WARNING: this story is terrible and probably not worth your time (and it's not even finished). It might get a slight rewrite sometime in the future, though.


After the election of the new juter, the well-known Llurebleg explorers Nynn Vandar and Zano Hylera travel to the planet Rachantes, in search of the Androg, with their apparent absence as a reason. Apart from meeting again with Corono, they will discover many things about the alien race, the mysterious Frento, and themselves. All of which while they explore a new enviroment with new wonders... And new dangers.


Planets and moons[]



Empires and civilizations[]

Vehicles and Spaceships[]

  • GT-92
  • Gaode (debut)
  • Solariean exploration spaceship (mentioned, from DensityStar's fiction)



Previous story: A Hard Deal

Part 1: Changes[]

Yet another worry was now in the minds of everyone in Xuz Fareh. The discovery of an alien species had already shocked the population, let alone a second one. The entity that crash landed in the planet, ironically saving it from destruction, was nothing like the Androg, nothing like anything they had seen before. It's claws were sharp, and present both in hands and feet. It had wings on their backs, contradicting the generalized idea that six-limbed winged creatures couldn't support a humanoid stance. It's gonads were those of a male, yet mammary glands were present; additionally, these were located on the chest, rather than inside the mouth like those of Llurebleg. His head was covered in hair-like structures, whose further analysis revealed they formed an erogenous zone. His skin was sky blue, a quite unfrequent colour in nature. The spaceship the sapient came with was studied as well, and its was reason for being amazed as well. It was large and had many rooms, resembling a flying house rather than a vehicle. It's technology was very advanced, making their once-prideful GT-92 look strangely primitive. Those who liked the discovery of the Androg were even more excited, while those who didn't trust aliens were paranoic. Another topic, equal in significance, was that of Garko, who had attacked Cyner the day before, apparently posessed by a creature who refered to itself as The Beast. Research parties were being sent to the plain in the middle of the forest where it apparently came from, in hopes of uncovering more information about it, while being cautious to not meet another monster.

None of these were things to worry about for the juter of the planet. Well, not the juter anymore. The elections had ended, and a new one had been chosen. Gant-Denn had already finished packing: now he would have to leave the Nurkane. He had already planned a new destination for himself: there was a small, old house for sale near the borders of the city. It lacked the luxury an ex-ruler and space-age motivator would deserve, but he was alright with it. He could spent the rest of his life there, in peace, in attempts of forgetting all of his mistakes. But he was worried about Nynn. The new house wasn't large enough for two people, so he wouldn't be able to take him. He looked into his bedroom, watching him sleep in his bed. He couldn't leave him alone, homeless. Zano had stayed the night in the building as well, sleeping in the adjacent room. Both of her parents were dead as well. Would the new juter be able to take care of them? Or even want to take care of two homeless near-adult teenagers? Soon, he would know the answer, as the butler kicked the door.

BUTLER: Daraunte, the juter is here.

He didn't call him "Sir Daraunte". Not anymore. Right after his words, the door fully opened and the new leader came in. Her name was Mye Connis. Juter Connis V. She willed to develop a space age as well, but she defended more "realistic" ideas than those of The Revolutionary, giving her the support of the society.

DARAUNTE: Hi, Connis. Congratulations for the-
CONNIS: I'm not here to chat around, Gant-Denn. I wonder why are you still here.
DARAUNTE: Don't worry, I was about to leave.

Inmediately, Daruante took his baggage and walked to the door. He inmediately stopped, remembering his important problem.

DARAUNTE: Excuse me, Connis-
CONNIS: I know about the two kids. Don't worry, they'll be alright here.
DARAUNTE: Thanks, Connis.
CONNIS: It's the least I can do for some innocent homeless citizens who almost lost their life twice. By the way, why are you still here?

Daraunte noticed some contempt in Connis' words, who clearly blamed him. He thought he deserved it, though. He inmediately opened the door and left. Walked down the stairs, and finally exited the building. Around him, people conversating in the streets, most of which looked at him with contempt or even disgust. Reminding him of how many things he did wrong. Nonetheless, he looked forward, ignoring what the others thought of him, headed towards a new life.

Two hours later, Nynn woke up. But instead of instantly getting up to meet his new landlord, he stayed in bed for one more hour. Not because of being tired, but because of being worried. He had pressed that button, he had held it, but the Androg didn't come to his call. Corono promised they would be there, but they weren't. What had happened? Maybe they were in danger? Corono already told him: not everyone in this universe was nice. And something had to cause that spaceship to crash. Could it have been another alien species, a more hostile one? Yes, it sounded absurd, but still, Nynn wanted to check they were alright. Already with a plan, he got up and walked to the main room, where he found himself before a surprise. An unknown Llurebleg, sitting in Daraunte's chair, writing a text on his desk.

