Bask in the power of my Nyarqaeshian elites. Look at the destruction they can cause. You all should have just compiled when you had the chance. Why did I do this you ask? The better question is...why not?

- Xizouyu Moa



Xizouyu Moa ( "Xizouyu Moa name" in Nyarqaeshian) was said to have been born during the late tribal period of the Nyarqae tribes. As a child, Moa suffered from bullies and harsh treatment from his peers. His family was quite poor. He was later seen to have talent with essence and had the potential to become the strongest essence user among the Nyarqae, rivaling even Padunas Ori, the chieftain of the Nyarqae. Ori took Moa under his wing, as he had one with other essence talented children, and taught him how to truly harness the power of Void Energy. He soon rose to become even more powerful that Ori, gaining the respect of many others, including his past tormentors. This gained him much wealth later in life.

Becoming a RulerEdit

After Ori's passing, Moa was declared to be the new Chief of the tribe. He would use this newfound power to enslave those who tormented him in his child hood along with the people who, mistreated his parents. He later launched a massive campaign to conquer Nyaris, his homeworld, in order to build a unified nation. After almost 20 years of conquest, Moa managed to do just that. He unified Nyaris under the Nyarqae banner.

Eventually, essence became a widey used practice among the Nyarqae p, and eventually, they used the power of essence to speed up their evolution. They evolved bigger brains and more energy efficient bodies in the span of over thousand of years instead of millions. They called their new species the Nyarqaeshu. Under Moa's influence, their people thrived, though his powe hungry antics did cause the mass extinction of other intellegent races on Nyaris, his people still loved him.

During this time, Moa discovered that a young Nyarqaeshian named Xizothano Ada had a large potential for Essence, more powerful than his own. He divided to train Ada and teach him the was of Void Essence. Within a few years, Ada was already much more powerful than Moa and every othe Void Essence user that had ever existed. Despite this large power gap, Ada served Moa with undying loyalty, which secured Moa's leadership.

Nyarqaeshu Galactic WarEdit

Moa's lust for power grew as the years passed. He planned to spread his empire throughout the cosmos. The Nyarqaeshu conquered every planet in their solar system in under 4 months. With their technology being thousands of years more advanced than a decent number of the othe inhabitants in the galaxy, they were a force that was only matched by other elder races. Within five more years, they had dominated an entire arm of the Milky Way. If not by capture, through influence and fear. This early lead on other empires caused widespread panic towards the various races of the galaxy. The Nyarqaeshu continued until They conquered A significant portion of the Galaxy. Xizouyu was pleased with the size and power of his empire. But...soon the Galaxy seemed too small for him. He wanted more.

Nyarqaeshu Universal WarEdit

Xizouyu got word that more galaxies existed and discovered an entire universe full of other races. Xizouyu and his grand armada of ships attacked every galaxy they could reach, stealing their resources and technology. With this, they became more and more advanced. Entire galaxies fell into their hands. This war lasted for thousands of years. The Nyarqaeshu became more and more powerful. The empires they had conquered simply could not keep up with the technology the Nyarqaeshu had. Though they claimed to be the strongest, they were not. Xizouyu's arrogance would become his downfall. He attacked Mirus.

Death of XizouyuEdit

Xizouyu attacked the Mirus galaxy in an attempt to force it into the empire. Unfortunately, it's protectors, the Enlightened Ones, were prepared for the attack. The Spoxid an ancient race from the Milky Way, had warned the Enlightened Ones of the impending attack. During a space battle, Xizouyu was killed when his flagship was destroyed. He stubbornly stayed on ship, thinking that the ship was invincible. After the loss of their leader, the war was ended. Though, the Nyarqaeshu still had control over the hundreds of thousands of star systems, they retreated back to the Milky Way on Xizothano Ada's orders, as he was second in command.


Xizothano Ada would go on to lead the Nyarqaeshu to safety from the other races who attempted to destroy them using his meme she power. He became a god, so to speak, in the eyes of other races. Moa would be remembered for his military prowess and the fear he endured on the other species of the universe he traveled.

Weapons and SkillsEdit


Moa's true strength is not known in great detail, though it is clear that he was much weaker than his student, Ada. Scholars predict that he might have been powerful enough to destroy buildings with his use of Void Energy. Though saying he could destroy entire cities might be an exaggeration.

He was said to be very well versed in using Void essence, so one can assume he was very powerful in terms of essence users. Some scholars say that he might have developed some of the more violent forms of Void Essence when he was at war, and Ada merely improved upon them.

Personal InformationEdit


Accounts form various Multus Esse that were living during that time say that Moa was a very arrogant and powerful man. He was cruel to any race he saw lesser than his own and killed with extreme prejudice. He was also quite harsh towards some of his people, espcially towards Manadrae Da'an, Xizothano Ada's student. There were no redeeming qualities about Moa that anyone alive during that time could mention. Moa referred to himself as "the Hungering Maw", and it is believed that at the end of his life, he had become something akin to the physical incarnation of the Void's hunger for the destruction of all matter, which Moa merely saw as its "purification".



Walk with the Void always.

  • Padunas Ori - I appreciate the skills you taught me, master. They are still being put to good use...
  • Xizothano Ada - Ah, my wonderful student. You are a god among mortals. Perhaps you are truly the Void incarnate?


Your existence is questionable


The Void will devour you all!!

  • Spoxid - Your puny race will no longer plague is
  • Kossi'Valicar - I will have my vengeance you worm!


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