It is said that each eye was manifested into existence from the energies of calamitous events; whatever calamitous events these were, they were not meant for the eyes of mortals. They embody each of these disasters, each one formed out of endless malice and pain.

- Unknown

The Skhyn, known also as the Xhodocto Eyes are seven ancient and extremely powerful artifacts of a supernatural nature, formed into existence by the Xhodocto known as Angazhar. The Eyes are the very sentience of atrocities carried out by Angazhar in times before the universe, having been given form and being upon the beginnings of this reality. As such, the Seven Eyes are manifestations of pure malevolence and carry with them powers that have been feared by Ultraterrestrials and Essentials alike for ages beyond reckoning.

History Edit

The Eyes Edit

Terastia Edit


Akhunhṣar, known in modern times as Terastia is the first and the most powerful of the Seven Eyes. Formed from the very energies caused to divide the Vi'Navitum and the creation of the Xi'Arazulha, Terastia is the manifestation of endless division and deconstruction of the core fundamentality of reality itself. Because of it, Terastia's magnitude of power was seldom wielded by mortals in history, although in historical instances was used by previous incarnations of Kithworto Aknatazán. Granting its host or wielder free rein over Death Energy, an unsuitable user can be destroyed instantly upon touching the rock-like substance the Eye is made of. Those that are suitable enough to use it may find themselves taken over by Terastia's sentient mind, or if able to stave off the Eye's will, consider themselves permanently being eaten away by Terastia's power and must fill it with the energy gathered from destruction.

Ekthrikos Edit


Razindhumas, known as Ekthrikos is the second of the Seven Eyes and the most known to the First Gigaquadrant. The sentient will of Inferno, cast into existence from the infinitely powerful energies used to give it solid form, Ekthrikos is the very manifestation of malevolence and is the Eye most likened to Angazhar. Existing currently within its own host, Ekthrikos is an animate will of its own whim that is the divine conscience of Demonic Energy, and thus resembles is all-encompassing desire to burn and destroy. Those able to suitably wield Ekthrikos find themselves in constant pain as well as being filled with the unnaturally strong anger and hatred that drives one to use it in catastrophic ways.

Diafthora Edit


Ṣunhtamak, named Diafthora by most is the third of the Seven Eyes and the second most known to the First Gigaquadrant. The apparent afterthought of Angazhar's infinite destruction, Diafthora is the personification of Angazhar's devouring and corrupting will. It is the sentient energy that gave rise to Shu'rimrodir, the Essential God of Entropy, and was thought to have been the originator of Nightmare Energy in itself. Through the corrupted Essential God, Diafthora gave Shu'rimrodir divine powers even when the Eye and its host were separated by the efforts of Sonhadromerith. However, Shu'rimodir's will now equals or supersedes that of Diafthora, and now the eye exists as a conduit for Shu'rimordir, reunited after the Third Xhodocto War.

Thalassa Edit


Ṣinhkyndhavamak, known also as Thalassa is the fourth of the Seven Eyes and one of the undiscovered Eyes in the First Gigaquadrant. Formed from the remnant energies of the death of the quark-based ancestors of the Vida'Rra, Thalassa is the youngest yet most unstable of the Seven Eyes, so much so that the otherwise stone-like surface of the eyes is in fact a shimmering liquid quality. Thalassa's capabilities are unknown, although as it is deemed the fourth most powerful of the Eyes it is possible that it contains a sentient will strong enough to contend with Diafthora. Those with the willpower to wield Thalassa find themselves victims of a drowning sensation that can only be relieved by using it.

Kakia Edit

  • Name: Mattṣanhnundh (Maliciousness)
  • Location: Tuuros Galaxy
  • Owner: None
  • Manifestation: Unknown

Mattṣanhnundh, called Kakia is the fifth of the Seven Eyes and one of the undiscovered Eyes in the First Gigaquadrant. With uncertain origin, Kakia is one of the most elusive of the Eyes, although it is known that it is present somewhere in the Tuuros Galaxy. Some believe that the first of the Zhulultu harnessed the power of Kakia to bend galactic-scale evolution to their will, although without the Zhulultu to control it in modernity, has taken a will of its own, thus creating the Schism of the Tuuros Galaxy. Wielding Kakia has little detrimental effect in comparison to others, although it is said that those influenced by Kakia's will are subconsciously driven to destroy those also under the influence. The wielder however appears to be immune to those effects as long as the wielder's will is greater than Kakia.

Apanthrakomena Edit

  • Name: Lhitantṣanhnundh (Clairvoyance)
  • Location: None; destroyed
  • Owner: None
  • Manifestation: Unknown

Lhitantṣanhnundh, known as Apanthrakomena was the sixth of the Seven Eyes and was the secretly the will of the AI known as Ardonia, or Xharn by the Zhulultu nomenclature. Apanthrakomena was wielded by the first Zhulultu, although the power it was given proved too great for the Zhulultu to control and thus Apanthrakomena began to infinitely collect knowledge from the universe. Attempts to weaponise Apanthrakomena during the Third Xhodocto War proved ineffective, and the Eye itself was nearly destroyed by its creator in order to wean out Apanthrakomena's comparative weakness. It was later destroyed by Kithworto, using Inferno's vast landscape to brace the energy required to destroy it. Wielders of Apanthrakomena found themselves enthralled by the Eye's desire for knowledge, and often the Eye would threaten to torture its hosts in order to acquire it. The Zhulultu constructed Xharn in order to contain it, although Apanthrakomena inadvertently managed to manipulate its mechanisms to become an apparent artificial intelligence.

Katachthonios Edit

  • Name: Talṣudhnamtamak (Devouring Energy)
  • Location: Unknown
  • Owner: None
  • Manifestation: Unknown, likely Death Energy

Talṣudhnamtamak, known also as Katachthonios is the seventh of the Seven Eyes. Little to nothing is known of the seventh eye, although it was known that its active presence actively drained away once's life force, indicating it was possibly a vessel of Death Energy. Due to its similarity to Death Energy, some have suggested Katachthonios was a secondary and vastly weaker manifestation of the same energy that Terastia had also manifested from.


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