Let this empire be a monument of our might, a physycial realization of what we are truly capable of.

- The Triam upon founding the Dominion

The Xol Dominion, also called Xol'Etra Dominion, or simply the Dominion, is an intergalactic empire composed of scores of species and that spans a third of the Chandras Galaxy. It was founded by the mighty Xol'Etra when they asserted themselves as a superpower and sole authority of the psionic energies they were made of. Later on, they were challenged by the emerging power of the Singularim Pact for control of the galaxies they already held. Its founding leader, the Triam, was destroyed by the Pact's respective leader, Singul'Aren, and the Dominion was left leaderless for a time. The Xol'Etra decided to step out of the Dominion's leadership and let their servants manage their remnant, but huge, empire, and so they placed their blessing upon a full authoritarian Didact named Ur'bos.

Under Ur'bos' leadership, the Dominion has sought to fill two enormous tasks: to keep the frontline with the Pact in the Chandras Galaxy that was created in the aftermath of the Great Psionic War, and to secure the territory that was not touched by the war.

The Dominion, although greatly depleted by the war against the Pact, is still a vast empire that is rapidly recovering from the devastation of the Psionic conflict, but that could eventually collapse and fragment. Despite these, the Xol'Etra continuously inspire its members to persevere, and Xol'Etra worship is a religion greatly supported by the government. Life in the Dominion is harsh, since individuality, although present in some way, is greatly thrown away in order to be part of the nigh-ubiquitous Pharia Entanglement.

The current state of the Dominion is chaotic, as systems across its territory either chose independence, pledged their adherence to the Pact, or succumbing to alien threats, such as the Yasuul Legion or the Loron Kandrazz Bandz.


Arrival of the Xol'Etra[]

With the great clean-slate performed by the Xhodocto at the end of the War of Ages, the Xol'Etra arrived unto the surviving galaxies of Tigris and Chandras still controlled by the then Host led by the Krassio. Completely battered by the conflict, the Krassio leadership was quickly overthrown by the great amount of power the Xol'Etra offered to the lesser species of the organization. It is safe to say, that although many decided to rally under the Psionic Lords willingly, countless others were forced into submission with extreme brutality. The concept of the Krassio-genus was completely eliminated, with only a large fleet of Civatrons kept imprisoned within the massive gravitational pull of the Chandras galactic core, as they were deemed useful to the Dominion. The Krass were left to fend for themselves and quickly became a semi-autonomous faction within the wings of the mighty Xol'Etra. These and scores of unnamed worlds and systems were indoctrinated by the relentless conquest the Xol'Etra performed. Another region of space named the Endless Space was also occupied by the Xol'Etra, where they discovered the psionic Krauna's exploits there.


After several years of conquest, the Xol'Etra began to slow their advance and instead consolidated their gains. They created the Phar'Michani to police the immense empire they had formed, as well as foment the worship and cult of the Xol'Etra as a monopolizing religion, even if they were not fond of religious views. They also formed the Phar'Servia and charged them with the eternal task of conquering and eradicating worlds afflicted by the touch of evil forces, 'evil' being everything that went against the Psionic Lords' holy teaching.

With this, the great empire that they had formed was named the Xol Dominion. The Triam, respected and almost worshipped among his kin, became the first 'Administrator' (as he put it) of the Dominion. Sometime during this period, the Triam's secret scientific research opened a rift to a mirror universe, where he managed to draw in and enthrall a warrior species akin to the Civatrons: The Yasuul Legion.

Seeds of insurrection[]

Despite their tight grip of the Dominion, the Xol'Etra could not prevent detractors from wanting to leave the Dominion, and even fight for their freedom if it was necessary. Indeed, the Xol'Etra's imperial peace restrained greatly races that had once stood as masters of their own fate, like the Krass and the remaining Krassio species. The Krauna Principality, another powerful psionic race, related to the Krassio and Krass due to their unusual psionic-biologic composition, were occupied and kept at bay for decades. Their leadership was left wanting of exploiting their psionic potential, but never truly knew how until the Revolution War.

