This timeline is meant as a resource for events which will be happening in and around the Xonexi Cluster from 2806 to 2811 to aid in the timeskip currently happening in Xonexi. Anyone can add to this list any event which they feel is of importance, whether they worked on the Great Xonexian Schism or not.



Xonexi Allies Operation Geronimo From March to July, the Xonexi Allies Xonexi Allies liberate the Milky Way from rogue elements of the Civembem02 Civilisation.

Human Superstate Human Superstate collapses In March, France successfully invades Orion's Spur. Human Superstate is liberated and dismantled. Africa is stabilized by French occupation.

Flag of Hal'Sk Greater Hal'Sk Empire restored Also in March, Emperor Riahk I returns to the Flag of Hal'Sk Hal'Sk Directorate at the head of a Flag of the French Colonial Empire French army. Restores Flag of Hal'Sk Greater Hal'Sk Empire.

DI Flag Modern Third House War begins DI Flag Modern Draconid Imperium undergoes Third House War.

AltDCPInsignia DCP restored In June, AltDCPInsignia Delpha Coalition of Planets restored.

Flag of France France restored Also in June, Flag of France French Republic joins the Flag of the French Colonial Empire French Colonial Empire. Becomes Flag of France French Empire.

Xonexi Allies Territories returned Colonial territories in the Milky Way belonging to Xonexi Allies Xonexi Allied powers returned.

Roreinia 2 Roreinia liberated Roreinia 2 Roreinia liberated from the Superstate. Despite calls for aid, Allied forces do not intervene in the Civil War.

Civembem02 Return of the Borg The Borg return.

Eldarisian Flag 1st I.N Cutheran church On July 10, Eldarisian Flag Eldarisia begins the construction of an international Cutheran cathedral on the holy French Bunsen Colonies French Bunsen planet named Mountcourt III.

Xonexi Allies GXS Ends On July 16, the Great Xonexian Schism ends.


Drodo Empire Flag Drodo Empire destabilized On August 10, near the end of Drodo Empire Flag Premier Fiihar Jivirik III's term, a massive information leak reveals Jivirik's underhanded tactics as Premier to hold power, confirming the existence of the Imperial Security Bureau, many accounts of corruption, and the coercion of opposition parties to stay quiet when debating decisions in Parliament. Massive protests erupt across the Empire, and rebel groups, especially Heer Stevekelese and Borderlander nationalists, use the opportunity to rise in armed revolt.

March Flag March lost Drodo Empire Flag Margrave Kirvan Jivirik and his officials make a narrow escape from the March Flag March of Stekeveelia. The March's government collapses on August 12.

Drodo Colonial Flag War in the colonies Drodo Colonial Flag Drodo colonial forces, having retreated to a line around New Aratacia, successfully surge forward on August 14 and retake a large amount of territory both within the March and in Borderlander territory. Vengeful officers begin to order the massacre of civilians on both fronts, leading to renewed violence and resistance as civilians rush to protect themselves and government regiments begin to revolt against their commanders due to the orders.

Drodo Empire Flag The Great Riot begins A massive, bloody riot emerges on Drodo Empire Flag Coron on August 16, starting when an anti-Jivirik protest on a major plaza in Imperial City is run down by a cavalry charge made by IDMP officers, killing hundreds of people. The riot continues for days, damaging billions of credits worth of property and killing thousands of people. The Great Riot will last until September 20.

Flag of France Intervention in Drodo territories On August 19, an international coalition led by the Flag of France French Empire denounces the Jivirik government's actions, and invades the Heer Stekeveel Territories with an army led by the famed Drodo admiral Cesterity Isordon, who had until now been in the service of the Flag of the French Colonial Empire French Colonial Empire.

Grand Commonwealth foundedOn August 20, The Grand Commonwealth of Sovereign States, a galactic government for the Milky Way, is founded by France and the DCP. All powers in the Milky Way recognized by France and the DCP are offered a seat. In accordance with the terms of the Peace of Halcyon, AltDCPInsignia Wormulus II and Flag of France Alexandre I are named "Protectors of the Milky Way" and jointly assume responsibility for protecting the Milky Way and all of its states. Further in accordance with the Peace of Halcyon, the AltDCPInsignia DCP's Core territories become international territory held by the Grand Commonwealth of Sovereign States.

Drodo Colonial Flag Drodo Colonies captured From August 25 to 27, Cesterity captures the whole of the Drodo Colonial Flag Drodoian Quadrant Colonies rapidly, without much resistance, having most government troops rally to him through his force of charisma and their dislike of Jivirik (and their superiors), and rallying the rebels to his cause by promising a fair, peaceful settlement for all of them once Cesterity takes power. French fighters pummeled the positions of those forces that remained hostile. This was the extent of Coalition objectives, but Cesterity had other ideas. Leaving the coalition forces behind, but having his own huge army at his back, he made the controversial decision to overthrow the Drodo Empire Flag Jivirik government at Coron.

