"Never would I ask for a better people, nor for better comrades." -Warlord Foua

May evil fall before us.


Early HistoryEdit


Behold, the beauty of the Xylon homeworld, Zoken.

Long ago, a planet orbited a beautiful star, one that would see one of the greatest races rise under its rays. This star, now dubbed Serless, has seen the birth of the Xylons on the planet Zoken. It is here where war shaped the planet, and where war shaped honor.

From a unicellular organism, this destined race destroyed anything that opposed it, driving many other species into near-extinction. Thus began the pride of the Xylons.

Tribal EraEdit

They then discovered fire, leading the Xylons into an age of tribals. They soon met others, all different subspecies of the Xylons. Differences were few, with the prominent differences being of different scale patterns. Interracial bonds were highly uncommon, let alone mating. This extreme racism quickly became xenophobia.

One tribe in particular, calling themselves the SchuuLock (Great Warrior) tribe, rose among the rest. They were led by a Chief Kiplon, who was a great strategist and conqueror. His favorite tactic was to lure the enemy into a predetermined area in the jungle, then ambush them. There were few to no survivors from these attacks. Suffering very few casualties, Kiplon would then attack the enemy tribe directly, after killing so many of their warriors, overwhelming them by sheer number. Tribe after tribe fell.

No tribe could overcome Kiplon and the SchuuLock tribe.

Civilization EraEdit

The destruction of the other tribes brought the SchuuLock tribe into civilization. With no other tribals hindering their growth, they expanded exponentially. This expansion included population size, intelligence, technology, and land conquest. They soon dominated the continent. However, similar upbringings were occurring elsewhere.

The SchuuLock tribe, now renamed as the Shrola Ushare (Great Nation), sought diplomatic relations with the other rising nations. With the other subspecies eradicated, they lost their sense of racism and xenophobia.

Few would come to return the same feelings, however. Growing as a military power, the Shrola Ushare struck fear into the other rising nations. One in particular, the Gasha Silven (Saving Grace), a nation fervently religious, despised all military action. An alliance formed between them and other religiously-radical nations.

The nations that did return those feelings, mostly nations that grew strength from trade, greatly aided the Shrola Ushare. Growing strong in economic power, the Shrola Ushare could afford to amass large armies for their disposal. This served to greatly anger the Gasha Silven, who then moved to action.

Chosen radicals of the Gasha Silven were sent to the cities of the Shrola Ushare on "holy" missions - to become martyrs or influence the civilians to become one of them. The society of the Shrola Ushare began to erode, and they met religious action with military action. They destroyed the caravans that delivered the missionaries and martyrs, and burnt all religious propaganda within their borders. Martial law was about to be declared, when an ally of the Shrola Ushare came to be under attack by a military power.

With no hesitation, the Shrola Ushare dispatched a fraction of their forces to meet the enemy. They saved their economic friend just in time, and they were then ordered to attack the military enemy directly. They met little resistance, and victory was achieved. Unfortunately, a threat had arrived at home.

A massive army of religious radicals had formed at their capital, Zoken. They had disabled they city's defenses, and were then targeting areas of entertainment and popular outings. Morale had plummeted, and the military forces were scattered across the globe. However, a new technology had been invented, and could now be put to the test.

Flight technology had only been dreamed of, but due to the mass of wealth the Shrola Ushare had accumulated, hired intellects easily discovered this manner of transportation. Fitting the air vessels with military tech was an easy matter, and now they were launched for battle for the first time. The radicals of Gasha Silven were astonished, and their minds were broken, and they scattered.

Taking advantage of the situation, the generals of Shrola Ushare ordered the air vessels to attack the cities of Gasha Silven. One by one, they surrendered. One by one, they were conquered. One by one, Shrola Ushare dominated.

With the world united under one flag, the Great Xylon nation looked to the stars for conquest, adventure, discovery, expansion.