Additionally, the Xol'Etra, with all their might, were never able to conquer the spirit race of psionic beings called the Neithil, who enjoyed on creating division amongst the unity that the Xol'Etra had brought. The Neithil were nomadic in nature, and their sporadic taint had been so deep in the Chandras Galaxy that they did not need to directly influence a world or a civilization. The Xol-Neithil conflict only intensified when the Psionic War occurred, but their rivalry had existed before. In many occasions, the Phar'Servia were sent to many of their Sanctuary Worlds because their population had been tainted with the Neithil's psionic thrall, causing internal wars that lasted for months until the Phar'Servia made planetfall, and all signs of rebellion were suppressed.

The Great Psionic War[]

After the Krauna principality revolted against their old masters: the Xol'Etra, so did many other psionic species such as the Krass Hegemony, the Livirkiton Protectorate. At some point, the Khalinar and the Inog also joined the fray. The Pact was thus formed in order to defend their respective territories against the expected retaliation from the Xol'Etra.

The Xol'Etra, weakened by a treacherous psionic syndrome spread over their mental collective consciousness, gathered their servants and loyal subjects to defend their hold over the Universe as Psionic lords.

The Xol'Etra launched their armies with extreme prejudice. In the Beacon Sector, the full might of the Li Combine and the Phar'Servia attacked the Krauna Principality in a widespread assault on numerous fronts. In the Kaas Galaxy, the Krass Hegemony faced the wrath of the Phar'Michani's inquisitive work, as the fabled messenger warriors of the Xol'Etra made planetfall over scores of systems the Krass protected. The Xol'Etra servants were bent on extinguishing the taint of the Singularim over the galaxies they deemed now "corrupted". In many cases, Singul'Aren, master of the Singularim Pact, was forced to retreat and concentrate his forces on evacuation efforts in order to save lives before the Xol onslaught. Even if the Pact managed to save millions, countless more succumbed to the wrath of the Psionic Lords. The Xol'Etra seemed to attain victory over the first months of the crusade.

However, as their forces spread wider in order to face Pact supporters across the entire Xanctum and Kaas Galaxies, they soon realized that their original plan was far-fetched. The battle of the Praxeum Trade route proved to be a fatal loss to the Dominion, and the Pact's first major victory, as they did not expect Singul'Aren himself to face the Dominion forces in this critical interstellar sector. Singul'Aren advanced through the four main Port worlds of the Praxeum sector, seeing that the Dominion would gain direct access to core worlds of the Krauna Principality, including Monoikos. Escorted by his newly formed Araenian Guard, he marched unopposed until the Praxeum route had been cleared and the Dominion invaders routed.

In the Kaas Galaxy, the arrival of the Livirkiton-Khalinar-Inog Front to assist the Krass halted the Phar'Michani drastically, but the holy servants of the Xol'Etra proved to be worthy opponents that would not give in even to the savagery of the Inog. The war became a tedious and violent between the allied forces and the Dominion.

Their victory at the Praxeum trade route was followed by a series of small victories that began to circumvent the Dominion advance in numerous systems, frustrating the Xol in many fronts and coming to a stalemate in others. Although the Pact had proven capable of holding the Xol'Etra, the front against the superior organization of the Dominion was unstable for the Krauna forces, even with the help of minor empires who refused to bow to the invading forces of the Li Combine. It was clear that the Pact needed to rekindle its initial hope. Singul'Aren knew that his appearance and power was not enough to inspire his new people with hope. Even the Krass had their hands full with the radical attacks of the Phar'Michani. Singul'Aren knew that only a species was powerful enough to confront the greatest warriors o the Dominion and inspire hope and victory in the hearts of the exhausted Krauna forces. They needed the three original races of the Krassio, and more specifically, the might of the Civatrons.

