When Light fades, and Darkness breaks, the Void will consume the remains. For it is eternal, outlasting the formers, existing before and after.

- Xizothano Ada


Xizothano Ada ( "Xizothano Ada Name" in Nyarqaeshian) was born on planet Nyaris some millennia ago. Not much is known about his early childhood, but his later years are where he really stood out. During his teenage years, Ada exhibited amazingly powerful telekinetic abilities. His power exceeded that of adult Nyarqaeshu. Xizouyu, the Galactic Overseer at the time, decided to take Ada on as his pupil. Xizouyu was considered to be the most powerful of a generally powerful race, but he saw that Ada would eventually become more powerful than him. He needed someone to take his place once he died, and Ada would be perfect for the job.

Nyarqaeshu Universal WarEdit

Xizouyu got word that more galaxies existed and discovered an entire universe full of other races. Xizouyu and his grand armada of ships attacked every galaxy, stealing their resources and technology. With this, they became more and more advanced. Multiple galaxies fell into their hands. Ada, most likely aged 100 at the time, took part in the war. He led the Nyarqaesian Armada as their general. He led attacks on multiple galaxies, claiming them for the empire.

Death of XizouyuEdit

Ada and Xizouyu attacked the Mirus galaxy in an attempt to force it into the empire. Unfortunately, it's protectors, the Multus Esse, were prepared for the attack. During a space battle, Xizouyu was killed when his flagship was destroyed. He stubbornly stayed on ship, thinking that the ship was invincible. After the loss of their leader, the war was ended. Though, the Nyarqaeshu still had control over the hundreds of thousands of star systems, they retreated back to the Milky Way on Ada's orders.


Galactic DominanceEdit

After the death of Xizouyu, the Nyarqaeshian government appointed Xizothano to be the new leader.

Under his command, he realized that the Nyarqaeshu were spread too thin. He decided to reduce the size of the empire back to their Homeworld. Xizothano believed this way, he could control the galaxy, without actually having to govern it. He allowed be races to flourish, but would eliminate any who became a potential threat. The Nyarqaeshu would protect the galaxy from any outside threats as well. To Xizothano, this was like taking care of a baby or a pet.

God RaceEdit

Over the course of millions of years, the Nyarqaeshu became a god race in the eyes of lesser creatures. Ada did not consider his empire as a god race, but allowed the lesser empires to worship them. With technology that could wage war against other galaxies, they were feared and respected. Ada created such technology from the stolen technology from various empires they defeated in the past. This was used to smite the non-believers of another galaxy. Unfortunately, after firing the weapon, it needs years to recharge and a rare fuel source, Shattorium.

Comprehension of Dimensional PortalsEdit

The Nyarqaeshu, curious about the universe, decided to tamper with the fabric of space-time. Most tests were unsuccessful, causing he loss of many scientists'lives. Though after years of testing, the Nyarqaeshu made a scientific breakthrough. They had opened a portal to another dimension. Ada dubbed this new dimension as the Beta-Dimension. This "Beta" Dimension was an exact copy of their universe, though the creatures inhabiting it varied. The Nyarqaeshu later discovered their Beta counterparts, the Beta-Nyarqaeshu. They were led by Xizovio, who later fused himself with Ada. This fusion of leaders made Ada more powerful than he already was. He instantly had control of the Beta and Alpha Nyarqaeshu Empires. With this, he continued on to more dimensions, fusing with his counterparts. At this time, most races began to sense Ada's immense power and considered him a god.

Complete ObservationEdit

With the sheer size of his multidimensional empire, Xizothano decided it was time that he conquered every dimension. But, his super weapon still needed fuel. He had already used all of the Shattorium existing in the Alpha-Dimension(our dimension). He searched all of the dimensions, finding small traces of it. But this became problematic. The multiple races of each dimension began to band together and stood up to them. This allowed Ada to make account of every race in the known universe. His army managed to defeat the opposing empires, but were left powerless, no ammo or fuel left to power their ships.