NYNN: Umm, hi?
CONNIS: Hi, Nynn Vandar. I guess Daraunte didn't tell you about it.
NYNN: Tell me what? Where is he?
CONNIS: He has left. My name is Mye Connis, and I'm the new juter of the planet. He is no longer the juter so he cannot live in the Nurkane. I decided to let you two stay here, though.
NYNN: Thanks, I guess. So, you are the new juter?

Inmediately after her response, Nynn walked to her, taking the device out of his pocket.

NYNN: Corono, the alien that visited us the other day, gave me this and told me he would come here when I pressed it. But he didn't come. I believe he and his people are in trouble. May I ask permission to go to their planet and check if they are alright?

Connis stared at Nynn soberly, before getting up from the chair and starting to walk around the room.

NYNN: What? Why?
CONNIS: We aren't ready to send people back to space yet. The training process of the candidates will take years, and the technologies of the GT-92 must be improved. The spaceship that crashed could be useful in research, but it will still take a long time as well.
NYNN: But Zano and I are trained! And the GT-92 works perfectly.
CONNIS: Sorry, but I must remind you I'm a different person from that silly Daraunte. How could he think two teenagers with a one-day-long training could bring progress to this civilization?
NYNN: We went to Guritana and came back. Safe and sound, and with an alien ally. I think we are ready.
CONNIS: Safe and sound? The spaceship was destroyed, and your friend lost an eye. And that planet might be light years away from here, much further away than the moon. We don't have an exact location of it either. Sorry, but unless they come by themselves, you aren't seeing your extraterrestrial friends for now. Now, if you will excuse me, I have more important things to do.

Nynn didn't want to argue anymore, and as such he let Connis continue her work. It was clear that the new juter didn't want to help. He admitted she had a good point, but he still thought they couldn't leave them alone. He was convinced.No matter what happened after, no matter what the others said, he was going to that planet.

And that's exactly what he planned to do that night. The day passed by as normal, but when it became nighttime, Nynn didn't sleep. He waited for everyone else to fall asleep, before exiting the living place and walking down the stairs. He knew of the existence of a launching pad underground, with another GT-92 in it. He went further downstairs until he got there. He walked towards the vehicle, surprised that it was so easy to get there. There were no guards nor any other security system preventing him from accesing. Or so he thought. After packing supplies in the ship, he opened the door of the vehicle, and he was surprised by a familiar face.

ZANO: Oh, hi, Nynn.
NYNN: Agh, Zano! Wha- What are you doing here?

Zano had been waiting for him inside the vehicle. She knew what he was planning, somehow. She walked out almost inmediately after being uncovered, though.

ZANO: I expected you to attempt such a thing. Let's go back to bed, we don't want to mess with the new juter.
NYNN: Go back if you want, but I need to leave. I need to help them.
ZANO: Help them with what? What actually happened is that they don't actually give a crap about us. I bet that button doesn't even do anything.
NYNN: You still don't trust them?
ZANO: Nope.
NYNN: Well, do you trust me? Because I have the feeling they are in danger. And I'm going to help them... even if I have to go alone.

Nynn then proceeded to walk inside the GT-92, leaving Zano behind. Although she was sure that Nynn's suspects were wrong, she felt bad for leaving him alone.

ZANO: Alright, I'm going. You're dying there if I don't go with you.
NYNN: Thanks, Zano. Quick, before somebody hears us!

Zano got in the vehicle as well, sitting in the co-pilot seat, next to Nynn. They stared at each other for few moments, shortly before closing the door and starting up the engines of the vehicle. Everything went just like the first day they sailed off to space, except that these time there was a large bond between them, one stronger than they could imagine.

Soon, they were in outer space, headed towards a new world. If they could find it, of course.

Part 2: Lost[]

It had definitely been a bad idea. The ship had simply thrusted at maximum speed from the planet, having left the star system quite a long time ago. Driven without aim, wandering in the middle of the void, the young Llurebleg were submerged in a seemingly infinite ocean of darkness. No planets, moons, asteroids or any other physical bodies on sight, just the tiny lights of stars far away from them.

ZANO: I'm starting to regret having joined this.
NYNN: I'm pretty sure we are near Rachantes already.
ZANO: Why don't you admit this was a bad idea? We are still in time to go back, there's enough fuel.

