Windsor is an Ortella citizen of Rambo Nation who joined Rambo Command and became a crewmember onboard the USS Enterprise-A in the security department. By 2818 (20 AQF), lieutenant Windsor served as the adjudant (aid-de-camp) for the notorious Commodore Malegras until his capture.

Afterwards, Windsor left Rambo Command and joined the Rambo Loyalist resistance faction as a commander, assuming command of the Curagae-class Divina and the Tiger-class Kitten Squadron.


Early History[]

Windsor was born in 2778 (20 BQF) at the planet Capricaerón in the Cyrannus Galaxy in a family of hard working miners. For most of his youth he lived at Capricaerón, under the protection of the Cyrannus Federation. When a wormhole between Cyrannus and the Quadrants were discovered, Windsor and his family migrated to Koerband where his parents settled themselves at a farm and with aid of fundings from the Goverment, Windsor and his family were able to start a new life at Koerband.

When he finished highschool, not always easy as he was the only Ortella in his class, Windsor decided to join Rambo Command. During the Academy, it soon became clear Windsor was not suited for science or operations divisions though his skills and markmanship in the use of phaser allowed him to become assigned to the Rambo Command Security Department (RCSecD) as an enlisted crewman.

Service onboard the Enterprise & USS Galathynia[]

Congregation forces board the Enterprise

After graduating in 2802 (04 AQF), Windsor was assigned to the newly launched USS Enterprise-A under command of captain James Rambo. His assignment came to a great surprise and delight for Windsor as he was assigned to became part of a security team of the USS Enterprise-A! As a crewman, he was mostly assigned to walk security rounds or stand guard in front of the door of the bridge.

When a Congregation ship appeared when the Enterprise was exploring the NX-Region in the fifth month of 2804 (03 NE/06 AQF) Windsor tried to repel boarding Krudha|Kruhda and Sentinels while protecting Tania and Yudran. During the fight Windsor got injured when one of the Krudha slashed his right arm, leaving a scar to remember his survival against a Congregation boarding party.

Exploring the cities at Gaskhan

The Enterprise managed to escape the dreaded cruiser though was soon after pulled into a wormhole leading to another time frame. After their return to their normal time-frame and the following repairs made at Spacedock, the Enterprise was relaunched into service to continue her exploration mission. Their first destination led them to the homeworld of the Gaskhan where he joined his captain and ensign Tash Hannity to a ground mission to find and buy supplies. During the mission they encountered the dreaded Mortalitas commander Mortikran who had killed ensign Walter. Unable to safe his life, the three returned to the Enterprise.

By 2818 (20 AQF), four years after his graduation at the Rambo Academy was promoted to lieutenant and assigned to serve under Commodore Malegras as his second in command or as the commodore named it his adjudant. Together with the Commodore the two made battle simulation to invade France territories of the Quadrants in case the Gorge Dispute resulted into war. After Malegras was branded a traitor, Windsor remaind onboard and was eventually arressted by Imperial troopers of Raptor Squadron, his whereabouts after this are unknown.

Rambo Loyalist Service[]

Leaving Rambo Command, Windsor joined the Rambo Loyalist faction by 2820 upon their return to the Quadrant Galaxies and recieved the rank of commander and assumed command of the Curagae-class Divina.

Personality and Traits[]

Windsor is bold and daring person, often boosting his own moral and a bit of a show off. Underneath his open behavior Windsor is actually very kind and caring for those he likes. Due to his love for defensive arts he was drifted into the security department and even since trains every day in the training room to keep up his condition. Becoming part of the security team, he wears protective armor and a phasers while on duty as the captain, Captain Rambo demands that. He has friendly relations among most of the crew, and seems to have a chrush at Zahra Ross, a yeoman in the science department. Though seems to have a liking for the science officer, Jolene Adams as well.

In 20 AQF, well is his fourties his hair turned greyish and he was assigned to serve as the "adjudant" and second in command under Malegras. At behest of Malegras Windsor donned a Clone Trooper armor though at Malegras' personal design and trust he recieved a unique helmet with a mohawk to indicate his status amongst the troopers.

By 2820, Windsor lost his hair and became bald.


Windsor during his service on the Enterprise


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