Ya-Li Whitesnout is a female Ragashota native to the mythical planet known as Arcaniox. She is the granddaughter of Chen Whitesnout and she herself is a gifted warrior since youth.


Born in 03 BQF at Arcaniox, in Whisperwind village Ya-Li lived in the village her entire life, rarely venturing outside the village borders. Since youth a known troublemaker for her exploring wishes, she often got in trouble and was once almost stampeded by a herd of Qantiryx when she spooked them. Since youth she is tutored by her grandfather in the ways of the Ragashota Warriors to hopefully one day prepare her to travel to the Valley of Tranquility. To show her abilities to the Ragashota Elder, Shoa-San Greenbeard and become a protector.

Ya-Li and her grandfather at Ramaakota

In July of 08 AQF, during the unfolding Tormenting events she met the Zevian smuggler Dil'inne'Dry and witnissed the arrival of the Hutter Kingdom at Arcaniox. She managed to sneak onboard the dinsosaur his vessel and in secret travelled to Ramaakota where she met her grandfather again who was there to seek aid from Rambo Nation. During their walk to the saloon, she managed to get back her grandfather's stolen bag of gold from a pick pocketer though grew annoyed with his distraction as seeing the Amiaeria waitresses that are under employment of the Gaskhan bartender Gaskuark. The bartender provided aid and gave a Fornaeria Bubbles as a refreshment to Ya-Li, much to her own delight. At his direction they met with the Rambo captain Garan Andarch who introduced them onboard his ship to the Chief of Staff of the Rambo Government, Ser Rambert Ramveral. At first the Serindia refused to offer aid when he didn't fully accepted her grandfather's plea for aid, though changed his mind soon after when Ya-Li told an Atlantica artifact migth be involved.

Afterwards she remained with her grandfather to continue her study and travelled with him to the Rambo Capital.

Personality and Traits[]

Ya-Li Whitesnout is a kind, gentle and curious individual. With a great love for nature and exploring, she often finds herself in trouble or brings others in trouble. She loves the practical lessons by her grandfather, though is often bored and uninteressted in his theoretical lessons and history lessons. Scared of the stories of the dreaded Tormentor Her favorite animal are the massive Brontoriasaurus



LoveRelation.pngThey are most dear to me!


Blue face.pngI believe I can trust them


Orange face.pngBlergh!


My dear granddaughter!

- Chen Whitesnout


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