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Simply put it; the Xhodocto are the ultimate antithesis to everything. The living die around them. The dead rise. The fearless experience true terror in their wake. Gods are made from mortals, and the gods themselves are reduced to suffer mortality with the Xhodocto's fingers piercing their souls. The mere concept of explaining - everything of which the universe is built upon - the Xhodocto do not adhere to those rules. They are, and they are not.

- Unknown

The Divine Lords of Chaos, known coloquially as the Xhodocto are an enigmatic extradimensional collective of entities that are said to be native, or a personification of the existential theory of Chaos. Highly prolific in the First Gigaquadrant, there is in fact very little known of the Xhodocto even in the 29th Century. Though they are generally perceived as a malevolent, encompassing and all-destroying force in the First Gigaquadrant, little insight and understanding has been examined into the wider nature of the Xhodocto.


In the modern age, the concept and existence of the Xhodocto are often grouped together, or sometimes believed to be the answer to many philosophical theories such as The Absolute, the Monad, and sometimes viewed religiously as something of a similar or a parallel nature to the One God. Other philosophical terms such as the Arche and its relation to cosmogony suggest that the Xhodocto are the very personification of Chaos - and that all existence according to this theory is sometimes referred to as 'order among chaos'. The Xhodocto themselves refer to everything except their own creations as illogical design, which often implies that the Xhodocto's observation of the universe and beyond do not conform with their own desires and designs, and therefore the universe and all dimensions beyond the third dimension must be collapsed and reduced to existential oblivion. The Xhodocto therefore encompass a close relation to most of the philosophical doctrines of nihilism, specifically existential nihilism.

To many, the Xhodocto are the ultimate form of destruction; their followers have long awaited and tried their hand in throwing the life of this universe into some sense of collapse - whether it would be economic or purely a catastrophic loss of life. The Xhodocto, despite what their doctrines appear to be, have a constantly changing desire to either allow this universe to continue existing or demand widespread or total annihilation. Due to this enigmatic law that the Xhodocto either follow or manipulate, Ultraterrestrials and Essentials have come to assume their own opinions and thoughts of allegiance to the Xhodocto. Whilst some have sworn allegiance with the Xhodocto in the past, the Xhodocto's tendencies to discard their servants through complete erasure of their existence has distinguished them as generally amoral in their decisions. Despite the division of both Ultraterrestrial and Essential ideals of the Xhodocto, virtually all of them have come to fear them for both their unparalleled power and infinitely incomprehensible will.

Many widespread creations beyond this universe have been attributed to the Xhodocto. Multiple realms of Chaos, Inferno the most significant, was once thought of as the domain of the Xhodocto until the 2770s. Mostly all of the populace of these planes of Chaos, similar to and including the Samut'angar are all also creations of the Xhodocto. A significant number of Xhodocto technological creations (sometimes falsely remarked as Xhodocto technology instead of Zhulultu) have remained in the First Gigaquadrant, such as transcendent artificial intelligences and entirely artificial species have survived and settled in the deeper and hidden recesses of the universe. The technological and architectural powers of the Xhodocto are generally considered to be unrivalled, especially considering that the Xhodocto are responsible for both the direct and indirect manifestation of numerous deity-like races and individuals, the Xi'Arazulha and Shu'rimrodir are respectively examples of intended and indirect creation from either their own influence or creations.

The Xhodocto have a very large following in the First Gigaquadrant, once known as The Congregation and currently represent themselves as the Dominion of the Xhodocto, one of the largest hyperpowers in the Gigaquadrant in the modern age. Though the Xhodocto show a sign of detachment from interacting with this universe, and thus only so in minimal numbers, the Dominion of the Xhodocto often employ their immense numbers and technological might to spread fear of the Xhodocto throughout the Gigaquadrant, and often succeed with only their numbers alone. Whilst the largest singular force sworn to serve the Xhodocto, The Corruptus, Mali'Nar and their followers have all chosen to achieve their goals with both the guidance and watch of the Xhodocto over them. Because of this, the Xhodocto, and fear spread from their followers expand endlessly through the Gigaquadrant and into universes beyond that of this one.

The majority of the Gigaquadrant tend to refer to the Xhodocto as demons; of which the Dominion of the Xhodocto and the Xhodocto themselves have expressed their disdain for that term. Historically, whilst the Xhodocto's existence and laws were highly esoteric during the times of the Zhulultu (to the point where the Xhodocto were worshipped as gods), knowledge of their existence had been removed for over one billion years until the Xhodocto chose to reveal themselves during the War of Ages. The concept of the Xhodocto's existence had not only caused Gigaquadrantic calamity, but the very mention of the Xhodocto had caused other Essentials to awake in order to combat the extradimensional threats the Xhodocto would and continue to unleash.



They are three things at once. Unnamed, nameless and unnameable. Call them what we must; God, Devil or Infinity - they are beyond all these petty notions of the divine.