The "Rival" of SpodeEdit

Ada.light ball

Ada, using his newfound power.

Ada discovered that his absence from his home made most of the lesser empires that he originally looked after stopped believing in him. They believed in the one called Spode. Those who still believed in him thought he was banished somewhere, with his powers gone, and called him "The Empty Lord" for this. The Spodists mercilessly hunted down Ada's original followers, with their last remnants secluding themselves from the rest of the galaxy. Ada took the alias "Spivile, the False God" and began to stay hidden while once more causing some belief in him. But the other races still had more faith in Spode. Unfortunately, he still needed to learn how to control his new powers and had no Shattorium to fire the super weapon to strike fear into his non-believers.

In his absence, the empires of the Milky Way began to forget all about the Nyarqaeshu. Ada thought that this may be an advantage, seeing that this was the perfect way to observe his galaxy. His empire was out of the firing line of other empires and could mysteriously intervene in wars if need be.

Spoxid-Nyarqaeshu WarEdit

Ada later discovered why there was a huge Spode belief uproar. A race known as the Spoxid, who believed they where the first creation of Spode. Ada decided it was time to end them. He staged a huge attack on their systems. The Spoxid refused to fight back, saying it was Spode's will. They were eventually wiped out. Ada, trying to leave the Nyarqaeshu a mystery, blamed the Spoxid's extinction on the Grox of the Milky Way.

Manipulation of the NebuloriansEdit

Ne'yon the PawnEdit

The Nyarqaeshu population began to dwindle as the Shattorium supply vanished. They were on the brink of extinction.

Ada and his four council members set out to find a way to power up their super weapon. They later discovered that a race in the Omega Dimension had vast quantities of Shattorium. The ones known as the Nebulorians.

Ada knew that he needed to stay anonymous while dealing with this empire, for it would danger his dying race. He traveled to the Omega Dimension, but at a cost. He had trapped himself there, using all of the Shattorium in his possession on the trip. He then observed the Nebulorians and found out about their leader, Lord Ne'yon. Lord Ne'yon had once believed in Spode, but lost faith after the death of his mother. Ada, posing as Spevile, appeared before Ne'yon and gifted him a portion of his power.

Ada and Ne'yon made a deal. Knowing that he cannot just take the Shattorium from the Nebulorians with his limited military and weakened powers, Ada told Ne'yon he would grant him more power if he helped him escape the Omega Dimension.

Ne'yon agreed to this and created dimension hopping technology to go to the Alpha Dimension for some resources.

Omega Dimensional VirusEdit

Ada had accidentally let a pathogen into the Omega Dimension. It would infect its host and transform them into a flesh craving zombie. Ada and the remaining Nyarqaeshu decided to push the pathogen onto the Nebulorians, hoping that it would wipe them out. Unfortunately, Lord Ne'yon managed to quarantine the virus and sent it to Planet Floo in the Alpha Dimension. Ada saw this as a perfect opportunity to create a new pawn, the Hive Mind. With the Hive mind present in the Alpha Dimension, Ada assumed that all creatures in the dimension would die from the infection. (Hive Mind was later defeated by King Lavern and sent into hibernation, halting the Hive Mind's progress about 5,000 years later.)

Influencing the Nebulorian InvasionEdit

Ada realized that Ne'yon was becoming a bit disloyal. He appeared before him using his telekinesis and told him that if Ne'yon wiped the Alpha Dimension clean of life, then he would give him ultimate power. Ne'yon believed this and began a grand invasion of the Alpha Dimension known as the Nebulorian Invasion. Unfortunately, due to the lack of resources, the Nebulorians had to fall into hibernation for about 4,000 years. Ada was displeased with Ne'yon, but did not have the power to smite him at the time.

Creation of Alphorium: Ne'yon's BaneEdit

The Nyarqaeshu developed a material that could absorb the energy of another being or object. They named it Alphorium. Alphorium was the only element that could harm Ne'yon, for he became a large threat to Ada. Unfortunately, Ada did not have enough energy to fight Ne'yon. He attempted to get other creatures to wield Alphorium weapons, but the absorbing properties of the element killed the wielders.

