Xang Flamesnout is a Ragashota warrior-monk and defender of Tranquility. Xiaan is the most gifted among his kind in the ways of the warrior-monk and can summon flames and fire to do his bidding.

During the events known as the Torments of Arcaniox, Xang travelled north of the Wall as a guide to the "Saviors" and joined them in battle against the evil entity known as the Tormentor. Afterwards he was hailed as a hero amongst his kin and remained within the Temple to protect the Atlantican Artifact in the Temple of the Winds.


Xang Flamesnout was born in 20 BQF within his home in the Valley fo Tranquility, at Arcaniox.

Arriving at the Tormented Tomb

Even since youth, he was head strong, fast in learning the arts of battle and often found himself in trouble. Reaching puberty, Xang was drifted into the tutoring of Shoa-San Greenbeard and over time Xang Flamesnout became the greatest warrior-monk of the Valley, learning to art of battle, mastery over the poles and earning the blessings of the sun, allowing him to use fire abilities. Even since ascending to his current position, he stands guard of the Temple of the Winds and the artifact of the Atlantica it holds. When the artifact was stolen by invading forces of the Hutter Kingdom in July of 08 AQF, he was tasked by the Elder Shoa-San to guide Claire, Corva and Tironus Manition beyond the wall and take them north to find the Tormented Tomb.

Facing the mighty Scion Darkarg

It took him five days to reach the frozen outskirts of the Tormented Tomb, a painful encounter with the native owls that should not be annoyed, something Tironus Manition and the others experienced first hand. Fearing the cursed place, he kept his vows and entered the tomb together with the others. Inside the tomb the party encountered and faced the might Scion Darkarg who almost destroyed them. They managed to delay the creature that allowed them to advance deeper into the tomb until they reached the chamber where the Tormentor was shifting into reality.

Facing the Tormentor

Together they fought against the Tormentor who overpowered them easily. During the battle Xang found out the Blood Prince, Kael’Thalas Bloodwing was performing the ritual. Trying to stop the Sinleri, he was easily brought to his knees but to his horror the Tormentor turned against the Sinleri Prince and killed him. The timely arrival of the Rambo Typhon-Class and the deployment of its temporal weapon delayed the Tormentor long enough that he lost his focus and shifted back into another reality. Sadly, Claire Rambo sacrificed herself by using magic and froze in place. Exiting the tomb after the battle, Xang led them back, bringing both Claire and the artifact with him to the Valley. Upon returning, he was hailed as a hero, but refused to join in the celebrations, instead he returned to his meditations and guard duty of the Atlantican Artifact after saying his goodbyes to Corva and Tironus Manition.

Personality and Traits[]

Xang is a cheerful, kind and gentle Ragashota. Though gifted in the art of battle and the use of poles and flaming energies, he is actually gentle and enjoys fun and stories. The one thing he regrets, due to his position he lives a solitary life, without friends or loved-ones. He does enjoy Ragashota apple beers a lot though.



Blue face.pngMay the Winds bless you!


Orange face.pngWatch the storms!



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