X-im-ta-nark is the eldest living Xiaan Poseidon and is one of the few councilors of the Xiaans, also the only diplomat to outsiders beyond the Xiaan borders due to his own curiosity to them. He is a person not easily swayed by words and needs visible proof to make a careful decision.


X-im-ta-nark is born in 1215 BQF at the home world of the Xiaan, as a Poseidon he was bound to live underwater. Over time, his wisdom ensured that the Xiaans remained in isolation for a long time until the Xiaans made first contact with the so called Blue Crusaders of the Stars, Rambo Nation. Intrigued by this multi-species empire X-im-ta-nark met with them and over time made a trading-treaty possible with the Rambo.

In conversation with Ramniels onboard the Poseidon-cruiser

During the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF when the Xiaan territories were invaded by the Imperial Alliance, it was under advise of X-im-ta-nark to aid the Rambo to take back the conquered territories by the Imperials and the eventual joining to the Cyrandia Alliance. Afterwards he returned to Xiaan space and remained there until a meeting at Lianna-station in 07 AQF, though a supporter of the Lianna Initiative the Xiaan refuse to join but did join the Initiative fleet in attacking the Infernal under command of Mortikran. While on route to the Infernal, X-im-ta-nark beamed Ramniels Ramcelsior onboard his Poseidon-cruiser and informed him that his task was not yet done, as the Xiaan were planning to prevent the Hutter Kingdom to take the Infernal, but also to free the possible future ship out of Icolian hands. In that X-im-ta-nark viewed Ramniels as honest and pure of hart to aid him in that. During the Battle of the Infernal he commanded his Poseidon-cruiser to mainly target the engines of the Infernal, eventually disabling the massive star destroyer.

Personality and Traits[]

X-im-ta-nark is an intelligent and cunning Xiaan, as a water breather he feels supreme to air breathes, though respects them in his own way. Having a sharp humor against land-walkers, X-im-ta-nark enjoys learning of new cultures but is hesitant and careful to give his opinion or to make a decision. He also possesses some limited strategic and tactical abilities as a diplomat as he commands a Xiaan Poseidon cruiser.



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