The Birth of the VolverEdit

Ada used the remainder of his power to create a planet that had Alphorium as an abundant resource. This was known as Ascon. Once life started to flourish, he noticed that one creature in particular was able to be near Alphorium without it draining its life force. This creature is known as a Volver, which later evolved into the Volver Tribe and then into the mighty Volver Empire. Xizothano made sure that this race would produce a hero that could wield an Alphorium Sword with expertise and could defeat Ne'yon. This hero was King Glynn, king of the Volver Empire. He did go on to defeat Ne'yon, but at the cost of his own life during the Nebulorian-Alpha War.

During the war, Xizothano began to regain his former strength, but still needed more time. In the aftermath of the death of Ne'yon, Void Energy began to be felt for the first time since the vanishing of the Nyarqaeshu from the Alpha Dimension. After the nebulorian-Alpha War, the Khilai Empire in particular would be drawn to the ruins of the temple in which the last battle of the war was fought, and began to study the small tear in reality it had left behind. Ada quietly planted the knowlegde of Void Energy application into the mind of the Khilai scientists, hoping to replace the Nebulorians with better pawns. Soon thereafter, the Khilai Empire began to use Void Energy for for energy generation, indirectly powering up Ada also.

Second Infectant WarEdit

The Hive Mind was eventually reawakened and revived her viral children and horde. She also created an Infectant named Omega, using the cells of Ne'yon and herself. Omega had access to the powers and knowledge that Ada had granted Ne'yon millions of years ago. King Brygon, the son of King Glynnorius and current king of the Volver Empire, led the war against Omega and Hive Mind. He received help from their trusted allies belonging to the Unified Federation of Glory, such as the Antroth Empire, the Soldarian Empire, and the Ugandalorian Empire. The Volver also had help from their allies the Waptoria Alliance of Species and the NOVA Alliance. Ada watched as the war raged across the galaxy.

Eventually, Hive Mind, her Infectant Horde, and Omega were killed in battle. The Infectants left their allies the Meeno Grox together with the Meeno's Morphling Horde and Dead Watch pawns to fight on their own. Kionorox, a Meeno Marinox, was abducted by Ada in the middle of his fight with Brygon and the Volver Knights. Ada told him that he was finally ready to return to the Alpha Dimension and take it as his own. Kionorox attempted to attack him, but was defeated in the process. Being merciful, Ada sent Kionorox back to the Alpha Dimension to relay the message to the Meeno Grox leader Mortox III. With his presence now known. Ada had only one option: Overtake all life in the Alpha Dimension.

Second Ascon Civil WarEdit

Ada began to take action after learning of a Volver heretic named Crimson. Crimson had started a civil war in the name of Spevile that threatended to destroy the Volver Empire from the inside out. Ada decided that Crimson needed to be put down. Ada created minions known as the Pieces. They were revived Volver warriors that were the best in history. Knight, his strongest piece at the time, was given a small portion of Ada's power. With this portion, Knight managed to defeat Crimson and win the war for the UFG. Ada, pleased with this, decided that he should continue to plan for his return.

Enlightenment WarEdit

Another war broke out in the Mirus and Milky Way galaxies, partially having it's roots in the Ascon Civil War with broke out several months before. Ada stayed mostly passive during the war, though he began to take action after seeing that his largest threat had returned: the Multus Asse. With this, Ada still provided aid to the UFG and their allies, as the Volver were distrusting the Multus. Near the end of the war, though, the Multus Esse gained the Volver's respect, angering Ada. He then sent one of his pieces, Bishop, to convice the Proditkar Movement into destroying the Multus for all time. This failed however, and the war was eventually won by the UFG and their allies, who then reformed into the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment under guidance of the Multus.

Ada saw the formation of the UAE and the return of the Ones as a great hindrance to his plan. By the time the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment had concolidated, Ada had finished his preparations. He was ready to return...