Singul'Aren then convened with his advisers, and Master Haart, the only Civatron at that time, conveyed the location of a fleet of Krassio that had been imprisoned near the galactic core of the Chandras Galaxy. As Singul'Aren secretly reached out to identify such a promising military force, he realized that this fleet of Krassio warriors was no other than the Primal fleet, led by the supposedly defunct Master Kroc. The Krassio were kept in hibernation by the Xol'Etra so as to break their psionic discipline and add their brilliant military and psionic prowess to their own. As swiftly as he could, Singul'Aren mustered a small force composed of his bravest and most promising Araenian guards, and secretly traveled to the Chandras galactic core, which was right by the seat of the Xol Dominion. Once he warped through a psionic portal and he poured from it into the coordinates he had received, the psionic god of balance realized that the situation was far worse than he had imagined. The Xol'Etra, in their twisted sense of submission, had allowed Neithil minds to mentally bombard the sleeping warriors of the Primal Fleet. Singul'Aren sensed Master Kroc's soul desperately trying to circumvent the Neithil's influence in his subordinates, incapable of actively fighting their psionic attacks. Singul'Aren then awakened a large percent of his power for the first time, facing the custodians of the fleet, a large task force of Li forces who had a cult around Master Kroc and his warriors.

Singul'Aren contended for a moment with the Li commander, who wrongly called himself "The Hierarch's voice". It was only when the Li leader lied at the psionic god's feet that he understood that Singul'Aren and the fabled warrior The Valader were the same beings. Understanding the Pact's right to claim the Primal fleet, the Hierarch's voice called his forces to stand down and allow Singul'Aren to do his work. The psionic god rushed to his old friend's aid and cast out the evil influence of the Neithil. Without the psionic slumbering power of the Xol'Etra nor the Neithil's defiling watch to withhold them, the Krassio fleet awakened and half a million strong reactivated the fleet's cruisers. Master Kroc's reunion with his old friend Singul'Aren is something still told across those who worship them as liberators.

The legendary leader of the Krassio and the Li subservient forces escaped through psionic portals towards a safe area into the Chandras galaxy, making short jumps in order to prevent the Dominion from falling on their numbers.

As the Primal Armada arrived at the frontlines, the Krauna saw the semi-mortal Civatrons unleash their full might against their ascended kin's servants. The Phar'Servia proved to be but a nuisance to the Civatron onslaught, and the Andrudan and Juvan auxiliaries provided much-needed reinforcements in besieged systems. One Civatron Chapter of battle-hardened warriors was enough to turn the tide on a battlefield, regardless of its size. Master Kroc ensured his forces hit critical strongholds created by the Phar'Servia and the Li Combine in order to demoralize and put their foes to the test. It was here where Kroc declared words that echoed in the front:

Compared to the Zhulultu, these fiends stand no match against the light of the Krassio

- Master Kroc

Even with these significant victories, the Dominion still had to unleash its full might. With no sense of mercy or sorry for their victims, the Xol'Etra themselves descended upon the Krass and their own rebellion. The Triam, the leader of the Dominion, personally led the purge and, supported by his people of godly beings, crushed the Krass opposition. The bright comet that had been the Krass during the Great Psionic War was abruptly silenced, and millions of voices screamed in agony before the Triam's wrath. Kaas Galaxy was left in ruins and completely formless, with no possibility for it to ever host sentient life again.

Unbeknownst to both the Xol'Etra and Singul'Aren, the dying cry of countless lives claimed by the Xol'Etra coalesced into something both sides did not expect: The birth of a new god. With great sorrow over her people, a being in the form of a Civatron female immediately imploded into reality just as the Phar'Michani and the Phar'Servia prepared to make a final run on Singul'Aren in the Endless Space. This being, calling herself Ynur'Va, full of sorrow, let out a chilling cry of war and vengeance as she charged with unconceivable psionic power, matched only by beings like Kroc and the Valader: The true warrior of the future, prophesized since the days of the War of Ages, had finally come into being.

Ynur massacred scores of enemies as she went from debris to debris, hunting down every single being she held responsible for the death of millions of her "children". She was the consolation and final rest for all victims in Kaas galaxy, and a terrible avenger to the murderers responsible for it. “I can hear them, Oh mighty Firstborn, the cry of countless voices who wish I do them justice, I shall not help you while these perpetrators of a life of honor and an honoring death still live. I will kill them, but not before they feel for the fist time what is to know fear

- Ynur
The warrior of the Past and the warrior of the Future meet.

Singul'Aren quickly rushed to what was left of Kaas, and sought to meet and calm Ynur. Both deities met and, at first, did not manage to come to terms with what they witnessed. Ynur was restless, wishing all remaining Xol'Etra in the devastated galaxy be silenced. Both warrior gods agreed to stay in Kaas until all crying souls had been harvested by Ynur, and their enemies crushed, thus beginning a stage of the war where only the gods did battle.

