For too long, our faith was made irrelevant! Now, at long last, we are free!

- Ala-Tras


The Great Deceiver[]

Though the Worthy Abode of Conserved Species is best known as a vassal of the Purity, its roots go back to a time before the awakening to the Purity, to a conflict known as the Great Deceiver, and to the Milky Way's Katar Sector instead of the Phradox Galaxy. The Great Deceiver conflict was engineered by the Drakodominatus Tyranny between the native Drodo Empire and the extrasectorial Hegemony of Exterioris, though further Drakodominatus meddling saw the inclusion of other states into this conflict. One was the Waptoria Alliance of Species, an extrasectorial state which fought on the side of the Drodo, another the Aeoneonatrix Empire, a Katar-native state which allied itself with the Hegemony.

Though the Waptoria and Aeoneonatrix were technically foes, both states revered the sanctity of life to a great degree, and thus respected each other enough that an informal non-aggression pact rapidly developed between them. Though each battled other enemies of their respective allies, the Waptoria and Aeoneonatrix never once fought against each other directly during the conflict. Moreover, the Waptoria secured the transfer of any Aeoneonatrix Empire prisoners of war to their planets, where they gave these POW's as good a treatment as they could. The Aeoneonatrix managed to secure the same deal for Waptorian POW's for the most part, as the Skarling Allied Systems refused to hand over any Waptorian Bio-Trophies they had acquired. Once on worlds of the Aeoneonatrix, these Waptorian POW's were immediately familiarised with Cleanserism, the Aeoneonatrix' state religion. After their treatment at the hands of the Hegemony and their allies, where they were often used as menial labor, these POW's were immediately captivated that there was a deity which seemed to care about their well-being. As these Waptorian POW's were always meant to be housed only temporarily within the Aeoneonatrix Empire, they were not pressured to take the Rite of Dedication, though many still took Lesser Rires or made Soul Contracts with the Cleanser. On their end, Aeoneonatrix POW's within the Waptoria were allowed their religious services and could even spread their faith to the Waptorian Bio-Wards, but as the Bio-Wards lived lives of fulfillment already, it never quite caught on.

As the Great Deceiver conflict ended, all prisoners of war were duefully transferred back to their home states, and this meant that the Waptorian Katar Nerve suddenly had a Cleanserist population. This was not seen as a bad thing initially, and these Cleanserists were even voted into office as Waptoria representatives to the Aeoneonatrix and their allies in Katar. As war with the Tyranny broke out in the rest of the universe, the Waptoria began to call back their Biotics, preferring to focus their efforts on the Tyranny in their mutual home galaxy of Mirus and giving over the defense of the Waptorian worlds in Katar to the newly-formed Katar Sector Alliance. Instead, the KSA voted to expel the Waptoria from Katar alongside the Hegemony. Through a wormhole jump malfunction, these Waptorian forces ended up in the nearby Byzan Sector instead of the Mirus galaxy.

The Upstart War[]

Regardless, the Cleanserists were still in positions of leadership within the newly-founded Waptorian Byzan Nerve at this time. As the Waptorians began to explore this new and unknown sector, they encountered the communist Algolurn Popular Republic and the green Okyno Expanse. Both seemed like natural allies to this isolated Waptorian fragment, and there was indeed much clamour for a triple alliance between the three to happen. The Cleanserist leadership refused, on the grounds that the APR was militantly atheistic and the Green Church of the Expanse rejected the existence of any deity other than their Mother Nature. They instead adopted an isolationist stance. However, other empires within the Byzan Sector turned out to be less than friendly towards the Waptoria, and so public pressure to abandon this isolationism grew. For a time, through the foresight provided by the Cleanser, who was still in spiritual communion with his Waptorian followers, the Cleanserists managed to pacify this movement.