Return of THEMEdit

ongoing at the moment


The destruction of Ada as a seperate entity would have ramifications for the rest of Mirus and Tyris Major. Without Ada to serve as a focual point for the destructive essence, Void Energy soon became unstable. For the Khilai Empire, who had sided with Ada during the Return but sought to take advatage of his destruction also, this soon had catastrophic consequences. Almost all at once, their lenses and generators which focussed the sources of Void Energy gifted to them by Ada became unstable and impoded. This decimated the Khilai population and drove them into the waiting claws of the Drakodominatus Tyranny for a chance at finding an alternative power source.

King Brygon of the Volver Empire would be given his father's share of Ada's power in the aftermath of the Return. He would struggle to master it however, and soon would declare a crusade to eliminate all other present and former Void users in existence. This would lead to battles between the Volver and Khilai Empires during the Great Deciever Conflict and later evolve into the Volver's involvement in the Anti-Dominatus War.

Decades later, the state which would become the Void Eye Empire would find a Nyarqaeshu relic on their homeworld known as the Gate to the Abyss. Overmind and Overlord, siblings who formed the only two survivors of the Gate excavation team, would use this relic to attune their race to Void Energy and form the Void Eye Empire.

Around the same time, the Krassio would return to activity in the known universe, resulting in the birth of a new God of the Void known as Nid'Ogh. The Najiim Krassio which followed Nid'Ogh would allign themselves with the Void Eye Empire, as would a resurgent Khilai Empire. They would be joined by the Crimson Splinter which formed the remnants of the Volver Separatists under Iloburaas, greatly antagonising the Volver Empire. That which is destroyed, it seems, may still dream...

Personal InformationEdit


Ada is was once a humble being that cared for his subjects. After gaining more and more power, he began to see himself as the lesser empires did: as a god. He has little patience for nonsense and will destroy those who oppose him without second thought nor emotion. While pretty apathetic towards most beings around him, he seems to show compassion for the empires native to the Milky Way, but intense hatred for those empires that invaded from other galaxies.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Ada grows stronger from other's fears and desperation that something might be manipulating their rise and downfall from the shadows. Given his vast power, Ada constantly exerts a powerful aura of essence which only induces these emotions all the easier. The aura protects him from high velocity projectiles, such as bullets, and most kinetic attacks. It can likewise be used to restrict an opponent's movement or nullify the damage taken from an attack. Most dangerously, those who come too close to Ada will have their will gradually devoured by the Nyarqaeshu diety. Such beings will eventually become but a shadow of their former selves as the Void literally begins to consume their forms, and transform into Infused slaved to Ada's will. Most frightingly, this aura would also annihilate any the Void coud not transform into Infused, so even coming near Ada as his oponent carried serious risks in itself.

Ada can use his mastery over Void Energy in more active ways too. Like his precessor Moa, Ada can easily drain the essence powers of other beinsg to sustain his own, coupled with Ori's ability to dampen his foes' capacity to use essence outright. As such, Ada's defenses are nothing short of formidable, as only the most powerfull of weapons could break trough it. Likewise, such a weapon would ideally be able to overpower Ada's own capacity to drain essence, something which turned out to be doable yet extremely hard, as was to be the case with the Diety Pulse.

Generating illusions was a personal favorite of Ada. He spared no expense in crafing them, and the results where thus so believable that only peopel with tremendous willpower could see them for what they were. Even the Grox, logical to the extreme, could not discern Ada's illusions from reality. Ada used illusions not only to entrap his enemies, but also to talk to friend and foe alike, and to manipulate others into doing his bidding.