Early Space EraEdit

Upon the discovery of interstellar technology, the nation of Xylons became an empire.

Their first alien contact was a extremely zealous empire, which had disgusted them, due to the fact that the Xylon Empire had dealt with the zealous fanatics not long ago. Soon, the zealous empire demanded tribute for not believing in their religion. The Xylon Empire refused to pay tribute, which will soon begin what is now dubbed the War of Proving.

The test was whether the Xylon Empire were worthy of existence. Failure meant suicide. Strength was all-important in this chaotic realm of interstellar space. An ancient feeling brewed in the heart of the Xylons: xenophobia. This alien race dared to demand from them, the proud Xylon Empire. They refused to bend to their will, and shut down all communications to them. All vessels of the alien empire were destroyed on sight.

A transmission was picked up by a listening post. The alien empire had declared war on the Xylon Empire, declaring it in the name of their Deity.

The military was ordered to immediate action, and sent off to invade the space colonies of the enemy empire. Fueled with xenophobia and unadulterated hatred, the Xylon Empire fought with such ferocity as they never had known for generations.

Soon, they had been able to occupy several colonies, causing their small empire to grow exponentially. More planets meant more economic growth, which in turn allowed for a larger, stronger military. The enemy empire was fighting a losing battle, until a strike shook all of the Xylon Empire.

A planet had fallen. The alien empire had dared to capture one of their colonies. A force was immediately ordered to recapture, and the resistance was overwhelming. After months of fierce battle, the planet was under Xylon control once more. However, tales of the brutality that had to be endured by the Xylon inhabitants will distraught future generations to come.

With hearts full of vengeance, the Xylon Empire targeted the alien homeworld. With that strong vengeance, compounded with their xenophobic loathing, the battle for the homeworld lasted for one and a half years. The Xylon Empire, from the ashes and blood, emerged victorious. The alien empire ceased to exist.


The Xylon Empire was in Her heyday. The military was grand, and faced no opponent. The boundaries of the Empire stretched farther than the imagination. It was intergalactic. The enemy Zython Empire was failing, bringing the war to a soon end. Their allies, the Python Empire, was hunting down the remnants of the Xylonian experiment-gone-wrong.

Also, the Xylon Empire were researching "essence" - what it was, how it worked, and the potential the Xylons had with it. In the pursuit of essence, they received this transmission:

Incoming Transmission from the Taldar
Greetings Xylon Empire. There is no unit of measurement for Chronoscopic, I'm afraid. However, some Taldarologists have invented a Chronoscopic Scale, and the average for your species seems to be high. From your unique biology, strength and intelligence, we can tell that you'd be capable of channelling Chronoscopic well. And from seeing the future timelines in which you use Chronoscopic, you will grow very capable. For more information, the Taldarologists with our help have developed this page.

Given this information, a secret base was formed for an elite group of soldiers to utilize essence in the battlefield.


Destruction was seen everywhere. The Xylon Empire lost every intergalactic colony; the galaxies no longer existed. The Zython Empire seemed to have disappeared off the face of the Universe, but so too has the Zython Empire. The Xykin Alliance was broken, as only one empire survived.
All was not lost. The Xylon Empire is recovering, and now seeking to forge bonds with other empires and nations, to strengthen themselves. All is unsure, especially what side to turn to, for there are many. For now, they shall remain lawful neutral, putting their Empire first.

Latter Space EraEdit

New HorizonsEdit

With Annihilation behind them, the Xylon Empire looks to the future with hope. With the forging of two new alliances, the Imperium of War and the Zarbania Powers, the Empire has gained a significant standing in foreign affairs. Also, with resources being shipped from the great Imperium of War, the recovery of the Xylon Empire improved dramatically. Along with the recovery of systems and their civilization, the Empire recovers their great military.

Seeking to reestablish themselves and to let it be known the Xylon Empire should be feared and respected, the Xylon Empire has joined the Sovereign Mirusian Coalition in hopes of repelling invaders and gaining territory.

