At first, it is like a glimmer, a soft blow of wind that pierces your anguished heart and evokes hope instead. Then you see her, in all her beauty and glory but so exotic and mysterious there is an eerie aspect of herself. Regardless, it is not doubt, this thing you feel, but excitement, as your eyes wish to peek what is beyond and your heart suddenly craves it more than anything else. Who would have thought meeting Death would be so beautiful?

A Pilgrim's Poem

Ynur'Vae is the Psionic Goddess of Death for the Krassio and many of the denizens of the Chandras Galaxy. She is a central subject of worship in Iluviism, as she is the Goddess of Death, the aftermind and paradise after one's downfall. She is a member of the Iluvii Pantheon, acting as an essential member to the lead gods known collectively as the Trinity alongside Singul'Aren and Anur'Ctar. A supreme psionic user, she is one of the most powerful psychics in the First Gigaquadrant. Being of an incredibly young age for a god, she was born through the cries and psionic signatures of countless of beings that were mercilessly slaughtered by the Xol'Etra during the Great Psionic War. She participated in the massive conflict for control of Chandras Galaxy, and it was through her efforts and her army of dead souls that the Pact was able to withstand and repel the Xol Dominion's forces to the point of besieging their immense capital, the Vof Valar.

In the aftermath of the war, Ynur'Vae's conquests earned her a place amongst the leadership of the Pantheon, becoming the Lady Protectress of those fallen in peace and war. Her whole being, particularly her "womb", is said to be a paradise for those who entrust their minds to them. She is the leader of the Doted Blades, warriors in her servitude and madly in love with her beauty who fulfill her every desire.


Who was Ynur'Vae before her ascension? That is a question many ask, even the Allfather himself. All that it is known is that her birth was heralded with a flare that expanded across the galaxy, burning away the psionic spirits that had committed atrocious acts against the Chandras galaxy. As Chandras perished in the trillions, and entire cities were leveled, civilizations lost to the horrors of war, the last glimpses of the victims' cries coalesced into the very form Ynur'Vae now represents: The cry for a hope beyond death, beyond the veil of mortality. These wishes were harnessed by an unknown Krassio during the Great Psionic War, one that wished to be the symbol of hope after death. The Psionic Essence that was imbued in her turned the once simple Civatron warrior into a being of colossal power. As millions perished in the war, Ynur'Vae, the new Goddess of Death, grew in power, enhanced by the initial genocide done by the Xol'Etra.

So great was Ynur'Vae's might, that the two other gods fighting beside the revolutionaries, Singul'Aren and Anur'Ctar, offered her a seat at their side. When the war settled and peace was brought across most of the galaxy, the creed of Ynur'Vae was one of the most popular in the galaxy, becoming part of the official canon core beliefs in Iluviism, and expanding her influence even more, effectively turning her into one of the most powerful Goddesses in the Pantheon.


  • Ynur'Vae's personality is inspired mainly by The Valader's wife.