Then, in Katar, the Grand Tarkan Empire overwhelmed the Aeoneonatrix Empire. To save the largest congregation of his worshippers, he transported them through time and space. This meant he no longer had any time to spare for guiding the Waptorian Cleanserists. They quickly faltered, and through popular consent, were recalled from their leadership positions. In a short amount of time, the Waptorian-Algolurn-Okyno triple alliance came to be, much of the Waptorian Byzan population converted to the Green Church, and the Cleanserists became a functionally powerless minority. Bereft of divine guidance, the Waptorian Cleanserists laid low, waiting for the day where they could re-unite with the Waptoria proper, in the hope that they could then regain some of their power. When this day came, they split up in two groups. One settled in the Transcendence Nerve of Phradox, the other in the Livingsoil Nerve of Mirus.

Raptoranean Xenocide[]

Sadly for the Cleanserists in Livingsoil, this sector would soon come under attack by the Eldarisian Empire, owing to its large Raptoranean population. The Eldarisians deemed the nudist practices of the Raptoraneans, who were a phototrophic species, to be an affront to their own faith, the religion of Cuth. After a false flag attack by the Citadel of Sapients, the Eldarisians resolved to either re-educate the Raptoraneans of Livingsoil, or see them eradicated. As a result, many Waptorian Bio-Wards in Livingsoil were kidnapped by the Eldarisian marine, and shipped to Eldarisian re-education centers, where they were divided up according to their species.

The Raptoraneans were a class of their own, made to wear the covering garments of the Eldarisian people, and forced into a typically Eldarisian live of strict discipline. Any deviations were punished mercilessly by the Eldarisian inquisition. Whereas beforehand Biotics had prepared food for them, now Raptoraneans were forced to forage themselves in specially designed buildings. Any who stayed there for too long, after they were signalled to return to their cells, often lost an eye or a limb to specially-designed slicing lasers. Captured Raptoraneans were also often sterilised, out of the misconception that Raptoranean celebration of passion must mean that they had a lot of offspring, which to the Eldarisian inquisition, meant the proliferation of decadence. The intention was to mentally break the captured Raptoraneans so that the Eldarisian inquisition would make them accept Cuth. In this, the Eldarisians horribly succeeded, turning the captive Raptoraneans into mental wrecks that were all to easily exploited by the Citadel of Sapients down the line. This treatment was hidden from the Eldarisian High King, and when he found out about it, he mercifully put an immediate end to it.

Non-Raptoraneans were accused of simply showing tolerance for the "heretical" ways of the Raptoraneans, and were re-educated in a much less severe manner. Still, the discipline the Eldarisians tried to install into them was generally the same. Many non-Raptoraneans in captivity protested the treatment of the Raptoranean brethren by going on hunger strikes. This seeming asceticism was actually lauded by the Eldarisian inquisition, and even rewarded. After the worst treatment of the Raptoraneans stopped, many such individuals willingly converted, after which they were released. The only group which had no trouble with the rigid discipline were the captured Cleanserists. The mental purification performed by the Cleanser was a painful process, after all, and so his followers were well-equipped to resist the mental torture employed by the Eldarisian inquisition. The Cleanserists complied with the imposed Eldarisian regulations from the outset, intriguing the Eldarisian inquisition. After studying this faith and communing with their god, Cuth, the Cleanserists were released before anyone else. They were even allowed to keep their faith, for though Cuth had his gripes with the doctrines of the Cleanser himself, he respected the Trainer, who was the Cleanser's mentor to godhood.

Eventually, after the involvement of the Citadel of Sapients was uncovered, the kidnapped Waptorian populations were repatriated. The captured Raptoraneans were quick to renounce the religion of Cuth, but the mental instability caused by the Eldarisian inquisition never went away. For their part, captured members of other Waptorian species mostly kept their new faith, which made them pariahs in Waptorian society. Only the Cleanserists were willing to accept them as neighbours, which led to the formation of isolated Cleanserist-Cuthist communities. As clerics of Cuth were not allowed to visit Waptorian worlds, Waptorian Cuthism soon developed its own quircks, including the veneration of the League of Patrons, to which the Cleanser and Trainer belonged, as minor saints. For their part, most Cleanserists eventually switched their worship to the Trainer or other members of the League, as they came to believe that the Cleanser had abandoned them.