Civil WarEdit

As the Imperium of War split from the Sovereign Mirus Coalition, the Xylons became divided in who with to remain. The Imperium of War were promising in eradicating the foes of the Xylons in complete and utter militaristic force, and many see this as a grand opportunity to regain power and glory to the Xylon Empire. Whereas the Zarbania Powers valued order and stability, which was promising to those who still valued Xylonian honor.

Captain Sessilo Sceye led the Traditionalists, the faction that stands true to nationalism, xenophobia, and Xylonian virtues of honor, thus standing with the Zarbania Powers, while Warlord Serlo led the Militarists, the faction that stands true to warrior culture, martial prowess, and greater Xylonian glory, thus standing with the Imperium of War.


The government of the Xylon Empire is set up as a councilship. A council, comprised of seven Xylons, rules over the entirety of the Empire. Five of these positions are elected for, the other two are appointed by the head of the council. The council members that are elected are elected based off of votes received from each system own by the Empire, and each system of planets is allowed a certain number of votes based off of population. These votes are divided up as the system pleases. It can either be that the votes all go to a singular candidate, or is split between two or more.

The title for the head of the council is Warlord. A warlord is only available for veterans of battle. However, s/he do not necessarily had to have gone to a military academy as an adolescent. The warlord is responsible for declaring war, presents new laws, and is considered to be the commander-in-chief of the Empire's military. A warlord is elected into office.

The warlord appoints the Captain of the Military and the Strategist of the Military.

The Captain of the Military is held in high esteem by the populace of the Xylon Empire, and is usually more popular than the warlord. The captain's duty is to lead armed forces into battle, and take on missions that are of great significance and perhaps requires a more skilled Xylon to undergo. This earns the captain great renown and glory for his accomplishments.

The Strategist of the Military oversees the campaigns that the Empire takes on, and other military endeavors that requires planning. His advice is highly respected and heeded by every other council member.

The Keeper of the Finances is the member who oversees the economic issues and finances of the Empire. The responsibilities of the keeper is to levy taxes, safeguard the monetary deposits and handling of the Empire's money, and advise the private companies of the Xylon Empire. The advice of the keeper is not law, but it is well-heeded.

The remaining three members are referred to as the People's Members, as they are primarily elected on the basis of representing the people of the Xylon Empire. Their duties are to give voice for the people, reject laws, and to oversee the public domains.

As a whole, the council passes laws and create decisions that affect the Empire as a whole, such as alliances or treaties.

Below the council are elected officials who do much more micro-managing of the empire. Governors oversee an individual planet per governor, and no Xylon can hold more than one position. Sub-governors are below governors, and tend to the more day-to-day affairs of each planet. The more highly populated planets have a tendency to have more sub-governors, whereas not-as-populated planets tend to have less sub-governors.
Xylon (1)

An average citizen of the Xylon Empire


A Xylon that was hatched is a citizen of the Xylon Empire. Only in a handful of rare incidences are individuals able to claim that they are a citizen of the Xylon Empire. Usually this honor is bestowed on those who have accomplished great feats for the Glory of the Xylon Empire.


Some may view the culture of the Xylons as contradictory, but it is far from it.

The main ambition of the Xylon Empire is to grow and become stronger, in order to become more capable of rooting out and destroying evil through war and destruction. It is by war that evil is vanquished, and good gains victory.

The modal personality of the Xylons tends to be assertive, logical, and protective. The most common MBTI of the Xylons, by far, is ESTJ. This is characterized by being practical, realistic, very matter-of-fact, and having a natural affinity for business and/or mechanics.

The Xylons have a clear binary for their gender, which has a heavy basis in their evolutionary psychology. To give an example, the Xylon military is vastly composed of males, whereas childcare workers are vastly composed of females. Males tend to be larger and more muscular, while more aggressive. Females tend to have softer scales and an instinct to be maternal.