- Unknown

The Samut'angari symbol for the Xhodocto

Though named Xhodocto by the First Gigaquadrant, the Xhodocto in truth bear no name. Having existed in times long before this universe came into being and as prevalent towards one end of infinity as another, the Xhodocto have endless names from countless cultures both alive and long extinct. The most common moniker Xhodocto comes from the Zhulultu phrase to-ōzhodōsok which was the most frequent definition for the Xhodocto, translating most commonly to great presence. As the most ancient name of the Xhodocto in the first Gigaquadrant, the term to-ōzhodōsok has evolved into many other terms in the Tuuros Galaxy stemming from the Zhulultu language, including xhālladdhāl (Kal-Xhalunesk for divine father) and zāhamāntas (Vranntan for spirit of war, most commonly attested to Angazhar).

The most ancient name of the Xhodocto altogether is from the Samut'angari language, rendered as Hkyas (pictured). The highly cryptic origin of the Samut'angari script leaves much to be deciphered, although the symbol Hkyas appears to contain the derived radical that by itself is a derivation of the number four, which may imply Hkyas is a possible ecclesiastical or honorific term of the number four.

Within the Girdo Empire, the Xhodocto are most commonly referred to as suhrsbuwkani, a malevolent term translating to god-eaters, in reference to past events of the Xhodocto's atrocities of destroying Essentials and Ultraterrestrials. Among the Draconis, the Xhodocto are named Dranaldur (celestial shadow; where light lacks) and Parag'vel (directors of fate). Within the Seran culture of the United Republic of Nations, Dèugràtha-aórigiye which translates to feared by others is a term described for the Xhodocto, although the Seran culture has had no direct interaction with the Xhodocto themselves. The Karasine language, spoken also in the URN refers to them as Talkhalèi, of which bears the same definition. The Mahanayan culture has numerous names for the Xhodocto; ādmanayōnolōmra (sky-tearer) is the most frequently used name; although ādmanavorātĥayonża (sky-colossus) and lāthāaḫānaḫāada (underworld terror) are also similarly used. The Radessic name for the Xhodocto is Jaesh, which is a translation of falsehood; likely coming about as of protest against the Xhodocto in favour of Spode.


The Xhodocto are one of very few, if not the only presence in the entirety of existence that are believed to represent the idea of omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience. Their power often thought of to a point that defies mathematics and logic, the Xhodocto often exemplify their power by shifting and tearing apart the fabrics of reality on both a physical and metaphysical degree. Responsible for the creation of universes and dimensions with laws and qualities entirely independent of this universe, the Xhodocto have equal potential to destroy these very universes with as much effort as it took to manifest them. Due to the Essence known as Chaos Energy that the Xhodocto apparently have some dominion over, they are sometimes erroneously classified as an Essential race, though their very nature sets them apart from other Essentials.

Unusual instances of their architectural powers such as the Eyes (of which Ekthrikos is one) have an unlimited potential of expanding the Xhodocto's influence in both destructive and manipulative methods, as one, Diafthora had the power to evolve Shu'rimrodir into an Essential. Races such as the Zhulultu had inherited the Xhodocto's technological knowledge to expand their empire to multiple galaxies, and modern age civilisations such as the Dominion and the Kicath to a certain extent have had inherited methods of developing technology far beyond the capabilities of others.

The Tandava

The Tandava are a lesser hierarchy of Xhodocto, manifested from the personalities of the greater four. Although there is no rule that the Xhodocto follow considering the might of the Tandava, all of the Tandava appear to be weaker than the four superiors. Despite the limitless capabilities of the Xhodocto, the Tandava purposely limit themselves in their power and also appear to have personalities that deviate from the Xhodocto they have manifested from. Nevertheless, each Tandava's personality is similar to their greater whole in some respect, and some theorise that the Tandava themselves are the incarnate personalities, desires and emotions of the Xhodocto.


It is commonly regarded in the 29th Century, that only six Xhodocto truthfully exist in any form of consistency.



Gods are an illogical concept. Only something that is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent can be considered a true god... What do you mean, they "fit"?

- Jerkon

For the love of my ancestors, how I HATE this lot.

- Koluap

Only one outcome following the nightmare. Nothing.

- Shu'rimrodir

I've seen all possible timelines for this universe. All of them end in Chaos...

- Kolossus


- Fre'kloar


  • The Xhodocto are the first antagonists in the Fiction Universe, being added to the wiki on April 5th 2009.
  • As a creature, the Xhodocto go back to June 2008 with the Spore Creature Creator. It was Xho's first species that he completed the game with.
  • The name 'Xhodocto' was a randomly generated word from Spore Creature Creator.
  • The Xhodocto have gone through at least twenty different variations in Spore since their inception in 2008, their most recent model made in June 2019.
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