Xidan is a dangerous and cunning green skinned humanoid hailing from Sanderhal, a planet of humanoids in the unclaimed territories of Quadrant 82. Once a simple slavemaster, Xidan eventually became the leader of Sanderhal and expanded his slave imperium with dealings in all corners of the Cyrandia Cluster


Early History[]

Slaves sold by Kzishaya to Xidon

Xidan was born into a wealthy family at Sanderhal in the year 52 BQF. In childhood, Xidan always enjoyed a life of luxary and knowledge. Over time, Xidan decided to join the politics of Sanderhal as he found it a privilege to stand for his people, who at the time seemed fractured as the various humanoids were often in disagreement with eachother and even in conflict with the native Saurdoshans and Sandarians. Using his newfound influance Xidan became a slave master and used his wealth to gain more support.

Chancellor of Sanderhal[]

Becoming a senator he brought peace to the humanoids, and upon becoming chancellor he began drastic changes as the green skinned became the dominent humanoids at Sanderhal. The orange skins were seen as equals, but the blue skinned were now nothing more than slaves and workers for the other humanoids, as fact they could do little against as the green and Xidan held the power of the space ships and militairy of Sanderhal. Under his rule Xidan made peace with the Saurdoshans and allowed them to abduct blue skinned if they wanted, and even helped them expanding in the unclaimed territories to hunt for other species to hunt or sell as slaves. With is new criminal empire he made contact with Morglûkia, a powerful crime lord of Rambo Nation and since 05 AQF new wealth came to Sanderhal and his slavers soon found work and slaves in all corners of the Cyrandia Cluster. Due to Morglûkia he managed to contract the Kzishaya for finding slaves, the Quadrantia Loron for raiding among others.

Xidan meets Xora just before the auction!

Yet Xidan fears the Empire will come to Sanderhal, an event Xidan tries to undermine and else be able to counter. An unsuccessful alliance with the Rambo Resistance led to a quarter of his fleet damaged by a fleet under command of Mortikran. Luckily, the Empire did not retalliate and under his guidance the slavers of Sanderhal were able to conduct slavery without interference. When Xora was brought to Sanderhal to be sold as slave, Xidan was impressed by the beauty of the Tezelteän and wanted her for his own.

The Syndicate is reformed at Nal Amroth

After two of his Saurdoshan guards opened the cage Xora was in at the arena, Xidan placed his hand on Xora's, while looking at her breasts he asked Xora how she wound up at Sanderhal. Disgusted, Xora turned her head, sparking the anger of Xidan who slapped her in the face. Telling her she was a mere slave, he informed her he knew of her former carreer in the United Republic of Cyrannus. Afterwards he ordered his guards to put her back into her cage. After an arena turmoil, Xidan was furious to learn that Xora had escaped Sanderhal.

During the 10th month of 07 AQF, Xidan agreed to become a member of the Board of Masters, the leaders of the re-formed Syndicate. In the following weeks he dispatched various of his ships to Nal Amroth and began searching for new associates. He took a fondness to the Board's personal servant, former Cyrandia Alliance president, Aur'Lumniassa.

With the other Board of Elders at Nal Amroth

In february 08 AQF, during a Gladiator fight between the Saurdoshan Hunter and Idris, he lost his bet when the Hunter underestimated the young Sinleri and was beaten. Awaiting the approval to kill the Hunter, Xidan convinced the other leaders to spare the Hunter's life, much to the annoyance of Idris. Wanting to pay her back for this slight, Xidan designed another gladiator fight for the Sinleri girl, she had to face an ogre and various Vietera Behemoth's. The Behomoth's were winning, tiring her down and injuring her. Before the beasts could finish the Sinleri gladiator, three unknown individuals jumped into the arena and escaped with the girl onboard a freighter identified as the Falcon. Xidan was furious and placed a bounty at the crew of the Falcon.

Personality and Traits[]

Xidan is a ruthless and dangerous individual, not caring for those around him just for himself and how to increase his own wealth and power. He is well informed about matters within the Quadrants due to his criminal spy network which allowed him to come into contact with Morglûkia and slavers from the Cyrannus Galaxy. As a Green Skinned Humanoid, he is a reptilian and loves warm places and being in the sun. Xidan likes to work with the ruthless Saurdoshans, as they prove effective and their reputation also acts as a natural shields against those who wish to harm the People of Sanderhal.

Xidan, like all green skinned posseses natural pheremons wich he can use to force his own will upon others.


Business partners

Blue face.pngI can work with them!


Yellow face.pngNot with my, but not agaist me either

  • Aur'Lumniassa - hmm, she looks nice
  • Morglûkia - how he handles his crime imperium right under the nose of Rambo authorities is a riddle for me!

Orange face.pngThe Slavers will hunt thee!

  • Xora - One attractive slave!



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