There is no way to hide from them. Pray that your existence be considered worthless by their omniscient minds.

- Chant LVII in Xol'Etra worship.

The Xol'Etra (Xol for short) is a demonym used for the psionic spirits known for a time as the Psionic Lords or the "Benefactors". Rising in power during the devastating wars of the War of Ages, the Xol'Etra arrived on the material universe through the Iluvii Realm and at a time when concepts like willpower and self-awareness were terms unknown to the spirits inhabiting the psionic dimension, only existing as mere reactive forces to the whims of those who used the power, holding power never seen by an Iluvii and thus the reason they were considered "gods" among many of the races that lived in Chandras Galaxy.

Upon their rise as a society and later an imperial authority across the galaxy, the Xol'Etra developed a culture based on their own understanding of the universe and the influences of the Krassio's concept of order, whose philosophy and total empire in Chandras they inherited. They were led by an empathetic collective link they named as the Pharia, an entanglement of emotions, thoughts, and neural life within the Xol'Etra, effectively serving as a form of collective "Soul". A feat unprecedented by psionic spirits, the Xol sought to rule over mortal civilizations and establish their authority in an expansive doctrine that sought to expand to every edge of Chandras and eventually, the First Gigaquadrant. They began by exiling or destroying the only civilization that could stand in their way: the Krassio Host.

During their rule, the Xol'Etra imposed an iron fist that hammered the galactic community with tithes to their religion, inducing all psionic users who followed them into their Pharia entanglement. Only a few nations in the Galactic West avoided the soft power established by the new Xol Dominion by using their own trade and intelligence and outwitting the wise but naive administration of the Xol'Etra.

The self-proclaimed Psionic Lords were deposed of their rule during the events of the Great Psionic War, which saw the Krassio return in force and led by their first awakened trinity of Singul'Aren, Master Kroc, and Ynur'Vae, as well as a joint alliance of all the empires who suffered under Xol'Etra rule. Revolutionists and Loyalists fought in this destructive conflict, with the Dominion fighting an internal battle against a rebel force led by Ur'bos, one their mortal didacts. Finally, the Xol'Etra saw their demise when they were all absorbed by the awakening Pharia, once a mere recollection of emotions and psionic raw power, it gained consciousness and ascended as a true deity. All of the Xol'Etra banished in a single instant, and what came before them was nothing short of horrible, dreadful, and incomprehensive.

Their legacy is latent in the region of Chandras known as the "Hollow", where the Xol'Etra once ruled over the galaxy. The Xol's mysterious appearance, rule, and absorption by the Pharia is a topic of discussion among the most powerful psionic users to date. Many speculate that their manifestation unto realspace was the effect of the Krassio's psyche manifesting on the universe. Others dare to suggest that the Pharia had always existed and that it had plotted its rise as a divine figure (as of today, there are millions of souls who worship it as a supreme deity within the Xolarum Republic) by giving a false illusion of purpose to the Xol'Etra. However, only Singul'Aren, who is master of all psionic intricacies, truly knows who or what caused the late Psionic Lords to rise against the Krassio and seek their place above everyone else in the universe. One thing is certain, the Xol Dominion was abated before it could muster enough technological advancement and forces to expand outwards of Chandras, the Dominion was encased in its own galactic body, absent of Gigaquadrantic events, and the galaxy as a whole would not see the opportunity to travel to other galaxies and regions in the universe until the rise of the Xol Dominion's successor as a superpower: the Singularim Pact.

Today, to see a Xol'Etra is to see the Pharia incarnated, the one who hungers. For those who believe, to be eaten by its glorious power is to be blessed beyond anything achievable by physical means.


They are coming...

- A Xhodocto

Heck, shut up.

- Eko Angarg

We... shall... prevail...

- Isio'Nar and Mali'Nar together.

Simply fascinating and glorious... Someday I will understand them... Although I take a lifetime or more...

- Zein Zatock, the Researcher.

Extreme threat level has been detected. Do not interfere to ensure survival.

- Unknown


  • The Xol'Etra was an idea developed jointly by Technobliterator and The Valader based on the Krassio Host developed by the Valader.
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