The Xi'Arazulha, also known as the Maktanasavansar are a race of Essentials that are native to the plane of Shard. Bearers of the essence known as Death Energy, the Xi'Arazulha are entities solely capable of destruction, by rendering whatever they wish to destroy completely drained of life and energies.

History Edit

The origins of the Xi'Arazulha date back before the conception of this universe; once a part of the Vi'Navitum, the Xi'Arazulha are a kind of 'synthetic' Essential that was formed from the Vi'Navitum forcefully turned against their own will and reason, and the essences within their bodies became tainted. The cause of their degradation into the Xi'Arazulha was, by most beliefs, the Xhodocto. The Xhodocto had invaded, and split the Vi'Navitum realm of Erratsactum from its core, and the fragmented remnants of the realm that the Vi'Navitum could not reclaim drifted across Chaos - and those stranded on those fragments became the Xi'Arazulha. The Xi'Arazulha later took to calling the stray fragments of their former home as Shard - and in doing so, pledged allegiance to the Xhodocto as their Vi'Navitum counterparts became disgusted by their new forms, and rejected them outright. The Xi'Arazulha became twisted and hateful in their mindset under the servitude of the Xhodocto, and thus sparked a war against the Vi'Navitum that had spilled out on to countless other universes - annihilating some in the process.

Nearing 694,700 BC, the Xi'Arazulha chose to amass a force that could, once fully created, extinguish the Vi'Navitum from existence. The force was to be composed of inhabitants of many 'mortal' realms, and the Xi'Arazulha chose to influence the Kicath race of Paclernos, intending to bend their will into becoming apart of their infinite war machine. The Vi'Navitum equally chose to resist the Xi'Arazulha at the first hurdle, and thusly influenced the Kicath to repel the presence of the Xi'Arazulha. The war, in some form or another had lasted 400,000 years - and, multiple generations of the Kicath fighting had caused the Xi'Arazulha to intervene in Kicathian genetics, granting future generations of the Kicath to possess Death Energy. The Vi'Navitum had done the same to the Kicath also. Many other races across the universe and many beyond it were influenced by both the Xi'Arazulha and the Vi'Navitum's war - the Aeropagus over four hundred million years ago, and later the races the Aeropagus themselves influenced.

Some of the leading Xi'Arazulha had incarnated themselves as Kicath many hundreds of millennia ago, and reincarnating themselves to further the war efforts over the centuries had inadvertently caused memory loss in themselves, and even to this day, some Xi'Arazulha reincarnations remain unawakened in individual Kicath. Much of the war's efforts began to wane nearing 20,000 BC, and by 18,000 BC, with the return of the Xhodocto, the Xi'Arazulha enjoyed an increase to their might. This was met however, with criticism from a Xi'Arazulha known as Maktanshatinaknatazán - one of the greatest of their kind, and had spoken out against the violent attitudes of the Xi'Arazulha and their servitude under the Xhodocto. This caused a rift in the loyalties of the Xi'Arazulha - whilst most remained loyal to Maktanshatin, many had defected and joined Maktanshatinaknatazán and served a less destructive purpose under him, though this was still not met lightly with the Vi'Navitum.

The Xi'Arazulha went for many millennia unnoticed by the universe, until, possibly by the Xhodocto's command, decided to invade the Borealis Galaxy in what would be the early stages of the Second Borealis Galactic War. The invasions were quickly quashed however - despite trillions of lives lost in the process - by the efforts of the Vyro'Narza, Xol'Etra and vast amounts of the Borealis Galaxy's own forces. They would later re-amass as a part of the Dominion of the Xhodocto.

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