Drodo Empire Flag Isordon moves to the Milky Way Cesterity moves his entire armada through the wormholes in the Drodo Colonial Flag Quadrant Colonies into the mainland of the Drodo Empire Flag Drodo Empire without resistance. More government troops in the mainland begin to join his side as he does. He arrives on August 30.

September Edit

Farengeto Colony Flag4 Work begins on hyperlane Farengeto Colony Flag4 Farengeto Trade Coalition begins construction of Concordat Hyperlane Extension.

Drodo Empire Flag Jivirk stronghold captured On September 18, Cesterity decisively defeats the Jivirik feudal retinue in the Battle of Jerveran, seizing the Jivirik-governed system and putting the Jivirik clan under house arrest.

Nsflag Naakjiflag02 Naakjian Confederation annexed Nsflag Nomatari Sovereignty retrieves the Andromedan remnant of Naakjiflag02 Naakjian Confederation through an after-war treaty and approval from a majority of the affected population on September 19.

Drodo Empire Flag Isordon overthrows government Also on September 19, Cesterity and his armada come into orbit over Coron, and Cesterity personally leads a brigade of infantry into the then-besieged Imperial Parliament, disposing of resistance and dissolving the Drodo Empire Flag Jivirik administration at gunpoint and making himself interim dictator. His first action as dictator was to put Jivirik under arrest, and charge him with treason.

Drodo Empire Flag Great Riot ends Cesterity orders the IDMP garrison on Coron to stand down, or else to face destruction. They comply, and soon the riots die down on September 20. Occasional skirmishes would continue until September 22.

Flag of France Flag of Hal'Sk Royal marriage Amid the turmoil and controversy of the Drodoian Crisis, Flag of France Alexandre I of France marries Flag of Hal'Sk Anastasia Hisan, Princess of the Greater Hal'Sk Empire and second in line to the Imperial throne, cementing the alliance between the two monarchies on September 28. French troops remain in many Hal'Sk imperial territories to ensure stability in the crumbling empire, though face serious unrest in a number of provinces. Alexandre draws serious criticism for not setting a clear date for a French withdrawal.

November Edit

Drodo Empire Flag Flag of France Relations restored Cesterity, donning the modest title of "Interim Dictator of the Empire", reestablishes formal relations with the Flag of France French Empire on November 8, and begins work on reconstructing infrastructure destroyed by the anti-Jivirik revolts. While willing to work with the temporary dictator, Flag of France Alexandre I pressures the administration to set a date for elections and Isordon stepping down. The date is set for 2809 with the approval of the Drodo parliament.

Farengeto Colony Flag4 Farengeto expansion begins The Republic of Agaret is granted Class I Protectorate status in the Farengeto Colony Flag4Farengeto Trade Coalition on November 13, marking the start of the Coalition's expansion into inner Scutum-Crux.

Drodo Empire Flag Isordon negotiates with rebels From November 12 until December 10, Drodo Empire Flag Dictator Cesterity negotiates with rebel forces, and ultimately agrees to their demands. The Heer Stekeveel Confederation Heer Stevekel Confederation is restored, and the Borderlander people (on the Drodo side) are given an autonomous region, and work is begun at finding a way to invent viable Human-Drodo reproduction and hybrids. Flag of France French troops complete their withdrawal from both of these territories on December 10. Cesterity additionally pressures the Flag of the Republic of Galactica Republic of Galactica to instate similar laws in regards to Borderlanders.

December Edit

Xonexi Allies 2 Xonexi Allies disbanded At the final meeting of Allied High Command on December 1, the organization is finally dissolved after the terms of the Peace of Halcyon were successfully carried out. However, the members of the Board of Seven pledge to continue to meet in order to address pan-Xonexi affairs. These powers become known as the X6.

Flag of Hal'Sk Emperor dies of old age Flag of Hal'Sk Riahk I dies of old age on December 30. His widowed son, Galokar Hisan, ascends to the throne amidst political unrest and upheaval. He immediately marries Elise Dekan, a powerful noblewoman, and pledges to continue the Greater Hal'Sk Empire's wars to maintain their colonies. Concerns permeate every level of Hal'Sk society about Galokar I's ability to rule, and the possibility of a Valéry heir to the throne should he die.


January Edit

Drodo Empire Flag Fiihar Jivirk exiled Drodo Empire Flag Archduke Fiihar Jivirik III is seen guilty of all charges of treason, corruption, and violation of sapient rights on January 17. While most would've been sentenced to death for such a list of crimes, Fiihar had the good fortune of being an aristocrat, from a powerful family. The Archduke was instead stripped of his title and sentenced to exile, swearing never to return to the Drodo Empire Flag Drodo Empire under pain of death. Fiihar would then gather his personal fortune and make the controversial decision to move to the DI Flag Modern Draconid Imperium. The Jivirik clan is released from house arrest and allowed to go freely on January 18.

