The large Xanthra Quadrant, with Xanthrus Spiral in the center, Xanthra Major below-right and Xanthra Minor below-left.

In ancient times, the Xanthra Quadrant was the region of space where the galaxy of Xanthrus Spiral was located. It was made up of Xanthrus and its satellite galaxies, Xanthra Major and Xanthra Minor. The Quadrant was also home to the Core Federation and one of its Galactic Commonwealth realms, the Galactic Commonwealth of Xanthra. Located inside the triangle shape made by the galaxies of Lyan, Nimbus, and Cyrannus that surround the Quadrant, it was heavily populated and guarded, as in it was located the Last Gate of Xanthrus, the only access to Xanthrus and therefore the Core Federation.

History[edit | edit source]

The Quadrant once contained the massive galaxy of Xanthrus Spiral, home of the Ravenrii, and was quite old at the time of its opening, reportedly being approximately 44 billion years old. Billions of years ago, Xanthrus was the only galaxy in the Quadrant, as Xanthra Major and Minor had still not become satellite galaxies. However, approximately 28 billion years ago, a massive wave of unknown energies (believed to be the destruction of Alva Es'riia by the Ravenrii in order to weaken the "darkness" during that time) split the galaxy in three parts, converting them into spinning, orbiting groups of systems that eventually became Xanthra Minor and Major.

Colonization and Population[edit | edit source]

The galaxy of Xanthrus was the only of the three galaxies known to have independently possessed life; the galaxies of Xanthra Major and Xanthra Minor were later colonized by the Core Federation and other foreign Empires once it had gained galactic control. Still, only one of the satellites, Xanthra Major, was largely colonized- it contained one of the Federation's twenty realms, the Commonwealth of Xanthra, a vast territory of 15,000 colony systems in the northern part of the galaxy . While Xanthrus Minor had immigrant and foreign populations, they were relatively minuscule and accounted for only 6% of the sector's population. The galaxy of Xanthrus Spiral accounted for almost 72% of the population, while Xanthra Major accounted for the remaining 22%.

Decay and Abandonment[edit | edit source]

Eventually, the galaxy and its sisters were abandoned by the Obvia'Atra as they departed on their self-imposed exile from the First Gigaquadrant. New settlers soon arrived to claim what was left, renaming several galactic bodies in the region.

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