King Willem IX is the ruler of the Kingdom of the Netherlands since 2815 after his parents stepped down and handed over the rule of occupied Netherlands to him. Vowing to see his people liberated from Imperial and Legatus occupation, he was imprisoned on an Imperial installation. Upon meeting with Lord Ramannis Le Rambo of the late Rambo Nation he saw his chance to liberate his people and return the Dutch to freedom and a new time of spacial exploration.


Early Reign and CaptivityEdit

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Born in 2795 within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Prince Willem IX enjoyed an education and live of plenty, yet in his youth around 2804 the Legatus Finduilica conquered the Netherlands and placed it under occupation. By 2815 his parents abdicated and he recieved rule of the Netherland though at the same time the Legatus imprisoned him on the Legatus facility INL-01.


Idris locatd her objective, the King of the Netherlands in an attempt to rescue him

For years Willem planned in secret a rebellion but had no contact with the outer world without being supervised by the Legatus officials. Eventually the young lieutenant Ellen Verboom was assigned to him as aide and through her he got various messages out.

By April 2820 Idris Vanguinar, a Rambo Loyalist Operative infiltrated the station and rescued the King from captivity. Meanwhile, he was transported to the Eendragt that was docked on the station where he met with Schout bij Nacht Jan Michiel Tasman, Lord Ramannis Le Rambo and commander Altus Mirea. During the meeting King Willem was coninced these people were the only hope for the Kingdom to be independent again and King Willem pledged the Dutch support and military forces to their cause. By mid-April 2820, the Kingdom of the Netherlands were in open rebellion against the Legatus occupation.


DawnofDivina 48

Willem and Ramannis face the Rector of the Legatus

By July 2820, the Dutch and their Loyalist friends finally engaged the Legatus on equal term with an assault at the Gargark. As the battle turned against the Legatus, Willem and lord Ramannis boarded the massive superweapon and faced the Rector Provinciae Statthalter in his office. As the Rector was unwilling to surrender, the Serindia Lord was about to finish Willem stepped in and offered a solution. Ceasing hostilities between the Kingdom and the Legatus the Rector agreed and pulled back all Legatus forces from Dutch space. Though warned both that they had till the end of the year else the flames of war would start again.

Afterwards, King Willem wished the Loyalist good fortune while he himself return to Dutch space to rally his people. He did dispatch a large Dutch taskforce to fight the Empire in the Quadrant Galaxies. In September 2020, King Willem arrived at the Loyalist One after princess Ramanei Joy Feather was liberated from Pauvenris. He ifnformed Lord Ramannis Le Rambo and the others that the Legatus Finduilica was no more and that all Legatus vessels had withdrawn from the Finduila Sector to the eastern sectors of Quadrant 82 and had formed the Legatus. To his pleasure he witnissed various Serindia lords pledging their loyalty to Ramanei Joy Feather and hoped the Ramboidae Realm was soon freed so peace could return.

Personality and TraitsEdit



LoveRelationThey are most dear to me!


Blue faceI believe I can trust them


Orange faceBlergh!



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