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The Pharia energy, also known as "The Pharia Essence" is the school of thought taught by the Xol'Etra that revolves around the control of the mind, the manipulation of the environment. It is an extension of the Psionic Energy. Evolved to better fit the infinite capabilities of the Xol'Etra.


We are Pharia, Pharia is Us, the following writings are a suitable explanation for you to better understand (or not) the Xol'Etra.

- The Triam.

The Pharia is, as said in the psionic energy article, a very unstable essence that populates every-single sapient mind affected by it. That means, any mind with cognitive abilities and exposed to the network by the Xol themselves. Once awakened, it is hard to put back to sleep, and without proper discipline, the Pharia inflluence will consume the user. It is unknown if the Pharia is the extent of a sole Xol'Etra's power or the collective power of all the transfinite population of the species.

The Pharia is an evolution of the psionic collective network, in which all thoughts and memories could be shared. This concept was originally designed by the Krass as the Iluvii realm, the Xol perfected this link to connect to all living beings that had been induced, designed by the Xol'Etra to suit their needs, both societal and militaristic. It allows the Xol to give powers to some individuals above the others in order to complete certain tasks. This overpowered Xol'Etra serve as hubs of psionic power for all the different areas in their society. It is only reserved for the Xol'Etra and their servants.


As said countless times before, the psionic energy will consume the mind of any undisciplined individual. The Xol presented to the omniverse the Pharia essence, which is impossible to master if the individual is not a Xol'Etra or has been induced by one into the Pharia.

The Xol consider the minor demons too unworthy to be defeated by their powers. Meaning that their abilities using psionic energy have increased greatly into unimaginative ways thanks to the collective-sharing power they hold. To solve this, they have recurred to bring back warriors such as Kroc from the dead. The Xol'Etra had him and other powerful warriors from the Old multiverse ignited with the Pharia Essence, transforming them into warring, vicious, but powerful beings that serve to bring the schemes of the Xol. The Xol'Etra then knew that their newly evolved essence was not compatible for no being other than them. They named those injected (or even infected) with the Pharia essence Phar'Serphia.

Technology and PhariaEdit

The Essence works as a mediator for any needs the Xol'Etra have. To simplify things, the Essence is their technology. They can materialize anything the want, they can manipulate all matter in the Omniverse and change its form.


The Phar'Serphia are, just as the name implies, the "serfs" of the Xol'Etra. The Xol'Etra are highly reserved when it comes to socializing with other species, only when its necessary. For these kind of jobs, the Xol'Etra discovered that their very essence is too much for other species, taking over them, even changing their physical appearance in a similar way a creature changes when descended into chaotic essence. The very first Phar'Serphia was a human named Ulmo.

Ulmo and the PhariaEdit

According to members of his ship, Ulmo was the commanding officer in charge of security in a huge dreadnought named "Sombrero Pulsar", when his ship was attacked by the Legion of the Death March, all the ranking officers were killed, leaving him in command of the Sombrero Pulsar.

Fighting until his last breath, he barely escaped death as his pod would have been destroyed by a Xhonet if a Xol'Etra wouldn't had arrived and defeated him. The Xol, merciful, tried to link his mind with the human's. The result was the powerful psionic energy invading his body adjusting it to fit the Pharia. Much to the Xol'Etra's surprise, before him lied a fully recovered human, with the same DNA, but enhanced physical and mental capabilities.

After Ulmo many followed his same path. The Pharia could not only heal wounded bodies, but it could also resurrect them.

The rest of the Xol'Etra decided that they should form an army of these doted psionic beings in order to match the highly diverse hordes of the Legion of the Death March. And so there is a large amount of Phar'Serphia ever since.

The Pharia, however, induces the individuals to obey the every command their masters give them, that is, the Xol'Etra. There is only one known individual capable of freeing itself from the Xol'Etra's control, and that is Master Kroc. However it is uncertain if Kroc is there against his will or not.

Known Phar'SerphiaEdit

Many known figures of the past and now destroyed Universe are now recruited (most of them voluntarily) to the Phar'Serphia ranks. Here is a short list of known personalities now battling the Death March.

  • Ulmo - The first Phar'Serphia.
  • Spirit Master Tadjeleon - Delivered himself to the Pharia willingly, and according to his companions, he has the best affinity to it, capable of surpassing even Kroc.
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