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The patriots boast is this: my home is the first, the foremost, and the greatest of all places. Any who disagree can talk to my fist.

- Remlap

The Wentals are an aggressive and over-defensive species made of non-biological materials. They have advanced tier 2 tech, and even some tier 1 tech. Their fleet isn't massive, as much of it was destroyed in the Mechanization. However, the Wentalian Worlds are protected by default from invasion due to being hosts to Mecholife, which is generally too competitive for biolife to survive with. The Wentals were severely damaged during the Mechanization, and they are still far from their former power as a galactic entity before the Annihilation.

Intent and PlansEdit

The Wentals plans change as they do, and the several factions among them have vastly different intents. Masuri and his followers seek the destruction of all non-Wentalian Life. Dylan and the Main Wental Empire seek to recover and be left in peace (as if!). Currently, the Wentals as a whole seek to plant colonies in the Wental Galaxy Ruins, as well as to gain allies in other galaxies to further the spread of Mecholife.

To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.

- Titrit



More than ever before in Wental history, we share a common destiny. We can master it only if we face it together. And that is why we have united as one.

- Masuri

The Wentals have many founding members, though the lines are steadily blurring now that the Mechanization has allowed for complete interbreeding and turned them into one species. However, the older generations still hold on to the dying traditions and consider themselves separate entities, and history claims they are.



If the brain were so simple we could understand it, we would be so simple we couldn't.

- Jarica

The Mecholife of the Wentals Mechosphere makes them a strange and unique form of life. They can evolve at varying speeds and do not require an atmosphere, or even liquids, to survive. Many forms of Mecholife can and do live in the vacuum of space...



I warn you, he may look like an idiot, talk like an idiot, but dont let that fool you, he really is an idiot.

- Jasmine

Ruled by the Supreme Captain Commander and lead by the 10 States, the Wentals have a simplistic form of Kingdom and Council that work together to lead the Wentals as a whole.



There is nothing wrong with taking the back streets. All the interesting stuff happens there.

- Hinata

The Wentals have many religions, cultural backgrounds, and ways of living. From the non-tech using groups to the heavily religious groups, every face of the universe can be found in the Wentals collective cultural background.



Technology is great, until it stops working.

- Clank

The Wentals may be a Tier 3 Empire at the moment, but their tech reflects their varied and powerful past. Once, they were a Tier 2 Empire, and they have always had the Tier 1 Tech recovered from ancient species long since lost. The Wentals are most skilled in construction and superstructures.



As soon as Wentals decide that all means are permitted to fight an evil, then their good becomes indistinguishable from the evil that they set out to destroy.

- Dylan

After the Mechanization wiped out the entire Wentals Fleet, they couldn't protect themselves from a toothpick, let alone an enemy. They are rebuilding as fast as they can, but the fleet is still nonexistent.



Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

- Kuhera

The Wentals have a tortured history and a brutal past, but they also have hopes for the future.



Stories are best told around a small campfire with friends around you.

- Arukas

The stories of the Wentals are true and give insight into the real Wentals nature.



Money makes the world go round, but without an economy the world is worthless.

- Titrit

The Economy of the Wentals is a weak but strengthening capitalistic econOmy. As they have such vast rebuilding to do there will be more then enough jobs for immense expansion of population. Their planets still have the needed resources, but in some cases (like building the fleet again) resources are being shipped from planet to planet.



Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

- Nampt

The Wentals have leaders and influential people, as well as people worth noting because of their particular skills or abilities. There are many ways to be added to this list, and it grows every so often.


In the creation of life, there have always been friends and foes.

- Wentalian Proverb



  • Shellious Imperium - The only Wentals to truly survive the destruction of the Old Alliances, they are friends by default because they are natives of Wental and have always sttod by the Wentals.
  • Draconis - An "ally" of the Wentals, they aren't well liked by everyone.


  • Starmaster Alliance - The Guardians spoke for them as good people, but that is only enough to keep them from being disliked...
  • Zazane - The Zazane are a race of powerful, honorable, and bloodthirsty warriors from another universe.
  • Nuns of Conflict - Wielders of heat based weaponry and a faction of the Zazane, they are a dangerous foes indeed...
  • Kicath Empire - A powerful Tier 2 empire that does what is needed regardless of what others think.
  • Stratocracy of Karnagtah - Small, grumpy, and aggressive, these creatures are similar to the Grox in nature.
  • UNO - A powerful nation from Ottzello, UNO is a war loving nation with powerful weaponry and the attitude to use it.
  • Dragonian Star Empire - The Dragonians are a peaceful warrior empire who have low level tech and a like to make dead planets green.
  • JSR - A powerful militaristic successor to the Jovar Empire of old, the Jovar Socialist Republic has a powerful military and a large population to back it up.
  • Shillite Empire - A powerful religious and militaristic Zealot nation, the Shillite Empire is a force to be wary of, but does not have the most advanced of techs.


  • GEC - The Great Empire of Cyrannus is a disliked nation that is so powerful the Wentals have ceased any and all dealings with them.


  • Iteok - Monsters who destroyed the Worldforest Mind and were the first to attack the Wentals.
  • TIAF - An evil civilization that took advantage of the Iteok's attack to attack the Wentals themselves.



Numberless are the world's wonders, but none more wonderful than Life.

- Hinata


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