Bandits, bastards, and brigands, the lot of them. An empire of rogue kings and pirate lords who rely upon their strength, their numbers, and their absolute disregard for ethics or morals to control their turf; only crooked promises of profit and slaves serve to unify their realm. ... The Wranploer and their vassal states are barbarians that terrorise the astral seas of Borealis. We can only hope for them to subject themselves to the same merciless destruction that they have afflicted upon everyone else.

- King Telarian of the Zoles Imperium

The Wranploer Legion was an extensive empire of space pirates situated at the Eastern Arm of the Borealis Galaxy, centered at the Vijaha Sector. The empire of the Wranploer race, it served as the successor of their old nation, the Empire of Vijaha, after it was reformed by the immortal General Volim, who sought to turn his people into the rulers of the whole galaxy. What ensued was the creation of the greatest empire of space pirates the galaxy had ever seen, which was only surpassed when it reformed itself into the Borealis Consortium Network nearly 2,000 years later.

To this day, the Wranploer Legion is widely seen as one of the greatest blights of Borealis's modern history. The Zoles Imperium, once considered the arch-nemesis of the Legion, attempted to destroy it at numerous occasions, all of them eventually failing due to just how big, influential and powerful the Wranploer had become over time. During its history, the Legion was the uncontested master of the regions it held control of, and its transformation into the Borealis Consortium Network only led it to grow even more powerful, becoming one of the greatest empires to rise in Borealis in the last 1,000,000 years.


Early History[]

The original empire of the Wranploer race, the Empire of Vijaha, was reformed into the Wranploer Legion by General Volim at 845 AD after he rose to the throne and ordered his former alien allies brought to servitude. He would turn his eyes to the worlds filled with riches at the Western Arm and devise the First Borealis Galactic War in order to weaken the aliens who called it home, which led to the first great galactic conflict in Borealis in the last 1,000,000 years and to the creation of the first Polar Crystal Alliance. The Wranploer Legion would gain a great enemy in the Zoles Imperium, with the two of them being under declared with one another permanently since the incident.

During its existence, the Wranploer Legion enslaved many races and also got others to accept the Wranploer as the masters of Borealis. Empires such as the Kvargo, the Old Niaka Order and the Seagon Empire would align themselves to it in hopes to profit out of their attacks across the galaxy or as a deterrent to not become one of their victims, with the Seagon in particular seeing the Legion was a perfect meat shield against the Zoles Imperium.

Extragalactic Arrival[]

The Battle of Kivarob, between the Wranploer Legion and the United Lanat Empire

With the arrival of many extragalactics to Borealis following the Annihilation, the Wranploer Legion's power begun to be rivalled. A plot done by the Lino Loyalist to use the Wranploer as soldiers against the United Lanat Empire led to the event known as the First Wranploer War, which ultimately ended with the Legion cutting all ties with the Lino Loyalist after believing themselves to be wasting their resources against the ULE. Afterwards, the Legion's position of great criminal power begun being contested by the Zaarkhun Consortium, who made use of Da Rogue Boyz and mercenaries like Kol Daren to disrupt their operations.

Despite the much smaller size and influence of the Consortium, it managed to earn the ire of the Legion, leading to the short underworld war known as the Clash of the Crimelords. Ultimately, this war ended when General Volim and Falrik Zaarkhun, the leader of the Consortium, decided it would be worth more to join forces rather than fight, combining their two criminal powers into one massive superpower known as the Borealis Consortium Network. This alliance would lead to the reformation of the Wranploer Legion, now transformed into something far more powerful and far more terrible to its enemies.



Master Caste
Warrior Caste
Servant Caste
Slave Caste


The Empire of Vijaha was a hereditary monarchy. However, the Wranploer Legion's government was more like a dictatorship, created by General Volim who served both as its political and military overlord. While he intended to give the throne to his children, their deaths during the wars with the Zoles led him to use technological enhancements to become biologically immortal, therefore negating the chance to anyone to ever take his place as ruler of the Legion, turning the title of General into that of Emperor in all but name. All positions of power within the empire were given to either Wranploer or exceptionally trustworthy individuals of the Warrior Caste - the Servant and Slave caste had no say in politics.

The General of the Legion


The society of the Legion was divided into four castes: Master, Warrior, Servant and Slave. The Master caste was that of the Wranploer, its sole members and rulers of the Legion. The Wranploer were allowed - and expected - to lead over all others, and would respond to rebellion of any nature with extreme violence - it was not rare for even races of the Warrior Caste to suffer genocide by Wranploer hands. The Warrior Caste was made out of the most powerful races in the Legion after the Wranploer themselves, who served as the bulk of its military and were granted great freedom, but were not allowed to gain titles that would put them above Wranploer citizens. The Servant caste was the Legion's equivalent of a working class and possessed average rights, while the Slave caste was treated as expected of its name - they had no rights of any sort and existed to serve the needs of the Castes above them.


While the Wranploer Legion possessed a much greater population than the Zoles Imperium and all other members of the first Polar Crystal Alliance, its technology was considered less advanced than that of their enemies - its warmongering society and its very low number of scientists of any nature made them technologically stagnant, with many of the Legion's more advanced technologies being created out of looted battlefields. The Legion employed swarming tactics in order to keep up with their enemies, both in land and in space, drowning their enemies in blaster weaponry and energy blades until they could no longer fight back.


The Wranploer Legion was a vehemently antitheistic empire. The Wranploer, who believed themselves the masters of Borealis - and during pre-spacefaring times, claimed to have downright destroyed their gods and those who worshipped them -, were severely insulted by the idea of a being greater than themselves. Because of this, religion was forbidden and persecuted across the Legion, which led to the deaths of millions of aliens through its history. As an example, the Borealis Zazane - a known religious race who possessed members at the Warrior Caste - were persecuted to the point those who still followed their old religious rituals had been forced to do so in secret, so that they would not be killed by their Wranploer lords.




Blue face.pngYour use to us remains still.


Yellow face.pngDo not waste our time.


Red face.pngYour worlds will be looted clean! For the General!

Afraid of[]

Face threatened.pngBegone, you!


The scum of our galaxy. To think we allowed them to reach the point they did.

- Rebaris

A most entertaining rabble.

- King Mirras III

Uncouth savages. I would have ordered their extermination were it not for the "No Intervention" policy we held at the time of their existence.

- Vileraz IV


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