As his old friend the Valader was dealing with his complete opposite in Kaas, it was up to Kroc to, yet again, lead the surviving Krassio and Krauna, as well as all Krass and the species who had escaped the Xol'Etra. His innate charisma with psionic-minded people, like his, allowed him to pass reforms into the Krauna Principality and make it the backbone of the Pact Singul'Aren had envisioned. His strategic meta-genius conducted battles across the Chandras Galaxy that allowed the Pact to gain more soldiers to its ranks and secure its borders. However, the Dominion's losses at the hands of Ynur back in Kaas Galaxy began to recover, and the Pact's advance soon came to a second stalemate.

However, just as the Pact's forces could not afford to spare any more casualties before the Xol Dominion, Ynur'Va and Singul'Aren arrived at Chandras, joined by a massive fleet of ships piloted by the souls of those dead by the Xol'Etra, and those psionic minds killed during the War of Ages. Just as Singul'Aren had amassed a massive army of the living that faced the might of the Xol'Etra, Ynur'Va had rallied the dead. This armada, called the Fleet of Vengeance, led the frontlines in a carnage that forced the Xol'Etra to step into the war, finding themselves outmatched by this turn of events. The Dominion retreated many times, each time allowing the Pact's forces to pave the way into the very heart of the Dominion: Vof Valar.

When the time finally came to besiege the massive City System of Vof Valar, the combined Trinity of the Pact's leaders was there. Singul, Kroc, and Ynur struck fiercely upon the shields of the great city, their forces battled the Triam's defense legions for months in space, until the Civatrons led by Kroc finally managed to land in the City, starting a prolonged ground fight that saw the Civatrons facing the Lantian Order, an unknown force brought by the Xol'Etra to compensate the battle.

The Siege of Vof Valar was interrupted when an unknown fleet of twisted psionic users pierced the blockade and landed swiftly upon the massive city, thus starting a new frontline. These newly arrivals identified themselves as the Yasuul Legion, seeking to become the dominant power of the Chandras galaxy by defeating both current powers in one swift strike. In a symbolic turn of events, the Xol Dominion and the Singularim Pact saw this new foe as their biggest threat, joining forces temporarily to defeat it. Just as the Yasuul were repelled, the Singularim and Xol authorities signed a cease-fire, finally able to see the great devastation their conflict had brought upon their worlds.

New Ruler[]

Beaten, yet saved, the Xol Dominion sought to recover from the atrocious battles of the Psionic War. Still, recovering was far from over, as the Yasuul Legion continued to roam the sector near Vof Valar and the Dimensional Rift, being of psionic nature, bled unspeakable horrors from beyond. Assailed by the evil Yasuul, and existing as a shadow of its former self, the Dominion was in dire need of strong leadership, and the weakened Xol'Etra were not enough to rally their mighty empire once again.

It was in their darkest hour that a new leader arose from the ashes of war. A mysterious entity bearing the mark of the Dominion's pantheon. The remaining Xol'Etra had bestowed their blessing upon him, and unimaginable and uncontainable power glowed from within his tired eyes. Didact Ur'bos, whose successful military endeavors during the war had been overlooked due to the great siege, saw an opportunity to make the Dominion even better of what it was, and thus ascended into the position of Autoritarium, swiftly ending a short spanned power struggle among warlords in the Dominion.


Ur'bos, as enigmatic and charismatic as he was, rallied those who pledged their loyalty to his vision of a powerful Dominion, and declared the reformation of the Dominion army, highly dependent on serf militaries from lesser species and great diversity of technological levels thanks to the variety of empires participating in it, something he deemed weak. In order to carry out his imperial vision and fulfill the Xol'Etra's ultimate goal of Order, he decided to unify the military into a central rule. He summoned the Phar'Michani and the Phar'Servia, who lent their assistance in his crusade to salvage what was left. Additionally, Ur'bos awakened a secret he had been engineering since his rise to the role of Didact: the Dominatus Order, thousands upon thousands of dormant, artificial Civatrons, designed to carry his exclusive command. Soon, the Li Combine sent what was left of their military, and the Fourmican Queens sent their Breeders to join the massive army.