Nynn thought about it for a second. Zano was right: the spaceship wasn't designed for such a long trip. They would never arrive there in time. It was better to go back. But there was another issue.

NYNN: Do you know the way back?
ZANO: Oh, dammit. We're lost in the middle of space, aren't we?

Nynn didn't respond inmediately, ashamed of his actions. It was all his fault, he shouldn't have been so stubborn. Zano looked at him, knowing how guilty he felt, and regreted the way she talked to him.

NYNN: I'm sorry.
ZANO: Don't worry, there must be a way to go back.

Nynn didn't respond. But his face let Zano know that he didn't believe her. He thought he had already messed up and things couldn't get worse. Not only had he sailed into a journey that was doomed to fail since the start, but he had taken an innocent passenger, one he really cared about, with him. Without any other apparent solution, the GT-92 kept thrusting forward.

There was a long silence in the ship. Nynn kept thinking about his mistake and regreting it. Zano was worried about him, but her mind rolled around a different topic: her encounter with the devil itself. It had been long since the attack, but the headache after her dialogue with that so-called Beast still hadn't faded away. She questioned everything she knew up to that moment, what things happened and what things didn't. For how long had that creature stayed in the planet? How many events did it distort? For all she knew, her whole life and that of many of those around her could have never happened. Did her mother actually get abducted by aliens? Did Daraunte really choose her and Nynn as pilots during the first space travel in her race's history? Did she actually find an abandoned alien city and met an actual living alien sapient? Did she ever fall in love with the young pilot that now traveled by her side? Did she ever let him know? All of her facts and memories, slowly deteriorating as the words of The Beast took over her mind.

Finally, after a long trance, Nynn's words brought Zano back to conscience.

NYNN: Zano, look!
ZANO: What the?

Looking through the windshield, Nynn and Zano could see a strange body in the distance. It definitely wasn't just one more star.

ZANO: Quick, get there!

The GT-92 was slow, so it took them quite a while to see the object clearly. It was a planet. A large, pale brown planet, standing before them, showing itself like a blessing for the lost explorers. In the distance, they could see what looked like another planet, but no relatively close stars could be seen

NYNN: Maybe they are here!
ZANO: Are you sure? It doesn't look like it's suitable for life. Maybe we should-

But her words were interrupted by a noise that made her change her mind. The sound of the spaceship running out of fuel.

ZANO: Alright, nevermind. Either we land there, or we float through the endless void for eternity and stuff.
NYNN: Okay, let's go!

The spaceship thrusted forward, headed towards the planet. After crossing the atmosphere, the young hanyire found even more proof supporting Zano's statement. There was a nasty, brownish fog in the air, but not nearly as dense as that of Gorb Olohya, allowing the pilots to see the dead remains of alien trees and animals. At least by the looks, that place was uninhabitable. The fuel ran out just as they landed, so all hopes of escaping were gone. There was silence in the ship for a few minutes.

ZANO: F***.
NYNN: Well, I think things cannot get worse now.

But Nynn's words would be proven false. Soon after, an eldritch sound was heard, as a large round shadow covered the GT-92.

ZANO: Are you sure?

The Llurebleg didn't move, afraid of what could happen. Soon, four metallic claws came down and grabbed the spaceship. There was no movement for a while, until finally the GT-92 started rising upwards. Rising above the fog, out into space again. And then, they experienced the same sensation they felt during their "ride" in Corono's Zork: the enviroment around them, all the stars and the planet behind the ship, got overriden by a sea of flashing lights for a short time, although longer than the previous time, before they saw themselves trespassing the clouds of another planet. Except that this time, their destination wasn't their home. From birds sight, they could see a whole different world below them. The landmass the mysterious entity would place them in was covered in yellowish grass, and it stood by the side of a humongous body of water. The young explorers, having been raised in a homeworld where most of the water was located underground, were obviously surprised at such a scenario. As the GT was left on the ground, Zano and Nynn could see the sunset through the spaceship's windshield, which combined with the clean blue water, created a beautiful view for the newcomers.

NYNN: Where are we?
ZANO: I don't know, but it's definitely better than that wasteland we were in before. I think.

Their carrier landed next to them, allowing the lost pilots to discover its large size and odd saucer-like shape. A pod-like device soon came out of its underside, and as its door opened, a large alien creature walked out of it, straight to the GT-92. The young Llurebleg looked at it with mixed feelings of intrigue and fear, uncertain of what would happen next.

Repeatedly knocking on the GT-92's hull, it was waiting for a response.

To be continued...