One of the Major scientists of The Foundation of Eldarisian Science and a minor diplomat of Eldarisia.- Williams introduction at a Eldarisian-Galkian meeting


William was born in 2749, a time of war and strife on Cyloia. His parents were both weaponry scientists for the Eldarisian Empire as they built and discovered different types of weapons and forms of fighting. He was given a pet Froggy on his fifth birthday as a friend for him. He soon became attached to it and became interested by wildlife, nature and outer races. He was raised by his parents and moved to the Capital of Cyloia with them in 2770 after the conflict had ended, he got his first job as a weapons factory worker and worked with his parents in the rest of Cyloia's conflicts until the Eldarisian Empire was formed. He then joined The Foundation of Eldarisian Science as a scientist in outer-race, outer-religion and alien culture. He started off rather ignorant of many things and failed to impress his colleagues. Soon he went part-time so he could go back to university for studying his field and learning more. He returned five years later and greatly shocked the others with his newly found knowledge and strong aura of purpose. After years of work and missions, he eventually became second in command of outer-race research and a minor diplomat for tribal and less intelligent races. He caught the eye of the High King and soon was asked to help lead the Eldarisian colonization of the Andromeda Galaxy and the research involved with it's sectors. He accepted and William was then transferred to Andromeda along with his assistant for research.


Curious, resourceful, kind and gentle is what fills Williams heart and mind. Born to be kind to those who deserve it and uninterested in those who show hostility, William has always dreamed big and is motivated to reach his goals. Self disciplined and always on time, William has impressed his peers since childhood. Even though he is a scientist, he still remains religious to his faith and expresses it normally. He is also a introvert and some what of a coward when dealing with enemies who try to intimidate him. Despite his cowardice nature, he is strong willed and very stubborn at times. With a innocent heart and one filled with happiness, William always seems to cheer up everyone around him.


Green faceAllies: Allies are always needed in this time.

  • Sylo Ethland: My King, a lovely individual indeed. He has taken notice of my capabilities and has uplifted me.

Blue faceFriends: A true friend of mine!

  • Elka Cloden: A fan I am, his heroic and faithful deeds have not gone unnoticed by the people of Eldarisia and me.
  • Rv-709: Her spy abilities are amazing, I became friends with her overtime.
  • Macilian Alov: My assistant and good friend.
  • Sikolia Heli-9: She is interesting, but only more time with her will make me realize why I am curious.

Yellow faceNeutral: What can I say about you?

  • Sir Bugencower: An economic leader in Eldarisia.
  • Golk: An general who wishes to see Eldarisian victory, very interesting.
  • Captain Ioi: Talented and famous for fighting our enemies.

Orange faceDisliked: We could fix this if we truly wish to.

Red faceEnemies: I cannot stand your ignorance and stupidity, go and die.

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