Holidays are unheard of for the Xylons, but there are vacations for the hardest of workers. This comes from the mentality of viewing taking a break as being weak. Whereas if someone tells you to take a break, they may fear for your well-being, meaning that you're an excellent worker.

A common trait shared by each and every Xylon is loyalty, of which is taken so far by many that they are willing to forfeit their own lives in their loyalty. It is from loyalty to their offspring, to their allies, to their leaders, to their subjects, that has allowed the Xylon Empire to survive. This loyalty has even allowed the Empire to thrive. Coming from loyalty are the traits of being protective, patriotic, and territorial. The only thing more dangerous than a protective Xylon mother is a vengeful Xylon father.

From loyalty and logical-mindedness comes the alignment of the Empire: lawful neutral, almost lawful good. Xylons utilize violence as their court, and anyone who dares to do wrong to them or their allies will taste their own blood. As written by a much-renowned poet from the Xylonian heyday from Pre-Annihilation:

Death, violence, gore,
The wonders of the Xylon race.
Enemies shall choke on the ashes of their dead,
And We shall dance in the ashfall.

Winds whisper and flames cackle.
Another kingdom falls,
Another mother moans,
Because her sons defied Us.

As we rise, so too do Grace and Honor,
Rains of chaos will cease,
But the lands will not be parched,
Because We quench their thirst with blood.


The almighty deity in which the Xylons worship is Ytach: the embodiment of order, ruthlessness, ferocity, and guardianship. He is usually represented as a giant, red Xylon with six tentacles instead of wings. Ytach weeds out the weak and undeserving of the Universe.
Long ago, perhaps as far as the Xylon tribals, a prophecy was foretold:

On dreaded blackness, He flies.
Into His Mouth, the worlds fall.
So, too, the Great Xylons.
When We stretch across the Stars,
The End of Everything will come.

Many believe that the Annihilation was the fulfillment of this prophecy, as everything the Xylons ever knew was destroyed, along with their glory. That leaves a single question: does Ytach still exist?


As science leads to technology, and technology leads to a more powerful military, and a more powerful military leads to victory, it should go without saying that the Xylon Empire takes a great interest in science. The leading organization for this is the Scientific Organization of Eons, or SOE. This organization is comprised of the brightest minds of the Empire, and never ceases its research.

A favorite energy source for the Xylon Empire comes from stars. Utilizing Dyson swarms, satellites harness the energy of the stars whose orbits they inhabit and absorb the radiation. However, the Xylon Empire also uses fusion energy in the form of large stations that orbit planets like a small moon. Elsewise, small fusion cores are used when it's expected that there will be no access to regular sources of energy.

Antimatter is a common byproduct of many endeavors, which the scientists of SOE does not let go to waste. Instead, antimatter has been weaponised and utilized as an energy source.

As for weaponry, a favorite of the Xylon Empire is weaponizing energy waves, specifically gamma waves, for its infantry. For bombing measures, the Xylonian military excessively uses Cobalt pure-fusion bombs. However, antimatter bombs are not uncommon. As long as it is efficient and destructive, the Xylon Empire will find a use for it.

For planetary destruction, the Xylon Empire will take advantage of things nearby, such as taking an asteroid and slamming it into the planet, possibly destroying the entire geological crust of the planet. Moons have been weaponized as well, but moreso for the intimidation and fear of the result.



Green faceThey are our allies, respect them.


Blue faceThey have earned our thanks, for now.


Yellow faceWe know not of their intentions. Beware.


Orange faceYou anger us. Do not make it worse.


Red facePrepare for annihilation!

  • Imperium of War - Death to you, betrayers!
    • Xylon Militarists - Any who stand with the fiends whall be vanquished. Including you.


Green faceThey are our allies, respect them.


Blue faceThey have earned our thanks, for now.


Yellow faceWe know not of their intentions. Beware.


Orange faceYou anger us. Do not make it worse.


Red facePrepare for annihilation!

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