are unfamiliar to him, but despite his somewhat sadistic enjoyment in creating weapons designed for mass murder, he is highly productive and is able to develop innovative ways to deliver death to his foes.


I will make all of them suffer for their crimes. I will bring upon them the utmost agony. And I shall enjoy every second of their squirming, their feeble attempts at escaping the inevitable. It brings me nothing but honor and joy to bring them horror and torment, for that is that the fate of all who should dare to oppose me.

Marakchamkandar is a notable general and space commander of the Yorchi Union. Gifted with military prowess, Marakchamkandar was born during a great rebellion and endured constant war throughout his childhood. However, rather than become traumatized, the Yorchi instead became desensitized to violence. Becoming disturbingly bored rather than concerned or frightened, Marakchamkandar turned to delivering pain as a method of entertainment, finding enjoyment in his own suffering. However, a self-inflicted head injury led to a neurological issue, which disrupted many of his sense. Marachamkandar was taken to a medical facility and recovered most of his sensory abilities, save for one- the ability to feel the sensation of pain. Believing that he could perhaps regenerate this ability through exposure to agony, the Yorchi joined the military. Utterly without mercy, his ability to kill without hesitation did no go unnoticed, and he was rapidly promoted through the ranks. Over time, he regained his enjoyment of suffering- however, this was manifested in the form of sadism rather than masochism. Marakchamkandar enjoys watching his foes experience excruciating pain, and often oversees torture, however he gains the most satisfaction from personally killing or breaking his foes. Apart from his sadistic tendencies, Marakchamkandar is known for being cold and calculating, never hesitating to take action and never faltering in the face of adversity. He is also very intelligent, and therefore is capable not just in ground warfare but also in space combat. Marakchamkandar is both respected and derided for his desire to personally lead his attacks, the respect being for his courage and the derision being for the high risk of such actions.


It is the responsibility of the superior to accept responsibility for the actions of their subordinates. Whether this responsibility is that of success, or that of failure, matters little.

Aryakmanchinor is an Admiral of the Yorchi Union, assigned to the Union's space forces. Notable for being composed and smug in victory, and frustrated and prone to bursts of rage in defeat, he is a believer in shock tactics to inspire fear in the enemy. He also uses decoy attacks to confuse his enemies, relying on causing them irritation to increase the chance they will make a mistake for him to exploit. His primary weakness is his arrogance, as he assumes each battle he partakes in will be a victory until proven otherwise. Despite this, he is responsible, never blaming his subordinates for his failings, though neither does he grant them much credit for what he sees as his own successes. This is the result of his experience during the Eriaroon-Yorchi Conflict, during which he experienced a series of defeats and was temporarily reassigned to the unimportant backwater colony of Marrak. This led to him adopting an altered mindset compared to his previous blameful attitude.

Diplomatic Relations Edit


Green faceYou are welcome to us. May our strengths continue to combine.

  • Infernal Republic: “Fellows who stand amidst the flames. Our union is one forged in inferno and brought to life through the fact that never of us fear the fire. Compared to that bond, our differences seem minuscule. May we together prosper, in a universe overrun by the cold.


Blue faceYou may yet become useful to us.

  • N/A


Yellow faceWe are unsure of your intent. We wish to further understand whether you can be trusted.

  • N/A


Orange faceYou test our patience. Know our world is covered in the ashes of the fallen. Perhaps you would like to join them?

  • N/A


Red faceGo die in a fire.


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  • The Yorchi Union is Methanogen's first fictional empire, with its eponymous species being the first fiction.
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