Return of the Aeoneonatrix[]

Yet when the Aeoneonatrix Empire returned to the known universe after nearly two decades, the Cleanser immediately made himself known to his followers, whether they had become a client to another member of the League or not. This revelation was so immediate that the Waptorian followers of the League of Patrons were aware of his presence even before the news of the Aeoneonatrix' return reached them.

While the rest of the Waptoria were initially as ecstatic as the Leagueists within their borders, this didn't last long. This time, through the Waptorian Leagueists tried to stop it, the envoys the Waptoria send to the Aeoneonatrix weren't chosen from their numbers. Hence, it soon became known to the Waptoria that the Aeoneonatrix Empire wasn't a true democracy, but a puppet goverment ruled behind the scenes by the Cleanser. The Waptorian Leagueists had known this from the very beginning, of course, but had kept silent about it to preserve Aeoneonatrix-Waptorian relations. As popular opinion within the Waptoria turned against the Aeoneonatrix Empire and the League of Patrons, the Leagueists within the Waptoria soon found that popular opinion had turned against them too, just as it had been in the Waptorian Byzan Nerve. As the result of anti-League sentiment, the Waptoria decided to align themselves with the main rivals of the Aeoneonatrix at the time, the Imperium of Rael'nos. The Imperium of Rael'nos was controlled from behind the scenes by a being known as the Enlightener, not unlike how the Aeoneonatrix were controlled by the Cleanser. The Waptoria were unaware of this -yet-, and when the Leagueists tried to convince them of the truth, they were turned away.

Rather than laying low again, the Leagueists migrated in bulk to the Transcendence Nerve, which hadn't become as anti-League as the rest of the Waptoria. Under the leadership of the Euchada Ala-Tras, they never faltered in their attempts to unmask the Enlightener, and were eventually successful in this. While the Waptoria withdrew their support for Real'nos shortly before the fall of the Enlightener, their dislike for the Aeoneonatrix shadow government remained. Contrary to their own expectations, the Leagueists were thus not celebrated as heroes for their deeds. Worse still, as the Waptoria had broken all their treaties with the Aeoneonatrix, the Leagueists could not migrate to the Aeoneonatrix Empire. Hence, they endeavoured to change Transcendence from the inside. By calling the Cuthists to their side and entering into a formal political alliance, the Leagueists regained the power in Transcendence that they had once held in Byzan. Still, this wasn't enough to restore the Aeoneonatrix-Waptorian friendship.

Awakening of the Purity[]

The awakening of the Purity, a race of crystalline-mechanical beings who claimed to be once part of the Core Federation, largely passed the Waptoria by. It was not until the Purity settled the Great Ecliptic of the Phradox Galaxy, close to the Waptoria's own colonies, that they really caught Waptorian attention. The intial Waptorian reaction to the Purity was cautiously optimistic. This attitude was only reinforced when the Singularim Pact returned later on and started to trade with the Purity.

Before they had even announced themselves as CoreFed sucessors, however, the Purity had deemed the League of Patrons to be a force of good in the universe, and chose to support them. As the League of Patrons was busy elsewhere, they advised their Waptorian followers to turn to the Purity for guidance. After studying the religious doctrines of the Purity, the Waptorian Cuthists became conviced that Cuth was once a high-ranking member of the Core Federation, who had escaped the Federation's destruction and ascended. As Cuth preferred to commune only with Eldarisians, they received no pushback about this idea. As the Eldarisian inquisition neither approved nor denied this theory, and in any case were denied access to the Waptoria, Waptorian Cuthists likewise turned to the Purity in their stead.