Lastly, Ada was known to be able to revive being which willingly or even unwittingly worshipped him in life as Infused. While he revived most dead Nebulorians, Infactants, Khilai and Volver Braves and other lifeforms linked to the Nyarqaeshu as mere Infused, some he imbued with more power. These he named his Pieces and used as his commanders. Least amongst those, but still powerful in their own right, where the Pawns. This concisted of individuals such as the revived Ne'yon as well as Kalaas and Reathee Desaa. Most powerful of the Pieces where the four Volver Kings predecessing King Brygon revived by Ada, named Rook, Biship, Knight and King. Previous to the Return, Ada also send his agents to kill Laura, Brygon's mother, presumably so he could revive her as his Queen piece, though in this he was unsuccessful. It was Ada's might alone, not that of his fellow few surviving Nyarqaeshu which kept his army of Infused and their ethereal fleets in this plane of existence, and as such most of his might and focus was expended keeping things this way. When Ada took back this power into his own body, thereby destroying his own armies, his powers vastly increased and he reached what historian descibe as his "God Form". In this state, he was far from the sluggish individual he had previously seemed to be.

In his God Form, Ada's mastery over Void Energy was unparalleled to the pint where he could be, at least temporarily, be concidered the Godform of this essence. In this form, Ada could unmake his enemies simply by picturing them unmade in his mind. He could create black holes, event horizons, vacuums and vortices with relative ease, and uses thhem to crush his opponents or rend them down to a sub-atomic level. He can also create black holes, event horizons, vacuums and vortexes with relative ease, and uses this to crush his opponents. Prior to becoming ruler over all remaining Nyarqaeshu, Ada's powers were already the greatest out of them all. After fusing with his alternate selves, Ada's power grew immensely. He could then crush and obliterate objects with just a glance. Once, Ada even used this power to crush an entire megastructure.


Physically, Nyarqaeshu have slightly above average stregnth. Ada, after millions of years of training, had strength comparable to that of a Dominatus Omega. Though he does possess great physical strength, Ada tends to avoid close quarters combat. The real danger however, are Ada's tendrils.

The tentacles on a Nyarqaeshu's face not only show its age and status among the rest of its kind, but were once used to capture prey. The tentacles are coated in an extremely toxic poison that can cause severe paralysis. Ada can also hold his opponent in place and crush them with a pressure of 1,825 psi (About the bite force of a hippopotamus).


Ada learned of many things during his lifetime. Though he does not know all there is to know, Ada does have a vast amount of knowledge about the universe. Ada has studied and observed just about every species in the Milky Way and even in other dimensions. Ada can even predict the future based in information he knows.


Blue faceAlliesEdit

Your presence pleases the Empty Lord.

  • Zataura Ada - Discover your fate, daughter. Discover me.
  • The Dark One - The shadow breaks. The void consumes the broken remains.
  • King Holreb - The first champion I chose. Your bloodline is strong, Holreb...they will make fine additions to my board...
  • King Zirux - Ah, yes. A true Volver and warrior. You came so close to taking down Ne'yon...perhaps you will make a fine addition...
  • King Gartoom - One of my most faithful believers, and one not questioning his allies as well. Surely you will make an exellent addition...
  • King Glynnorious - The strongest of the Volver kind. Generations of war and experienced passed down to him. You are my strongest champion...therefore you will be added to the board.

Yellow faceNeutralEdit

From the Void you came, and to the Void you return.

  • Slagan - You are no god. Though you are a good executor of my plans...And you amuse me greatly with your attempts at godhood.
  • Pridoriix - I will give you enough to feast on...If you choose to serve me.
  • Lord Ne'yon - I hope you have learned to obey me, Pawn.
  • The Infectants - Your creation was an accident...though I do find your kind to be quite useful...

Orange faceEnemiesEdit

Your have stared into the abyss. Now the abyss will stare back!


Quotes from HimEdit

Submit, or be destroyed.

I do not take kindly to disobedience.

Mortals amuse me with their petty disputes.

Quotes from OthersEdit

Add your Own!

This enemy shall fall. We do not do all that work only to fall to a complete and total narcissist.

- Kossi'Valicar of the Enlightened Ones

You threatened my children and you continue to do so by empowering the Dark One, such demands retribution.

- Ava


  • Ada is the oldest character in my Fiction, being more than 3 billion years old.
  • His initial design is different from the other Nyarqaeshu.
  • Ada is legitimately the most powerful being in my fiction.
  • It is unknown how powerful Ada truly is.
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