Soon, scores of warriors, knights, soldiers and grunts, countless swords, guns, claws and minds, had been rallied in Xol'Autoritas, the new seat of the Dominion. Although many of his officers advised he marched upon the Singularim Pact, Ur'bos determined that the most immediate threat were the dark spawn of the Yasuul, thus he sought to deliver Dominion worlds from their onslaught. That army is called, to this day, the Hand of Ur'bos.

The Psionic War was over, but the seeds of a new conflict were already rooted, and Ur'bos was determined to be ready when the time to march to war arrived again.


When the Xol'Etra retired from public view, they selected a few individuals to govern over their remaining territory, leaving them the enormous commission of restoring their once vast empire. Above all these Xol'Indomi (Chosen by the Xol'Etra), one stood powerfully over the Dominion, favored by the Psionic Lords. His name is Ur'bos, who was named Didact of the Dominion, granting him enormous powers and full authority over the Dominion.

It is safe to assume that the Dominion's current leader stands as a powerful beacon of Pharia light in the empire. His psionic power, mighty and limitless, is said to rival all three main leaders of the Pact.


Despite the external impression of being authoritarian and extremely cruel, Dominion member worlds enjoy freedom and autonomy as long as they respect and follow the tenets penned by Didact Ur'bos. The Xol'Etra's utmost intelligence left many inferior holes in their administration that led them to an eventual defeat at the hands of the Pact and the Syndrome. Worlds under the rule of the Dominion must pay tithes for the Xol'Etra Magisteriat, and must contribute without hesitance to the grand Dominion army known as The Hand of Ur'bos.

On a societal, cultural level, the Dominion architecture, artistic perspectives, and academic studies borrowed heavily from the ancient minds of the Krassio Host, a model both the Xol'Etra and the Didact sought to preserve. Many worlds enjoy a relative freedom from the Dominion's administration, and others do not even notice their presence in the planet, especially those who lack techonology to detect the upper minds that watch over them. Since the great consolidation led by the Didact began, the Dominion experiences a time of relative, imperial peace, many of them knowing that their glorious leader fights for them against the many dangers that lurk beyond their borders.


The Dominion's technological achievements are only rivaled by the other two powers controlling Chandras Galaxy. They are able to create solidified surfaces out of light by using technology combined with their mystical psionic powers, use wormwhole--like vortexes to teleport between locations almost instantaneously, and create numerous forms of advanced machinery.

Even after millions of years, Dominion techonolgy, loosely based on the ancient Krassio Host's, is still advanced at a comparatively rapid rate.

The hight concentration of psionic induced particles affect the environment of the Dominion's most concentrated areas, giving birth to flora and fauna, as well as inanimate objects, that are rooted to the Pharia Entanglement. These influential effects of psionic, spontaneous reactions develop a plethora of inhabitants inside the Dominion and affect even the farthest reaches of the Galaxy. In a sense, the Xol'Etra were on the brink of creating their own exclusive psionic paradise.

The Dominion has one of the highest levels of knowledge of abstract sciences, with the Xol'Etra's seemingly unlimited knowledge, they are able to grasp 'mystical' levels of psionic energy, where mentalics or psionic users are able to rival a ship's physical technology like shields, travel, weapons, tools, even surpassing them in some cases. Some of the highest echelons of psionic users are capable of even breaching the shackles of space and time and grasp at the power of the gods, the Xol'Etra excluded.

Aside from this, they are able to manipulate an entire world's population from within, slowly turning them into their fold. A single Phar'Michani could easily start Xol'Etra worship on a unsuspecting planet, carefully bringing them into the creed that all the Dominion whispers. However, when needed, a Phar'Michani could rain down a storm of psionic energy upon a city's population, or even propel an asteroid unto its surface with the right amount of focus.


Although the Dominion is entirely controlled by the Didact Ur'bos, there are factions that joined the Dominion before or after the Great Psionic War.


  • The Dominion is one of The Valader's main fiction.
  • The Dominion was intended to be the newest evolution from the late Krassio Host, but they were designed to be different from them eventually.