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Xanthrus Galaxy

The galaxy of Xanthrus Spiral, home to many Empires including the Core Federation.

Xanthrus Spiral is a spiral galaxy in the Andromeda megaquadrant of the First Gigaquadrant. It is positioned near other prominent galaxies, among them the galaxies of Lyan Major, Cyrannus and Nimbus. It was once widely known as the capital territory of the Federation of the Core Worlds, to the point of being almost completely controlled by it. After the Federation's disappearance and the subsequent signing of the Treaty of Galayru, the galaxy was given up as part of the Great Cession. It has since been sparsely settled by the Gjigantrox Interstellar Empire, the Meta and Iron Giants and the Delpha Coalition of Planets.

Despite the fact that it is placed very near neighboring galaxies, Xanthrus was almost innaccesible from other galaxies during the times of Federation's reign because of an artificial time-space barrier around its perimeter. With the disappearance of the Ravenrii, however, the barrier has weakened greatly, literally "opening" the galaxy up to colonization.

Political Division and Astrographical RegionsEdit


Past political division of the galaxy, with the Core Federation as its sole great power. Other Empire's colonies were all settled near the end of the Hagos Arm.

The Core Federation once controlled the galaxy unnoficially for billions of years (since the Great War of Xanthrus four billion years ago), but this control was finally officialized when the Federation passed the Act of Complete Supremacy, annexing every world in the galaxy and massively swelling its number of Ravenrii-only planets to over 10 million within Xanthrus alone, with the gradual addition of even more worlds scheduled for years to come. The colonies of extragalactic Empires were not annexed, and most retained around a hundred systems in the galactic territories. The galaxy was run, represented and controlled in its entirety by the Federation, making its capital, Centrus, virtually the centre of the galaxy and its seat of government. A series of artificial electromagnetic field barriers between astrographical regions allowed the Federation to control access throughout the galactic body, while its arms each had backbone of especially well defended planets. There were six main hyperroutes in the galaxy, which crossed through all of the regions and loop around the central territories.

After Ravenrii's deserting of the galaxy, its power layout collapsed and it was left without a central axis of power. Since then, numerous colonies have been established by several Empires. The future of the galaxy and its quadrant is still unknown.

Astrographical RegionsEdit

The galaxy had six arms; Hagos, Prathus, Ayyrnion, Paerneon, Arathorn and Hygion. There are three general regions in the galaxy, which fan out from the center and are actually named after the three galactic astrographical designations of the Core Federation's planets throughout the galaxy; The Core Worlds Region, sometimes dubbed the Heartlands, is named after the Core Worlds and also known as "The Core". The second region is known as The Colonies, a middle ring of systems where the bulk of the six arms' planets were once located, named after the first colonies that the CorFed established in its early history. The Colonies were almost as prized as the Core Worlds, representing the fusion between the former's economic nature and the Colonial Rim's agriworld majority. The final and outermost ring is known as the Colonial Rim Colonies, or more simply the Colonial Rim. It consists of the outermost ring of systems in the galaxy, named after the Colonial Rim Colonies that were sttled during the outermost expansion of the Federation billions of years ago. The renaming of the galaxy's regions has not yet been discussed, though it is possible that they will remain as they are.

Location and TraitsEdit

The galaxy is very close to the galaxy of Cyrannus, Nimbus and Lyan,found in the middle of the triangle created by the three. It is found in the Xanthra Quadrant, the sector of intergalactic space made up of the three galaxies of Xanthrus Spiral and its satellite galaxies, Xanthra Minor and Xanthra Major.


general location of the Galaxy in the First Gigaquadrant.


Because of the galaxy´s location in a time-space pocket, or barrier, it remained closed off to the intergalactic community for much of its existence. Once the first alien species succeeded in breaking through, it was clear that it needed to be opened and the Core Federation finally emerged from a billenia-old era of galactic secclusion, later commissioning a massive portal that allowed extragalactic ships to leave and enter the galaxy, opening the way for trade and colonization. The portal, commonly known as the Last Gate of Xanthrus, made it possible to regulate other Empires' access and to seal off the galaxy if needed. Once the barrier around the galaxy weakened, it was possible to open up the region for most capital ships incoming to colonize. The portal disappeared along with the Ravenrii.

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