Drodo Empire Flag Imperial Security Bureau dismantledOn January 21, The "Imperial Security Bureau", established by Jivirik, is dissolved by executive order. In a well-coordinated operation, Cesterity has the secret headquarters of the ISB raided by Drodo Empire Flag government troops, and additionally arrests all ISB agents that are away from base in the Empire. The operation was a complete success and lasts 12 hours. Additionally, Cesterity informs Flag of France Alexandre I of France of the recent operation, and provides him a list of suspected ISB agents operating in French territory. The episode gives the French imperial administration some much needed reprieve.

May Edit

Algolurn Popular Republic Supercarrier launched The Second Veliktor Class Hyperdreadnought of the Algolurn Popular Republic APR in officially launched on May 11. It's first assignement will be in the Popular Protectorate of Andromeda.

September Edit

Flag of Imperial Siranian Directorate Resignation of Mahmut İsmet Atatürk Flag of Imperial Siranian Directorate Director Mahmut Atatürk is forced to resign by Prime Minister Recep Rauf Çamak on September 18. It was the day before the end of his term, and elections for Director were being held throughout the Flag of Imperial Siranian Directorate Directorate. The victor was Hassan Ahmadinejad, but on September 19 elections were frozen and the Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Siranian Army, Abdullah Hollande, was made eternal Director. Atatürk fled to the Flag of Bunsen Colonies of Siran Siran colonies in Bunsen, and Ahmadinejad was arrested and was essentially non-existent.

December Edit

Farengeto Colony Flag4 Work begins on hyperlane Farengeto Colony Flag4 Construction begins on the Katar-Byzan Hyperlane.


Roreinia Quadrants Tricolour-3 Millennial of Latin Wars Roreinia Quadrants Tricolour-3 Gran Colombia begins commemorating the millennial of the Latin American Wars for Independence. Events take place in Roreinia 2 Roreinia but are censored following revolutionary protests.

Algolurn Popular Republic Byzan Sector CoalitionOn april 22th, the Popular Republic, Republic of Gradesia and Sovereign Federation unite under the Byzan Sector Coalition.

Farengeto Colony Flag4 Farengeto ElectionsIn October, Farengeto Trade Coalition holds the Elections of 14 FUC.

Drodo Empire Flag Drodo dictator steps down Drodo Empire Flag On December 23, Cesterity Isordon steps down as dictator two weeks early, completing the process of "de-Jivirikization" he set out upon from the beginning, and left the Empire as a rapidly-recovering, reasonably stable nation.


Roreinia Quadrants Tricolour-3 First democratic elections In February, Gran Colombian sector governments hold first democratic elections.

Roreinia 2 Unrest in RoreiniaTensions flare in Roreinia 2 Roreinia after government condemns Gran Colombian elections.

Drodo Empire Flag Cesterity drafted After being convinced to do so by friends and family, Cesterity announces his run for Premiership on August 7, leading an independent party known as the National Revival Party.

Farengeto Colony Flag4 Algolurn Popular Republic Hyperlane complete Katar-Byzan Hyperlane completed in May.

Flag of Imperial Siranian Directorate Army takes Over in Coup On May 19, Prime Minister Recep Rauf Çamak declared himself supreme leader of Flag of Imperial Siranian Directorate Siran and condemned Director Abdullah Hollande as a "corrupt man who threatens the Siranian way of life". Çamak seized the capital with the Siran Stellar Forces. Hollande fought for the capital and was victorious, publicly burning Çamak alive with a flamethrower and privately executing all other Çamak supporters by firing squad. Hollande then declares himself Grand Marshal, an all-powerful title vaguely defined.

Drodo Empire Flag Drodo elections end On October 9, Cesterity, and his National Revival party win a landslide victory, forming a majority government in the Imperial Parliament. Cesterity Isordon would be the Empire's next Premier, and would immediately set about continuing the policies he had started as dictator.

Roreinia 2 Protests in RoreiniaProtests begin in Amazonas Cluster, demanding representation for non-humans in the Roreinia 2Roreinian government. On November 12, the protests turn violent. Reports from the region are censored, including casualties. Rebels claim billions dead is alleged genocide.


June 18 -

TIAF Flag Farengeto Colony Flag4 First transit First transit between Farengeto Colony Flag4 Farengeto Trade Coalition and TIAF Flag Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation territories completed along Concordat extension
Algolurn Popular Republic Death of the ChairmanCharmain Vostok dies unexpectedly when his personal ship had a critical failure.


  • November - Roreinia 2 Irenda's Sector Governor, then a prominent Opposition member, declares a sudden policy reversal. Opposition leaders accuse government of "reprogramming" the Sector Governor.
  • December 14 - Roreinia 2 Core Sector Opposition leaders provide evidence of at least a hundred memory and personality alterations committed by the government against its members
  • December 18 - After an apparent attempt to "reprogram" the Santiago Sector Governor, the Brasilia, Santiago, Mateusia and Vermelho Novo sectors declare independence from Roreinia 2 Roreinia
  • December 24 - Roreinia 2 Opposition members storm Irenda's capital buildings and place the Sector Governor in custody. Irenda joins the other core sectors and declares independence
  • December 26 - Roreinia 2First Battle of Irenda: Loyalist forces engage Independents over Irenda. Roreinian Civil War resumes.

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